4/18 Shore's WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage: Michael Cole to be knighted and Randy Orton vs. C.M. Punk in a WrestleMania 27 rematch

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Apr 18, 2011 - 08:00 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Raw on USA
Taped earlier in London, England.

[Q1] The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Michael Cole, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed us to Raw…R-Truth's music hit and he did his full ring entrance with the crowd. He drew a mixed response from London, but got the city name right.

Truth said he was very happy because he had been down a road for of trials and tribulations, but he was now in line to become the WWE Champion. He said he wasn't perfect, but he was the Truth. He said he was walking out of Extreme Rules as the champ and he would "the most fighting champion in the history of champions" He did the "truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth" line.

John Morrison's music hit and he came to the ring. They shook hands and Morrison congratulated him. Morrison said Truth got to hang out with Lady Luck last week. He mentioned Nexus and Miz and Alex Riley getting involved. Morrison said he was lucky to get through his matches considering the shape he was in. Truth said he was in good shape.

Morrison showed a video of Truth taking a sip of water while John Cena made his ring entrance last week. Truth said anybody who wrestled three people would want a sip of water. Morrison said Truth was in great shape for a guy who smoked. Truth admitted he was a smoker and said he was trying to quit.

Truth said Morrison was just trying to get in his head to get him to challenge him for his PPV spot. Morrison said he accepted and said the Draft was next week and this could be their last chance to compete for the spot. Truth finally agreed and asked for a bottle of water and a cigarette. Morrison said he forgot to ask for luck. A ref ran out to start the match…

1. John Morrison defeated R-Truth and will compete for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules at 6:59. They bumped around for one minute and then Truth went to the floor. He got the bottle of water and took a sip and poured a little on his head…[C]

Shore's Slant: That was the best mic work we've ever heard from Morrison, but it was overshadowed by how stupid Truth looked. Dear lord they booked him to look like the biggest dumbass on the planet.

[Q2] Back from commercial, they traded arm drags and squared off. R-Truth took quick control. Truth hit a suplex lift into a stunner type move for two. He went for the axe kick, but Morrison moved. Morrison went for a springboard splash, but Truth moved. Truth jumped at him for his Pay Dirt move, but Morrison held the ropes and slammed Truth down. He followed with Starship Pain for the win.

Post-match, Morrison looked sad and tried to help Truth up. Truth looked dejected and refused the help. Morrison climbed up on a turnbuckle to celebrate. Truth started to leave, but turned around and slammed Morrison to the mat. He hit a running knee that sent Morrison to the floor.

Truth went to the floor and hit another running knee into the barrier. Truth grabbed Morrison why he did that to him. He held him like a baby and said he was sorry and then started to help him walk off. Instead he shoved him to the ground and took a water bottle from the announce table. He took a sip and then hit Morrison with it. A "R-Truth sucks" chant broke out. He stood Morrison up and hit his finisher on the floor.

Truth asked who had a smoke to the fans at ringside. He took a pack from some fan and lit up. The crowd booed and then chanted "That's illegal." He went over to Morrison and blew smoke on him…[C]

Shore's Slant: If that was all just to turn Truth then that was a long way to go for a guy no one seems to care about. I think he's got a better shot as a heel, but the whole thing was just poorly done. In other words, right result all the way around, bad storytelling all the way around. Am I watching Lockdown again?

[Q3] The WWE Draft was hyped for next week…A video recapped the beat down on Morrison from Truth…Evan Bourne was in the ring and Vickie Guerrero came out and did her bit. She introduced the "new and improved" Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler came out with his hair cut short and brown…

2. Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Evan Bourne at 2:11. Vickie got in Bourne's face and laughed just before the start. Bourne started with a flying head scissor and went to the top, but Ziggler dropkicked him out of the air for a near fall and took control.

Bourne fought back with kicks and a knee. He went to the top for AirBourne, but Ziggler moved. Bourne landed on his feet, but Ziggler hit the Zig Zag immediately for the win…

The announce team did a commercial for WWE All Stars, and then Michael Cole announced he was getting knighted…[C]

Shore's Slant: Fun match, but it was just too short. Bourne has been shoved back down to enhancement talent at this point, so the win doesn't mean much with Ziggler either. And I'm not so sure about the new look.

