11/23 Barnett's WWE Smackdown Review: MizTV, Sin Cara vs. Del Rio, and Ziggler vs Orton highlight an entertaining edition of Smackdown!

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11/23 Barnett's WWE Smackdown Review: MizTV, Sin Cara vs. Del Rio, and Ziggler vs Orton highlight an entertaining edition of Smackdown!
Nov 23, 2012 - 11:33 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Report and Review
Taped 11/20 in Grand Rapids, MI

The WWE narrator recapped the events between AJ and John Cena, plus the 1 year anniversary of CM Punk’s title reign and the controversial ending to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Survivor Series. He also plugged tonight’s Main Event between Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton.

The show opened with The Miz already in the ring for MizTV. Miz said the reason that it’s must see is because of him, and because he gets big stars and asks tough questions. He then welcomed his guest John Cena to the show. The announcers put over Cena being in the middle of the AJ “scandal”, that it was arguably the biggest romance related scandal involving a major WWE superstar in company history. Cena sat on the couch. Miz said Cena was normally known for what goes on the ring, but now he was known for shocking events away from the ring with AJ, Ziggler and Vickie. Miz then aired another recap of Mondays Events on the tron.

Miz sat on the couch and asked Cena how the kiss was. Cena stood up angry, and then Miz changed the subject to his knee. Another clip aired showed the damage to the knee, and Cena said he tweeted about his MRI and that he has a small issue with lateral movement but he will be fine. Miz then said he had it on good authority that Cena was telling the truth about his “affair” before, but what about now? Cena said he was tired of the rumors, so he wanted to end the speculation. He said he liked it, and that AJ was a good kisser.

Miz did the “really” bit. Miz said he was happy to hear he liked it, and that it definitely looked like she liked it, and Miz wanted to know if they were now more than just friends. Before Cena could answer, AJ’s music hit and she headed towards the ring. She said John doesn’t have to answer that. He said he was going to, and then she said she knew he just did it to prove appoint to Vickie Guerrero. He said he was, and he needed more time to talk to AJ.

Ziggler interrupted at that point and said John is a good man, but AJ is a bad egg. Ziggler mocked him and said it was obvious that he had feeling for her. He told Miz that if he was John Cena, he would have feelings for AJ. He would hate her guts. If she hadn’t busted into the Men’s locker room, he wouldn’t have a bum knee. He then showed a clip from the locker room on Monday where he ran her down and took some shots at Cena’s knee.

Ziggler said that’s giving the WWE Universe something to talk about. Vickie then made her entrance in what looked like a silver potato sack, and told Cena his girlfriend needed to learn how to control her impulses. She called AJ pitiful, sad and weak woman. She then said Dolph knows how to kiss a woman who is authoritative. Cena said that was a lie because Dolph kissed Vickie, and they can’t even prove medically she’s a woman. Vickie and Dolph both said their relationship is strictly professional.

They traded a few more pointless insults to get the crowd going, and Dolph said if he had kissed AJ, it would bring out the woman in her. Dolph then said AJ and Cena were perfect for each other, as they were both sad and weak. Cena said Vickie and Dolph were perfect for each other because she loved eating nuts and he was still looking for his. The announcers plugged Kofi and Sandow for the Intercontinental Championship later in the show. Ryback made his ring entrance…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: A lot to chew on there. I think they gave plenty of ammo for my own and Chris Shore’s prediction that AJ ends up with Ziggler, in order to make John Cena look like a very sympathetic character heading into the Royal Rumble, where I think he is the odds on favorite to win. I’ve been completely, horribly wrong before, but I still think that is where they are headed. Good performances by everyone. Dolph has come into his own on the mic, and I think he could be a World Champion as soon as this month.

Darren Young then made his ring entrance.

1. Ryback vs. Darren Young: Titus joined on commentary. Young got in a few punches early. Ryback hit a hip toss, and a big boot a moment later. He then face planted Young, who rolled out of the ring. Titus blew a whistle from the booth, and Ryback hit a back elbow on Young. Back in the ring, another elbow from Ryback followed by a spinebuster. Ryback fired up for the meat hook and smoked Darren Young with it. Ryback then hit shellshock for the win.

Ryback defeated Darren Young at 1:21.

Barnett’s Brief: Zero surprises there. Young looked like a Christian getting fed to the lions at the Roman Coliseum.

After the match, Titus yelled to cut the music and yelled at Ryback that Young was worth Millions of Dollars. He blew the whistle again, which enraged Ryback and gave him a shellshock for his trouble. I’m really having a hard time getting into Ryback’s one dimensional character, but I know I’m probably in the minority on that one. The announcers plugged Truth vs. Cesaro as next…[c]

R-Truth made his ring entrance, followed by Cesaro. Cesaro had a mic and ripped American for being obese. The crowd chanted USA, and Cesaro said Thanksgiving is another US Holiday that celebrates gluttony and laziness.

2. R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro: Cesaro hit a knee and a gutwrench suplex early. He continued to press the offense with a body slam and a double stomp. He then applied a waistlock on a grounded Truth, who eventually fought to his feet got the better of a punch and kick exchange with Cesaro. Truth then hit a forearm and a body block. Cesaro went for the Neutralizer, but R-Truth hit a back body drop. Truth then hit his finisher out of nowhere to pick up a quick win.

