2/8 WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review: Talking, then Wrestling with Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, Jack Swagger and more

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Feb 8, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review
Taped 2/5 in Jacksonville, Florida

[Q1] The Narrator recapped who had won their way into the elimination chamber, and the Alberto Del Rio and Big Show confrontation that left Big Show laid out on Monday. A bus was then shown as it pulled up to the arena and Big Show tentatively exited and made his way backstage. The Smackdown introduction then played.

Big Show then made his way out to the ring after the intro. Big Show opened and said things around the WWE are completely unacceptable. He said he was sick of the double standards, and that he understands that people don’t like him. He asked if it was a crime to be unpopular, and then asked why it was ok for him to be forced to put his title up. Show then asked why it was ok for Del Rio to attack him in his hotel room. Show then said when you’re popular, you can do anything you want to. He then said he doesn’t get the fans. He’s a bad person because he fights like a man. He complained that Del Rio can attack him and get cheered. Show then said prior to Del Rio attacking him like a Mexican Clint Eastwood, he signed a World Heavyweight Championship contract for Elimination Chamber.

Show then explained that the only man responsible for this double standard is Booker T. He claimed that Booker T is jealous of his fame and his wrestling ability, and that he’s mad that Show is still a force in the ring while Booker pushes a pencil. Booker then interrupted and said that he didn’t understand what Big Show was complaining about. He blew his last rematch, and was still a bully for the way he treated Ricardo. Show then went on a rant about how Booker T or one of his flunkies gave Del Rio his hotel information. He then claimed that destroying Big Show’s career because he has to make everything about Booker T.

Booker claimed he was fair to everyone, and that he has suspended Del Rio. Show repeated himself and asked Booker who gave Del Rio his hotel information. Booker then said anyone at the hotel could have given the information, but Show doesn’t have to worry about him. He has to worry about his opponent. Show then ranted again about how he wasn’t dressed to wrestle, and that Booker is incompetent because he could have called or texted him. Booker then made a match between Big Show and Kane, and said if Kane wins he gets into the chamber match. Show bitched that he didn’t have time to prepare, but Booker said his catch phrase and walked off.

Mathews plugged that the main event of Raw would be replayed later on Smackdown???[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Well, this feud is turning into a swinging dick contest between Booker T and Big Show. I guess they are playing up the fact that Show has an iron clad contract and can mouth off. It would be more interesting if I didn’t think it was leading to match, but since it appears to be I’ll just cry to myself.

[Q2] Kofi Kingston made his entrance and skipped to the ring. Cody Rhodes then made his entrance and got a mustache chant right away.

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes: Cody and Kofi traded offense early until Cody got dumped to the outside. Kofi stopped himself from making a bad suicide dive and then kicked Cody on the apron. Cody avoided a charging Kofi, who got hung up in the ropes. Rhodes dominated offense for a few seconds with strikes until Kofi took control with a kick. He hit the boom drop and called for Trouble in Paradise. He charged up in the corner, but Rhodes avoided, but Kofi adjusted and hit a cross body for a two count from the top rope.

Rhodes used the ref as a distraction and flipped Kofi to the outside. He then followed up with a disaster kick as Kofi tried to re-enter. He followed up with CrossRhodes for the victory.

Cody Rhodes defeated Kofi Kingston at 3:25.

Barnett’s Brief: Good match. Did Kofi fart during a team building exercise or something?

A clip was shown from Monday where Daniel Bryan cost Kane a match with Sheamus from Monday. Another clip was then shown from Main Event where Kane cost Bryan a win against Damien Sandow. Bryan walked up to Kane on Monday, and said he wasn’t there to argue. Kane said apology accepted, but told him to get out. Bryan said he was worried that Kane was mad about him already being in the elimination chamber match. Bryan ran down ways that he would be helpful to Kane if he went to ringside for his match with Big Show later. Kane refused and said he was two seconds away from annihilating him. He said he would chokeslam Big Show to hell later on.

Mathews plugged another Raw clip, this time from Brock Lesnar…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Daniel Bryan is the snipey wife, and Kane is the angry husband barely holding back his urge to commit an act of domestic violence.

