11/29 El Twilling's WWE Raw Live Coverage: Three hour broadcast, King of the Ring tournament, The Miz's first Raw as WWE Champion, will Juan Cena appear?

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11/29 El Twilling's WWE Raw Live Coverage: Three hour broadcast, King of the Ring tournament, The Miz's first Raw as WWE Champion, will Juan Cena appear?
Nov 29, 2010 - 10:00 PM

By Ricardo Twilling

WWE Raw on the USA Network
Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[Q1] Footage aired of The Miz defeating Randy Orton last week to become the new WWE Champion. The opening video aired and fireworks lit up the stage. Michael Cole, CM Punk, and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed us to the show...

Twill's Two Pesos: It's my honor to stand in tonight for mi primo, (my cousin), Rich Twilling. Gracias, Rich. By the way, Direct TV sucks. It takes five freaking minutes just to change the channel.

There was a shot of the king's throne at the top right of the stage. Alex Riley came out in a suit and said it was his honor to be a part of one of the greatest moments in WWE history. He said it was time for a party. Punk said Riley already partied too much. He even mentioned his DUI. Ouch.

Riley said he was throwing a party for Miz tonight and it was going to be awesome. The bell rang and the King of the Ring tournament was underway. Ricardo Rodriguez, one of my good buddies, introduced Alberto Del Rio, another very good friend of mine...

1. Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan in a non-title, quarterfinal King of the Ring tournament match in 9:38. Del Rio grounded Bryan early on, but Bryan turned the tables and attempted to end the match with the LeBell Lock. Del Rio fought out and took a breather on the floor... [C]

[Q2] During the break, Del Rio kicked Bryan in the head to take control of the match. Bryan regained control and hit a very impressive German suplex with a bridge for a two count. He scored a couple more nearfalls as well.

Twill's Two Pesos: A good friend of Rich and myself, Felix Yelin has a sign that reads, "Twilling fears NXT 4." Very true, and per a family agreement, I might cover tomorrow night for Rich as well. Thank you Felix; the sign is much appreciated by La Familia Twilling.

Bryan hurt his shoulder after an errant suicide dive to the floor. He then tried a missile dropkick, but Del Rio sidestepped it. He then applied his arm bar and Bryan tapped out rather quickly. Del Rio will face the winner of the John Morrison vs. Cody Rhodes match...

Twill's Two Pesos: Not a great match, but Bryan pulled a decent one out of Del Rio there. I have Del Rio winning this thing with Morrison as my second pick, so we could see El Twilling's final in the second round.

Edge, Steve Austin, Triple H, Bret Hart, and Brock Lesnar were all shown winning past King of the Ring tournaments... [C]

Did you know? WWE television is available in over 600 million homes worldwide...

R-Truth came out to la musica horible. I guess his new song didn't make the long term cut. Truth said John Cena was "forced to quit WWE." He said Cena was his friend and went out like a champ. Truth said Cena's decisions cost him what he cherished most, the WWE Universe.

Truth said The Nexus may have won the battle, but the war, "hasn't even begun yet." He issued a challenge to face any member of Nexus. Backstage, Josh Mathews met up with Mike McGillicutty, who accepted the challenge...

Twill's Two Pesos: The Nexus has a new t-shirt. This one is pretty much the same, but the "N" logo is broken glass, with newspaper style clippings surrounding the N. The colors are the same though.

[Q3] As McGillicutty was walking toward the ring backstage, he was attacked. The attacker was laying the boots to a fallen McGillicutty, and the man was wearing jean shorts. The crowd cheered... [C]

Twill's Two Pesos: I'm very pleased to see Juan Cena getting a chance with WWE after all of these years. Juan was a legend in my native Mexico and when we lost Del Rio, we figured Cena would be the next to go.

Cole was very excited about The Miz appearing as the new WWE Champion tonight. They mentioned the attack and Punk said he knew it was Cena. Actually CM, a lot of the Cenas look alike. That definitely looked like Juan...

