8/10 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage: An action heavy show featuring Sheamus vs. Del Rio scheduled, plus Randy Orton, Christian, and Cody Rhodes in action!

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Aug 10, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Report
Taped 8/7 in Houston, Texas

[Q1]Cole announced the Highlight Reel for later in the show, and then Lilian introduced Smackdown General Manager Booker T. Booker hit the ring in a Tuxedo, and pumped up the fans for a big Tuxedo spinaroonie. Cole mentioned they are in Booker's home town of Houston. Booker pumped up the crowd with a big “What's up Houston!!!!” to start. He said it feels good to be in his home town and then said he was going to get right to business. He said “Houston, we have a problem.” He then aired some footage of Sheamus as he committed about 3 felonies on Monday. Booker chuckled and said that he laughed at Sheamus' antics, but called for Sheamus to come out and apologize to Del Rio, and said he went too far.

Sheamus then entered to his music. He grabbed a mic and said he thought he was justified because Alberto said he was beneath him. He said he had a great time in San Antonio, and remarked on a few sites and his burrito. Sheamus then did the mea culpa, and said he was sorry to Booker, ADR, and the WWE Universe. Booker took the mic back and said it was time to move on, but Del Rio interrupted and headed towards the ring. He had a mic with him and said he wasn't going to put it behind him. Del Rio fumed about his car, and said that Sheamus didn't act like a Champion. He called him a peasant and a thug, and said he filed a police report with the SAPD. Booker said if there was legal action, Sheamus wouldn't be able to defend his title.

Del Rio said Sheamus acted like a common hooligan, and that reflects on Smackdown and it's General Manager. He said Booker had to do something, because he was this close to taking into his own hands. Sheamus offered Del Rio a title shot tonight, rather than waiting to Summerslam. Del Rio said everything in his head told him to wait, but then angrily said he would accept a shot tonight. Booker then did his “sucka” catchphrase and Del Rio and Sheamus had a stare down as Alberto went up the ramp. The announce team then plugged Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes as next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: I liked this setup for the main event. The car angle is stupid, but I thought Del Rio showed the most fire we've seen from him in quite some time. His threats towards Booker T about legal action looked like they genuinely made Booker nervous, and Sheamus recognized that what he did was stupid. Del Rio looked like the adult in the room, and it helped his heel persona. It was also a reminder of how childing Sheamus is as a babyface, and I'm not sure that's the best use of him.

[Q2] 1. Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara: Sin Cara got a quick roll up and head scissored Rhodes out of the ring. He then went for a baseball slide, but Cody moved and caught him. In the ring, Sin Cara went for a splash but got drop kicked for his trouble. Cody worked some strikes both standing and on the ground. He then put Sin Cara in a standing crucifix and tried to take off his mask, but failed. Rhodes then hit a clothesline to regain control. Sin Cara hit some kicks and a back elbow. He followed up with an arm drag off the top rope.

Sin Cara then hit the ropes and hit a cross body for a 2 count. Rhodes hit an elbow to the chin and took back over. They botched a schoolboy, then Cody tried to remove the mask again. Sin Cara rolled up Rhodes for a surprise 3 count a moment later.

The announce team plugged the main event, and then Daniel Bryan was shown yelling “No!” at random people backstage.

Sin Cara defeated Cody Rhodes at 3:49.

Barnett's Brief: The botch was unfortunate, as it came right after Cole said Sin Cara was calling himself the most improved wrestler on the roster. You'd think that wouldn't make it through editing. Decent, but rather predictable match otherwise.

The same Wade Barrett promo from Monday aired here. If this barrage is as good as the last one, he'll be a World Champion by 2019.

[Q3] Daniel Bryan hit the ring to “Yes!” chants. He yelled “No!” to counter. He then yelled for everyone to stop chanting “Yes!” Bryan dropped to a knee and put his face in his palm. He asked if people thought he was nothing more than catchphrase. That got cheers. He then said he deserved a title shot at Summerslam. Bryan then said instead he got a match with Kane from the woman who callously left him at the alter. He said he deserved better than to be toyed with by AJ and her frankenstein boy toy. At this point, Kane's music hit and he headed to the ring.

AJ's music then hit and she told Daniel not to leave the ring. She said he looked shocked to see her, and said that she was Booker's special guest. She said she made the match at Summerslam because they were both gifted athletes. She then said she and Booker were upset because they can't have Bryan attacking the audience every week. More yes chants. She then told Kane it was good to see him again. She then said she appreciated how sweet he was when other people treated her miserably. AJ then said she wasn't sure whether he was mad at her, or whether he was mad because he's never pinned Kane.