[Q3] Another replay of Vince McMahon getting rag dolled by Brock Lesnar was shown. JBL reminded us that it was the most horrific thing that he’d ever seen. Mathews said McMahon had hip replacement surgery, and was resting comfortably at home. They then showed another clip of Miz TV from this past Monday. JBL said no one has ever stopped Brock Lesnar (John Cena and several UFC competitors notwithstanding), and he doubts anyone ever will. They then aired Bruno Sammartino’s Hall of Fame video.

The Great Khali made his ring entrance with Natalya and Hornswoggle…[c]

Titus O’Neil was shown dancing. Then we got a match.

2. Khali vs. Titus O’Neil: Khali hit some slaps in the corner. He tried to get the crowd to shush, but they were already quiet. Teddy Long and Booker T were shown backstage watching the match. O’Neill charged up and knocked Khali. He got in a bit more offense and then hit a chop for the win.

The Great Khali defeated Titus O’Neil at 1:23.

[Q4] Mark Henry made his way to the wrong and tossed Titus off the apron. He then threw Titus into the barricade and jawed at him. Henry then climbed into the ring, but Khali made first strike. Henry got a few blows in, but Khali chopped him away. Henry recovered and hit a splash in the corner. He then planted Khali with the World’s Strongest Slam…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Holy crap Mark Henry is awesome. That was impressive picking up Khali, at least visually. The match was awful, but Henry looks as mean as ever.

A replay of Mark Henry’s attack was shown. Henry had a mic and said the Hall of Pain is now open. He said he is bent on destruct. He asked if there were any questions. He said Khali, Titus, Rey and Sin Cara didn’t have questions. Henry then introduced a clip from Monday. Henry yelled that it is what he does. He said all of this could have been avoided. He said it was Booker T’s fault, because he assembled an elite group of World Champions, but he forgot him. He yelled and asked how do you forget the strongest man that ever lived. He then said he needed an explanation, because he can’t wrap his head around it. He demanded Booker T walk out and answer him, because he would walk to the back and destroy the entire Smackdown roster.

Booker T finally walked out and said he can’t come back and bum rush the scene, because it wouldn’t impress he and Teddy. Henry said it looked like there wasn’t room in the elimination chamber for the World’s Strongest Man. He said if Booker didn’t make room, he would, and Booker knew what that meant. Booker said he was a former World Champion, but Booker needed to know if he could still go. Henry laughed, and Booker went on and said if he could beat Randy Orton later in the show, he’d be in the Elimination Chamber. Big Show was shown backstage as he berated his Bus Operator and said he needed to get the thermostat right and to cook his steak “Pittsburgh Style”. Big Show walked back into the arena, and Del Rio was shown sneaking around by his bus.

Barnett’s Brief: Solid promo from Henry. He seems to be replacing Big Show as they angry heel.

Kane was then shown in the ring, and Big Show made his ring entrance. A clip was then shown of Monday where Del Rio and Big Show fought at his hotel.

3. Kane vs. Big Show: They traded punches early, and both men went to the outside. Big Show tossed Kane into the steps and then wrapped his knee around the post. Show then continued to work the knee on the ground. Kane eventually broke free, but walked right into a Big Show spear…[c]

Show dropped a splash from the corner on Kane. He went up to hit a second, but Kane moved. Kane got to his feet and both men traded punches. They both grabbed each other’s throats. Kane pushed away and hit a DDT coming off the ropes. Kane then hit a clothesline from the top rope, but sold his knee injury. He then walked into a KO Punch from the Big Show, who then pinned him for the victory.

Big Show defeated Kane at 6:42.

Del Rio was shown backstage with Del Rio’s van guy. Del Rio said he made friends with the bus operator, and he helped him make some changes to Big Show’s bus. Del Rio said the operator told him everything, and asked him to come backstage and look at his changes. When Big Show arrived, his bus was on blocks. He bitched and complained and leaned up against the bus, but Del Rio dumped orange paint on him from the top of the bus. Show cried some more, and Ricardo and Del Rio honked at him from a tow truck, and said if he needed some tires they knew a guy…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: This is starting to play out like a Saturday Morning Cartoon based on Mexican stereotypes.

Jack Swagger made his ring entrance. A PIP promo was shown where Swagger said real Americans don’t take handouts, or wait for something to be given to them. They take what they want. Justin Gabriel was already in the ring.

