3/1 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review: How do you do social interactivity on a taped show? Plus, we get Alberto Del RIo, Fandango, Big Show and Randy Orton making appearances

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Mar 1, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review
Taped 2/26 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

[Q1] The WWE Narrator recapped Orton and Sheamus pulling one over on The Shield, and made a plug for Social Smackdown. Ricardo Rodriguez was then introduced by Lilian Garcia, and then he announced Alberto Del Rio out to the ring. Jerry Lawler joined Michael Cole and Josh Mathews on commentary for Social Smackdown.

Damien Sandow then interrupted and busted Del Rio on his poor sentence structure and general poor understanding of English. He then said Ricardo Rodriguez is wearing a rented tux and carrying a spit bucket, which makes him look ridiculous. Sandow said he is the superior man because he is only accompanied by his good looks, his robe, and the gazes of the unwashed masses.

Del Rio said since Sandow wanted to talk about unwashed, he should wash his mouth because it smells like caca. Apparently that's edgy humor in WWE these days.

Alberto Del RIo vs. Damien Sandow: The King made more bad jokes about Sandow's breath on commentary, while both men struggled for offense in the ring. Del Rio hit a few shoulder blocks and Sandow retreated to the apron. Apparently Alberto Del Rio is already trending, probably in Azerbaijan or something. Del Rio hit a body slam and a moonsault for a near fall, just in time for Cole to remind us that WWE's social media is brought to us by Sonic.

Sandow recovered and applied a head lock. Del Rio attempted escape but Sandow shoved him hard to the mat. Sandow then dropped two knees and covered for a two count. Del Rio hit a drop toe hold, and then rolled up Sandow for a near fall. Sandow attempted a top rope double axe handle but got a kick to the gut. Sandow rolled to the apron but got an eziguri for his trouble that sent him to the floor...[c]

A promo for Old School Raw airs, and then Cole plugged Triple H making an appearance on Monday. Sandow hit his Elbow of Disdain and covered for a near fall. Sandow hit some knees to the body and side, and then applied a chin lock.

[Q2] Del Rio recovered and hit a nice release German Suplex that had both men down on the mat. Both men got up and traded blows. Sandow missed a charge in the corner, and Del RIo hit a few clotheslines, and a tilt a whirl back breaker. Del Rio hit a superkick on Sandow, who got a close near fall. Del Rio fired up for the cross arm breaker, but Sandow avoided and hit a slam for a two count.

Del Rio recovered and tied Sandow up in the ropes. He hit blows to the kidneys and a back cracker for another near fall. He fired up the crowd again, but Sandow interrupted him and hit a rolling neck breaker for another near fall. Sandow worked some Muay Thai knees, and went for his Straight Jacket Neckbreaker finisher, but Del Rio reversed into a cross arm breaker for the win.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Damien Sandow at 12:40.

Del Rio celebrated and the announce crew plugged an interview with Jim Ross for later, and a Raw Rebound as next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: A very good match in ring, but Del Rio has got to do something more interesting with his promos. His juvenile humor is really ham fisted in it's delivery, and I found myself sympathizing more with what Sandow said than he did.

During the break, Del Rio was interviewed and backstage and said he wants to take on all new comers. He said he feels that he is a leader and he wants to send a positive message to fans and be a fighting champ. He then said since it's Social Media Smackdown, he'll let the fans choose his opponent next week on Smackdown via poll. The announce crew then introduced a recap of Punk vs. Cena from Raw. The recap focused on the momentum changes in the match, and had both guys promos interspersed throughout.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane were shown. Bryan said the only reason Kane beat the PrimeTime Players was because he had a blindfold on. Kane said that wasn't true at all. Bryan said he talked to Booker T and they have a rematch with Kane in a blindfold and Bryan with an arm behind. Kane said he would show he is the superior wrestler by winning, and that he was pleased he didn't have to look at Bryan's goat face.

Barnett's Brief: That was a better Raw Rebound than we've seen recently. They showed a lot of the key moments of the match, but it didn't feel like they were repeating too much. The Bryan and Kane stuff is tired to me.

[Q3] A Miz clip from The Marine 3 was shown as he made his ring entrance. Antonio Cesaro made his entrance next for two out of three falls match.

2. Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz: Rapid covers for both men getting one counts early. Miz rolled through a sunset flip and kicked Cesaro, who rolled to the outside. Miz hit a leg sweep and a knee breaker. Cesaro recovered with a high knee and a placed MIz in a chin lock. Miz hit a couple of kicks and a clothesline to take control for a moment. It didn't last long, because Cesaro picked Miz in a rack and then slammed him chest first on the mat. He hit the Neutralizer a moment later to win the first fall...[c]

Antonio Cesaro pinned Miz to win the first fall at 3:12.

Another promo for Old School Raw aired. The Miz picked up a fall during the break with the Figure Four exclusively on the WWE App. Cesaro worked a chin lock for a minute, and then Miz broke free and hit a kick. Miz then tackled Cesaro and rained punches on him. Cesaro slapped Miz, who fired up and hit clotheslines. He went for his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo, but Cesaro got free and hit a press european uppercut for a close near fall. Miz recovered and drop kicked the knee of Cesaro and hit a DDT for another near fall.

[Q4] Both men brawled around the ring, with The Miz getting the better of it. He then hit a running clothesline in the corner. Miz dove off the top and a hit a double axe handle. He went for the figure four and locked it in, but Cesaro fought and reached the ropes. Miz went right back at it again, but Cesaro shoved him and he hit the ref. They traded roll up reversals until Cesaro was back on top and used the tights to get the third fall and the victory.

Antonio Cesaro captured the third fall and the victory at 13:01.

Barnett's Brief: Good match, that suffered from having a fall during the break. A good effort that continues the feud.

JBL was shown climbing a mountain somewhere for charity. He was shown on skype and ripped on Cole. He's been missed on this show. Backstage, Orton and Sheamus were shown talking about the Shield. Sheamus offered to back up Orton later when he's out for his match. Orton waffled but eventually said thank you and accepted the offer, so Sheamus will back him up later in the show. JR made his ring entrance for his interview with Swagger and Colter...[c]

JBL was shown climbing a mountain somewhere for charity. He was shown on skype and ripped on Cole. He's been missed on this show. Backstage, Orton and Sheamus were shown talking about the Shield. Sheamus offered to back up Orton later when he's out for his match. Orton waffled but eventually said thank you and accepted the offer, so Sheamus will back him up later in the show. JR made his ring entrance for his interview with Swagger and Colter...[c]

A Fandango vignette aired that said he premiered tonight. Jim Ross was in the ring and said it was always great to be back home and plugged the OKC Thunder. Ross said he was there to tackle the most conteroversial issue he's witnessed in WWE, and then welcomed his guests Swagger and Colter. Everybody had a mic, and Jim Ross said he respected Jack Swagger's althetic ability and recruited him for WWE from Oklahoma University.

[Q5] Jim Ross brougth up Swagger taking a leave of absence, and then he came back a different man. Colter didn't allow Jack to answer and said he told Swagger the truth and motivated him to fix the real problems in America. Ross said he was directing his question to Swagger, and didn't know where Colter was coming from. Colter said he struggled to understand how Swagger could have gone on a losing streak, and said that it gave an opportunity to an outsider to take his position like Del Rio. Swagger just said "We the People."

Ross then tried to turn the subject to WrestleMania, but Colter interrupted again and said when the dust settles at WrestleMania, the Championship will be in the hands of a natural born citizen that speaks english. Colter said that this is their country, and they smell something stinking, and it's Alberto Del Rio. He claimed Swagger is fighting for the heart and soul of "our" country. Swagger again repeated "We the people."

Ross accused Swagger of being brainwashed. Colter again didn't allow him to speak. Colter said Ross knew Swagger in his formative years, so the brainwashing was on his end. Ross said that was preposterous and that Colter should exercise his right to remain silent. Colter told Ross that he should do the same or risk doing something he may regret later on. Swagger then knocked Ross's hat off and pushed him around. He also accused him of being a sympathizer. Del Rio then interrupted and picked up JR's hat.

He said that Colter and Swagger are the problem, and he is the solution. He said Jack is not a real American, and that he is a real jack-ass. The announce crew then said Cesaro, Barrett, and Ziggler are our choices for Del Rio's opponent for next week. They also plugged Orton vs. Big Show for the main event. Team Hell No then made their ring entrance for their match...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Colter and Swagger got the crowd fired up with their promo, but it still seems like they are just finding new ways to repeat themselves. Del Rio looked OK in response mostly because he didn't have to talk very much and got the save for JR. I was really hoping WWE would do something more interesting with this, but it appears I'm just thinking wishfully thus far.

A clip from Monday's original match between these teams was shown. The Prime Time Players were already in the ring. Then we got another Sonic promo at ringside. Ugh.

3. Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players: Kane wore a goat faced mask on his face. Young laid on the ground in front of Kane, who scanned the ring. Young continued to try to trip Kane, but he just punched him in the face. Titus used the whistle to lure Kane into the corner, but Young clipped him. Young climbed the ropes, but Kane walked into the ropes to knock him off.

[Q6] Kane got a tag to Bryan, who hit some kicks and a roll up for two. Titus then tagged in and hit a slam...[c]

Titus continued to beat up Bryan with punches. Bryan hit him with a kick as he charged, and then tagged in Kane. Kane used the crowd to point him towards Titus. He then hit punches and a hip toss, but Titus made a tag. Kane hit a chokeslam on Young, and then Bryan guided him into a tag. Kane mistook Bryan and the ref for the other team and grabbed them by the throat. He let them go eventually, but Titus rolled him up from behind for the surprise pin.

The Primetime Players defeated Team Hell No at 7:23.

After the match, Kane discovered the goat face on his mask and put it over Bryan's head and slapped him. They then showed another movie trailer for Halle Berry's WWE Film The Call. Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed Big Show. Show said it was WrestleMania season and time for him to make an impact. He asked what better way to make an impact than to chokeslam Randy Orton?

Chris Jericho joined the announce team via Skype. He said Fozzy was killing it on the soundwave tour. He plugged his Soundwave tour, and the replay of Robot Combat League right after Smackdown. He said he would be back to WWE soon. The announce team plugged a replay of the Lesnar/HHH brawl from Monday and Fandango as next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: How bout that tag division? WWE's commercials bleeding over into the broadcast has been really blatant and over the top this week. I hope this isn't a sign of the future for WrestleMania season.

[Q7] Backstage, Matt Striker introduced Fandango. Fandango corrected him on the pronunciation, and Striker butchered the pronunciation multiple times, and Fandango corrected him and told him to breathe the A's in. Striker asked him about his fighting style, and he said he memorized everything about the ballroom, and he was going to take his rythym and precision to the WWE. Striker said he would debut next against Zack Ryder, but he refused to wrestle until Striker said his name right.

They then replayed the Lesnar and Triple H brawl from Monday. They then showed a tout of Triple H asking Lesnar what he was going to do about the beating he gave him on Monday. The announce team then plugged the voting for Del Rio's opponent for next week once again, and then the main event as next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: The Fandango promo was different for sure, but I'm not sure the character really has a hook yet. It will remain to be seen how long the ballroom dancing metaphors can be stretched out. The replay of the Lesnar and Triple H brawl was nearly in it's entirety. I don't know why they couldn't cut it down a bit.

[Q8] The vote was revealed, and Dolph Zigger will take on Alberto Del Rio next week. Randy Orton then made his ring entrance. A clip was shown from Monday of Orton as he hit an RKO on Seth Rollins. Big Show then made his ring entrane.

4. Randy Orton vs. Big Show: Both men brawled around the ring to start. Orton climbed the turnbuckle for the ten punches cliche, but Show shoved him off at 8. Show hit some big punches to Orton's ribs in the corner. Both men traded more punches, but Show continued to get the better of it. Orton fired back with a nice drop kick that sent Big Show to ring side...[c]

Show continued to use his strikes to keep Orton grounded. Show then applied a wrist lock. Orton fought out briefly, but Show hit a side walk slam for a near fall. Show climbed the ropes and swung and missed on an elbow. Orton hit rapid punches. He then hit the ropes, but Show caught him for a choke slam. Show picked him up, but Orton reversed into a DDT.

Show rolled to the outside, but Orton followed and shoved him into the post. Orton caught show with a kick coming back into the ring, and hit a DDT with Show draped over the top rope. The Shield's music hit at this point, and they headed in from the crowd. Sheamus ran in like he promised. No bell has rang at this point. The Shield attacked and the bell rang. The Shield worekd over both Sheamus and Orton trading off double teams. Show knocked out Reigns, and stared at the rest of The Shield.

The Shield escaped, and Show choke slammed Orton. Sheamus then hit a Brogue Kick on Big Show to close the show....

Barnett's Brief: The way this ended made sense in the context of the story. I wonder if we get a 6 man match out of it with a dysfunctional team taking on The Shield once again. Overall, the show was paced pretty well, but we got a lot of infomercial type stuff again, and Del Rio and Swagger is still pretty formula. I'll have more to say with Chris Shore tomorrow on Smackdown Audio.

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