Short's NXT Review: Richie Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno, Leo Kruger vs. Jake Carter, Michael McGillicutty vs. Bo Dallas, Ryback in action

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Sep 30, 2012 - 04:17 PM

By Josh Short
9/27 WWE NXT on Youtube
Taped in Winter Park, Fla. At Full Sail University

After the signature a Kassius Ohno video opened up the show. It showcased highlights of his match with Richie Steamboat, his attack on Richie after the match, and shots of last week’s sparring session. This lead into opening credits...
Short’s Synopsis: NXT is now available on Hulu Plus in America, so if this is your first time watching NXT I’d love to hear your opinions, my Twitter address is at the bottom of this review. If you’ve seen NXT before/read my reviews then thanks for your support.
Byron Saxton welcomed us to the show and hyped Kassius Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat as the main event as the crowd chanted "NXT". Michael McGillicutty made his entrance to little reaction as William Regal put him over. The annoying "Sha!" chants started immediately. Bo Dallas made his entrance to a good pop with plenty of cheers from the females...
1. Bo Dallas vs. Michael McGillicutty. Regal pointed out that each man's grandfathers fought each other as both men traded strikes. Bo controlled the match at first hitting several flapjacks. Dallas landed a series of forearm smashes into a cornered McGillicutty. The ref managed to break it up however McGillicutty landed a punch. Dallas landed a big elbow which caused McGillicutty to fall through the ropes and to the outside.

Bo rolled McGillicutty back in the ring however he rolled back out of it. With both men on the outside Bo hit a clothesline. He then rolled McGillicutty back in the ring and went for a pin. He got a two count. Bo hit several elbows in the corner, the ref tried to break it up however this allowed McGillicutty to hit a nig strike and throw Bo into the turnbuckle. Bo sold the damage as we when to commercial... [C]