AJ said he can prove how mentally and psychologically stable he is by shaking Kane's hand. Bryan said “NO!” repeatedly and refused. She ordered him to shake his hand, and said she wanted a clean fight at Summerslam. Bryan then stuck his hand out, and AJ winked from ringside. Kane then unloaded on Bryan. They brawled around the ring a bit, and Bryan escaped a choke slam. Kane hit a big boot that sent Bryan to the outside, and he escaped through the audience. The announcers questioned whether or not AJ was just stirring the pot. She knelt on the ramp and looked crazy.

Backstage, Teddy Long and Booker were talking when Hawkins and Reks walked up. They asked for an opportunity, and Booker mocked them for losing to Rybak. He said they knew what they had to do and said they would have a match later, and they could be cut if they don't step it up. Reks said he didn't want to go back to his old job. Hawkins said how back could it be? They seemed to imply the job couldn't be mentioned on TV.

Barnett's Brief: Good stuff again from Bryan, but AJ seems to have cooled off. Kane and Bryan will probably be great, but we've seen too much of it already for it to feel like a big deal.

Jinder Mahal placed his hat in his plexi cube. He was shown issuing a challenge to Rybak that he could be two jobbers too.

2. Jinder Mahal vs. Two Jobbers: Mahal informed the ref that his opponents had to tag in and out. He locked in the camel clutch on the guy right away and got the win.

Jinder Mahal defeated two jobbers in :30

[Q4] After the bell, Mahal locked a camel clutch on both guys stacked on one another. Rybak made his entrance and Mahal bailed. Rybak then hit his Musclebuster finisher on both guys simultaneously just because he can. The announce crew said Vickie and Dolph will join Jericho on the highlight reel next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Mahal bores me to tears. Rybak looks like a badass, but I feel like I already knew that already. I like that they are keeping Mahal and Rybak apart, but it just seems like they are putting off the massacre. Mahal doesn't feel like a threat at all. The “Feed me more!” chants are over though.

Jericho was shown in the ring with the Jeritron. He welcome the fans to the Highlight Reel. Vickie interrupted Jericho and said Dolph wouldn't be lowering himself to appear on the show. Chris said that's fine, and that he's flexible. He then insulted Vickie about her age. She threatened to leave if he insulted her again, and he told her to get lost. He then apologized and invited her back, and rolled footage of what she was upset about from Monday. He then showed his tout from Monday's Raw where Ziggler lost to Alex Reilly.

Vickie said Jericho doens't know the facts. She said Ziggler knew Jericho couldn't win the big one, and that he would defeat him one on one at Summerslam. Jericho then said what Ziggler had said had made him reevaluate himself, and that he needed to change his ways. Jericho said that from now on Y2J was back, and that he would never (eeeeeeever) lose his tough again.

Ziggler snuck up on Jericho, who avoided initially. Vickie then slapped him, and Jericho stared her down. Ziggler then hit the Zig Zag from behind. He then hit Jericho with the briefcase when he got to his feet.

The announce team then aired footage form earlier where they set up the main event, and plugged it one more time...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Good stuff from Vickie, Dolph and Jericho. I'm not sure what Y2J is in 2012, but it seems like a good character send Dolph Ziggler after.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth made their entrance for a match next...[c]

The recently fired AW made his way out and introduced the Primetime Players. They did their ridiculous dance both on the ramp and mid ring. Primo and Epico then made their entrance.

3. Primo and Epico vs. The Primetime Players: This match is for the #1 Contendership for the Tag Titles. Young worked over Epico for a bit, and then tagged in Titus. He hit a few strikes and made a quick tag back to Young. Epico turned the tables with a few strikes and tagged in Primo. Primo hit some nice offense, including a tilt a whirl DDT, on Darren Young. AW saw the match was going poorly, and tossed his water on the Tag Champs at the announce table. They give chase to AW, which gets Primo and Epico disqualified.

The Primetime Players defeated Primo and Epico by DQ at 1:41.

Barnett's Brief: Meh. Not much to say there. With AW getting released today, who knows what becomes of this push and title shot.

[Q6] Antonio Cesaro and Aksana made their way to the ring. Aksana wore a preposterous leather outfit, which she looked great in. Cesaro said victory in 5 different languages, and then said a few sentences in German. He said if we didn't understand, that was the point. Christian then made his entrance...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Interesting idea for Cesaro's character, but I definitely wish he had more to say.

