2/12 Zim's WWE NXT Review: The Wyatt Family return, Sami Zayn and Cesaro exchange words, Emma, Natalya, and Bayley vs. Summer Rae, Sasha Banks, and Alicia Fox

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Feb 13, 2014 - 09:40 AM

By Zack Zimmerman

Aired February 12, 2014 on Hulu Plus
Taped January 8, 2014 at Full Sail University

The opening video played… The babyface trio of Natalya, Emma, and Bayley made their way to the ring to Nattie's music. Tom Phillips, William Regal, Alex "Adamle Bad" Riley, and Renee Young checked in on commentary. The BFF's and Alicia Fox were out next to Summer Rae's music. Tom Phillips said Alicia Fox was in the initiation process of becoming a BFF.

1. Natalya, Emma, and Bayley vs. Summer Rae, Sasha Banks, and Alicia Fox (w/Charlotte). A graphic appeared on the screen for NXT Arrival on February 27 and Tom Phillips announced that Paige would be defending the NXT Women's Title on that show against Emma. Sasha Banks briefly took control of Natalya but Nattie came back seconds later and hit a double hip toss with Bayley. Bayley used a monkey flip out of the corner on Alicia Fox, but Fox caught her with a dropkick seconds later and took control. [C]

The BFFs had control of Bayley while A-Ry sexually harassed Renee Young and Emma simultaneously on commentary. Renee made it clear that she had her eye on William Regal, and Regal her. Alicia Fox hit a great bridging northern lights for a two count and continued to isolate Bayley. Summer tagged in and continued to work over Bayley arrogantly. The crowd rallied and Bayley hit a suplex on Summer before breaking free and making the tag.

Emma came in hot and A-Ry called her honey. "You're really pushing it," Renee said. Emma knocked Sasha and Summer off the apron, but walked into a boot from Fox. Fox went to tag out, but Summer and Sasha backed up the ramp. "Forget you," yelled Summer. Emma took Fox down and hooked in the Emma Lock, forcing her to submit…

Emma, Bayley, and Natalya beat Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, and Sasha Banks in about 7:00.

Scott Stanford hyped Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English coming up next… The Wyatt Family appeared on screen and a graphic revealed they would be appearing later in the show… A video package hyped NXT Arrival on February 27 at 8pm Eastern, exclusively on the WWE Network…

Zim Says: That didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The action was fine yet forgettable, and I'd hoped for more. The finish was predictable and an easy out that continued Emma's momentum, but resolved nothing with the BFF's. It's starting to seem like they keep dragging this out because they're not sure what else to do.

Aiden English walked onto the stage and requested his spotlight before singing himself to the ring to another new song. He went back to finishing with the "WWE" delivery. Big Cass was out next. A replay showed English going after the wheelchair-bound Enzo Amore two weeks ago, and Cassady costing English his match against Tyson Kidd last week.

2. Aiden English vs. Colin Cassady. Cassady hit a right hand and a bodyslam before English took control and began to wear the big man down. English used multiple neckbreakers but missed a jumping leg drop and Cassady fired back with right hands. Cassady went for another slam, but English clipped the knee and hit the Director's Cut for the win.

Aiden English pinned Colin Cassady in about 2:20.

The crowd chanted for an encore, but English simply walked up the ramp and took a bow; no roses this week… [C]

Zim Says: Mediocre match. Cassady is really limited in the ring and they're not doing anything to protect him. English isn't gaining as much as Cassady is losing.

Sami Zayn made his entrance in street clothes and the crowd broke out in a loud, unified "Ole" chant. Zayn took a mic and said that he's not proud to come out and admit how many times he's watched over the tape of his match with Cesaro. He said he's lost sleep over it. He said his who career has been about moving forward; facing the next challenge, but for the first time, he's stuck. He said he's stuck on a moment, but no matter how many times he watches it, he can't pinpoint that moment. He said he doesn't know what he did wrong, and then was interrupted by Cesaro's music.

Cesaro walked down to the ring and said that there was never a moment. He said there was absolutely nothing Zayn could've done to make any difference whatsoever. Cesaro said that match would always be a Cesaro win, "because I'm better than you." Cesaro said that it doesn't mean Zayn won't have a great career. "You'll gave a great career, down here" Cesaro condescended. Cesaro said that he and Zayn had known each other for a long time and he's telling him to get over it. He said that the match is a microcosm of Zayn's career – close but no cigar.

Zayn said that they do know each other well, whether fans realize it or not. Not just from their best of three falls match, not just from Zayn's debut, but from years before all over the world. He said Cesaro has always been a workhorse and a true competitor. He said Cesaro is on Raw, SmackDown, and the live tour. He commended Cesaro for being at NXT when other guys didn't want to be. He said that Cesaro says he'll face anyone, anywhere, anytime, but for some reason is ducking another match with Zayn. Someone in the crowd yelled "Sawft." Funny.

