12/14 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review: Big Show, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, and Antonio Cesaro all in action this week!

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Dec 14, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy
Taped 12/11 at Bridgeport, Connecticut

[Q1] The WWE Narrator recapped this week’s Raw storylines, and plugged Big Show and Sheamus for Sunday. Antonio Cesaro and Sheamus joined Mathews and JBL on commentary. Big Show made his ring entrance, followed by R-Truth.

1. R-Truth vs. Big Show: Show smirked at Truth, who circled around the ring to avoid the big man. Show finally caught him and rag dolled him around a bit, capped off with two hard slaps to the chest. Truth attempted a bit of offense, but was quickly rejected. Show draped R-Truth over the top turnbuckle in the corner, and hit an big uppercut to Truth’s gut. He then stood on Truth and used the ropes for leverage, and rolled to the outside to jaw at Sheamus.

Truth got a hope spot in with a kick, after which Show tossed him back first into the ropes on the outside. Cesaro tried to capitalize, but Sheamus grabbed him and tossed him back into his chair. Show tossed Truth back in to the ring, and continued to talk trash at Sheamus. Show ran into a kick, and R-Truth applied a sleeper. Show escaped quickly, but missed the follow up elbow drop. Truth hit an axe kick on a prone Big Show, and got a two count. Show got to his feet and hit a KO punch a moment later for the win.

Big Show defeated R-Truth at 4:47.

Barnett’s Brief: Eh, lame match, and the tension on the outside wasn’t much to write home about either.

After the match, Show jawed with Sheamus at ringside, and Sheamus stood up out of his chair. Cesaro snuck up and hit Sheamus from behind, which caused Sheamus to collide with Big Show. Cesaro ran off, and Big Show left a moment later claiming that Sheamus had hit him and their TLC match was off.

Backstage, Big Show spoke to Booker T and said Sheamus violated the no contact clause. Booker T told him that because Cesaro bumped into Sheamus and caused him to hit Big Show, the collision didn’t matter and the match was still on. He told Show that if he was afraid of Sheamus, he should just admit it. Damien Sandow was in the ring looking for a new apprentice. He said had been looking for a fortnight, and only found mouth breathers. He said he was extremely happy to reintroduce his tag team partner and best friend. He asked the crowd to remain silent and show the proper reverence for Rhodes.

[Q2] Rhodes then made his entrance while video played of Monday, where Rhodes Scholars earned a spot in the #1 contenders tag match for TLC. Rhodes said it was an honor to be back in the ring with Sandow, and that the search for his apprentice was over. Rhodes said he didn’t care what anyone thought of it, including the Miz. The Uso’s interrupted and made their ring entrance…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Rhodes’ mustache got a chant, which has to be a good sign. Give that guy a panel van and some ice cream and the character is complete.

2. Rhodes Scholars vs. The Usos: We joined the match in progress as Rhodes tagged in and got tagged by a kick. He quickly took control and worked over Jimmy Uso. Quick tag to Sandow who hit the elbow of disdain on Jimmy and got a two count. Rhodes tagged back and continued the assault, and locked in a full nelson.

Jimmy escaped and tagged in Jay, who hit some kicks on Rhodes. Sandow tagged in, and ate a Samoan drop. Jay followed up with a splash in the corner, and went up top. He jumped down early to prevent a tag, but Rhodes was able to distract him so Sandow could roll him up with some tights for the victory.

Rhodes Scholars defeated The Uso’s at ???

Backstage, David Otunga reviewed the Smackdown contract for the Chairs match on Sunday, and he said Big Show was right. They agreed to do it publicly in the ring next…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: No juice in that tag match. Didn’t seem like it got going, and the finish was flat. Only David Otunga can save us…sigh.

[Q3] Big Show and Otunga were in the ring, and Show once again pointed out how Sheamus violated the no contact clause in their TLC contract. He said there is no Chairs Match and no World Heavyweight Championship match on Sunday. Show said if Booker T wouldn’t listen to him, he may listen to his legal counsel. Otunga claimed that he would have to bring the matter before the WWE Board of Directors. He said they will request the match be cancelled, and would seek to have Booker removed as GM of Smackdown.

Booker made his entrance, and said his law degree wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. He claimed the contract wasn’t based on the letter of the law, it was based on the spirit of the intent. He said in his opinion, the match was on. Otunga replied and said that just because Booker T has been to prison, it didn’t mean he was a legal expert. He said he would get Booker T fired, and Sheamus as well. Sheamus then interrupted, and entered the ring with a chair. He said if the contract was off, nothing was stopping him from kicking his arse right there. Show then meekly backed down and said the contract was valid in his opinion, and left. Sheamus then hit a Brogue Kick on Otunga.

The announcers recapped Orton vs. Brad Maddox, and the Shield assaulting him. They showed Matt Striker backstage waiting for an interview with Randy Orton…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Show is now scared of Sheamus, I guess. I guess that whole thing with him being an indestructible monster was going a bit too well.

[Q4] Backstage, the Shield stomped on Randy Orton, who was laying on trash and half of a broken table. Kaitlyn and Aksana were in the ring.

3. Aksana vs. Kaitlyn: Lots of headlock takeovers to start. Aksana kept a head lock on for about a minute, and went for a pin. Shockingly, no 3 count on the headlock. Another headlock, and another minute goes by. There was another pinfall attempt, with a similar result. Still stuck in a headlock, we roll on past the 3 minute mark. Eventually, Kaitlyn fought out and hit a clothesline and a shoulder block. Kaitlyn then tossed Aksana by her hair, and hit a gutbuster for the win.

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana at 3:53

Barnett’s Brief: That was awful. Just awful.