2. John Morrison defeated Cody Rhodes in a quarterfinal King of the Ring tournament match in 3:36. Punk said he was a King of the Ring in the tournament held in Rio de Janeiro. Of course, he was referencing Pat Patterson winning the Intercontinental Championship. He mentioned that for those fans not aware of the reference.

Solid back and forth offense but Morrison got the best of a dueling springboard move by hitting the flash kick (Chuck kick). He followed with that running knee strike for the three count...

Twill's Two Pesos: No surprise there. Odd that Ezekiel Jackson is facing Drew McIntyre in the first round and they only gave Morrison and Rhodes three and a half minutes. Nonetheless, if you have Morrison winning, you are one step closer to being correct. Don't think anyone predicted Cody to win.

Rima Fakih (Miss USA) was hyped and she will crown the winner of the tournament tonight... [C]

[Q4] 3. Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson in a quarterfinal King of the Ring tournament match ended in a double count out in 2:41. Punk called himself a wrestler and Cole corrected him by referring to him as a "Superstar." There was an exposed turnbuckle and Drew used it to take the advantage.

Both men went to the floor and neither paid attention to the count. Zeke beat down Drew and tried to get back to the ring, but Drew held onto Jackson's leg. As a result, both men were counted out. The announcers questioned who would advance...

Twill's Two Pesos: King expressed continued shock over neither man advancing. Apparently, he is not familiar with tournament brackets. The winner of Kofi vs. Sheamus gets an automatic bid into the finals. I don't think anyone predicted either of these men to win as well, so they kept it short and sweet...

Backstage, both Nikki and Brie Bella checked in on Daniel Bryan, who was icing his shoulder. He asked why Brie came out last week during his entrance and she said she had become interested in him after seeing him around a lot.

Alex Riley approached them and said Bryan blew his chance to be mentored by The Miz during NXT season one. He then said tonight was dubbed, "Miz-fest 2010." He took a call from Miz. He "dismissed" the Bella Twins and continued to berate Bryan... [C]

Two shots, one of the Liberty Bell and the other of the Rocky Balboa statue, were shown. Cole called Miz a real life Rocky Balboa...

Twill's Two Cents: Rich is a huge Rocky fan and appears as an extra in the final movie of the series. Additionally, he is Italian, so if his fight career ever reaches television or better, I bet he pays homage to the series.

[Q5] Footage aired of Randy Orton beating Wade Barrett last week, but then losing the WWE Championship to The Miz...

Jerry Lawler said an injury to his knee will prevent him from being on the show tonight...

The Miz, with Alex Riley, made their way out to the ring. Miz wore a suit and had the belt draped over his left shoulder. Cole jumped up and down like an idioto at the announce table...

Twill's Two Pesos: Miz opening up la hora segundo was a great time for him to make his first appearance. This is normally when the show would start. I also like that Orton will not appear tonight. Give Miz the focus tonight and move into the feud next week.

Miz said he did not need a celebration because he had two pictures that represented the sadness and shock of him winning the championship. They showed that girl from last week and Miz referred to her as the "Miz girl."

Miz sent a message to those who said he would never become WWE Champion: MTV, JBL, Triple H, John Cena, and others. He is the WWE Champion. He said Randy Orton was not injured; he did not want to appear tonight because he was ashamed.

Miz said Orton was one of a long line. He said he would be the longest reigning WWE Champion in history. He also sent a message to those who are told they cannot achieve their dreams. "It's true. I'm one in a billion and I actually achieved my dreams."

Miz had Riley hold up the new WWE Championship history book. He mentioned Roddy Piper's speech from two weeks back and said Piper never made anything happen. He added Ricky Steamboat, Mr. Perfect, and others to the list of those who never won the WWE Championship.

Lawler interrupted Miz and echoed the sentiments he had been sharing all night. He said Orton had been attacked by seven other men. It made Miz an opportunist, but it did not make him awesome. Miz called King a "bitter, old man."

Cole stood up and asked King to take a seat. He said it was Miz's night. King did agree but then asked Miz to give someone who hadn't been attacked a title shot. Cole said Miz might make King an example. King said a lot of guys never received a WWE Championship match.

