3/21 Kester's WWE Main Event Live Coverage Review: Antonio Cesaro vs. Kane and The Bella Twins vs. Cameron and Naomi

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Mar 27, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

Main Event on ION Network
Taped 3/26/12 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

[Q1] Daniel Bryan joined Michael Cole and The Miz on commentary.

Antonio Cesaro yodeled on his way to the ring in an effort to bring some culture to America.

1. Antonio Cesaro vs. Kane (w/ Daniel Bryan) in a non-title match. The two men tried to overpower each other to start, and Kane got the better of Cesaro until Cesaro was able to drag Kane into a turnbuckle.

Cesaro went to the drop rope and jumped for a flying chop, but Kane countered with uppercut. Kane put Cesaro in a nerve pinch as the show went to its first commercial… [C]

Back from the break, Cesaro took control after hitting a high knee on Kane. Cesaro began going through his move set while mixing in some celebratory yodeling.

Kane began making his comeback and went for his flying clothesline only to eat a European uppercut from Cesaro…

[Q2] [C] Back from another break, Cesaro yodeled as he had Kane in a rest hold. Kane battled out and attempted a chokeslam, but Cesaro countered with a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro ran the ropes and got caught in a tilt-o-whirl powerslam from Kane.

Kane went for and hit his flying clothesline. He called for a chokeslam but AJ's music hit and she skipped around the ring. Cesaro tried to capitalize on the distraction with a Neutralizer, but Kane backdropped Cesaro and hit a chokeslam for the pinfall victory.

Kane defeated Antonio Cesaro in 17:11.

Cole and Miz recapped Jack Swagger's attacks on Ricardo Rodriguez from the past two weeks…

Ryan's Reaction: Good match with plenty of back and forth action, but the two commercials really killed the pacing. Cesaro's yodeling was more annoying than heat-generating; I don't want to see him turn into a comedy act, and his yodeling was intentionally bad.

A brief recap of Triple H's promo on Raw aired…

[Q3] Cole and Miz discussed Wade Barrett and Miz announced that he would get a shot at Wade Barrett's Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania…

Matt Striker asked Sheamus discussed Big Show joining Sheamus and Randy Orton against The Shield at WrestleMania. Sheamus said he was a bit hasty last week and that if he and his two teammates could be on the same page for one night, then The Shield would be in for the fight of their life…

Naomi and Cameron introduced Brodus Clay and Sweet T as "Tons of Funk." The four did their full entrance as the show went to commercial… [C]

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes made their entrance and mocked Tons of Funk for their weight. Sandow introduced The Bella Twins as the women that would bring class back to the Diva's division.

2. The Bella Twins vs. Cameron and Naomi. Cameron started the match with one of the Bellas and controlled the action briefly, but the Bella managed to capitalize when her sister distracted Cameron.

The Bellas took control and worked a series of quick tags to wear down Cameron. Ceameron eventually got the hot tag to Naomi, who took a Bella out with a flurry of offence. Cody hopped on the apron and Naomi slapped his mustache twice. A Bella took advantage of the distraction and botched a roll-up to win the match…

The Bellas defeated Cameron and Naomi in 3:51

Ryan's Reaction: That was painful. All four women are rather green and there were botched throughout the entire match. I tend to be rather forgiving with botches because mistakes do happen, but this match never got out of first gear due to them.

[Q4] [C] A replay of the Raw-closing Q&A session between The Rock, John Cena, and a host of WWE Legends aired…

Ryan's Reaction: This show started well with a solid match, but the latter half was all WrestleMania infomercial and a forgettable Diva's tag match. I completely understand that this is a wise move for WrestleMania season, but it still didn't make for the best Main Event. Thanks for following along with me tonight.

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