4. Antonio Cesaro vs. Christian: Cesaro had wrist and waistlocks early. He then sent Cesaro out of the ring, who landed on his feet. Christian went for a slide, but Cesaro moved and threw Christian into the steps. Cesaro took the action back to the ring and hit a nice waistlock into a suplex. He then hung Christian on the second rope, and hit a mean looking european uppercut from the outside. Cesaro went up top, but Christian got the feet up.

Christian went to work with some strikes. He then went up top, but got caught. Cesaro hit a fallaway slam, but bridged for a two count. Cesaro went for a neutralizer, but Christians slipped and hit a reverse DDT. Christian then went for a killswitch, which Cesaro reversed into some headbutts. Christian then went for a spear, but Cesaro sent Christian into the air and hit a European Uppercut for two. Christian hit a spear after slipping out of another Neutralizer attempt for the pin.

Christian defeated Antonio Cesaro at 4:09

After the match Cesaro knocked a celebrating Christian to the outside from the top rope, and then picked him up and rammed him into the barricade. Cesaro celebrated and left.

Barnett's Brief: A good showing for Cesaro and a great angle. Cesaro needed a big feud, and Christian is a great talent to show the world how great he is. Christian is a wonderful performer in his own right, and if this is indeed a longer term feud I'm excited for what they can come up with.

[Q7] A Raw recap was shown of the great John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan match from Monday. It also recapped the post match attacks from Punk and Big Show.

Eve was backstage and asked Booker T for a job in his administration. Booker told Eve there weren't any job available. Teddy then walked up with Kaitlyn and said she had something to ask Booker. Kaitlyn said she was excited that Booker was the GM, and thought he could need an assistance. Booker said if Teddy referred her she had a job. Eve blew up and taked about suing for discrimination, but Booker made a match between her and Kaitlyn next week to determine who would be his assistant.

Rey Mysterio then made his entrance for a match with The Miz next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Everybody excited for Eve vs. Kaitlyn next week? Nobody?

The Miz made his full entrance.

5. The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio: Rey hit a nice head scissors about 30 seconds in for the first real offense of the match. He tried for a springboard moonsault, but missed, and Miz threw him under the bottom rope and out to the floor. Miz then threw him right back in for a 1 count. Miz ht a knee and a kick to a seated Rey for a two count. Miz locked in a chin lock, which Rey eventually struggled out and hit some kicks. Miz took control with a clothesline in the corner. He then climbed the top rope, but dove right into a Rey drop kick.

[Q8] Rey hit a plancha from the top and then a seated kick for a two count on Miz. Rey went up to again, but Miz met him there. Rey slipped out from underneath the Miz, but ate a clothesline. Rey ducked another seated kick, and then tossed Miz onto the second rope. He went for a 619, but Miz caught him and pulled him into the ring. Miz went for a SCF, but Mysterio tucked and rolled up Miz for a surprise 3 count.

Rey defeated The Miz at 4:32.

The announcers plugged the main event as next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Good match which continues the Miz's losing streak against top level wrestlers. I hope they develop a story out of it.

Lilian introduced the Main Event and said it was for the World Heavyweight Championship. Alberto Del Rio made his entrance in an Aston Martin. Mathews said the car was shipped in for tonights show after what Sheamus did to his Ferrari, just as Del Rio walked by the Rental Car sticker on the window. AWESOME JOB GUYS! Sheamus' music then hit and he headed to the ring. Lilian turned things over to Ricardo, who did a proper introduction for Alberto Del Rio. Lilian then introduced Sheamus. There is about 5 minutes left in the show.

Rent-a-Cops headed to the ring and surrounded Sheamus. Del Rio pleaded that he never filed the police report. He then changed his mind and ordered the cops to attack him. Because Sheamus is a superhuman, he easily dispatched the 5 cops. He then attacked Del Rio, who was saved when the cops recovered. Del Rio had the cops pick up Sheamus, who he slapped a few times across the face. He then hit an enziguri and ordered the cops away. Sheamus begged to his feet and clasped to Del Rio. Alberto then locked in the cross arm breaker. Sheamus held his arm as Del Rio stood over him to close the show.

Barnett's Brief: Well, that was predictable once the cops headed out. Were WWE cops never convincing, or does HD just give it away? In either case, Del Rio performed much better on this show, and looked more sadistic than he has recently. The feud still struggles to get a reaction, in my opinion because the car angle was pretty brutal. Overall this was a pretty middle of the road episode of Smackdown. There were bright spots, but the show overall kind of ragged a bit.

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