Cesaro said he doesn't understand why he can't get it through Zayn's head that he's better than Zayn. He asked how many times he had to beat Zayn to prove it, and Zayn answered "just once." The crowd chanted "one more time," and Zayn said that it's Cesaro's chance to prove to everyone what Cesaro already knows. "Or," Zayn said, "Maybe you're afraid." Zayn said that they bring out the best in each other, and maybe Cesaro's best isn't enough to beat Zayn again.

Cesaro asked if Zayn's knee was medically cleared. Zayn told him not to worry about it. Cesaro said that he wants Zayn's word that there will be no excuses when he beats Zayn again. Zayn gave his word and extended his hand, but the Full Sail crowd chanted "pinkie promise." Both men extended their pinkie fingers, but before they sealed it, Cesaro said the answer was still no, before delivering a kick to Zayn's bad knee and slipping out of the ring.

As Cesaro backed up the ramp, Triple H's music hit and he walked onto the stage. The crowd chanted "best for business," and for once, that saying applies perfectly. Triple H said that Cesaro might not want the match, but it sure sounds like they do. He said more importantly than that, he wants to see it too. He said that Zayn will be medically cleared by February 27, which means that Sami Zayn will face Antonio Cesaro at NXT Arrival…

The graphic once again hyped the Wyatts' upcoming appearance… [C]

Zim Says: NXT doesn't feature many extended in-ring promo exchanges at all, and this was a great example of how effective they can be when used sparingly. This segment was arguably the best promo work we've seen from either guy and was a memorable lead-up segment to their match. I'm curious to see if the match remains as-is or if it becomes best of three falls.

Back from break, Tye Dillinger was in the ring awaiting his opponent. CJ Parker was out next.

3. CJ Parker vs. Tye Dillinger. The crowd chanted for the "purple guy," and when he took control of Parker, it switched to "purple power." Parker used a snapmare takeover and a jumping back senton to take momentum. Parker used an airplane spin and hit the Third Eye for the win.

CJ Parker defeated Tye Dillinger in about 1:15.

Parker was less animated and more serious than usual. He took a mic and asked "Why don’t you people love me?" He asked if they knew what he did for this planet; he reduces, reuses, and recycles. He said he scoots around in a Ford Fiesta that gets 40 mpg because he cares for Mother Earth, and all of the "sheep-le" boo him for that.

He said he should be booing them, they're the ones melting his ice caps, burning up his ozone, cutting down his trees, poaching his animals, and spilling their oil everywhere. The [expletive deleted] in Florida started a "U.S.A." chant. Make it stop. Parker said the people are incapable of loving; "Incapable of loving the Moonchild, incapable of loving the Earth, and incapable of loving yourselves." Parker said that from this moment forward, the Moonchild doesn't love them either…

The Wyatt graphic revealed that they were coming up next… [C]

Zim Says: A few weeks ago on our NXT Audio, Darren Gutteridge joked that this was a way to turn the character heel. Well, now I'm just conflicted because I agree with everything Parker had to say. If you don’t believe in climate change, you're an idiot. If you don’t recycle, you're accelerating the decay of the planet. If you think fossil fuels are the most reasonable forms of energy, shame on you. I try to eat fair-trade/humane food and keep my footprint minimal whenever possible. Does that make me a heel too?

The Wyatt Family's music hit and the crowd exploded, but fell to silence while they walked to the ring (likely due to them swaying their arms).

Zim Says: I really wish I had thought of the term "Sway Wyatting" when The Wyatt's were still in NXT. Missed opportunity.

4. Luke Harper and Erik Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) vs. Jason Jordan and Marcus Lewie The crowd broke out in a "welcome back" chant as the Wyatt's went right to work on Lewie. Rowan whipped Harper to knock Jordan off the apron, and then Rowan crushed Lewie in the corner. Harper hit the discus clothesline and scored the pinfall.

The Wyatt Family beat Jason Jordan and Marcus Lewie in about 1:00.

Post-match, Bray entered the ring and had Harper and Rowan hold Jordan. Wyatt did his back arch in the corner before planting Jordan with Sister Abigail. They stacked one man on the other and Wyatt cut a promo. He said that the world had become victim to his poisons, but they never forgot where they came from. Big pop for that. Wyatt said NXT has and always will belong to the Wyatt Family. "Follow the buzzards," Wyatt closed along with the crowd. Their blip flashed on the screen and just like that, the show ended.

Zim Says: Fun close. Not much to it and nothing relevant about it, but it was nice to see the Family back in the NXT arena with the fans that are so passionately into the characters. Nobody who's appeared on NXT TV - from the main roster on down – comes across as big of stars as the Wyatt's do. It's really cool.

Overall, this show felt much more paced out and less cluttered than recent editions have. I think this might be the first episode of NXT I recommend watching exclusively for the promo work. Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro had a good exchange, (political feelings aside) CJ Parker's character made some interesting (?) developments, and The Wyatt Family was just the cherry on top. Just having finished watching the show, I have virtually no memories of the in-ring action that happened. The six-diva tag wasn't what I expected, leaving me let down by the only match on the show that had potential. It's disappointing to see someone as talented as Tye Dillinger being used in a jobber role, but at least he's on TV. We've seen them transition characters from jobber roles before, so fingers crossed. Just check it out this week for the mic work.

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