R-Truth defeated Antonio Cesaro at 1:41.

Barnett’s Brief: Why, WWE, why? This feud has no gas in the tank.

Backstage, Sheamus walked around and Booker walked up and asked what he thought he was doing. Sheamus said he was headed to the locker room. Booker said that wasn’t happening due to how Survivor Series completely broke down. He said he hit Big Show at least 30 times with the chair and he was bruised and banged up, plus what happened last week on Smackdown in the parking lot. Booker said he could not allow Sheamus to compete tonight. He said Big Show got himself DQ’ed on purpose at the PPV, and that he’d give him a rematch at TLC in a chairs match. Sheamus agreed to it. Booker told him to take a few friends up to his suite to have a good time. Booker said Big Show was competing against Team Hell No in a handicap match. Sin Cara was shown heading towards the ring…[c]

Sin Cara made his ring entrance, followed by Alberto Del Rio.

3. Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio kicked the crap out of Sin Cara to start, but he missed a dive and ended up flying out of the ring. Sin Cara followed up with a dive of his own and some kicks on the outside. In the ring, Sin Cara covered for just a one count. Del Rio got back on offense with a tilt a whirl back breaker. He covered and got one. He then hit a kick to the gut and threw Sin Cara shoulder first into the ring post, and he carried out to the floor…[c]

Del Rio worked a chin lock. Sin Cara escaped and rolled up Del Rio for a two count. Del Rio quickly got back on offense with several big kicks to the side and back of Del Rio. He then dug his elbow into Sin Cara’s back and reapplied a chin lock with a knee on the back. Sin Cara eventually fought out and hit a hurricanrana pin for a near fall. Del Rio snapped out of it and hit a kick to the head and a suplex. He floated over and covered for the near fall.

Del Rio dove at Sin Cara in the corner and missed. Del Rio locked in another chin lock and attempted to remove his mask, but Sin Cara fought out and hit a kick, followed by an arm drag. He followed up with a spring board splash for another near fall. He then hit a springboard back elbow, and climbed up top. Del Rio arm dragged him off the top, and applied the cross arm breaker to get the tap out victory.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara at 8:48.

Barnett’s Brief:While there wasn’t a whole lot of storyline involved, that was a very enjoyable match to watch. This was one of the better performances I think we’ve seen from Sin Cara in a singles match since his WWE debut, and Del Rio was very sharp here as well. Del Rio got major boos for the finish, and the kids at ringside were very pro Sin Cara, which has to be a good sign for his future potential.

Backstage, Kane and Bryan argued backstage about their upcoming match with the Big Show. Bryan said he defeated Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. Kane said that he used to team with Show years ago, and Show was a big whiny oversized baby then, too. He then said Show and Bryan had a lot in common, and that they should team together as Team No Show. Bryan asked if this was all about him not inviting Kane to his house for Thanksgiving, and Kane meekly said maybe. Bryan said he wouldn’t have liked the Vegan Turkey. Kane asked what the point of Vegan Turkey was. They made a deal that if they won the match, Kane could go to Bryan’s house for Christmas and beat up Santa Claus.

Big Show made his ring entrance…[c]

Bryan made his ring entrance to a huge reaction, followed by Kane.

4. Team Hell No vs. Big Show in a Handicap Match: Bryan kicked at Show’s knees, but got chopped down and slapped in the chest for his trouble. Regal and Sheamus were shown in a luxury box in the arena. Big Show kicked Bryan in the jaw, and tossed his shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Show then picked up Bryan by one arm to work the shoulder. Bryan fired back with multiple kicks to the knee, but Show shoved him away. Show continued to work the shoulder with arm wrenches and knees. Show went up to the second rope, but Bryan moved out of the way of an elbow drop.

Bryan initially refused to make a tag, and hit kicks to the chest of Big Show. He hit a huge kick to the head and made a cover, but Show shoved him off. Show picked up Bryan for the chokelsam, but Bryan locked in a guillotine. Show powered out of that as well. Bryan dove on Big Show from the second rope and locked in a sleeper. Show started to fade, but he got a second wind and dropped backwards onto Bryan to break the hold.

Bryan tagged Kane, who hit two clotheslines and a couple of low drop kicks. Kane covered, but only got a one count. Kane hit a clothesline from the top, and signaled for the chokeslam. He grabbed Show’s throat, but he fought out. Kane managed to hit a DDT off the ropes. He signaled again for the chokeslam, but Bryan tagged himself in. Kane bailed up the ramp as Bryan locked in the No Lock. Show powered out and hit the chokeslam for the victory.

Big Show defeated Team Hell No at 8:02.