Backstage, Matt Striker confirmed that Randy Orton separated his shoulder, and was being sent to a hospital. MizTV with Team Hell No was plugged for next…[c]

The Miz welcomed us to MizTV, and spoke about the Shield and their motivations. He then introduced Team Hell No, and said they would be in a TLC match with The Shield on Sunday. Bryan asked Miz how it felt to be in a conflict with the Shield. He first asked The Miz if he was on Oprah. Bryan then described the pain he would inflict upon the Shield at TLC. Kane continued and said they were on the same page, and that was bad news for everybody else. He said they would destroy The Shield with Tables, Ladders and Chairs and love every minute of it.

[Q5] The Shield then appeared on the Tron and told Kane and Bryan that they forced their hand and they would feel the sword of justice at TLC. Kane asked them why they had to wait until Sunday, and the Shield said it was funny he said that, and set the camera down and walked out of the room they were in. They appeared in a luxury box and then made their way toward the ring. Ryback then entered, and the Shield retreated…[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Well, that was the best segment of this show by far, but I don’t know why they waited until Friday to have it. Why not do it Monday and get more eyes on it? I liked it, but it’s still puzzling strategically.

The announcers put over the 6 man tag at TLC, while Khali made his entrance with Natalya and Hornswoggle. Already in the ring were Kidd and Gabriel, The Prime Time Players, and Primo and Epico.

4. Primo and Epico and The Prime Time Players vs. Kidd and Gabriel and Hornswoggle and The Great Khali: Khali hit a big chop to the chest of Titus, and then swatted an interfering Darren Young out of the air. Hornswoggle then tagged in and ate a clothesline from Titus. Young then tagged in and tossed Hornswoggle off the ropes, but he held on and tagged Kidd. Kidd hit a springboard clothesline on Young, who stumbled and made a tag to Primo.

Primo hit a snap suplex and tagged Epico, who hit an elbow drop. Epico draped Kidd over the bottom rope, and Rosa slapped him. Natalya came by and dumped Rosa on her back. Epico and Kidd traded pinfall reversals, with Kidd getting a surprise win. After the match, the action broke down awkwardly as the crowd didn’t care about the finish. The babyfaces cleared the heels from the ring and attempted to get the crowd involved, but they just didn’t give a crap.

Barnett’s Brief: Holy crap that was bad too. This has not been a very entertaining night in the ring.

[Q6] Kofi Kingston made his ring entrance. Alberto Del Rio followed and made his.

5. Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio: Both guys traded holds early. Del Rio put Kofi down with a shoulder block, but Kofi fired right back with a diving clothesline and a pin fall for two. Del Rio worked over Kofi’s arm using the ropes, until the ref broke the hold. Kofi avoided a kick and jumped on Del Rio in the corner to hit 10 punches, and then covered for a two count. Del Rio fired back with some strikes, but Kofi had an answer with a overhead chop from the top rope.

Del Rio rolled to the outside, but Kofi followed with a springboard splash. Both men fought on the apron, and Del Rio pushed Kofi into the ring post and to the outside…[c]

[Q7] Del Rio hit snap suplex and a cover for a near fall. Del Rio telegraphed a back body drop and Kofi hit a sunset flip for a two count. Del Rio fired back and hit a tilt a whirl back breaker and a kick to a downed Kingston. Del Rio tossed Kofi into the corner, and followed with an Enziguri for a near fall. Del Rio protested the very close pin attempt. Del Rio then hit a sit out body slam for another two count.

Kofi avoided another back breaker and hit a standing drop kick. Del Rio ducked a clothesline and hit a back suplex for another close fall. Del Rio went for another suplex, but Kofi slipped out the back and rolled him up for the surprise victory.

Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio at 15:56.

Wade Barrett attempted to assault Kingston after the bell, but Kofi ducked a clothesline and hit a Trouble in Paradise to put him down.

Barnett’s Brief: Best match of the night by far, but it felt just like their past matches with the opposite outcome. Del Rio is a bit aimless right now and it definitely took away from the impact of the victory. Very well wrestled match, though, and worth watching.

A recap of the Cena/Ziggler storyline was shown. It recapped it from beginning to end. The announce team then recapped tonight’s events between Sheamus and Big Show.

[Q8] William Regal was shown backstage talking to Sheamus, and warned him against Big Show getting to him mentally. He also told him not to take Cesaro lightly. Sheamus assured him he wouldn’t put his hands on Big Show, and he would become the World Heavyweight Champion at TLC.

Sheamus made his ring entrance, while a video aired that showed the contract signing from last week. Antonio Cesaro then made his entrance.

6. Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro: Both guys locked up to start, and traded positions of dominance. Cesaro hit a shoulder block, and Sheamus returned the favor almost immediately. Sheamus took control with a knee lift and a clothesline. He hit a forward roll slam a moment later, and covered for a two count. Cesaro sent Sheamus to ringside with clothesline, and hit him with a knee as he tried to get back in. Cesaro applied a modified head lock. Sheamus escaped, but Cesaro caught him with a gut wrench suplex to stop his momentum.

Sheamus hit some strikes and a clothesline to pick up some momentum. He then hit a shoulder block that sent Cesaro to the apron, which allowed him to hit clubbing blows. Big Show appeared at the top of the ramp threw William Regal to the ground. Sheamus ran to stop the assault, but Show got in one more chair shot and Cesaro wins via count out.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Sheamus via count out at 7:45.

Barnett’s Brief: Not much to talk about there, as the match was over before it picked up momentum and got really good. Regal gave the best acting performance of the night over anybody, as he came off as a sage veteran trying to direct the hot head Sheamus away from his bad instincts. Overall, this was a below average show that didn’t have enough rewarding content to redeem the bad parts of the show.

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