Short's WWE NXT Review: CM Punk appears, Seth Rollins vs. Michael McGillicutty for the NXT Title, Bo Dallas vs. Johnny Curtis, Divas Tag Match, Leo Kruger

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Oct 15, 2012 - 09:22 AM

By Josh Short
10/11 WWE NXT on Dailymotion
Taped in Winter Park, Fla. At Full Sail University.

Before the opening titles, we were shown CM Punk backstage talking to camera. He started talking about respect and even though he has been WWE Champion for so long people do not admire him or revere him. He was there to see Seth Rollins compete in his first main event, which is where the champion should be. He said he hopes everyone on NXT, especially Rollins, appreciates that the WWE champion is here. “The best in the world invades NXT tonight, so get yourselves ready, for a lesson, a lesson in respect. Respect.”
After titles, Byron Saxton welcomed us to the show and said there was a 'big fight feel' in the arena tonight as Seth Rollins will make his first title defence against Michael McGillicutty, and CM Punk will also be appearing on the show. The crowd was very loud as they chanted “NXT”...

Bo Dallas made his entrance to plenty of cheers from the women and a decent pop from the rest of crowd. Regal once again pointed out that Bo Dallas split his kidney in half 6 months ago. Johnny Curtis made his entrance to his awesome theme music and to little reaction
1. Bo Dallas vs. Johnny Curtis. Both men locked up and Curtis stalled early in the corner. Dallas hit some running strikes but Curtis landed two big forearms to stop Dallas' early momentum. Curtis mocked Bo by clapping to the crowd. He started to wear Dallas down with a headlock. The crowd started duelling chants, I’m sure some of the males were yelling “Bo’s a diva”. After a backdrop stopped another Dallas comeback, Curtis went top rope but missed a knee drop.
Dallas hit Curtis with running clotheslines and a couple of elbows. He took Curtis down with a belly to belly which set up a weak looking spear for the win...
Bo Dallas defeated Johnny Curtis in 4:01
Dallas celebrated as Saxton hyped the main event and said that Punk will join JR on commentary for the match. He also hyped a Divas tag match featuring Paige and Audrey Marie vs. Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox as next... [C]
Short’s Synopsis: We’ve seen plenty of matches that have lasted for around four minutes feature some good action but that match featured almost no action. I just watched the match and I’m struggling to remember anything but the weak spear from Bo. It was that forgettable. By the way, someone should’ve told Bo to stop using the spear as a finisher. When he used it in FCW I thought, “ok, maybe he’ll get better at performing it” and he just hasn’t. Punk and JR teaming on commentary should be really good however I wonder if some viewers will find it weird given what happened with Punk and JR a couple of weeks ago.
[C] Paige and Audrey Marie vs. Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox. The Divas were already in the ring when we returned from the commercial. Saxton said Paige will have to try and catch out the “more experienced” Kaitlyn. Regal countered by saying Paige has been wrestling since she was 15.
Paige and Kaitlyn locked up and Kaitlyn threw Paige to the mat. They locked up again and Paige took Kaitlyn down. The crowd chanted for Paige, even when she wasn’t in the ring. Audrey held Kaitlyn in armbars and headlocks for what seemed like eternity. Audrey hit a Winnick throw on Alicia, which resulted in Regal instantly becoming excited due to seeing and English wrestler move being used by a current diva. Kaitlyn took Marie to the mat and used her legs to apply a full nelson. Nice move. Marie escaped and landed a jawbreaker to allow her to get the hot tag to Paige which got a huge pop.
Paige took Alicia down quickly with a clothesline and a Lou Thesz press. She tried for her Cradle DDT, but Alicia turned it into a roll up for a 2. Cool spot. Paige kicked out and landed a dropkick, only to have her pin broke up by Kaitlyn. Marie was thrown to the outside as she tried to even the score. Kaitlyn went back to the apron, but Paige threw Alicia into her to knock her down. Paige rolled up Alicia on the rebound for the win...
Paige and Audrey Marie defeated Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox in 6:12
Short’s Synopsis: An ok match, it was well paced but it seemed as if there wasn’t many “wrestling moves”; just headlocks and strikes until nearly the end of the match. By the way, I prefer Kaitlyn as a heel. She seems to enjoy it more as she doesn’t have to pretend to be overly happy and I think she performs better because she doesn’t have try and win the fans over. Her full nelson with her legs is also very cool. If you’re a regular reader you know my feelings regarding Paige. She’s obviously got a great look, is decent in the ring, has a great heritage and is over huge. Thank God my girlfriend hates wrestling and doesn’t read my reviews.
Backstage, Jake Carter was shown talking to a woman; I believe it was Summer Rae, the ring announcer, as Jake called her Rae. The woman stormed off as Trent Barreta walked into the scene. Trent asked if Carter struck out, and Carter said he never strikes out, the woman just wasn't good enough to join his “team of ladies”. They bickered and ended up making a match for next week...
Briley Pierce was backstage, and introduced his guest Seth Rollins. Briley asked how he felt. Rollins said he has been thinking about his first title defence since winning the championship. He said he wasn't nervous, but psyched. He said McGillicutty should be nervous. As he started talking about McGillicutty “disrespecting” him, CM Punk walked in.
Punk said having the NXT Title won't get Rollins what he wants. He said he has been WWE Champion for almost a year, and has beaten everyone there is to beat, yet he still has no respect. He said Rollins has to earn respect, and he has in part by winning the Championship. He told Rollins not to earn McGillicutty's respect, but to beat it out of him...
Short’s Synopsis: It was a very cool visual seeing Punk and Rollins together given they’re both Champions, their similar pasts and that people constantly compare their looks and in ring work to one and other. Punk played it down the middle; he seemed sincere in his advice but he also stayed in line with his character. Nice work. Rollins will also benefit more from having Punk pat him on the back than feuding with him. I’m looking forward to Barreta vs. Carter. Trent is really fun to watch and I hope to see what Carter can do in a match that he isn’t being squashed in.
