7/20 Barnett's WWE Smackdown Live Coverage: A special edition of the Peep Show, and Rey Mysterio makes his in ring debut followling his return from injury

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Jul 20, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage
Taped on 7/17 in San Diego, California.

[Q1] The Smackdown intro aired and pyro welcomed us to the arena. The announce crew took over and remarked on how the WWE was changed by MITB, and Mathews wondered aloud how it would be changed by Raw 1000. Rey Mysterio's music then hit and he came out to roars from his hometown crowd. Cole mentioned Del Rio and Mysterio's feud, and introduced a clip of Mysterio's retribution on Del Rio from Monday. Rey grabbed a mic, and said it had been almost a year since he was injured in the arena. He said he never lost hope, and said he felt good be among family in friends in his home town. He then said officially that he is back to big applause. He said on Monday he couldn't wait, and he had to take action against Del Rio. Del Rio's music then hit and he interrupted.

Del Rio had a mic in hand and called Mysterio a Chihuahua. He said Rey made a mistake, and he shouldn't pick a fight against him. Del Rio then said he was the one who put Rey out and almost ended his career. He said he could take him out right then and there, but instead ordered him to leave his ring. Rey then refused. Del Rio said he didn't want to talk about Mysterio, because he had already beaten him and moved past him. He said he'd rather talk about Sheamus and what he did at the PPV, to which Mysterio said he “beat his face in”. Del Rio then said he woud deal with Mysterio, and be the man to end his career. He then said he would be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Dolph Ziggler then interrupted, and said if the next World Heavyweight Champion would end Rey's career, then it would be him. He then said he was there for Del Rio, and ran Del Rio down for costing him his cash in on Sunday. Del Rio then said he wasn't going to do his dirty work for him, and then said that he could have Dolph and his “burra” working for him at any time. Rey then chimed in and said that if the “ladies” had beef, they should shut up and get in on right now. Dolph then said they should, but not with each other, and they both turned their eyes at Rey.

Before they could attack, Sheamus interrupted. Sheamus said it was really good to see Rey, and put his arm around him. He then said if they wanted a fight, they would shove Dolph's briefcase up his arse and drive him off the Coronado Bridge into the Pacific Ocean. Del Rio bailed, and Ziggler stood his ground, at which point Sheamus knocked him onto the ropes. Rey went for the 619, but Dolph slid out with an assist from Vickie...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Decent opening segment that telegraphed a tag match for later on. Everyone was pretty good here, and Dolph got more cheers than boos. Del Rio was pretty well hated in San Diego, as you'd expect. This was nothing you'll remember in a few hours, but it was a good starting point for the show.

[Q2] Well, a tag match between the 4 guys in the opening segment was booked, to everyone's shock. Hunico and Camacho were in the ring after the break, as well as the Prime Time Players. Primo and Epico followed with Rosa, and then Kofi and R-Truth for an 8 man tag.

1. Primo, Epico, Kofi Kingston, and R-Truth vs. The Primetime Players and Hunico and Camacho: Hunico and Epico started, and Epico hit a nice arm drag. Both men displayed some very crisp acrobatics, and then Epico hit a nice headlock take over and tagged in Primo. Hunico tagged Camacho, who got caught in Primo arm bar. Camacho backed Primo into a corner and hit some strikes and shoulder blocks. Camacho missed a splash attempt and got rolled up for two. R-Truth hit a blind tag and snuck up on Camacho with a kick and a leg drop for two. Camacho sent R-Truth into the heel team's corner, but he escaped and then all hell broke loose. The babyfaces all entered the ring and the heels bailed...[c]

[Q3] Truth tagged in Kofi, who hit the boom drop on Camacho and revved up for TIP. Hunico distracted him, which allowed Camacho to hit a nice spinebuster for a near fall. AW talked trash from ringside throughout this entire match. Camacho hit a body slam, and Hunico hit a senton from the outside after the tag. Titus tagged in and hit a backbreaker and tossed Kofi like a sandbag to the side. Kofi fired back for a second, but was quickly man handled by Titus. Titus hit a body slam for a near fall, and then put Kofi in an abdominal stretch while hitting blows to the chest.

Darren Young tagged, in, but Kofi immediately hit a kick to his face and dumped Titus out of the ring. Primo then tagged in and worked over Young. The action broke down again as all 8 men ended up in the ring. All the illegal men ended up taking the action to the outside. Primo climbed the top rope, but Titus punched him, and he fell into Young's knees for the clean win.

The Primetime players celebrated their win when Big Show's music hit. He came down to the ring and literally choke slammed or knocked out everybody in the ring. He then grabbed a mic and said “And....what?”

Hunico, Camacho, and the Primetime Players defeated Kofi, R-Truth, Primo and Epico at 11:43.

