Kester's WWE Main Event Live Coverage Review: The Shield vs. Kofi Kingston and Tons of Funk, Zack Ryder vs. Big E Langston, and Jack Swagger vs. Yoshi Tatsu

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Apr 10, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Main Event on ION Television
Taped 4/9/13 in Boston, Massachusetts.

[Q1] JBL returned to commentary with Michael Cole as Cole welcomed us to the show…

Kofi Kingston, Tons of Funk, and The Funkadactyls made their entrances. As The Shield made there entrance, a brief replay of The Shield threatening to attack The Undertaker aired…

The two teams readied for their match as the show went to commercial… [C]

1. Kofi Kingston and Tons of Funk (w/The Funkadactyls) vs. The Shield. Ambrose and Kingston started the match and Cole noted that this was the first time fans could see The Shield on ION Television. Kingston controlled the pace until the fight spilled to the floor and Ambrose caught Kingston on his way back into the ring.

Rollins tagged in and the babyface team took control. Brodus and Sweet T hit a double-team maneuver that flattened Rollins. Sweet T hit a rolling senton in the corner, but Reigns dragged Rollins out of the ring before T could do more damage.

Rollins caught T with an enziguri and The Shield began to take over. The heels worked quick tags as they wore Sweet T down.

[Q2] T got in a few hope spots, but The Shield maintained control going into the break… [C]

Back from commercial, Rollins had Sweet T in a rest hold. Rollins dragged T back into his corner and the heels continued to control the action.

Eventually, Sweet T got the hot tag to Kingston, who stormed the ring with a flurry of offense. Kingston hit Ambrose with the Boom Drop and set up for Trouble in Paradise. Reigns distracted Kingston, but the managed to come back quickly with a high cross body on Ambrose.

Rollins tagged in and hit Kingston with a flying knee. Brodus attempted to break up the cover that followed, but Reigns demolished him with a spear. Rollins scored the pinfall victory…

The Shield defeated Tins of Funk and Kofi Kingston in 10:03.

After the match, The Shield continued their assault and hit the Triple Powerbomb on Sweet T and Brodus Clay…

The announcers narrated a replay of Dolph Ziggler's successful Money in the Bank cash-in…

Matt Striker interviewed Big E Langston backstage. Langston detailed how Ziggler was away celebrating before mocking Striker for asking about his debut at WrestleMania. Langston got serious and said he remembered losing, but he enjoyed the victories that followed on Raw. He said he was going to have the same amount of fun tonight…

Ryan's Reaction: This match was a joy to watch. Clay and Sweet T, despite the silly gimmick, have a good chemistry as a team and The Shield got a chance to display more of their offense than they usually get in on their PPV matches. Easily the most entertaining Main Event match since I took over coverage from Chris Shore.

[Q3] [C] Big E Langston made his entrance with his own theme music…

2. Big E Langston vs. Zack Ryder. Langston mauled Ryder early and hit a huge belly-to-belly suplex. Ryder fought back with a dropkick, but Langston clotheslined Ryder and hit him with Big Ending for the easy victory…

Big E Langston squashed Zack Ryder in 1:10.

The announcers hyped Triple H's appearance for Smackdown… [C]

Ryan's Reaction: Basic squash match. Good booking for Langston, but I hope we get to see more offense in future squashes. We've barely seen his move set on WWE television but Langston has a lot of interesting and brutal offense to offer.

This week's Raw Rebound focused on John Cena getting confronted by Mark Henry and Ryback's show-closing attack on the champion…

[Q4] Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter made their entrance. Colter grabbed a mic and noted that the pair were making their Main Event debut tonight. Colter pointed out the historical significance of Boston and asked the crowd if they were Real Americans. He pointed out that the city cherishes a "Canadian sport."

Colter continued to mock hockey for a bit before saying all Boston has ever done is poor tea in the harbor and produce the "turncoat" Paul Revere. Yoshi Tatsu made his entrance.

Colter turned his attention to Tatsu and asked his name. He did so slowly and loudly. Tatsu answered and Colter asked where Tatsu is from. Tatsu said he was from Japan. Colter asked if he had a meal of rice and fish heads earlier and then he asked why Japanese people use chop sticks.

Colter said he was just trying to make a point, but he wasn't trying to offend Tatsu. He apologized and offered his hand in gratitude and friendship. Tatsu eventually shook Colter's hand. Colter said sometimes you have to trust people. Colter then bowed to Tatsu to show him respect in Tatsu's culture's fashion.

Tatsu bowed back and Swagger kicked him in the chest for his efforts.

3. Jack Swagger vs. Yoshi Tatsu. Swagger rushed Tatsu and floored him with a series of kicks and stomps… [C]

Back from the break, Swagger continued to work over Tatsu. Tatsu eventually caught Swagger with a kick and got in some offense.

Tatsu missed a flying spinning heel kick and Swagger hit a pair of Swagger Bombs. Swagger locked in The Patriot Lock and Tatsu tapped…

Jack Swagger defeat Yoshi Tatsu in 7:12.

Ryan's Reaction: Decent match, but there was very little of the action displayed on television. The entire story here was Colter's prematch promo, which is showing that the combined Swagger and Colter act is going to find ways of being xenophobic across the board rather than simply being racist against Mexicans. It drew a decent reaction at points, but they are going to need to be paired with people an audience cares about for it to be effective. Overall, this show was fun. The first match was the best, but it felt more like a quality Main Event show rather than a better-than average Superstars like we've had the past several weeks. Thanks for following along with me tonight.

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