8/29 Gutteridge's WWE NXT Review: Adrian Neville vs. Conor O'Brian, CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze, Emma vs. Summer Rae, Sami Zayn interview

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Aug 30, 2013 - 11:14 AM

By Darren Gutteridge

WWE NXT on Sky Sports 3
Taped August 22nd in Winter Park, Florida

[Q1] Before titles, Corey Graves was talking to Renee Young backstage when Rick Victor walked into the shot. He said "We’ve got tired of waiting. This is our time. We will rise". As Graves told him to bring it, he was attacked from behind by Conor O’Brian. O’Brian picked up a piece of the metal rigging and slammed it into Graves. Victor grabbed Graves’ NXT Tag Title and held it above him as we cut to titles...
After titles, CJ Parker made his way out into the arena. Tony Dawson and William Regal checked in on commentary before Tyler Breeze made his entrance...
1. CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze. Parker’s tights are similar to Zack Ryder’s old one legged ones. Much like these two wrestlers, I can’t decide if I like them for their absurdity or think they are stupid beyond belief. Breeze spent the early going avoiding Parker, shouting at him for trying to hit him in the face. Although Breeze managed to get a few attacks in, Parker eventually got hold of him and gave him a helicopter spin. He followed up with a running senton, and, once Breeze had pulled himself up in the corner, a running double knee attack.
Parker looked to punch Breeze in the face, but Breeze turned and grabbed the bottom rope. As Parker tried to pull him up, Breeze grabbed his cell phone and hit Parker in the face with it at close range. The ref didn’t see it, so Breeze quickly covered Parker to get the 1-2-3...
Tyler Breeze defeated CJ Parker in 3:18.
Dawson announced that Adrian Neville vs. Conor O’Brian will take place later on tonight... [C]
Gutt Reaction: A match very light on in ring action, but ability in the ring was never the question mark I had with either man. The end at least set up a few more weeks for the feud, so we should be getting more promo time to see if both acts can find good footing. Also, a cell phone? Really? I’ve just hit myself in the face with my phone, and it hasn’t caused me any problems that I can GHHKQSASKPL[!!>?P
[Q2] The female ring announcer informed the crowd that "Tyler Breeze had left the building". The crowd popped as Emma came onto the stage. She now has her own bottle of bubbles to blow at the crowd. They replayed Summer Rae’s attack on Emma from a few weeks ago before Rae made her entrance. Before the match, they also replayed Emma’s revenge attack on Rae from two weeks ago...
2. Emma vs. Summer Rae. Emma tried for the Emma Lock early on, but Rae scrambled free. Emma was far more aggressive early on, but Rae caught a break when she escaped the Dil-Emma (Tarantula) and attacked Emma’s left arm. She locked Emma in a full nelson, utilising her legs instead of her arms. Emma managed to escape when Rae turned the hold into a pin attempt, and successfully apply the Dil-Emma.
Once the hold was broken, Rae sat in the corner, and Emma hit her with a low running crossbody. Rae kicked out of the subsequent pin, only to be locked in the Emma Lock shortly after, to which she quickly tapped...
Emma defeated Summer Rae in 4:25.
After the match, Emma got shoved off the apron by Rae. Rae grabbed the bottle of bubbles, and threw the liquid into Emma’s eyes. Emma sold that she couldn’t see as Rae walked up the ramp...
Backstage, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady were stood talking to Scott Dawson and Sylvester Lefort. Lefort pitched that they all should team up to take down Mason Ryan, and make a lot of money. Lefort touted his success with Dawson, but Cassady pointed out that all Dawson does is lose. THANK YOU COLIN! Lefort said that they make a lot of money. Dawson asked when he would get paid, and Lefort told him he would when he wins a match. Amore said he wouldn’t join Lefort’s team for "All the money in the world". The two teams bickered as Dawson and Lefort left...
Gutt Reaction: Who knew Colin Cassady was the smartest man in NXT? I’m happy someone finally addressed the idiocy of Lefort’s claims of making money despite Dawson’s mile long losing streak. Yes, in NXT world, these type of things matter. Rae and Emma mixed the normal Divas formula up by having a submission heavy match, so I commend them for that, as well as the post match angle, which was better than it may have came across in text.
The ring announcer started to introduce the next match, but got cut off by Sylvester Lefort. He said he came from the fighting country of France, and therefore he knows a good fighter when he sees one. He introduced his "protégé", Scott Dawson. Enzo got a big pop for his entrance. He said if he or Cassady had a dime for every time they were beat up as kids, they would have ... zero dimes. OK, I admit, I laughed out loud at that. He did his "SAWFT" bit before getting in the ring...
3. Enzo Amore vs. Scott Dawson. The crowd were fully behind Amore. Dawson took control with a suplex onto the ropes, and he tried to keep Amore on the mat with knee drops and stomps. As Amore managed to stop the rot with a head scissors, Colin Cassady got taken out on the outside by Alexander Rusev. Amore got distracted, and Dawson took advantage with a back suplex, earning him the victory...
Scott Dawson defeated Enzo Amore in 3.10.
Rusev stared down from the stage as Dawson and Lefort celebrated in the ring... [C]
Gutt Reaction: I may have been wrong about Amore. In comparison to the other "light hearted" acts seen tonight, he has two things going for him – a complete understanding of his character, and good comedic timing. There are still a lot of wrinkles to iron out, but the cult of Full Sail have been won over in a big way already, so the future may be bright for Enzo. It’ll be interesting to see him and Cassady as babyfaces if they go on to feud with Rusev.