Barnett's Brief: WTF was that after the match? The match was fine and pretty entertaining, but the post match attack by Show basically made the entire tag division look like chumps.

The announce team plugged John Cena appearing next, and then aired a video of Jeremy Piven hosting Raw...[c]

A video recapped Cena's MITB win and the story that led up to it. It also showed the title shot challenge made for Raw 100. It included some tout plugs.

Barnett's Brief: Why do these video packages need to be so long? I'm unaware of anyone I know that watches Smackdown but doesn't watch Raw. I know quite a few that are the reverse.

[Q4] The announce team plugged the Tag Team Main Event...[c]

Damien Sandow's music hit and made his way to the ring. Zack Ryder then followed with his entrance. Sandow talked over his music and called Ryder a brainless Broski. Ryder had none of it and jumped Sandow in the ring. The ref separated them and started the match.

2. Zack Ryder vs. Damien Sandow: Ryder hit some strikes early, but Sandow took over and stomped and kneed Ryder on the ground. Sandow pulled Ryder out onto the apron and hit him with elbows. He then pulled Ryder into the ring and hit some standing knees to the ribs. He then hit the straight jacket neck breaker for the clean victory.

Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder at 1:29.

Sandow dropped another elbow on did a cartwheel mid ring. He then headed up the ramp. The announce team said Daniel Bryan and AJ are on the peep show next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: I was hoping for a longer feud between Ryder and Sandow, but Sandow looked far too dominant for the feud to remain interesting. Maybe Ryder gets some revenge at Raw 1000 and they find a way to keep it going, otherwise this will be a lost opportunity.

Christian was already in the ring for the Peep Show. He said he's been in the WWE for a long time, and he said he's seen some strange things in his time there. He then said what happened on Monday took bizarre to a new level, and then aired a clip of the proposal from Monday. He then said both of them were his guests, and introduced them. AJ came out wearing a Bryan Yes! Shirt cut up for her purposes. They were all smiles and kisses on the way down to the ring. Christian asked how their wedding planning was going. Bryan said it was going really well, and they introduced a clip.

It showed them in cloyantly sweet wedding preparation situations, complete with cake on faces and what not. Christian called in “special”, and asked Bryan if he was doing the right thing. He said yes. Christian asked AJ if she'd forgiven him for all he'd done to her. She said yes.. Christian then called it true love, and they said yes together nauseatingly. Christian then asked the crowd if they thought they should get married. It was a resounding no. The same for the next questions, which were if Bryan really loved AJ, or if she even knew what she was doing.

[Q5] Christian then repeated the question to AJ, and she slapped him across the face. Christian then said she'd forgive the “Bridezilla slap”. He then asked Bryan if he remembered he had a match. He looked Puzzled. He then asked if he looked into AJ's psycho ex boyfriends, and said he was in a match against him next. Kane then made his entrance...[c]

Barnett's Brief: It looks like they are trying to make Bryan and AJ so nauseating that people hate them. Good move. Kane vs. Bryan doesn't excite me, though.

3. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan: Bryan hit kicks. Kane worked power. I'm not sure if I need to say anything more. Kane locked Bryan in a body scissors on the ground after about 30 seconds. Bryan fought out hit knees and kicks. He hit the rope, but Kane caught him with a back breaker and held it. They brawled around, and Bryan took control with....guess....kicks. Kane recovered and went for a Chokeslam, but Bryan moved out and hit a drop kick in the corner. He then hit a kick to the head of a kneeling Kane for a two count. Byran climbed the top rope and got caught with a punch to the jaw for a two count.

Kane hit a side slam for a two count of his own. He then climbed to the top and dove at Bryan, but he attempted a reverse into the Yes Lock. Bryan couldn't get him down, however. Bryan dumped Kane to the outside and AJ had to dive out of the way. Bryan checked on her, which allowed Kane to recover and toss Bryan all round ringside. Kane made use of the steps and the announce table. Kane tossed him back in the ring. AJ jumped on his back from the top rope, which caused the DQ.

Bryan hit some kicks on Kane, who then hit him with a chokeslam. AJ held on, though, and eventually twisted around until she was hanging on Kane's shoulders with her legs wrapped around him. She looked into his eyes longingly and Kane let her down confused. She then exited with Bryan, while Kane remained in the ring unsure what to make of AJ. Bryan and AJ then kissed on the ramp. The announce team plugged the main event and explained how the PPV match ended this past Sunday...[c]

Kane defeated Daniel Bryan by DQ at 5:31

Barnett's Brief: Bryan seemed oblivious to AJ looking as if she was going to kiss Kane again. Kane also flashed a look of anger as Bryan kissed AJ, so I guess they are trying to sell us on the idea that Kane interrupts the wedding on Monday. I hope they don't go back to that well again.

