6/19 Kester's WWE Main Event Live Coverage Review: The Shield vs. The Uso Brothers and Justin Gabriel Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro, and Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

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Jun 19, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Main Event on Ion Television
Taped 6/18/13 in Toledo, Ohio.

[Q1] A video recap of Payback aired…

Cody Rhodes joined The Miz and Josh Matthews on commentary…

1. The Shield vs. The Uso Brothers and Justin Gabriel. Gabriel began the match for his team, and he managed to keep the upper hand over The Shield for the early going. Gabriel tagged in Jimmy Uso, who nearly hit a wrecking ball on Rollins, but Ambrose pulled him from the ring. The Shield regrouped on the outside… [C]

Back from the break, The Shield were firmly in control of Gabriel. Gabriel managed to get enough space to tag in Jimmy Uso, but The Shield quickly gained the upper hand again and worked quick tags to wear Jimmy down.

Jimmy hit Reigns with a superkick and tagged in his brother, and Jey managed to connect with a wrecking ball on Ambrose for a near fall. Jey twisted his knee and rolled to Justin Gabriel, who got a hot tag. Gabriel hit a flurry of offense and set up for his 450 splash, but he was distracted by an Uso taking out Roman Reigns.

[Q2] Ambrose took advantage of the distraction and knocked Gabriel off of the top rope. Ambrose followed with his finisher and covered Gabriel for the 1-2-3…. [C]

The Shield defeated The Uso Brothers and Justin Gabriel in 9:37.

Ryan's Reaction: Decent match, but there were a lot of sloppy spots throughout and wasn't up to the caliber of match that each of these participants have had before.

A video package covering CM Punk's return at Payback and follow-up on Raw aired…

Zeb Colter mocked Sin Cara wearing a mask as he and Cesaro made their entrance. Colter put over Cesaro shedding his foreign identity to be a true American. Cesaro concluded Colter's tirade with "We, the People."

2. Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro manhandled Sin Cara to start. Sin Cara got in some offense, but Cesaro hung him up on the ropes and dumped Sin Cara to the floor.

[Q3] Cesaro followed and threw Sin Cara into the barricade. Sin Cara sold on the floor… [C]

Back from the break, Cesaro hit his elevated powerslam on Sin Cara for a near fall. Cesaro continued to target Sin Cara's midsection. Cesaro began pulling on Sin Cara's mask and Sin Cara caught Cesaro with a kick.

Sin Cara began making his comeback, but Cesaro caught him and locked in a chinlock. Sin Cara managed to fight out and hit a nasty huracarana into a rollup for a two count.

Cesaro responded with flapjack into a European uppercut and went back to the chinlock. Cesaro wore Sin Cara down this time, and finished him off with the Neutralizer for the pinfall victory… [C]

Antonio Cesaro defeated Sin Cara in 9:26.

Ryan's Reaction: That was a fun match. It was more competitive than I expected considering the participants, but they were given plenty of time to showcase their talents. Sin Cara's botched huracarana was scary because Cesaro landed right on his neck, but luckily he seemed to be unaffected by it during the remainder of the match.

The announcers recapped Kaitlyn's history with Aksana.

[Q4] 3. Kaitlyn vs. Aksana. Aksana took control early. But Kaitlyn wasted no time in gaining the upper hand.

Kaitlyn hit a spear and covered Aksana for the quick pinfall victory…. [C]

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana in 3:22.

Ryan's Reaction: Standard Diva's match. There simply wasn't enough time for them to really do anything.

The Raw Rebound focused on Mark Henry's "retirement" speech and his attack on John Cena…

Ryan's Reaction: Overall, this was an decent edition of Main Event, but it was by no means one of the better editions of the show. The matches were entertaining enough, but the commercial breaks hindered the matches they showed to the point that the pacing felt off. There was no standout performance from the longer matches like we often get; the show really shines under the two match format. Thanks for following along with me tonight.

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