12/12 Shore's WWE Main Event live coverage: Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback

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Dec 12, 2012 - 05:30 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Main Event on ION
Taped on 12/11 in Bridgeport, Conn.

[Q1] Michael Cole and The Miz opened the show in the ring. They hyped the TLC PPV and said they would tell the story of the Shield throughout the show. They setup the Ryback hype video. They started to talk about Del Rio, but Ricardo Rodriguez came out and rambled on and on as he came to the ring about the 17 minute video he put together for Del Rio. He did an extended introduction and played a video that showed off Ricardo almost as much as Del Rio.

The video played for quite some time, but then Ryback's entrance cut it off, and he made his ring entrance as Ricardo fled to the floor. Ricardo complained to Cole about the video being cut off. Cole told him to take it up with Ryback. Del Rio's music hit and he walked out cutting a promo about Ryback disrespecting him. He said he needed to teach Ryback a lesson and slid into the ring…

1. Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio attacked and got in a few shots on Ryback, but Ryback gorilla pressed him and dropped him face first. Del Rio slid to the floor to recover…[C]

Shore's Slant: The Ryback video was well done. The Del Rio video was hilarious at times, but I don't think that does him any favors. He's already a joke of what he once was. Why make jokes about him too and only diminish him further?

Back from commercial, Ryback held a stall suplex as Miz put over his power. Ryback slammed Del Rio around with basic power moves and Irish whips.

[Q2] Del Rio ducked a spear type move in the corner and Ryback hit the post. Del Rio went to the floor and stuffed Ryback's arm behind the stairs. He kicked the stairs four times and Ryback sold an arm injury…[C]

Del Rio hit an axe handle from the top for one, and continued to work the arm. Ryback just shoved Del Rio away and hit a powerslam. He setup for the meat hook, but Del Rio rolled to the floor. Ryback grabbed him and went for a suplex. Del Rio rolled through and hit an arm cracker, followed by the step-up enziguri for two.

Del Rio tried for the cross arm breaker, but Ryback slammed him down and setup for the meat hook. He hit it, followed by Shell-shocked for the win…[C]

Ryback defeated Alberto Del Rio at 15:56.

Shore's Slant: Not a bad match, but not one I'm going to remember either. Still, it gives me hope for Ryback's ability to be in an extended match. He's still not the best seller, but he's passable, and he is over enough to cover for some imperfection there.

[Q3]Ringside, Cole and Miz put over Ryback as a bad ass and then tossed it to Matt Striker who asked Ryback about his TLC match. Ryback said they had to work together, breathe together, feed together to defeat the Shield. Striker asked Ryback if that was possible seeing as how he's always been a lone wolf. Ryback hulked up and said, "Yes, yes, yes," before walking off…

Shore's Slant: That was cute. Too cute.

A very well done video hyped the John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler feud…3MB made their ring entrance. They each took mics and complained that they weren't booked on the benefit concert that comes on after the show this week, and being left off the Rolling Stones concert. They said they were going to give everyone a sample of their new demo. They screamed into the mics until Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel cut them off. They weakly bantered back and forth and then decided to have a three on two handicap match…[C]

Shore's Slant: Wow, the Ziggler and Cena made Ziggler look very much like Cena's equal. I'm very impressed. As opposed to 3MB who still stink. And as good as Gabriel and Kidd are in the ring, neither did well on the mic here.

[Q4] 2. 3MB vs. Tyson Kidd and Heath Slater in a two-on-three handicap match. The heels took quick control, but Kidd and Gabriel hit dives to take out two of the three on the floor. McIntyre, who avoided being dove on, slammed both to stop the run…[C]

The heels continued to work on Gabriel after the break. He had one hope spot where he started to make a tag, but Kidd was pulled from the ring to prevent it. Kidd finally got the hot tag and went to work on Slater. He mocked the air guitar and hit a drop kick to a kneeling Slater. He hooked on a Sharpshooter, but McIntyre kicked him from behind for a near fall. The match broke down, and McIntyre hit a sneak attack punch on Kidd, allowing Slater to hit his finisher for the win…

3MB defeated Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel at 12:21.

Post-match, 3MB played air guitar in the ring while the announce team replayed a video of how Cody Rhodes was hurt. They hyped Kane vs. Cody for next week…

Shore's Slant: An OK match, but I can't take 3MB seriously. They might be OK in a comedy bit with Santino, but they will never get that act over. I don't even see how it is possible at this point. Not to mention Gabriel and Kidd are the jobbers of the tag division…which is virtually a jobber division all on its own. A mediocre Main Event. The show has not been all that good for a few weeks now. I'm hopeful it's just the holiday season. Thanks for watching along with me tonight.

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