[Q6] 4. Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel: Swagger hit knees to the chest early. Gabriel tried to roll him up, but Swagger escaped and turned him inside out with a clothesline. Swagger took Gabriel out of the corner with a huge toss over his shoulder. He then hit a Swagger Bomb out of the corner. He backed and charged again and ate a boot to the face. Swagger rolled to the outside. Gabriel tried to jump at him, but Swagger caught him and sent him into the apron. Swagger hit a gutwrench Power Bomb, followed by the Ankle Lock for the win.

Jack Swagger defeated Justin Gabriel at 3:13.

WWE Superstars were shown at an event for the WWE Reading Superstar campaign. Pretty cool stuff. The announcers hyped Henry vs. Orton for the Main Event…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Swagger’s American American gimmick is played out. I know the guy has been gone for a few months, but I’m not sure it was the best plan to reintroduce him with the same gimmick.

A Fandango promo video aired, and it’s just as weird as ever. 3MB was shown in the ring, with McIntyre going one on one with Tensai, who was already in the ring. Tensai’s Raw Roulette video was shown for the 80th time.

5. Tensai vs. Drew McIntyre: McIntyre took advantage of a Slater distraction to hit a clothesline and a big boot. Tensai surged back with a clothesline and headbutts. Tensai hit his chokeslam and then 3MB rushed the ring to interfere for the DQ. Brodus ran out and aided in clearing 3MB from the ring.

Tensai defeated McIntyre by DQ at 1:19.

After the match, Tensai danced with the Funkadactyls and Brodus…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: That whole segment is a love letter to Vince McMahon’s sense of humor.

[Q7] Sin Cara made his ring entrance, followed by Antonio Cesaro.

6. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara: Sin Cara hit a couple of very lucha arm drags. He tried a third off the turnbuckle, but Cesaro crotched him. Cesaro hit a gutwrench suplex, followed by a double stomp. He worked chin lock, but Sin Cara escaped and hit a sweet sunset flip. He followed up with a head scissors that sent Cesaro to the outside. Sin Cara hit a suicide dive, but Cesaro caught him with a European uppercut. Cesaro followed up with the Neutralizer for the win.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Sin Cara at 2:11.

Randy Orton was interviewed with Matt Striker post-match. He said Henry has been on the shelf for 9 months. Orton said it was a good plan for Henry to come back and attack people, because he thought he could get whatever he wants by putting people out. Orton said tonight would be a road block, and if Henry wasn’t careful he’d put him back on that shelf.

Barnett’s Brief: Good but short match between Cesaro and Sin Cara. Orton have a very Randy Orton promo, which was what it was. You’ve seen it before.

The Miz was shown backstage with Matt Striker. Miz said he’s been in the ring with the baddest superstars, but he saw something different in Brock Lesnar, something Lethal. Cesaro walked, and said only in America can a guy stick his nose in other people’s business, get beat up, and then complain about it. Miz then said that maybe he should stick his nose where it does belong, and he then assaulted Cesaro until refs pulled them apart.

[Q8] A Shield Promo video was aired, followed by footage of Monday’s Raw with Brad Maddox and the Shield, plus JC and the Sunshine Gang’s confrontation with them. They then showed exclusive footage from from what happened when Raw went off the air. They showed footage of Cena as he announced that he, Sheamus and Ryback would take on the Shield at Elimination Chamber…[c]

Randy Orton made his ring entrance, followed by Mark Henry.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton: Henry forced Orton into the corner. Randy evaded a strike and turned things around. Orton hit some punches of his own, until Henry hit an elbow that staggered him. Henry jawed at him and tossed him to ringside. Henry continued the verbal assault. He picked up Orton to ram him into the post, but it backfired. Orton crawled into the ring, and Henry got up angry. Orton got on the turnbuckle, and Henry swatted him to the outside. Henry made a cover back in the ring for a two count.

Henry stood on Orton against the ropes, and then applied a nerve hold. Orton battled to his feet and hit some punches, but Henry quickly fired back. Orton eventually won the punch and kick exhibition and hit a DDT from the second rope. Orton went for the RKO, but Henry pushed him away and splashed him in the corner. He followed up with the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton at 4:48.

Barnett’s Brief: Not an all time classic, but this was a good win for Henry. I think it could have been better with more time, if Henry is ready for it at this point. The chamber should be more interesting with him in it, that’s for sure. It looks to be shaping up into a decent match, so I think we’re going to get a great PPV despite the short build.

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