5/22 Kester's WWE Main Event Live Coverage Review: Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E Langston and The Uso Brothers vs. 3MB

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May 22, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Main Event on Ion Television
Taped 5/22/13 in Omaha, Nebraska.

[Q1] 1. Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E Langston (w/ AJ). Langston overpowered Del Rio in the early going and threw Del Rio around the ring. Del Rio managed to send Langston tumbling to the floor and he followed with a suicide dive.

AJ distracted Del Rio on the way back into the ring, and Langston knocked him into the barricade. Del Rio sold on the floor… [C]

Back from the break, Langston continued to work over Del Rio. Del Rio got in a few hopes spots, but Langston continued to overpower him.

[Q2] Del Rio scored a tornado DDT off of a reversal and began making his comeback. Langston blocked a Crossarm Breaker attempt and went for the Big Ending, but Del Rio rolled out, hit an enziguri to the back of Langston's head, and rolled him up for the 1-2-3... [C]

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston in 13:12.

Ryan's Reaction: Good match. Langston got in the lion's share of the offense and Del Rio bumped well for the big man. Not the most memorable match in existence, but it served the opening slot well.

A video package covering Ryback's promo on Monday aired…

[Q3] [C] 2. The Usos vs. 3MB. The Usos took control early, but Mahal and McIntyre managed to turn the tide. The heels worked over the Usos and utilized quick tags to keep him on their side of the ring.

The Usos eventually got the hot tag off, but Slater distracted him from the floor and 3MB managed to regain control quickly… [C]

Back from the break, 3MB continued to dominate The Uso Brothers. Mahal locked an Uso in several rest holds.

Jey got another hot tag off to Jimmy Uso, and hit a wrecking ball for a near fall. An ambulance's sirens went off and Ryback appeared out of the back of the ambulance. He attacked Heath Slater, carried him to the Ambulance, and drove off with him.

[Q4] The Uso Brothers used the distraction to hit a superkick and Superfly Splash on McIntyre, and they picked up the pinfall victory… [C]

The Usos defeated 3MB in 14:47

Ryan's Reaction: This match was a bit of a sleeper. There were simply too many rest holds being utilized to keep the match from losing its pacing. The Ryback spot was just odd. I could understand that idea if he carried off someone the crowd cares about, but attacking an undercard heel? What's the point?

A recap of Curtis Axel's debut and Triple H's head issues aired. Cole and Miz explained that Triple H has a concussion and won't return until he can pass the tests.

Ryan's Reaction: Standard issue Main Event. The opening match was solid and the rest of the show was filler with a sleepy second outing. It's going to be interesting to see where the Ryback attacks go, but I hope they have more for his character planned in the coming weeks than a tie in to a gimmick match.

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