Kester's WWE Main Event Live Coverage Review: Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship and Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel

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May 1, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Main Event on Ion Television
Taped 4/30/13 in Detroit, Michigan.

[Q1] A brief video package recapping Kofi Kingston defeating Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship…

Matt Striker interviewed Cesaro backstage. He promised to recapture the United States Championship and his dignity later in the evening…

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship. Cesaro kept Kingston grounded in the early going. Kingston had a few hope spots, but Cesaro kept catching him and throwing him round the ring.

Kofi hit a quick flurry of offense, but Cesaro rolled to the floor and the show went to commercial... [C]

Back from the break, Cesaro was in control again and he continued to manhandle Kingston. The crowd started chanting for Kingston and he had a few more hope spots. Kingston eventually made his comeback and ran through his move set.

[Q2] Kingston set up for Trouble in Paradise, but Cesaro rolled to the floor. Cesaro wrapped Kingston's leg up in the ropes on his way back into the ring. Moments later, Kingston hit the S.O.S. for a near fall. Cesaro hit a driver for a near fall and followed with a running European uppercut for another. Cesaro argued with the ref… [C]

Back from the break, Kingston regained control with a running elbow. The two men traded counters and Cesaro started targeting Kingston's leg. Cesaro locked in a half crab and Kingston kicked him off. Cesaro immediately locked the hold in again and Kingston had to crawl to the ropes.

Cesaro lifted Kingston from the apron into a superplex in a fantastic spot for a near fall. JBL and Cole discussed how Kingston couldn't hit his normal offense with the hurt leg.

Cesaro locked in the half crab again and Kingston cried in pain. Kingston managed to battle out. Cesaro attempted to hit the Neutralizer, but Kingston reversed it and hit a dropkick. Kingston avoided a following charge from Cesaro and nailed Trouble in Paradise to the back of Cesaro's head for the 1-2-3…

Kofi Kingston defeated Antonio Cesaro in 22:31 to retain the United States Championship.

[Q3] After the match, Striker interviewed Kingston. Kingston said he started off having a rough year, but he took the opportunity he was given and captured the United States Championship. Kingston noted that his wife and he had their first son. Kingston said he was coming home soon, and he was doing so a champion… [C]

Ryan's Reaction: Wow, the match started off very clumsy with several botches, but that final stretch was just good old-fashioned fun. Cesaro didn't yodel once tonight and Cole noted that he stopped yodeling because he came to take care of business. I hope WWE makes that thought a permanent one because this is the best Cesaro has been in some time.

Backstage, Kingston limped through the back and before being shoved into the wall by Cesaro. Cesaro told Kingston that "you don't take from Cesaro, Cesaro takes from you." Cesaro ripped out one of Kingston's locks before walking away…

The Raw Rebound focused on The Shield defeating Team Hell No and John Cena…

Cole and JBL said they'd find out more about the status of Cena's injury on Raw… [C]

[Q4] 2. Heath Slater (w/ Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) vs. Justin Gabriel. Gabriel out-wrestled Slater and mocked his air guitar antics.

Gabriel sent Slater to the floor with a head-scissors and took out McIntyre and Mahal with a suicide dive. Both men entered the ring and the referee sent them to the back. Gabriel threw Slater to the floor again, and Slater watched as his backup left as the show went to its last commercial… [C]

Back from the break, Gabriel caught Slater with a kick and went for the 450 splash, but Slater charged and hit a powerslam form the top rope for a near fall. Slater began working over Gabriel with a series of strikes. Slater dove on a prone Gabriel from the top rope, but Gabriel got his boot up and caught Slater's jaw.

Gabriel hit Slater with a mule kick and went to the top rope. Slater recovered in time to join him and went for a superplex, but Gabriel shoved him to the mat. Gabriel followed Slater with a 450 splash and picked up the pinfall victory.

Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater in 13:58.

Ryan's Reaction: Another solid match. Gabriel spent the vast majority of the time on offense, which is fine because Slater did an excellent job selling. It's unfortunate that these two acts mean so little for WWE, but that didn't stop them from putting on an entertaining effort. Overall, this was an enjoyable edition of Main Event with some simple storytelling and longer matches than we normally get from some of WWE's undercard acts. Thanks for following along with me.

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