[Q6] Zack Ryder introduced GTV as his favorite Raw Moment. Heath Slater was in the ring, and they announced his favorite Raw Moment was his latest exploits with the WWE legends. Slater then said that all of that happened on Raw, but now the One Man Band was on Smackdown, and his luck was going to change. All because he said it would. Road Warrior Animal then made his entrance to huge applause.

4. Road Warrior Animal vs. Heath Slater: Animal hit a big clothesline, and hit some boots in the corner. Slater came back with some elbows, but ran into a big Animal Powerslam. Animal then hit an elbow and got the 3 count.

Road Warrior Animal defeated Heath Slater at 0:52.

Barnett's Brief: Short and sweet. It's nice to see Animal looking good.

The announce team then did a Tout plug that showed us why that showed fan reactions, which confirmed everyone's suspicions about the charisma of your average wrestling fan. Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez verbally beat down Vickie Guererro. He spoke super fast, so I wasn't able to catch much. He called Del Rio Mexican Royalty, and said Vickie was jealous because she came to the US in a canoe. She screamed at him...[c]

The announce team then did a Tout plug that showed us why that showed fan reactions, which confirmed everyone's suspicions about the charisma of your average wrestling fan. Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez verbally beat down Vickie Guererro. He spoke super fast, so I wasn't able to catch much. He called Del Rio Mexican Royalty, and said Vickie was jealous because she came to the US in a canoe. She screamed at him...[c]

[Q7] The announce team plugged Raw and its record of being the longest running episodic television show. They then put over DX and said they would open the show at 7pm central time. They also plugged The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and the Bryan/AJ wedding. The ended the promo with a plug for Punk vs. Cena for the WWE Championship.

Lilian introduced Ric Rod, who introduced Del Rio. Before Ric Rod finished the extended introduction, Vickie interrupted and said she was there to introduce the “star” of the team. She also called Ziggler Mr. Money in the bank...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Ric Rod was good backstage, but spoke very quickly. I like the idea of him talking more.

Sheamus made his entrance to a nice reaction. Rey came out last and the place exploded again, which is pretty amazing.

5. Rey Mysterio and Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler: Sheamus and Ziggler started and Sheamus took control with a shoulder block. It didn't last as Ziggler hit a nice dropkick and hit some elbows. Sheamus caught Ziggler as he ran the ropes and hit his rolling senton. Rey tagged in and hit a springboard splash for a two count. Ziggler caught him with a clothesline few second later for a two count.

[Q8} He then tagged Del Rio, who hit a kick and started in on Rey. Rey quickly outmaneuvered Del Rio and hit a kick of his own. He then tagged Sheamus back in, who then tagged Ziggler in. Sheamus hit his clubbing blows and Zigger jumped to the floor. Sheamus chased and tossed him back in, only to eat a drop kick that sent him back to the floor. Del Rio took advantage and kicked him while he was down...[c]

Ziggler worked over Sheamus, but he escaped and tagged in Rey pretty quickly. Rey took control with some kicks and did not allow Ziggler any offense. Rey the hit a drop kick and sent Ziggler onto the second rope. He ran for the 619, which allowed Del Rio to kick him in the back. Ziggler then hit a Rocker Dropper, but Sheamus distracted the ref long enough so he only got a two count. Ziggler tagged in Del Rio, who hit a nice back breaker on Rey for a two count. He then made quick tag to Ziggler, who continued the assault with stomps.

Dolph locked in a body lock, which Rey fought out of quickly. Dolph made another tag, and stopped Rey from making his. Del Rio got dumped over the top rope, but he still made a tag to Ziggler before Rey could get to his corner. Ziggler prevent the tag and picked Rey up, who spun out and hit a DDT, which allowed him to tag Sheamus. Sheamus hit a big charge in the corner and picked up Del Rio, who slipped out.

Sheamus shoved Del Rio into Ziggler, who hit the announce table. Sheamus revved up for the Brogue Kick, but Ricardo interfered to cause the DQ. Del Rio then hit a kick to the side of Sheamus's head. He then locked in the cross armbreaker for a minute or so. Del Rio then got escorted out of the ring area. Ziggler grabbed his briefcase, and headed into the ring. Before the bell could ring for the title match, Rey shoved him onto the ropes and hit 619. Sheamus then hit a Brogue Kick. They celebrated over the falled Ziggler to close the show.

Rey and Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio by DQ at 12:44

Barnett's Brief: This was a good match that had a rather predicable DQ finish. I assume they didn't want to give away anything here, so it makes sense. It was a well wrestled match. The repeated failed cash in attempts seem tailor made for a cocky heel like Ziggler, so I'm not upset about it. Orton is returning soon and I assume that's still our title match for Summerslam. Stay tune for Audio from myself and Chris Shore for more editorial on the show tomorrow morning.

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