A video recapped Sin Cara's debut match with Primo last week. The announce team hyped him vs. Alex Riley for next…A f-ing awesome Edge video aired that you should all go and see. It was announced that Alberto Del Rio would be hosting a retirement party for Edge on Smackdown.

[Q4] Miz's music hit and he and Riley made their way to the ring in their new Awesome Baseball T's. Miz said he had spent the past week he had been preparing to face Cena and a hip hop refugee, but now he had to face Cena and Morrison, and it had to be in a cage.

Miz put over how many different ways he could lose the match and he got screwed. He told Riley to get him a chair. He set it in the middle of the ring and said he wouldn't win until the GM made it right. Lawler yelled, "Boring," at Miz…[C]

Back from commercial, Miz was still talking. He said at the end of the Extreme Rules match he would still be WWE Champion. He started to do his catch phrase, but Sin Cara's music cut him off. He did his ring entrance and hit the trampoline spot perfect. He even acted excited!

Miz and Riley got in the ring and stared down Sin Cara. They started to close on him and John Cena's music hit. He ran to the ring and took his shirt off. The GM's bell sounded and Cole read the email from his iPad. The GM changed the match to a tag match involving all four men…

3. John Cena and Sin Cara vs. Alex Riley and The Miz. Riley and Cena started. Cena attacked and hit several headlock take downs. He slammed Riley and the heels went to the floor to regroup…

Shore's Slant: Jerry Lawler gave away the change by saying, "I think Cena wants this changed to a tag match," just before the GM made it. Lame.

[Q5] Back from commercial, Miz and Riley had Cena isolated in their corner. Miz got the hot tag to Sin Cara who flew around the ring. He took out both men for a moment, but Riley dropped him on the apron when the ref had his back turned.

Riley tagged in and hit a double suplex with Miz. He hit a running clothesline and tagged Miz back in. Miz went for his clothesline in the corner, but Sin Cara moved. Both men got hot tags and Cena hit the five moves of doom. He punched Miz and Miz left the ring as Cena hit the AA and then tagged in Sin Cara who hit a second rope slingshot moonsault for the win…

Michael Cole hyped his knighting for later, as was Randy Orton vs. C.M. Punk…[C]

Shore's Slant: That's the definition of a "get all your spots in match." Candy for London, if you will. Sin Cara was very impressive. Very impressive.

Another "Amazing Kong" video aired, and they clearly showed her face, though not her eyes. She had a new, brunette doll, and ripped the legs off before laughing again…

4. Eve defeated Nikki Bella at 1:47. During their entrance, Brie cut a promo and said her rematch with Eve may never happen because Eve might get drafted to Smackdown next week. I thought the Diva's title was crossbranded? Anyway, Eve tied Nikki to the Tree of Whoa and tried for a baseball slide. Nikki sat up and Eve…well, she just stopped sliding and sold it. Brie ran over and botched slamming her leg on the apron. Dear god.

[Q6] Eve hit a springboard kick thing and then hit a fisherman suplex for the win…Michael Cole took the mic before Eve was finished celebrating and interrupted. He said his knighting was next...[C]

Shore's Slant: I spelled it Whoa on purpose. The only Woe in that match was in its execution. Please god, please let Kong debut next week and kill all these Barbie Dolls. Please god, please.

Michael Cole was in the ring and introduced his trainer and friend, Jack Swagger. Swagger came out in a suit, carrying a royal robe. He put the robe on Cole and opened a big scroll. He said, "Hear ye, hear ye." He read from the scroll and said after tonight he would be known as "Sir" Michael Cole. Jack Swagger introduced Queen Elizabeth.

An astonishing Queen Elizabeth look alike (at least from far away) made her way to the ring with two security guards. A huge, "Who are ya?" chant broke out. Cole knelt on a stool and the "Queen" knighted him. Cole stood up and kissed the "Queen" on the mouth.