King continued and said he had never received a title match in the seventeen years he has been with the company. He challenged The Miz to a title match. Miz said no. King called Miz a coward. "How dare you?... You have never done anything. You are a shell of a Hall of Famer."

The GM chime sounded. Cole took the podium. The GM congratulated Miz. He or she then booked Miz vs. Lawler in the main event for the WWE Championship. King and the live crowd ate it up. The GM had more to say.

[Q6] In three weeks, the TLC pay-per-view will take place. Tonight's WWE Championship match will also be a tables, ladders, and chairs match. Miz did not look happy... [C]

Twill's Two Pesos: Happy birthday King! This works for me. Miz defends the belt and Lawler gets to put him over. Of course, King will probably get too much offense in, but as a fun, and nothing more than that, main event, this is okay. Overall, nothing new from Miz, but a solid promo from the new champion.

Yet another three hour Raw, the Slammy Awards, will take place in two weeks...

4. Sheamus defeated Kofi Kingston in a quarterfinal King of the Ring tournament match in 4:04. Kofi dominated early on, but Sheamus had Kofi positioned for the High Cross. Kofi slid out and hit the Trouble in Paradise, but Sheamus rolled underneath the bottom rope.

Kofi went to the top rope and attempted the frog splash high cross body, but Sheamus countered with a brogue kick. Actually, it was just a normal kick to the chin, and it looked awkward. Nonetheless, Sheamus earned the win and advanced straight to the finals... [C]

Twill's Two Pesos: Nothing unpredictable yet. By the way, why bother to enter Big Zeke and Drew McIntyre in the tournament if they were going to go with the lame double count out finish? Why not just throw two other guys in there?

[Q7] 5. Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu defeated Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in a non-title match in 2:31. John Cena made his way through the crowd with a "ticket." He took his seat in the front row...

Twill's Two Pesos: It's amazing that anytime a wrestler is forced to buy tickets to an event, he always is able to land front row seats.

Henry pinned Slater with the World's Strongest Slam. After the match, Cena jumped the railing and hit the Attitude Adjustment on Slater through the announce table. Punk said WWE has the worst security...

Twill's Two Pesos: So, that actually turned out to be a horrible purchase for John Cena, who stayed in his seat for a grand total of two minutes. I hope his antics don't cause political trouble for Juan.

The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler and the King of the Ring were hyped... [C]

Twill's Two Pesos: I wonder if King wrestling tonight, and leaving the booth to prepare, is WWE's way of testing Cole and Punk as a two man announce team.

Footage aired of Cena attacking Slater before the break. Backstage, David Otunga, Husky Harris, and Justin Gabriel worried out loud about Cena. Wade Barrett said he wanted to end it tonight. He said he was going to call Cena out tonight...

Arn Anderson approached King backstage and said his title shot was long overdue. Arn said nobody would think less of King if he passed up a TLC match. King said he had never been in a TLC, or a WWE Championship match, and he was not passing up the chance. Arn wished him luck and told him to win...

Twill's Two Pesos: King is not going to win the belt, but they are giving him the Rocky treatment. Again, this would work okay if Miz dominated in victory. I fear King will get too much offense in.

Alberto Del Rio made his entrance for the second time of the night... [C]

[Q8] 6. John Morrison defeated Alberto Del Rio in a semifinal King of the Ring tournament match in 3:22. The announcers ran down past winners again and Punk mentioned William Regal, saying he (Regal) is unsure of his wrestling future...

Twill's Two Pesos: For those who may be wondering, some of the names mentioned won the tournament before the King of the Ring debuted on pay-per-view in 1993. Bret Hart won that first PPV tournament.

Del Rio scored a nearfall after hitting a double knee to the arm. Actually, it could best be described as a Codebreaker to Morrison's arm. All of a sudden, the horn from Del Rio's car was sounding. Alberto took a look and Rey Mysterio was in his car. Morrison used the distraction to hit the flash kick for the win...

Twill's Two Pesos: As a proud Mexican, I want to say for the record that I do not condone Mysterio's actions. I feel nobody should illegally use somebody else's property. As for the tournament, we have Morrison vs. Sheamus, which I'm sure does not shock many people. If you have enjoyed their feud, this should be a treat for you.

