4/22 WWE Raw spoilers: A detailed report on tonight's show (spoilers)

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Apr 22, 2013 - 06:35 PM

WWE Raw taping
London, England
Report by Dot Net reader Kerry Hunter

We arrived early at the O2 for what was our 22nd WWE show and the atmosphere was already buzzing, and aside from the ludicrous prices we have come to know and love here in London (£6.50 for a hot dog, £25 for a cena shirt), the action more than made up for it.

The show opened with a great segment involving Paul Heyman and Triple H. Heyman teased that Trip wasnt here, which made his pop even louder when he's music hit.

1. R Truth beat Antonio Cesaro.  An ok pop for truth, but I'd put money on this being only as a result of him wrestling in the first match on raw. Antonio was awesome. Yodelling away like a trooper.

2. Damian Sandow beat Brodus Clay. Sandow got a huge pop here. The London crowd always likes their heels and tonight was no exception.

3. Dolph Ziggler defeated Chris Jericho. Both guys were totally over here, and when fandangos music hit, the place went crazy. We'd read on the net that h wasn't here, so felt this was teasing us all a bit...little did we know.

4. Sweet T beat Cody Rhodes. Nobody likes Sweet T...anywhere. Cody's moustache on the other hand...

5. The Shield beat Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan. We had heard Yes chants since we arrived at the arena and Bryan is always so over here its unreal. Taker's pop was simply huge and the shields heat was pretty decent considering everybody we passed in the lobby was encouraging us to 'believe in the Shield!!!'

6. Fandango beat William Regal. The Fandangoing was running rampant all evening and when the man himself came out, the place went nuts. Who were they possibly going to have him wrestle here to gain any heat whatsoever...regal. Regal is like a wrestling god here in England, so even though we loved his theme tune, and had waited for him all night, Fandango got the heat hes been craving.

7. AJ won a battle royal for a Divas title shot. Kinda obvious where this was going, so nobody was really surprised that AJ got the win.

Notes: All in all, a great night. However, the show lacked its usual star power by hosting a Smackdown house show the same night, which resulted in man wrestlers being used again and again to fill up time. But, like always, my brothers George, Connor, Kyal and myself are looking forward to returning next year.

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