4/8 Shore's WWE Smackdown Live Coverage: The first Smackdown after WrestleMania 27 is headlined by Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian to earn a World Hvt. Championship match at Extreme Rules

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Apr 8, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

Smackdown on SyFy
Taped on 4/5/11 in Charlotte, NC.

[Q1] The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Booker T welcomed us to Smackdown…Alberto Del Rio's music hit and he and Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez made their ring entrances from the ramp. No intro from Ric Rid and no car.

Del Rio did his name bit and said that destiny can be delayed, but not denied. He said at WrestleMania 27 his destiny was delayed by Edge and Christian and they also destroyed his car. He said he paid $120K for that car. He said it's not about the money because his cars are like his children. He said he will make them pay. He said he was going to do to them what they did to his car.

Edge's music cut him off and he rode out on a rollback from the Brisco Bother's towing company that also had the destroyed Rolls Royce on it. Edge called Del Rio a bunch of names and said that if he really loved his car, he needed to love it even if it was damaged. He said all it needed was a little TLC. He offered to show Del Rio and spray painted something on the hood.

Del Rio said Edge saw everything as a big joke, but he was "this close" to making him tap out at WrestleMania. Edge said he didn't get the job done, and he was still the World Champion. Del Rio demanded a re-match, but Edge said he had to go to the back of the line. He said there were other people in line, and the horn honked several times. Christian climbed out of the truck, and Edge pointed out that he had beaten Del Rio twice so he was further up the line. He said if Del Rio wanted a fight, he had his destiny.

He and Christian started walking toward the ring and Teddy Long's music hit. He came to the ramp and said everybody could talk about destiny, but it was still his show. He booked Del Rio vs. Christian with the winner facing Edge at Extreme Rules in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight title…The announce team hyped a replay of John Cena vs. The Rock and an eight man tag WrestleMania rematch…[C]

Shore's Slant: Good way to start the show, and a lesson in how to make a title seem worthwhile. Raw writers should take note. I hate that they mentioned Christian has beaten Del Rio twice, but not as much as the fact that he's beaten Del Rio twice.

[Q2] Ring introductions occurred for the eight man tag match with the babyfaces going first. The announce team went out of their way to point out that the Corre was embarrassed both Sunday and Monday night. Awesome…

1. The Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston defeated The Corre in a two out of three falls match in 19:00. Santino and Justin Gabriel started. Gabriel took a shot at Santino with a kick. Santino teased kicking him and Gabriel actually did kick him to take control. He tagged in Slater who Santino hip tossed. Santino tagged in Kane, who hit his sit down drop kick. Kane tagged in Show for a big chop, and then Kofi tagged in for a big splash from Show's shoulders. He setup for Trouble in Paradise, but Gabriel dragged Slater to the floor to regroup…[C]

Back from commercial, Kane worked Barrett in the corner. Wade escaped and tagged in Zeke. Zeke and Kane slammed into each other and Zeke dared Kane to do it again. Barrett distracted the ref and one of the others grabbed Kane's leg. He stopped running and Zeke hit a clothesline to take control. They worked Kane in the corner with rapid in and out, but Kane escaped from Gabriel and got the hot tag to Kofi. Kofi scored the first fall with a flying cross body in 9:30.…[C]

[Q3] Back from commercial, Slater slammed Santino for a near fall and worked a chin lock as Booker T sucked on commentary. Slater setup Santino for an elbow and hit the ropes. Santino kipped up and did his duck split, hip toss head-butt combo. He setup for the Cobra, but Wade Barrett tagged in and hit a big boot, followed by the Wasteland for the pinfall. Wade Barrett pinned Santino Marella for the second pinfall in 15:30. The falls are 1-1.

Santino had to start the third fall with Barrett. Barrett slammed him into his corner and tagged in Zeke. Zeke slammed Santino and covered, but Big Show broke it up. Santino finally escaped and tagged in Kane. Barrett tagged in and Kane worked his offense on Barrett. He hit the side slam and covered, but Zeke broke it up. Everybody ended up in the ring, and then the non-legal men spilled to the floor.

Kane grabbed Barrett by the throat and Slater ran in and hit Kane. The ref called for the bell and Show, Kane and Kofi all hit their finishers. Zeke stood up and both Kane and Show grabbed his throat. Santino walked over, had them stop, did the Cobra setup, and then all three chokeslammed Zeke. The babyfaces were announced as winners from an apparent DQ on the third fall…The announce team hyped the main event…[C]

Shore's Slant: So Big Show and Zeke can break up a pinfall, but Slater causes a DQ? F*** this company. And they buried Corre again at the end. Morons.

The Sin Cara hype video aired…

[Q4] The Phantom of the Opera…er, Cody Rhodes made his entrance while Trent Baretta waited for him in the ring…

2. Cody Rhodes defeated Trent Baretta at 1:29. Cody was still wearing the mask. He went right at Baretta, but Baretta hit a kick and a springboard missile drop kick for two. Cody hit a kick and followed with a side Russian leg sweep. He tossed Baretta into the post and followed with CrossRhodes for the win.

Post-match, Cody attacked Baretta with head-butts. Rey Mysterio ran out for the save and tried to take the mask off. Cody escaped while Mysterio posed in the ring…The announce team hyped the Rock vs. John Cena video for next…[C]

Shore's Slant: Cody got his heat back after getting it sucked away on Monday. Good. Extreme Rules mask vs. mask is my prediction.