[Q3] Renee Young was shown in the ring, and she introduced Sami Zayn. Zayn came out in street clothes, and was greeted by chants of "Match of the Year". Young asked him how he felt one week removed from his two out of three falls match with Antonio Cesaro. He said he appreciated the praise he has received for the match, but he was conflicted as all he could think about was the ending. Young followed up by saying Zayn had been turning heads since his arrival, and asked what was next for him. Zayn said his focus was the same as everybody else – he wanted to be NXT Champion.
Zayn was cut off by Bo Dallas, who was met with loud boos as he made his wait out in a white suit. Dallas said just because a few people on the internet said Zayn had a good match, it doesn’t mean he is championship calibre. He pointed out that Zayn lost, and that "they don’t interview the losing Superbowl team, because it would be depressing". Zayn took the mic from Young, and said he could handle it from here.
Zayn asked if Dallas wanted to start something. Dallas said he would love to have a match, but Zayn injured him at Summerslam Axxess. Dallas said Zayn was a good kid, but he was still very "green", and had a lot of work ahead of him if he wanted to become like him. Zayn questioned if he meant "like him" as in "NXT Champion", or "a delusional crazy man who can’t perceive what others around him think of him". Dallas laughed him off, and said the people loved him.
Zayn said the fans were booing him out of the building. Dallas retorted by saying they weren’t saying "Boo", but "Bo". Zayn asked which they were saying, and the fans chanted "Boo". Zayn said Dallas was scared, and Dallas knew what he would do to him if they met in a match.
The two were interrupted by Zeb Coulter, who told Dallas that as a hard working American, he doesn’t have to answer any questions that Zayn has. He reminded Zayn that he and Cesaro had promised to expose him for who he truly was, and he demanded to be shown some immigration papers to prove Zayn wasn’t illegally in the country. Zayn said instead of that, Coulter can simply tell Cesaro that once he becomes NXT champion, his next goal will be getting Coulter and Cesaro deported to hell, where they both belong. Coulter said that Zayn had now chosen the hard way.
Jack Swagger attacked Zayn from behind in the ring. Dallas quickly rolled to the outside as Swagger put Zayn down with the Gutwrench Powerbomb. He and Coulter stood in the ring, draped the "Don’t Tread On Me" flag over Zayn, and closed the segment by saying "We, the people"... [C]
Gutt Reaction: I was unaware of any Dallas injury, but it’s seems legitimate if they are going to put the breaks on the Dallas/Zayn feud and run with the holding pattern (but still potentially good) Zayn/Swagger feud instead. All men played their roles well here. Dallas’ slowly seems to be translating "go away" heat into actual heat by becoming delusional and belittling, which was something both he and creative desperately needed to do. By the way, as I didn’t have the heart to steal the joke, enjoy this - .
[Q4] Adrian Neville came out to new music. For some bizarre reason, they have taken away his good entrance theme, and replaced it with "generic guitar riff #259". The Ascension’s mood lighting hit, and Rick Victor was still holding onto Graves’ NXT Tag Title as he and O’Brian made their way out...
4. Adrian Neville vs. Conor O’Brian. Neville had a few false starts as O’Brian over powered him in the initial lock ups, but he eventually dived over O’Brian out of the corner to hit his multiple head-springs into a crossbody spot. Victor distracted Neville so O’Brian could recover and launch Neville onto the ropes, before hitting him with a running boot to the stomach...
After a Night of Champions video, O’Brian charged at Neville in the corner, but Neville managed to side step him. Neville fired up with punches and kicks, before taking O’Brian down with a low dropkick. Neville ended up on the apron, but his springboard crossbody got turned into a flapjack by O’Brian. Neville kicked out of the pin that followed, and O’Brian sent him into the corner.
O’Brian was once again side stepped, and this time Neville hit him with his back suplex. The edit seemed awkward, as Regal and Dawson seemed to indicate that the ref had hit a three count but called a two, whereas on TV he clearly only counted two before a jump cut occurred. Strange. Neville went top rope, and came down with a 450 splash. This got him the pin...
Adrian Neville defeated Conor O’Brian in 3:37.
Victor quickly got in the ring and attacked Neville. O’Brian joined in, and The Ascension beat him down for a while before Graves ran down to make the save. Graves had his ribs taped, and The Ascension soon targeted the injury. They hit Graves with the running high/low combo, and the mood lighting hit as NXT went off the air...
Gutt Reaction: I guess it was inevitable that Graves and Neville would meet The Ascension at some point (owing to them being the only tag team left on NXT now the Wyatt family has left), but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I like both Graves and Neville in the ring (although their team lacks chemistry), but I have no interest in seeing them work a programme with O’Brian and Victor. My suggestion from last week still stands – it’s time for everyone involved to abandon the Ascension gimmick and move on. At the very least, don’t make them champions.
Tonight’s episode felt like the circus had come to town. Outside of the third segment, we got shown all of the "comedic" characters from NXT - most intentionally funny (Amore, Emma, Parker etc.) and some unintentionally (The Ascension). Amore took the most from the opportunity, at least in my eyes, as his character really entertained the Full Sail crowd, and got a few giggles out of me. For the month ahead, I’m looking forward to seeing where Swagger/Zayn and the Emma/Rae/Paige triangle goes, but the quicker The Ascension get their inevitable loss out of the way, the better.
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