1/23 Shore's WWE Main Event live coverage: Antonio Cesaro vs. Ryback

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Jan 23, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Main Event on ION
Taped on 1/22 in Sacramento, California.

[Q1] The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Michael Cole and The Miz opened the show from ringside. They setup the Royal Rumble by the numbers video…Backstage, Matt Striker asked Ryback about getting ready for the Rumble. Ryback said as someone who feeds on more, the Rumble was his for the taking. Striker asked if he meant devour and then said it was a joke when Ryback looked at him.

Ryback said Cesaro was his tune up and when he was done, the Swiss miss would look like Swiss cheese. He looked at Striker and said that was a joke. Striker laughed, but Ryback got in his face. He said, "I can be funny too," and left, leaving Striker looking scared…

Cesaro made his entrance while Miz announced he would face Cesaro for the US Title during the Royal Rumble pre-show. Cesaro cut his standard promo and started to say something about teaching the people manners, but Ryback's music cut him off…[C]

Shore's Slant: It aggravates me so much when they don't give these matches the proper build like they have in previous shows. I'm willing to let it go on Raw and Smackdown, but this show was built on the "main event," so make it feel like a damn main event. Also, funny Ryback is not so funny.

[Q2] 1. Antonio Cesaro vs. Ryback. There was a bad moment in my house where my youngest pulled the power strip out of the wall. By the time everything rebooted, Ryback kicked out of a pinfall attempt right before the break…[C]

Shore's Slant: It's a good thing she is cute. Sorry, folks.

Back from commercial, Ryback reversed a whip and powered Cesaro down to the mat. He slammed him several times in a row and clotheslined Cesaro over the top rope. Cesaro blew off Ryback, but Miz grabbed him and rolled him back in the ring while the ref's back was turned. Ryback clothesline Cesaro, but missed a splash to allow Cesaro to take control again.

Cesaro hit a knee to the face, but that was it. Ryback hit several clubbing blows and then hit the meat hook clothesline. Cesaro fell to the floor and walked up the ramp to take the countout loss. Ryback led the crowd in "Feed me more" chants…

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro by countout at 10:53.

The Rock vs. The Shield recap was hyped for next…[C]

Shore's Slant: Snoozefest of a match. It wasn't a good pairing, and the finish was more than flat, especially after a Miz interference. Been a long time since the main event match stunk like that.

[Q3] A video recapped the Shield' attack on the Rock…Another video recapped how Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show for the World Championship. Backstage, Striker asked Show to justify his actions. Show went off and said he didn't have to explain his actions to anyone. He said Striker, the locker room, and the entire arena reeked of inferiority. He said he was going to beat Del Rio at the Rumble and held up his fist beside Striker's face to intimidate him…The Usos made their ring entrance…[C]

Rhodes Scholars made their entrance sans music. They cut a promo on the Usos being proof of the sad state of affairs in the tag division. They said after they win the titles on Sunday, they will restore the division to its former glory. Sandow said they would then seek to removed "unwashed tag teams with limited potential" like the Usos…

[Q4] 2. The Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars. The first minute was in the previous corner. Cody and Jimmy Usos started. Jimmy held his hair over his lip like a mustache and Cody got pissed. He tagged in Sandow and the Usos took quick control. The heels went to the floor to regroup and Cody tagged back in. Cody dropped Jay Uso and tried to rack him on the ring post, but Jay drove Cody into the post instead. The Usos hit a flapjack/hangman combo and Sandow dragged Cody from the ring…[C]

Back from commercial, the Usos were still in control. They hit several double team moves on both men for near falls. Jay missed a stinger splash and the heels took over. A "Cody's mustache" chant broke out. Jay took the heat from both men before tossing a charging Rhodes through the ropes. Sandow saved Rhodes and rolled him back in the ring.

Both men got hot tags and Jimmy hit a Samoan drop on Sandow. The match broke down and Cody was tossed to the floor. Sandow took a superkick and Jimmy tagged in Jay, who started climbing the turnbuckle. Cody pulled Jimmy from the ring, allowing Sandow to hit the ropes and cause Jay to crash to the mat. Sandow covered for the win…

Rhodes Scholars defeated The Usos at 15:41.

Shore's Slant: Weak match and an even weaker show. Not ever episode of Main Event has been great, but this might be the worst one yet. The only one I can think of off the top of my head was a crappy six-man tag main event, but that shows you how low we are working on the creative pole here. Rhodes Scholars looks like they escaped with a win. That might be booking 101 if they are winning this Sunday, but how believable are they in beating Kane and Daniel Bryan if they can only just get past the Usos? Thanks for watching along with me tonight.

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