After the match, Kane came back to the ring to mock Bryan. Show tried to knock him out, but Kane ducked. Show tried for a chokeslam, but Bryan kicked him in the knee and Kane hit a big boot to send him out of the ring. Show had a mic at the top of the ramp and asked Sheamus if he thought about a giant having a chair in his hands at TLC. Sheamus yelled that Show could hit him with a chair 50 times and he’d still knock him out, but he didn’t have a mic so that was apparently only for the TV audience…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: I’m really not sure what they are doing with Kane and Bryan anymore aside from spinning their wheels. Bryan continues to get great reactions every despite being on the business end of an ass whipping seemingly every week. Kane has been funny, but they haven’t done anything original with these guys in well over a month. Big Show was pretty good on the mic there at the end of the match, but Sheamus still lacks a bit of range. He’s either selling you Lucky Charms or re-enacting a scene from Braveheart, and there isn’t much in between.

Wade Barrett made his an entrance to join commentary for the Intercontinental Title Match. Kofi Kingston then made his ring entrance, followed by Damien Sandow. They showed footage of Monday where Barrett defeated Kofi, and Mathews questioned Barrett about his “questionable” tactics.

5. Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow for the Intercontinental Championship: Both men circled until Sandow hit a vertical suplex. Kofi hit a kick and clotheslined Sandow to the outside. Kofi jumped onto the apron, but Sandow escaped and sent Kofi into the ring post and to the outside. He then rammed Kofi spine first into the ring apron…[c]

Sandow worked a head and arm hold. He then hit some knees to the chest and a side Russian leg sweep. He followed up with the Elbow of Disdain for a two count. They traded blows on their feet until Sandow hung Kofi on the second rope and hit a running knee into his back. Sandow went back to a chin lock and kept Kofi grounded. Both men brawled around the ring. Kofi sent Sandow to ringside, but couldn’t capitalize, as Sandow backed him into the apron once again.

Kofi struggled to push Sandow off of him from the apron, but eventually succeeded and hit a splash from the top for a near fall. He then hit a forward roll suplex and a drop kick. Kofi fired up and hit the boom drop, and signaled for Trouble in Paradise. He hit the kick and covered Sandow for the victory.

Kofi Kingston defeated Damien Sandow at 7:58.

Post-match, Kofi celebrated and Barrett congratulated him from the announce table and told him that at he would become the next victim of the Barrett Barrage at TLC. The announce crew plugged Zigger vs. Orton for the main event, and a Raw Rebound as next…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: A solid outing from Kofi and Sandow, but nothing spectacular. I’m not sure if it’s the contrast of styles or what it is, but they just don’t seem to gel like Kofi and The Miz did together. Barrett was great on commentary, and had a logical response to every one of Josh Mathews questions. It was also the most we’ve heard from him about what has changed about him since he returned from injury, and I’m glad he got the time to dive into his motivation.

A Raw Rebound aired that showed the Punk celebration from Monday. JBL and Mathews called Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns vigilantes, and plugged an interview with them for Raw. Dolph Ziggler made his ring entrance…[c]

Randy Orton made his ring entrance to a great reaction. The announce team spoke about how this week has been a career maker for Ziggler, as he took out Orton, Miz and Cena in one week.

6. Dolph Zigger vs. Randy Orton: Orton took control early with strikes. The ref separated them, and Orton continued to dominate the offense with knees. They traded offense for a bit until Orton took control with a vertical suplex and a near fall. Ziggler recovered and hit a snap suplex of his own, but Orton quickly turned the tides and sent Ziggler to the floor. Ziggler attempted to escape into the crowd, but Orton caught him and Orton clotheslined him over the barricade anyway…[c]

Orton hit a back suplex and covered for a two count. Orton stomped on Ziggler near the ropes, and then catapulted him into the bottom rope. Ziggler rolled to the outside, and Orton chased. Ziggler tripped Orton into the announce table, and then hit a drop kick. Ziggler hit a big elbow into a grounded Orton, and covered for a two count. Ziggler charged at Orton in the corner, but Orton avoided a splash and rolled up Ziggler for two. Zigger applied a chin lock, but Orton powered out and hit his signature back breaker. Ziggler recovered and popped up to hit a DDT. He covered but Orton kicked out at two once again. He then climbed the top rope, but Orton intercepted and hit a super plex for a close near fall. Orton fired up the crowd and hit his signature sequence with clotheslines, a powerslam and a DDT from the second rope. He signaled for the RKO, but ZIggler avoided him and rolled him up with a handful of tights to steal a victory.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Randy Orton at 13:33.

Post-match, Ricardo Rodriguez ran into the ring and ate an RKO. Del Rio attempted to sneak in, but Orton saw him and stared him down. On the ramp, Cena snuck up on Ziggler and applied the STF. Refs attempted to pull him off of Ziggler as the Show closed…

Barnett’s Brief: Another very enjoyable match on a highly entertaining edition of Smackdown. Ziggler is finally getting his due, picking up major victories over main event superstars, and I’m glad he’s involved with a major feud with John Cena. Orton and Del Rio’s saga doesn’t appear to be over either, which is good news for me because I’ve really enjoyed their matches together thus far. I’d recommend watching this episode of Smackdown if you missed it live, as they advanced quite a few story lines and had some entertaining matches at the bottom of both hours of the show.

Questions, comments or concerns? Email me at barnett.jake@gmail.com or hit me up on twitter @barnettjake.



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