The "Queen" left the ring and Cole tried to get the crowd to chant "Sir Michael Cole," but they yelled "Sucks" on the clap. Cole said they were all his peasants, and he wanted the two peasants, JR and Lawler to come to the ring and kiss his feet.

He took his shoe off and he had some fungus thing from makeup (I hope). Lawler and JR got in the ring, but Swagger beat the hell out of Lawler.

[Q7] JR went after Cole, but Swagger attacked him from behind and told him to kiss Cole's foot. JR said, "Go to hell." Swagger slapped the ankle lock on JR until JR kissed the nasty foot…[C]

Shore's Slant: I have not looked in the forum, but those members who listen to my Q&A are laughing themselves stupid right now. And I hate all of you. Stupid segment that really need to be done. Cole has all the heat he needs, and this was just too campy.

Santino made his ring entrance to a hot pop as Michael Cole and Josh Matthews checked in on commentary as they showed Cole's nasty ass foot again and Cole said it was athlete's foot.

Shore's Slant: I hope Jason Powell loses his ass in Vegas. I hate feet.

Sheamus's music hit and he came to the ring and said the last time they were in London he was embarrassed by Santino's tea party. He said he was going to get his revenge before the draft to make sure he could…

5. Sheamus defeated Santino Marella at 3:36. Sheamus squashed Santino from the start. Santino ducked a corner splash and started to setup the Cobra. He sold being beat up instead, and Sheamus hit the brough kick for the win.

Cole and Matthews narrated a video that recapped the Morrison beat down from Truth earlier…Randy Orton and C.M. Punk were shown heading towards the ring…[C]

Shore's Slant: So they are rebuilding Sheamus by sending him through the guys who helped bury him? OK, I can go with that. It's at least different.

[Q8] Punk and Orton made their entrances…

6. Randy Orton defeated C.M. Punk at 15:39. Nexus was banned from ringside for the match. Competing Punk/Orton chants broke out as Orton took control and beat Punk down in the corner. Orton hit the scoop slam and setup for the RKO. He went for it, but Punk shoved him off and Orton sold it as a head injury…[C]

Back from commercial, Punk hit a body slam and a knee drop for two. Punk continued to work his offense on Orton and locked in a figure four head lock.

[Overrun] Punk broke when Orton bit his hand. He whipped Orton to the corner and hit the high knee. He tried for the bulldog, but Orton hit a back suplex. Orton his hit backbreaker and Punk rolled to the apron. He hit a hangman and followed with a springboard clothesline for two.

Punk mouthed, "What do I have to do?" and went to the top. Orton ran up and hit a top rope superplex for two. Punk rolled to the apron again, and Orton hooked for his DDT. Punk reversed into the GTS lift. Orton reversed into an RKO attempt. Punk hit a roundhouse kick for a great nearfall. Punk went nuts and lifted him for the GTS. Orton escaped and hooked a rollup for the win.

Post-match, Nexus ran out and destroyed Orton. Mason did his version of the Rock Bottom. Otunga and McGillicutty both approached Orton and Ryan shoved them away and said Orton was his. He backed up in the corner and hulked up for a punt kick.

Punk stopped him and said it was a good idea, but Orton was his. Ryan told him to back off. Punk grabbed him by the throat and pointed at the Nexus band. Ryan finally moved and Punk setup. He charged, but Orton hit an RKO and escaped the ring before Nexus could do anything. Punk went nuts as the show went off…

Shore's Slant: I gotta say, I'm not sure how I feel about this. They did a good job of telling a story with Punk unable to beat Orton, but I'm not sure how it ties all together. There's a number of ways they could go from here. Some good, others not so much. I guess I'll have to see what the next move is to decide for sure.

Of course I am a little brain dead after today. I have a new found respect of what Jason Powell does here every day. I still hope he loses his ass tonight because of the foot thing, but oh well. I will have more to say tomorrow on the hitlist and Member's exclusive Raw audio review. Thanks for reading and I will see you then.

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