Short's WWE NXT Review: Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal to crown the first NXT Champion, Big E Langston vs. Chase Donovan, Hunico and Camacho vs. Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan

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Sep 2, 2012 - 01:15 PM

By Josh Short
8/29 WWE NXT on Youtube
Taped in Winter Park, Fla. At Full Sail University.

Byron Saxton welcomed us to the show and checked in on commentary. Saxton said that tonight is the night that the Gold Rush tournament concludes first NXT champion will be crowned. Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan made their entrance together to little reaction as William Regal joined commentary and talked about the teams upset victory over Hunico and Camacho a few weeks ago. Hunico and Camacho made their way out for the rematch to little reaction...
1. Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan vs. Hunico and Camacho. Dalton started but quickly made the tag to Jordan. Jordan got the better of Camacho in the early going with some shoulder blocks and a dropkick until Camacho hit a nasty looking spinebuster. Hunico and Camacho slowed things down with several strike attacks. Hunico hit a nice springboard Swanton bomb. He went back to the strikes and ragged Jordan’s hair. Hunico turned his own roll through pin into a powerbomb in a very impressive spot for a near fall.
Camacho tagged in and continued the strikes followed by a great double underhook suplex and a big leg drop. He eventually got caught by a dropkick from Jordan. Both men then tagged out. Dalton hit some quick flashy moves including a hurricanrana. Dalton eventually caught Hunico with a beautiful missile dropkick from the top rope. Camacho broke the pin up, Jordan fought Camacho off whilst the ref became distracted. This allowed Camacho to snap Dalton’s neck off the ropes and set up Hunico for his death valley driver-style finisher...
Hunico and Camacho defeated Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton in 4:02.
After the match Saxton hyped the main event between Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal for the NXT Title before commercial... [C]
Short’s Synopsis: A decent way to open the show, Hunico and Camacho continue to show good chemistry as a tag team and Dalton showed some nice flashy offence. I’m still not sold on Jordan and Dalton as a tag team but perhaps a third and final match between the two teams which lasts longer than four minutes will change my mind.
[C] The Usos made their entrance without the Hakka but with a little dance to a good pop. They got in the ring and got mics. Jimmy did the 'Us - O' thing with the crowd and then talked about their last match with The Ascension. He said The Ascension were clearly not interested in getting a win, they wanted a fight. He said they had unfinished business and that if they wanted a fight they should get in the ring and fight them.
The lights went out and the camera shifted towards the stage; anticipating The Ascension’s entrance. It quickly cut back to the ring to show The Ascension appearing from behind the Usos and attacking them. They isolated Jimmy in the ring and pounded on him. They went to the outside and took Jey out with their double spinning wheel kick to the back of his legs and face. They then re-entered the ring and did the same to Jimmy. The lights went out again and The Ascension let out some roars. Regal said he couldn't wait until these two teams faced each other again, as Saxton said that Big E Langston will be in action next...
Short’s Synopsis: I get the feeling I like The Ascension more than Gutteridge. The roaring annoys me and the morphing makes me want to move the slider on the YouTube player but I think that there is a place for this gimmick. In this segment they removed the morphing and I think it made for a more believable segment. The attack looked lethal and vicious and I like the double spinning wheel kick as a tag team finisher. While the theatrics may not appeal to everyone, even I don’t like it at times, I feel that The Ascension show good chemistry in the ring and could bring something very different to WWE’s tag team division.
A video aired showcasing Alicia Fox in heelish way. A video for Night of Champions aired, using footage of the Olympics and Paralympics (as well as ice hockey). Nice way of riding the momentum that those events have caused. An Antonio Cesaro package was shown, it was the same one that they always show. The Raw Rebound, featuring the CM Punk and Jerry Lawler events followed...
Big E Langston made his entrance, chalking up his hands, to hardly any reaction. Chase Donovan was introduced to very little reaction...
2. Big E Langston vs. Chase Donovan. Big E practically ran Donovan over with a massive body splash. He stalked Donovan hit the Big Ending (over the shoulder cutter) for the win...
Big E Langston defeated Chase Donovan in 0:40.
After the match Big E kept the pin for a few seconds before eventually letting go as the commentators talked about how impressive Big E has been. They then hyped Rollins vs Mahal was up next... [C]
Short’s Synopsis: Weak segment. I get that they’re trying to make Big E look as powerful as possible but a two-move match just doesn’t do it for me. The commentators sold the splash as a knockout move and while I’m sure it bloody hurts I just didn’t believe it as much as they were selling it. The Big Ending is a simple but really cool move and it suits Big E perfectly.
A John Cena promotional video aired. Followed by a Ryback promotional video... [C]

Short’s Synopsis: What was the point in the Cena promotional video; he doesn’t need to be promoted in that way anymore as everyone knows who he is. Ryback is still up and coming so I understand why they show his video.