Leo Kruger was shown already in the ring; hanging through the ropes. His opponent; Dante Dash, was not introduced and was also already in the ring.
3. Leo Kruger vs. Dante Dash. Kruger sat in the corner with a big creepy smile stroking his hair. Dante told him to get up and Kruger pounced on him with a forearm. He wrenched Dash's head back. Dante looked like he was about to tap. Kruger then slammed Dante’s face to the mat. He hit a clothesline and followed it up with a snap suplex. Kruger started ragging on his hair and slamming his own head into the mat. He then grabbed Dash and hit the Kruger End; a neckbreaker turned into faceplant, for the win...
Leo Kruger defeated Dante Dash in 2:22
Leo grabbed a mic, and they switched to mood lighting, with a spotlight on him. Kruger spoke in Afrikaans before saying his opponents won't suffer for long, as he will finish them quickly. He said “ta-ta” before giggling and leaving...
Short’s Synopsis: On Raw Mr. McMahon spoke about how WWE has monsters, luchadors and invisible people. Well now he can add a crazed poacher to that list. I get that WWE apparently likes big characters but I wish they’d tone down Kruger’s gimmick back to the way it was last week. He, and The Ascension, are much better with their characters toned down. Kruger’s ring work was the same as it was when he originally made the sudden character change.
Briley Pierce was shown interviewing Michael McGillicutty in what looked like an apartment complex. He asked if his match with Rollins was about respect or the title. McGillicutty said it wasn't about respect, and he was sick of everyone talking about it. He said after he wins the “NXT World Heavyweight Championship”, Rollins can have all the respect he wants. He said after he wins the NXT Title he'll be going after Punk, and he'll teach him a little lesson in respect... [C]
Short’s Synopsis: Good work from McGillicutty here, he wasn’t as dull as he was last week, in fact he seemed the opposite. The fact that he dismissed the talk of “respect” made the NXT Championship seem more important. As did McGillicutty referring to it as the “NXT World Heavyweight Championship”.
[C] Michael McGillicutty made his entrance as JR checked in on commentary. The “Sha!” chants started immediately. Regal once again sang McGillicutty’s praises. Rollins made his moshing entrance to big pop and started skipping to the ring like Jeff Hardy. As he got in the ring and awaited the in-ring introductions CM Punk made his entrance to an absolutely huge reaction with a microphone. Ross called Punk the best in the world and that the proof was on his shoulder (the WWE Championship). He said he has been looking forward to this, so he obviously wanted to get a closer look. He wished both of them good luck and joined Regal and JR on commentary. He shook both of their hands as the ring announcer introduced both men and the match got underway...
4. Seth Rollins vs. Michael McGillicutty for the NXT Championship. Regal stayed neutral in his pick for the match when Punk asked him. Regal asked Punk if he could touch the WWE Championship as that’s the closest he’ll ever be to it. The fact that Regal hasn’t been WWE/World Heavyweight Champion is an absolute travesty. JR backed Rollins, citing his momentum. Rollins went for the Blackout early on, but McGillicutty rolled to the outside...[C]
[C] Back from the break Rollins regained control from McGillicutty and locked in a headlock. Punk addressed the comparisons between him and Rollins. He said he hopes it gives Rollins a chip on his shoulder and makes him work harder to be his own man rather than a “2nd CM Punk”. Rollins built momentum with some dropkicks and nice kick combos however McGillicutty threw him to the outside. McGillicutty slammed Rollins into the apron and rolled him into the ring for a two. Rollins went to the top rope however McGillicutty placed Rollins in the Tree of Woe. He stomped him for a while, gaining another two count. They cut to another break...[C]
[C] Back from the break McGillicutty attempted to attack Rollins who was on the top rope. Rollins jumped over him and McGillicutty with forearms and a dropkick. Rollins stomped and hit a forearm on McGillicutty in the corner. He then hit a Suicide Dive onto McGillicutty on the outside. Rollins attempted a springboard move but McGillicutty dropkicked him in mid air. As McGillicutty went to pick him, Rollins flipped up and hit an enziguri to McGillicutty. Rollins went for the Blackout again but McGillicutty quickly came back and hit a Saito suplex to regain control. Rollins reversed a Perfect-Plex into a roll up for a two count. McGillicutty regained control with a vicious clothesline. He went for the McGillicutter but Rollins ducked it, and countered with a Sliced Bread #2 out of the corner for the win...
Seth Rollins defeated Michael McGillicutty in 11:21
After the match Rollins grabbed the title and swung it around his head. Punk was shown clapping Rollins from the commentary table, as Rollins celebrated in the corner. JR thanked us for watching to end the show...
Short’s Synopsis: Overall this was a solid match. We didn’t see much of Rollins on offense but McGillicutty kept the action flowing well and when we did see Rollins on offense it was exciting and fun to watch. I agree with Gutteridge in that Rollins needs a win in which his offense is shown for an extended period time, a win which makes him look dominant and establishes credibility to NXT career for those that haven’t seen much of him before he joined WWE. Although, having said that, Rollins gains a lot of credibility just from Punk showing him respect.

Overall, aside from the main event this was a poor NXT. The wasn’t a whole of exciting action and the character development in Leo Kruger is a step back for me. Although, as some readers may know, this isn’t the first time I’ve not liked an aspect of Kruger, only for him to surprise me and turn me into a fan of him once again.

Thanks for taking time out to read my review of this week’s NXT. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat about anything; especially NXT and wrestling in general follow me on twitter @JoshTubeShort. Cheers.

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