Short's WWE NXT TV Review: Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd for the US Title, Xavier Woods vs. Leo Kruger, Roman Reigns debut, The Usos vs. Michael McGillicutty

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Nov 4, 2012 - 10:02 AM

By Josh Short
11/1 WWE NXT on Dailymotion
Taped in Winter Park, Fla. At Full Sail University

Before I start this week’s NXT I want to apologise for my absence last week. “Fresher’s Flu” (the illness that miraculously appears once first year students start) somehow hit me; this is despite the fact that I’m a straightedge second year and therefore do not really hang out with the first years. Nonetheless, after returning home to Huddersfield and spending the weekend on my sofa, drinking energy drinks and eating tomato soup, I have finally recovered. On another side note stay tuned to the site as soon there will be my review of WWE ’13. Thank you and here is this week’s NXT review. Cheers.

After the opening credits, The Usos started to make their entrance to a good pop. Tony Luftman checked in on commentary and introduced William Regal. Luftman has finished one sentence and I already wish Saxton was back. He reminds me of Scott Stanford and Mike Adamle, which isn’t a compliment. Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty made their entrance to little reaction and Curtis started dancing, body popping and gyrating. I guess this is how they’re going to transition into Curtis’s new dancing gimmick that he’s being doing at house shows. McGillicutty looked disturbed, as am I...
1. The Usos vs. Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis. McGillicutty and one of the Uso’s started. McGillicutty quickly smashed him on the back. The Usos dominated both heels in the beginning, using their usual body popping offense. McGillicutty eventually managed to kick Jimmy in the head and the heels took control. They continued to isolate Jimmy and argued about Curtis wasting time. Jimmy eventually managed to dodge a corner splash and got the hot tag. Jey hit his usual offense to a good pop from the crowd. He hit Curtis with a super kick and followed it up with a Samoan drop before tagging in Jimmy. Jimmy then hit the Superfly Splash on McGillicutty for the pin...
The Usos defeated Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis in 4:16
After the match, the Ascension's music played and they appeared at balcony from a few weeks ago again. They stared down the Usos before the commercial break... [C]
Short’s Synopsis: A decent opener. All four guys just seemed like they were going through the motions and it would have lead to a completely boring match if it wasn’t for Curtis and McGillicutty. They’re no Kane and Daniel Bryan but McGillicutty’s overly intense character combined with Curtis’s gimmick transition was quite funny. I have no idea why WWE doesn’t do more with Curtis. I remember how shocked I was at seeing Goldust while I was growing up and I can’t help but think Curtis could do well if WWE gave his creep gimmick some backing.
[C] Back from the break Xavier Woods (Consequences Creed from TNA) made his entrance to some funk music, a Brodus Clay-esque titantron and little reaction Regal said that he and Woods were “funk-soul brothers”. Fantastic reference to Fatboy Slim (an English DJ) there. The commentators spoke about how Woods is getting his PHD in psychology, his charisma and in-ring ability. Kruger’s face appeared on the titantron and Kruger arose from it and smiled. Cool and unique entrance. He made his entrance to little reaction.
2. Xavier Woods vs. Leo Kruger. Kruger sat in the corner, and Xavier caught him rushing out of the corner with a headlock. Nice touch. He kept it locked in as Kruger tried to escape and eventually picked Woods up for a backbreaker Another cool spot. Kruger started smacking his head and then beat down Woods.
Kruger hit his nice slap suplex and locked in a bearhug for a while, Woods tried to escape but Kruger slammed him down. Woods escaped a second bearhug with a jawbreaker, and started a comeback with several strikes. He hit a clothesline out of a headstand flip and went top rope. Kruger dodged a dropkick. He picked Woods up and hit him with the Kruger’s end for the win...
Leo Kruger defeated Xavier Woods in 3:59
After the match Kruger started laughing as he sat next to Woods. Luftman sent it to a Big E Langston package...
After the video package Byron Saxton was stood behind a podium at the top of the stage with Big E. Saxton asked about the 5 count, as the crowd chanted “5” and Big E said he loves the number. He called it a “beautiful” and “gorgeous” number. He said he has 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot, and said there were “high five's”.
Vickie Guerrero came out to good heat and said she was there to recruit Big E Langston to her stable. The crowd chanted “just say no”. Big E said he had exactly what Vickie needed, before slapping his hands together in front of her, sending the chalk on them into her face. Vickie screamed at him and left, while Big E held up the “5” gesture to the crowd...
Short’s Synopsis: Nice to finally see Xavier Woods. He has been getting rave reviews from people at live events in regards to him working a crowd. He didn’t have much time but you can see that energy he brings and I thought he would have been one of main guys on NXT given those reactions and his experience in front of a worldwide audience in TNA. Big E’s segment appeared to be WWE’s kneejerk way of responding to the pop he’s been getting despite being positioned as a monster heel. Quite frankly that segment was horrendous.
Luftman announced that Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd would be the main event tonight, and it would be for Cesaro's US title. Jinder Mahal made his entrance to little reaction with his original gimmick instead of his 3MB shtick. The commentators spoke about his defeat to Seth Rollins in the Gold Rush Tournament for the NXT Championship. He got in the ring and called himself the modern day maharaja, but he was missing his crown jewel - the NXT Championship. The crowd gave him the “What?!” treatment. He demanded a rematch with Seth Rollins, and demanded Dusty Rhodes come down to reward him with it.
Justin Gabriel made his entrance instead to plenty of cheers from the ladies in the audience. He said Jinder needs to get to the back of the line. He asked the audience if they would like to see Mahal vs. Rollins, and then pointed out that only the Tye Dye Guy, who was sat in the crowd, seemed to like the idea. He asked if they wanted to see Gabriel vs. Rollins, and they cheered. Drew McIntyre interrupted to a good pop. A “Drew” chant started. He said he is the only one of the three with a win over Rollins.
Bo Dallas then interrupted to a good pop from the ladies in the audience and said they had all had their shot, and now it was his turn. As he got in the ring, Dusty Rhodes finally made his entrance to a big pop. Dusty said they all had valid points but they had to earn any opportunity in NXT. He toyed with Jinder and eventually booked a fatal four way for the #1 contendership next week. He started dancing to his entrance music as the four guys carried on arguing in the ring...
The commentators hyped the debut of Roman Reigns as being next...[C]
Short’s Synopsis: A decent segment with a good hook for next week. It will be weird to see Mahal vs. McIntyre during the match but I think McIntyre and Gabriel will be able to help make that match an entertaining one.