Wade Barrett was shown walking backstage. Cole said he will call out John Cena after the break... [C]

Footage aired of Wade Barrett nearly winning the WWE Championship last week. Barrett made his way out to the ring. He said the Raw GM told him he was the only person on the planet that has the power to give Cena his job back.

[Q9] Barrett then pointed out what everyone has predicted. Cena will piss off Barrett and The Nexus so badly that Barrett will reinstate him. Barrett promised Cena will never work for WWE again. Cena then appeared on the Titantron.

He said he promised before that he would take out every Nexus member one by one. He then was cornered by Otunga, Husky, and Gabriel. Cena reminded Barrett of The Nexus' many enemies. The Raw locker room then attacked from behind.

Cena put Otunga through a car window. He also hit the Attitude Adjustment on Gabriel onto the hood of the car. He told Barrett "this will continue" until he gets his hands on every last member of Nexus. The Raw wrestlers laughed at Gabriel... [C]

Twill's Two Pesos: Darren Young was amongst those that attacked Nexus. By the way, Cena said the WWE Security was beaten down by The Nexus, so they were allowing Cena free reign to run around backstage. Does that mean I can walk around backstage too as long as I say I am going after The Nexus?

Just in case you just tuned in, they replayed what just happened before the break. Thanks for that WWE...

Maryse, Tamina, and Alicia Fox made their entrance. Tamina serenading Santino Marella last week was shown...

Twill's Two Pesos: On camera, who has scored more Divas between Santino and Carlito?

7. Natalya, Melina, and Gail Kim defeated Maryse, Tamina, and Alicia Fox in 3:33. Tamina had the most awful ring gear ever. It was a pair of black boxers and a black wife beater with yellow flowers on them. During the match, Santino came out with a guitar singing, "I Think We're Alone Now."

Tamina left the ring apron and physically grabbed Santino, leading him to the back. In the ring, because I guess a match is going on, Natalya attempted a Sharpshooter, but everyone interfered. She was able to lock in the move on Alicia, winning the match for her team...

Twill's Two Pesos: My cousin Rich is a fan of love and the budding love of Santino and Tamina is a sight to be seen. Actually, not so much. Rich doesn't even want to see this crap.

[Q10] A very good video package chronicling Jerry Lawler's career was shown. King was shown backstage mentally readying himself for The Miz... [C]

Twill's Two Pesos: WWE is putting more thought into this WWE Championship match than they do into most PPV title matches.

Backstage, Ted DiBiase was playing with a toy WWE Championship. She mocked him for "tapping out twice to a guy smaller than me." She said when he looks bad, she looks bad. She continued, but he screamed at her to shut up. He walked away...

Twill's Two Pesos: I think we were all yelling for Maryse to shut up. Let's see if this leads to an opportunity for DiBiase.

Backstage, Husky and Otunga were walking around carefully. Husky was concerned that John Cena already took out three Nexus members tonight. Otunga said he had a plan...

Mathews interviewed Sheamus and Morrison backstage. Sheamus said Morrison beat him at the Survivor Series, but that was not going to happen again. Morrison said one of them would walk out as the King of the Ring... [C]

Twill's Two Pesos: Thank you for that John. I wasn't 100% American tournaments worked the same as our Mexican tournaments. Down here, one of the two finalists walks out as the winner. I'm glad it works the same way up in the States.

Rima Fakih made her entrance to be the special ring announcer. Santino led her out. I guess the Bellas don't go both ways...

She said the next match would determine the finals of the King of the Ring tournament. She then asked if we were ready...

Twill's Two Pesos: Actually Rima, the finals have already been determined. This will determine the winner. And si, estamos listos.

[Q11] 8. Sheamus defeated John Morrison to become the 2011 King of the Ring in 12:04. Morrison sold the arm that was injured earlier tonight by Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus knocked Morrison to the floor... [C]

Sheamus continued on the offensive. "My chair just broke. This is a billion dollar corporation and I cannot get a chair that isn't broken and we can't get anyone to come out and fix the announce table," said Punk...