The NXT roster walked onto the top of the ramp. Nice touch to show the importance of the upcoming match. Backstage, Briley Pierce tried to interview Big E. He asked if he thought his winning streak would continue. Big E breathed heavily at him until he left...
Back in the arena, Howard Finkel introduced Dusty Rhodes onto the stage to a good pop and a polite response. The crowd and NXT roster clapped along to the beat of his music. He grabbed the title belt and walked it to the ring as JR joined on commentary. Jinder Mahal came out first to good heat. Regal said he believes Jinder will win and dedicate it to late Dara Singh. Seth Rollins made his moshing entrance to a good pop. I swear he nearly took Raquel Diaz’s head off with one of his kicks. He looked at the NXT roster, the majority of whom were clapping, and pointed at all of them before heading to the ring.
Finkel handled the introductions in the ring, Jinder got good heat and Rollins got a good pop. Dusty then went to shake each man’s hand. Rollins shook it, but Mahal refused...
3. Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal in the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament. Both men locked up and Seth took Jinder down to the mat. Seth maintained control early in the match. Jinder made a very brief comeback with several strikes. Seth regained control with both mat work with running kicks. He chopped Mahal which got a good pop and tried to go for the Blackout but missed. Mahal tried to throw Seth to the outside but he hung onto the ropes. Mahal ended up on the outside, and Rollins attempted to dive on him, but Mahal dodged, countered a running kick and slammed Rollins face first into the apron, and then onto the ramp. He threw Rollins back inside for a two count before Saxton took it to a break...[C] 

A “Don’t try this at home” video aired followed by a CM Punk promotional video. (See my previous comments about the John Cena video)...

[C] Back from the break, Mahal had Rollins in a surfboard type of manoeuvre. He kept Rollins grounded and targeted the back. JR and Regal pointed out that Rollins could be injured from the slam into the ramp. Nice, simple touch. Mahal continued to work on Seth’s back. A loud “Let’s go Rollins” chant broke out, members of the NXT roster were shown clapping along to the chant. Jinder locked in a rest hold; Seth fought out but got caught with a big knee for a near fall. Jinder eventually attempted to lock in the Camel Clutch but Rollins grabbed the ropes to break the hold.
Rollins managed to get to his feet and hit a step up enziguri out of nowhere for a big pop. Rollins built momentum with another series of kicks. He tried for his corner splash, but Mahal ducked, he charged at Rollins but Rollins countered by sending him to the outside. Rollins hit a crossbody to Mahal on the outside which resulted in both men being down for another big pop and a “Rollins” chant. Back in the ring, Rollins climbed the turnbuckle but Mahal cut him off. Mahal superplexed him as the commentators sold the impact on Seth’s already hurt back. A “this is awesome” chant broke out as both men lay in the ring. JR sent it to the break...[C]
The same Night of Champions video from earlier aired again. A Layla promotional video aired, she said that we always underestimate size but she was the difference...

[C] Back from break, the two men were throwing punches to “yeah!” and “boo!” chants. It went back and forth until Mahal landed a sidewalk slam for a two. Rollins ended up on the apron and kicked Mahal to set up a springboard flying knee for a great pop and a near fall. The NXT roster were shown again. Rollins set up and hit corner splash, followed by a complete shot into the bottom turnbuckle. Seth hit the Avada Kedavra (Super Kick to a kneeling opponent) which got another near fall. The crowd went berserk as Jinder kicked out. (I think some of knew that Seth just used one of his old FCW finishers and thought he might win that way). Rollins attempted a Phoenix Splash (corkscrew moonsault) but Mahal rolled out of the way which got a great reaction. Mahal took advantage by hitting a nasty looking full nelson slam for a near fall.
Mahal once again tried for the Camel Clutch and Rollins escaped twice. Once by reaching the ropes, the second by reversing it into a pin attempt. Out of nowhere, Rollins hoisted Mahal into a powerbomb position; he stalled a bit as he seemed to get his bearings right. He eventually slammed Mahal into the turnbuckles, and landed the Blackout for the victory and the NXT Title...
Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal in the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament in 19:45 to win the NXT Title.
The crowd popped huge as Seth got given the belt. He looked around at the audience, and hugged Dusty Rhodes. After the replay of the finish, Seth swung the belt around his head a few times before the some of, if not all, the NXT roster joined him. Richie Steamboat and Derrick Bateman placed him on their shoulders as Saxton declared the era of Seth Rollins had begun. Rollins ran into the crowd as NXT went off the air...
Short’s Synopsis: A good match to finish up the weeks of build up. It may not of been the best match possible but this match really showcased Rollins in a major way. I like the “outsider” gimmick for Seth, he fits the character well and I see, and like, the strong links from him to Jeff Hardy. Hardy was the most popular superstar in the business in 2009 and I feel that Seth can certainly match that level of superstardom. His in ring work is solid, he’s different and he fits the mould of the “cool” babyface that teenagers can like and look up to; like I did with Jeff Hardy when he won the WWE Championship for the first time on my 16th Birthday.

Overall this show that was all about the NXT Championship match and while the build up to, the match and the pay off certainly justified that decision it meant that what happened earlier in the show felt forgettable, even though it was quite newsworthy in the NXT world. Gutteridge has a feeling that Big E will be Seth’s next challenger and I sincerely hope he isn’t. Give Seth a couple of wins over some credible heels; a rematch with Jinder, Leo Kruger, Kassius Ohno, Michael McGillicutty etc. Give Big E some squashes followed by some wins over established faces; Bo Dallas, Richie Steamboat, Tyson Kidd etc. and have them face off in a big match. Perhaps Seth drops the title to Big E, which allows him to move up to Smackdown, where I also think he’ll make a big splash.
Thanks for taking time out to read my review of this week’s NXT. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat about anything; especially NXT (including my idea for Seth’s reign) and wrestling in general follow me on twitter @JoshTubeShort. Cheers.

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