8/16 Kester's WWE Superstars Live Coverage Review: The Uso Brothers vs. Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis, Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley, and Damien Sandow vs. Justin Gabriel

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Aug 16, 2012 - 03:25 PM

By Ryan Kester

Superstars on
Taped earlier in Dallas and Austin, Texas.

1. The Uso Brothers vs. Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis. The Usos controlled in the early going, but the heels managed to regain control. Curtis and McGillicutty worked over Jimmy Uso… [C]

Back from the break, McGillicutty continued to work over Jimmy Uso. Jimmy eventually got the hot tag and Jey stormed the ring and hit a wrecking ball on McGillicutty. The finish came when Jey hit an elevated Samoan Drop and tagged Jimmy back in so he could the Superfly Splash on McGillicutty… [C]

The Uso Brothers defeated Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis in 8:01.

Ryan's Reaction: Very fun tag match. It stuck to the standard WWE formula, but they did enough things differently to keep it entertaining.

2. Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley. McIntyre took an early advantage and worked his power heel style on Riley. McIntyre dominated the majority of the match between intermittent hope spots from Riley.

Riley eventually made his comeback and blitzed through his move set. Riley put McIntyre away with his finisher… [C]

Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre in 4:36.

Ryan's Reaction: Not the greatest match ever. Riley is simply too green to be very convincing in the ring and he botched several spots throughout the match which really hurt the flow. McIntyre deserves so much better than jobbing to the undercard of Superstars.

The Raw Rebound aired… [C]

3. Damien Sandow vs. Justin Gabriel. The two worked some basic chain wrestling to start and Sandow drew considerable heat by ordering Gabriel to get his "filthy" hands off of him. Gabriel hit a flurry of offense and he hit a dive onto Sandow. Sandow sold on the floor as the show went to break… [C]

Back from the break, Gabriel continued to work over Sandow. Gabriel went for the 450 splash but Sandow rolled to the floor to avoid the maneuver. Sandow avoided the ensuing baseball slide and rammed Gabriel into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Sandow began to work over Gabriel, targeting his neck and spine. Gabriel made a late match comeback, but Sandow managed to counter another 450 attempt and followed with a flurry of knees and his strait-jacket neckbreaker for the 1-2-3.

Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel in 9:36.

Ryan's Reaction: Good match. I have loved almost everything I have seen from Sandow, and this was the first time he's really been able to work a long match. Overall, this was a pretty good edition of Superstars. The Riley match was utterly skippable, but the rest of the show was entertaining.

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