Twill's Two Pesos: Additionally, former employees can come in and get current employees to cooperate with them while beating the shit out of other current employees.

Morrison fought back, but Sheamus pushed him violently to the mat from the second turnbuckle. Sheamus went for a High Cross, but Morrison countered with a backslide attempt. After some back and forth, Morrison countered a sidewalk slam with a DDT for a two count.

Sheamus nearly pinned Morrison after awkwardly tossing him to the mat from the top. He locked in a Fujiwara armbar on the already injured shoulder of Morrison. Morrison kicked Sheamus in the head out of nowhere. He attempted Starship Pain but Sheamus put his knees up.

Sheamus hit a brogue kick but was slow to get to his feet. He picked up Morrison for the High Cross, and hit the move with a running start. He hooked the leg and scored the pinfall, winning the King of the Ring tournament in the process...

Twill's Two Pesos: That match really picked up late and the crowd responded. Weird tournament. They booked a double count out. The person who won it is a former WWE Champion, so out of everyone in the tournament, Sheamus did not need it, if the idea is to build a new star. King Sheamus works for me; I'm just surprised they didn't put it on someone else.

Sheamus took his throne, literally, on the top of the stage. He said he was continuing the lineage of the Kings of Ireland. "Long live the King!" Sheamus posed with his robe and crown...

[Q12] The Miz and Jerry Lawler were shown split screen walking backstage... [C]

9. The Miz (with Alex Riley) defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler in a TLC match to retain the WWE Championship in 11:51. Not sure why, but Riley was carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase. Now that Miz has cashed in, the briefcase should go away. King made his entrance and Cole ran down his list of accomplishments. Punk said one mistake is all King needed to win the title.

Ladders, tables, and chairs surrounded the ring. Miz was the first to utilize a chair, slamming across King's back a few times on the floor. He then used the chair in the ring as well. Miz methodically picked apart Lawler. Riley tried to get a ladder for Miz, but took his time. King then hit Miz with a chair to take advantage in the match.

Lawler and Miz were involved in a tug of war with a ladder. King got the best of it and brought the ladder into the ring. He missed a running ladder shot in the corner, but came back moments later with a backdrop to Miz onto a ladder. Riley hit King with a clothesline. King then knocked him through a table on the floor.

[Overrun] The crowd chanted for Lawler. It has to be mentioned too that Punk gave Lawler tons of credibility by putting over the danger of the match and the fact that Lawler had a puncher's chance. Great work by Punk.

King climbed the ladder, but Miz stopped him. When Miz did not climb the ladder himself, Punk asked, "Are you stupid?" Moments later, as if he was being asked by a producer, Punk said, "I don't think he is stupid, but he had a chance to put the match away." Lawler crotched Miz in the corner.

Punk outwardly rooted for Lawler as Cole did the same for Miz. Lawler hit a huge double sledge to MIz, knocking him off of the top ropes through a table on the floor. King slowly climbed the ladder. Cole left the announce booth to try and help Miz to his feet.

Cole then entered the ring and pulled King off of the ladder. King wondered what the hell Cole was doing and circled him as Cole apologized. King punched Cole and then mounted him to land more shots. Miz used the distraction to climb the ladder. King climbed and they fought at the top. Miz hit King in the head with the belt and grabbed it for the win...

Punk narrated the replay and expressed respect for both Lawler and Miz. Miz licked his chops as he had the belt in one hand and held himself up on the ropes with the other. Punk ended the show by saying The Miz is the future, the WWE Champion, and awesome...

Twill's Two Pesos: WWE actually created a compelling WWE Championship match for the second consecutive week. Lawler as the supreme underdog played his role really well. Is this a sign of how Miz will be treated as the champion? Will he be a Honky Tonk Man type of champion? I hope not, but being taken to the limit by a 61 year old challenger and retaining because the announcer interfered doesn't scream "strong champion." I will have more to say in tonight's Members' Exclusive audio show. I am filling in for Rich tonight on audio as well. Gracias por following along with me tonight.




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