The video of John Cena calling out the Rock aired and ran into the next quarter hour…

[Q5] In the locker room, Edge and Christian talked about Christian's match. Edge said he was pulling for Christian. Christian asked him if that was the case even if that meant he had to defend his title against him at Extreme Rules.

Edge put over his and Christian's involvement in ladder matches and said Christian deserved it. Edge wished him luck and left. Christian walked over and looked at the belt that Edge had left. Edge came back and got it and Christian told him to keep his eye on it while smiling…[C]

Shore's Slant: That Rock/Cena video is almost 15 minutes in and of itself. And I've seen it four times this week. Ugh. I like the give and take with Edge and Christian. I think they do this right and have Edge turn on Christian ultimately.

Entrances took place for the Divas' match while a video recapped Snooki hitting the springboard elbow…

[Q6] 3. Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix defeated LayCool at 2:40. McCool and Beth started. Beth went right at McCool and whipped her to the ropes. Layla was on the ropes and the impact drove her to the floor. Michelle tried for a tag, but Layla was on the floor. Layla finally made it up and tagged in.

LayCool argued and Michelle shoved Layla at Beth. Beth gorilla pressed her and tagged in Kelly. Kelly worked her offense, but Layla broke free and went for a tag. McCool suddenly acted like her back was hurt and Kelly rolled her up for the win. Post-match Mcool and Layla argued on the ramp…[C]

A video recapped Michael Cole squirting BBQ sauce on JR. Back in the ring, Michael Cole said he shot JR. OK, that was pretty funny. He put over Jack Swagger big and introduced him. Swagger made his ring entrance and told everyone to settle down because there was plenty of Team Cole to go around.

He said people told him that it was impossible to get Cole ready for WrestleMania, but he said it was easy. He put over Cole and said he earned a dominating victory and in one night became the new Mr. WrestleMania. Cole said there was no one in the locker room that could beat Swagger.

They did a victory lap and Sin Cara's music hit. He walked out and did his trampoline entrance. He and Swagger stared off and Swagger shoved him. Sin Cara hit the ropes and ducked a clothesline. He hit a back flip elbow and then kicked Swagger to the floor. Sin Cara followed with a twisting plancha and pointed at Swagger. Swagger and Cole looked pissed at ringside…

[Q7] The announce team set up a video that recapped "Stone Cold" Steve Austin beating the hell out of Alex Riley on Raw…[C]

Shore's Slant: Good stuff again from Sin Cara again. Not as impressive as Monday, but still very cool to see. I hope they use Cole as his anti-mouthpiece going forward.

Backstage, Michelle McCool was walking around and Layla walked up. She handed Michelle a card that said they had a couples therapy appointment. Michelle said they weren't a couple and Layla told her to just show up…The Hall of Fame video aired…

Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced and he introduced Alberto Del Rio. Brodus Clay was already at ringside. Tony Chimel messed up a little and Cole just ripped into him…[C]

[Q8] Back from commercial, Christian made his ring entrance. Before they could start the match, Edge made his entrance and joined on commentary…

4. Alberto Del Rio (w/Brodus Clay) defeated Christian in 13:00 and will face Edge at Extreme Rules in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Title. Cole asked Edge if he was afraid of Christian, and Edge said he was afraid of Cole taking his shirt off again. Christian took control in the ring and hit two shots to the face. He set Del Rio on the rope and jumped over, but Del Rio pulled away before Christian could hit the punch.

Christian slid back in the ring and tossed Del Rio over the top rope on the announcer's side. Del Rio tried to climb back in the ring and Christian hit a drop kick that spilled him again. Del Rio used the desk to pull himself up. Edge held up the Rolls Royce hood ornament and sid it was about that, but the World Title…[C]

Back from commercial, Del Rio whipped Christian into the stairs. Del Rio rolled him in the ring and hit a backbreaker for two. He choked Christian on the ropes and then hit a kick to the back for two. He hit a great kick on Christian in the corner and then stood him up.

Christian battled out and went to the top. Del Rio caught him and hit a rough looking top rope superplex. Christian hooked an inside cradle on the pin attempt, and Del Rio hit a drop kick after he kicked out. They both battled and Christian clotheslined he him and Del Rio over the top.

Del Rio made his feet and rove Christian into the post. He rolled Christian in the ring and went to the second rope. He missed the senton and Christian worked his offense. Christian hit a high crossbody for a great near fall and Christian called for the Kill Switch. Brodus walked over and distracted Christian until Edge hit the spear on him. Christian went to the top, but Del Rio hit his running enziguri kick for the infasll victory…[C]

Shore's Slant: Good solid match, and Del Rio mostly won clean. My guess for Edge turning on Christian (and I didn't mean here when I predicted this earlier) is that Edge will lose to Del Rio at Extreme Rules and he will blame Christian so he can be the heel, which will make a much better feud than Christian as the heel. Whether that's in a triple threat remains to be seen. I'll have more to say tomorrow on the hitlist, and Dot Net Members will be listening to an exclusive Smackdown audio review with Jake Barnett and myself tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading and I'll see you then.

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