11/8 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, and more!

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Nov 8, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage
Taped 11/5 in Charlotte, North Carolina

[Q1] A video recap aired of the Wyatt Families recent actions and the promo justifications. It focusede on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and showed the attacks on both men. It was well produced, but perhaps a bit overproduced in the sense that it used way too many video effects and didn't let the material speak for itself.

CM Punk's music hit in the arena as Cole welcomed us to Charlotte. No pink rope for the Smackdonw Show. Punk said Best in the World seems to mean different things to different people. To the Wyatt Family, it means target. The Wyatt's have a problem, and that problem is the best in the world. He doesn't know why decided to attack him, and nobody knows or is brave enough to ask the question. Punk claimed he doesn't care, and he came to the arena to fight, and he's used to being outnumbered. He squashed the biggest rat in WWE history, and that's Paul Heyman.

If the Wyatt's wanted a fight, why not right here on Smackdown. He's here, and he'll be there all night long. He's not going anywhere until he can kick the Wyatt's in the face. Before he could go further, Curtis Axel interrupted and said Punk needs to shut his mouth. He didn't care about the Wyatt's, and they could wait in line. Axel claimed he and Punk have unfinished business, and because of Punk his mentor Paul Heyman is laid up in a hospital in Europe. Axel said Vickie Guerrero granted him a match against Punk, and the match is right now.

1. Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk: Axel began the match with a beat down in the corner. Punk recovered and hit a back elbow on a charging Axel, and tossed him into a turnbuckle. Punk went up top and hit a double axe handle. He continued the assault with a seated dropkick, and a couple of kicks to the hamstring that turned Axel inside out.

Axel tossed Punk into the second turnbuckle, and then rolled him out of the ring. Punk kicked Axel leg out from under him, and he landed hard on the apron. Punk then dropped Axel on the barricade on the outside...[c]

Punk attempted a GTS, but Axel manuevered out and rolled out onto the apron. Punk then hit a baseball slide and sent Axel to the floor. Axel recovered quickly and drove Punk into the barricade on the outside, and threw him back into the ring. He covered immediately for a two count. He then dropped some forearms and covered again for two. Axel ground Punk's face into the mat and talked some trash. Punk woke up and hit some chops, but missed a cross body from the top.

[Q2] Axel hit a stiff clothesline that looked great for TV, and covered for a near fall. Axel then applied a chin lock, but Punk maneuvered to his feet and hit a back suplex to escape. Punk hit a heel kick and a swinging neck breaker, and covered for a two count. Axel crawled to the ropes and Punk measured him. Punk then charged and hit a running knee in the corner, followed by a clothesline. Punk then went up top for an elbow, but the Wyatt's music blared and Punk was distracted. When the lights came back up, Axel hit a clothesline and a Perfectplex, but only got a two count.

Axel continued the assault with forearms on the ground. He tried for his finisher, but Punk reversed out of it and hit a GTS for the win.

CM Punk defeated Curtis Axel at 11:34.

After the match, the Wyatt's music hit again and Bray Wyatt appeared on the tron. He blew out a lantern and the arena went dark...[c]

My Take: Paint by numbers opening promo, but the finish and post match stuff with Bray Wyatt was well done. You've seen this match one hundred times, so not much to comment on there. It was ok, but nothing new.

3MB entered the ring, and then the Uso's made their ring entrance. JBL ruined it again by talking over their entrance. R-Truth made his entrance behind them. JBL responded to Truth rapping too. I'm glad we got this all out of the way at once.

2. R-Truth and The Uso's vs. 3MB: Jay Uso started with Slater. Jay rolled him up for a two count immediately. He then kicked him in the gut and tagged in Jimmy. Quick tags for 3MB to McIntyre and Mahal, who both took quick shots at Jimmy Uso. Slater tagged in and he and Mahal hit a double team vertical suplex. McIntyre then tagged in and hit a few stomps. 3MB then hit a triple team move with a double back suplex into a neck breaker that actually looked pretty good.

Slater covered for a two count, and then locked in a chin lock. Jimmy spun out of a leg hold and kicked Slater in the face. Mahal also tagged in. Truth hit some kicks on Mahal and covered, but Slater broke it up. The Usos dumped McIntyre and Slater out of the ring, and then splashed them. Truth hit his mic check finisher on Mahal for the win.

R-Truth and The Usos defeated 3MB at 3:39.

[Q7] After the match, the announce team plugged Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper for later...[c]

My Take: …........I'm Sorry, I think I fell asleep there. Not a bad match, but you have literally no reason to care about it.