[C] Back from the break McGillicutty was beating Dallas on the mat. McGillicutty locked in several rest holds that focused on Bo’s arm. He also worked a lot of ground and pound. Both men began to trade punches and Dallas gained the upper hand. He hit a lot of strikes in quick succession and then hit a bulldog. Bo then set up for his spear finisher however McGillicutty hugged the ropes. As the ref split them again while Dallas was punching him, McGillicutty clotheslined Dallas and hit the McGillicutter neckbreaker for the win...
Michael McGillicutty defeated Bo Dallas in 13:10.
After the match Regal said he thinks McGillicutty is ready to face Seth Rollins and Saxton hyped the main event of Richie Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno...
A Paige video package aired. In it, she said she was trained to be a champion. She concluded with "The less you know about me, the better"...
A Hell in a Cell video aired, before the Raw Rebound, which focused on CM Punk and Mick Foley. As usual WWE’s production work was off the charts...
Short’s Synopsis: That match was hurt a hell of a lot by the commercial. The pacing was off and i just couldn’t get into it. I have no idea why they chose to have Bo lose to McGillicutty seeing as it appeared creative was high on him when the new NXT first started. Granted, they may still be high on him but I question the use of him here. McGillicutty got a win to make it seem like he’s a threat to Seth Rollins. I highly doubt we’ll see a title change so soon but at least they’re building up a challenger.
Jake Carter made his entrance to plenty of cheers from the women and good heat from the males. He appears to have a pretty boy gimmick. Saxton pointed out that he’s Vader’s son. Leo Kruger made his entrance with a big smile on his face to little reaction...
2. Leo Kruger vs. Jake Carter. Kruger sat in the corner, and as Carter approached, Kruger attacked, and stomped him repeatedly in the corner. I guess they’re playing off his bug game hunter gimmick. Kruger stomped on Carter and threw him to the outside. He slithered around on the mat and rolled Cart back in the ring. Kruger continued to beat the hell out of Carter with a variety of strikes. He locked in several submissions to wear Carter down. He hit a shoulder block off the top rope for a two count.
Carter tried to turn the tide with a face plant. He hit several clotheslines, but Kruger dodged a corner splash, and then set Carter up for his finisher; a neckbreaker into a facebuster which Saxton called the Kruger End for the win...
Leo Kruger defeated Jake Carter in 3:55.
After the match Regal said he couldn't wait to see what Kruger had in store for NXT. Saxton plugged the main event, before Regal announced that Ryback will be in action next... [C]
Short’s Synopsis: I love the new Kruger character. I cannot believe that this is the same guy that made me skip through his matches on FCW because I found him so boring. He has a good look and keeps the theatrics of his gimmick to a complete minimum. He’s technically sound in the ring and his finisher is awesome. No wonder HHH is reportedly high on this guy.
[Q3] Ryback's entrance seemed to be dubbed over as Saxton said the reaction was huge but Ryback got no reaction when he first came out. When they were plugged in, the audience was chanting "Feed! Me! More!". His opponents were in the ring...
3. Ryback vs. Aiden English and Francis Remi Dorian. Ryback quickly hit a big boot and an STO. He took turns hitting his usual offence on both guys. Aiden English jumped on Ryback’s back and he hit his backpack stunner. He hit clotheslines to both men and picked the both up for his shell shocked finisher for the win...
Ryback defeated Aiden English and Francis Remi Dorian in 2:20.
After the match the fans seemed really into the chants as they cheered Ryback’s win and the "Feed Me More" chants. Backstage, Kassius Ohno and Richie Steamboat were shown walking to the ring... [C]
Short’s Synopsis: Another Ryback squash over two guys. Ryback’s a beast in the ring so it’s fun to see him completely destroy two guys but it’s happened so many times that it’s completely unnecessary.
[C] Kassius Ohno was out first to a very big pop. Summer Rae completely butchered his entrance. She sounded awful when she introduced him as she was so quiet and child like. Richie Steamboat made his entrance to a good pop as well. Summer Rae also messed up Richie’s introduction. JR checked in on commentary...
4. Richie Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno. Both men locked up. Kassius stalled outside. Steamboat hit several running shoulder tackles to show his anger. Kassius repeatedly rolled to the apron to force the break as Richie controlled the early part of the match. Kassius gained control when, after Richie landed on the apron while maintaining a wrist lock, Kassius booted him and ran him into the ringpost. Cool spot. This lead us into the break... [C]
[C] Back from the break Ohno had Richie in a cravate and locked over the top rope. Both men tried to get the better of each other with chops. Kassius got the advantage but Steamboat quickly regained control with a top rope crossbody, followed by a top rope dropkick. Steamboat got a two count. Richie picked up Ohno and Irish whipped him however Ohno countered with a big boot for a two count of his own.
Kassius took Steamboat to the corner and hit several strikes. The ref pulled Kassius away, which allowed Steamboat to hit a sick super kick for a very near fall. Steamboat immediately went to the top rope and tried for a moonsault but Kassius moved. Kassius hit a corner splash, and went for his elbow finisher but Steamboat ducked it and rolled Ohno up with an inside cradle for the sudden win...
Richie Steamboat defeated Kassius Ohno in 12:32.
After the match, as Richie celebrated, Ohno hit him from behind with his elbow finisher. He locked on his cravate from last week. Five refs eventually managed to prise him off. Kassius tried to get back at Steamboat but the refs managed to stop him. Saxton guaranteed that Ohno and Steamboat will face each other at some point in NXT again to close the show.
Short’s Synopsis: Simple and effective story telling with the babyface getting the surprise win to keep both guys looking strong and the post match attack to make the crowd hate the heel and sympathize with the babyface. While both guys need some help with their characters (Richie not simply being Ricky Steamboat’s son and Kassius managing to make his KO artist gimmick work) this was a good match. Richie wasn’t as high flying as he has been before but he didn’t need to be as he still managed to excite the crowd. Ohno look great with his big impact offense.
Hopefully this episode managed to hook in some of the new American viewers. The main event was good and we saw some good character development from Paige and especially Leo Kruger. The opening match was decent in terms of making McGillicutty look strong but was a boring match. However I do think that viewers, including myself, were left wanting to see more of Steamboat/Ohno, Leo Kruger and McGillicutty/Rollins.

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