CJ Parker made his entrance to little reaction. Roman Reigns made his entrance with dramatic music to little reaction. Anyone else think he’s got a similar face to Edge?  

 3. Roman Reigns vs. CJ Parker. Reigns is big for a so-called “high flyer”. Reigns got straight on Parker with big strikes and worked over CJ's left arm. The match slowed as Reigns locked in a rest hold. Parker landed a boot out of the corner. He tried to hit and run, but Reigns caught him with a big boot of his own. Reigns punched the ground, and then eventually finished him off with a back suplex turned into a front slam...
Roman Reigns defeated CJ Parker in 3:33
After the match the commentators continued to put over Reigns in a ridiculously big way...[C]
Short’s Synopsis: That couldn’t have gone worse for the former Leakee of FCW and it almost entirely the commentators fault. If they had put Reigns over by simply mentioning that he’s seen as a future big star once or twice the segment would have been fine but because they put Reigns over in a completely ridiculous way Reigns looked really bad. Reigns showed glimpses of being something big in FCW, he can actually fly high guys. Which begs the question why didn’t they make sure that Reigns hit a couple of high spots if they were going to put over that aspect of him on commentary?
[C] Tyson Kidd made his entrance to a big pop as JR joined Regal on commentary. Cesaro made his entrance to little reaction as the US Title graphic aired...
4. Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd for the US Title. Both men locked up and traded some absolutely beautiful chain wrestling...[C]
[C] Back from the break Cesaro locked Kidd in a bearhug. He then headbutted Kidd as he was coming back from the ropes. He went for the Neutraliser, but Kidd countered with a back body drop and a dropkick. Kidd managed to get a two count with a roll up. He hit a head scissors takedown for another two count. A springboard elbow drop brought Kidd yet another close two count. He went for the sharpshooter but Cesaro made it to the ropes. A short time later Cesaro tossed him in the air and hit his European uppercut. He finished Kidd off with the Neutraliser for the win...
Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd in 7:41
After the match Cesaro posed for a while with the title, as Regal put over Kidd and JR hyped next week’s main event to bring NXT to a close...
Short’s Synopsis: A good match to close out the show. Hopefully we get a rematch on NXT that lasts longer as I wanted to see more right there.

Overall this was a poor NXT, the main event was good and there were small things I enjoyed such as McGillicutty and Curtis but overall this NXT just dragged. Hopefully we have a much better one next week.

Thanks for taking time out to read my review of this week’s NXT. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat about anything; especially NXT and wrestling in general follow me on twitter @JoshTubeShort. Also don’t forget, my review of WWE ’13 will be available shortly. Cheers.

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