The Funkadactyl's made their entrance, followed by AJ and Tamina. AJ cut a picture in picture promo and said that Total Divas would return on Sunday. She requested that everyone focus on who really matters, and that's the Divas champion.

3. The Funkadactyl's vs. Tamina and AJ: Tamina tossed Cameron into a corner and stomped on her. She made a comeback with a chin lock, and Naomi made a blind tag. She hit a clothesline on Tamina, and the Funkadactyl's celebrated. Tamina charged them and they low bridged her over the tope rope. Tamina got angry and pulled Naomi to the outside and clotheslined her.

Tamina then rolled her in the ring and dragged to into her corner to tag AJ. AJ applied a standing guillotine headlock, and Naomi fought out after a moment. AJ prevented her form making a tag for moment by grabbing a leg, but Naomi hit a kick and made the tag to Cameron. She hit a couple of dropkicks and revved up the crowd. Cameron missed a charge in the corner, and that allowed AJ to tag in Tamina.

Cameron hit a bulldog on Tamina. Tamina got up immediately and hit a powerbomb, but Naomi broke up the pin. AJ and Tamina cleared Naomi from the ring, and then AJ tagged in to apply the black widow for the win.

AJ and Tamina defeated the Funkadactyl's at 4:48.

My Take: A better than average match from the ladies. The Funkadactyl's bring a lot of athleticism to the ring, and Tamina looks like a killer in the ring with smaller women. This was an entertaining affair, even though I have no idea why it happened in a storyline sense.

[Q4] Alberto Del Rio made his entrance with a Mexican Flag that he waved as he made his entrance. Del Rio said he is more than just a world class athlete, he's a Mexican world class athlete, and that makes him better than the rest of the world. It makes him better than any of us gringos. He claimed he should still be the World Heavyweight Champion, but the title was stolen from him by John Cena. Del Rio said the crowd cheers for him because they don't have any brains. If they were smart, they would see him as the thief that he is.

Del Rio claimed that Cena was walking around with something he doesn't deserve. The gringos didn't realize that he was sick at Hell in a Cell, because his knee, neck and elbow were hurt. Any of us lazy Americans would have called in sick that day, but because he is Mexican, he has pride. After his rematch with John Cena, he's going to tell every gringo that the Champ is here.

John Cena then interrupted and made his entrance to a mixed reaction. Cena grabbed a mic and said normally he's excited to come down there, but today was a little different, because we just heard Alberto Del Rio was sick. He felt bad because he had done nothing for him. He was going to send him an edible arrangement and a card. Cena said he would write in the card that we was sorry for beating him at Hell in a Cell, and a reminder for everyone to watch the JBL and Cole show.

Del Rio said everything is a joke for Cena, and he acts like a child. Del Rio then told him to get off his show. Cena told him to make him, and said that they needed to make this a Championship edition of Smackdown, and offered to give him his rematch right now. Del Rio said he wants a ref and a doctor to come out right now, because he was going back to the hospital, and he would break his arm tonight.

Vickie then interrupted and said the rematch would not take place tonight. However, Del Rio would face John Cena in two weeks at Survivor Series, because that was best for business. Cena said Vickie was sick too, because she had a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. Del Rio said he actually agreed. Vickie then said she had picked opponents for both of them. John Cena would have a match later with Ryback, and Del Rio would take on The Great Khali right now. Khali then made his entrance...[c]

My Take: Insert a long farting noise here. I couldn't have cared less about that. The new gringo hating Del Rio is boring and unoriginal, and Cena is literally laughing off this whole thing.

[Q5] 4. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali: Chop, elbow, elbow, chop from Khali. Then another chop with Del Rio seated on the top rope that sent him to the floor. Khali went outside and tossed Del Rio into the barricade. He then rolled him into the ring. Del Rio took control with kicks and strikes to the legs of Khali, but Khali hit him with a boot while on the ground.

Khali hit a big elbow and a forearm shiver that sent Del Rio to the outside. Khali hit yet again another chop in the corner. Del Rio grabbed Khali's arm, and did a cross arm breaker using the top rope. Khali slammed him into the apron to break at four. Del Rio hit an Enziguri, and then applied the cross arm breaker again in the ring for a submission victory.

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Great Khali at 5:12.

My Take: I can't believe that match went that long. It was painful and repetitive to watch. Del Rio did all he count, but Khali is just incapable of having a good match.

Daniel Bryan made his ring entrance, followed by Luke Harper and the Wyatt Family. They showed footage of the Wyatt's attack on Bryan from two weeks ago.

5. Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper: Harper used his size advantage early with a leg choke in the corner. Harper did a couple of gator rolls, and then applied a front face lock. Bryan got to his feet and threw some punches, but Harper closed the distance and overwhelmed him with strikes. Bryan dumped Harper to the outside, and did a suicide dive that sent his injured shoulder into the barricade. Harper picked him up and tossed him into the barricade on the bad shoulder...[c]

[Q6] Harper continued his beat down of Bryan in a corner. During the break, Harper tossed Bryan into the steel steps. He then tossed Bryan across the ring and covered for a two count as Bray Wyatt nodded approvingly on the outside. Bryan used some speed and hit some kicks and a dragon screw leg whip. He then applied an Indian Death Lock, and rained elbows on Harper's face. He then covered for a near fall.

Harper got to his feet and hit a still fight hand. Bryan did a wall walk out of the corner and hit a clothesline. Harper came back and hit a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Harper went to pick him up, but Bryan grabbed his arm and locked in the Yes Lock. Rowan immediately ran in and stomped on him to cause a DQ.

Rowan and Harper manhandled Bryan and Bray headed towards the ring. As he got to the apron, Punk ran down and he and Bryan cleared the family from the ring. Bray and company recovered and backed up the ramp.

Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper via DQ at 9:39.

After the match, a Raw Rebound was shown of the horse shit closing segment of Raw between Big Show and the McMahon family. A total divas promo then aired.

My Take: I don't think WWE is doing themselves any favors by replaying that closing segment of Raw. Just saying. Otherwise, a fun match between Harper and Bryan, with Harper looking like a monster throughout.

[Q7] The Bellas sold you stuff via a merch stand. It was marginally better than the other attempts. A recap of Triple H's interview about Kane was shown from It covered that Triple H now trusts Kane. He's also not a one dimensional monster, and we would all find out about him in time. Cole read one of Kane's tweets, and Triple H said that if Cole was better researched, he could have answered his own questions. John Cena made his entrance in the arena...[c]

Cole plugged David Ortiz wearing his replica WWE Championship belt during the World Series parade. Ryback then made his ring entrance.

6. John Cena. vs. Ryback: Ryback applied a head lock and then popped his hip and took John Cena over. Cena pushed him off, but Ryback hit a shoulder block and quickly reapplied the head lock.

[Q8] Cena reversed and applied a headline of his own. Dueling Cena chants took off, and Cena started peppering Ryback with punches. Cena went for a bulldog, but Ryback used his power to push Cena across the ring into the bottom rope. Ryback hit a press slam and held it for about ten seconds. He then hit shoulder charges in the corner. Ryback missed a shoulder charge in the corner, which allowed Cena to regroup in the corner...[c]

Ryback had a Boston Crab applied, and Cena maneuvered out. He tried for an STF, but Ryback pushed him off. Ryback fired Cena hard into the turnbuckle, and then stood on his head and gloated. He then picked him up and tossed him hard into the opposite corner. He then covered for a near fall. Ryback applied a bear hug, which Cena elbowed out of. Cena hit a shoulder tackle and fired up the five moves of doom. Ryback broke up the fist drop with a spinebuster. Ryback picked him up for shell shocked, but Cena reversed into a DDT.

Cena went up for an AA, but Ryback slipped out and hit a vertical suplex for a near fall. Ryback fired up for a meat hook clothesline, but Cena hit a drop toe hold and locked in the STF. Ryback struggled and got to the ropes. Cena got to his feet and hit the ropes, but Ryback countered and hit a spear. Ryback called for a Powerbomb and picked Cena up, but he slipped out the back. Cena hit a full nelson into a neck breaker, which Cole treated as if he innovated hit himself. Cena hit a cross body from the top, and tried for an AA, but couldn't hit it.

Ryback picked up Cena and hit a running powerslam for a two count. He went for Shell Shocked, but Cena reversed out and hit an AA for the clean win.

John Cena defeated Ryback at 16:39.

Post match, Del Rio attacked Cena and stomped into the mat. He then wrapped his arm around the post, and then kicked it. Cena fired back as Del Rio got into the ring, which caused Del Rio to bail up the ramp.

My Take: A better than expected main event, and Ryback looked good in defeat. The Del Rio and Cena feud didn't have much crowd heat, even for the post match attack. Del Rio looks weak and there's no reason for the crowd to buy in to him as a credible challenger. The rest of the show was pretty entertaining, but not a ton of story development. This show is worth a watch if you're in the mood for mindless entertainment, but if you want good wrestling storytelling this isn't the best show.

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