11/2 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on Syfy Live Review: Big Show, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, The Miz and Kofi Kingston are all in action!

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Nov 2, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on Syfy
Taped 10/30 in Fayetteville, N.C.

[Q1] A video aired that ran down the soap operas on Raw regarding C.M. Punk and Brad Maddox, as well as the Cena and AJ Storyline. The video then recapped the result of Sheamus vs. Big Show from Hell in a Cell. Tony Chimel introduced The Miz for Miz TV, who was already in the ring.

Miz said that there is a lot of controversy in WWE right now. He mentioned AJ and Cena, as well as Brad Maddox. He said his guest for Miz TV was not part of a surprising outcome, and said that those who missed the PPV also missed Sheamus getting knocked out. Miz then introduced Sheamus as the former World Heavyweight Championship. A video aired of Sheamus hitting White Noise on Big Show from Monday's Raw.

Miz said it's been 6 months since we've seen him without the World Heavyweight Championship. Miz then said he couldn't help but think about how ashamed Sheamus must feel for getting knocked out, and that he must feel like a loser. Sheamus retorted and asked Miz how his rematch went with Kofi Kingston, since he doesn't have his title. Miz did his “really” bit, and then told Sheamus that he has beaten Kofi Kingston before, but Sheamus has never and will never beat the Big Show.

Sheamus then admitted being humbled a bit, and said he would give a better effort at Survivor Series before Miz cut him off. Miz then rattled off the chain of events from WrestleMania that led to Laurinitis firing the Big Show, and that he was responsible coming back as a monster and taking Sheamus' title. Sheamus then asked Miz if it was him who he should be kicking in the face. Miz said that all his talk doesn't matter, and that he can see he lacks confidence.

Miz said he would beat Kofi Kingston the next time he got his hands on him, and started his catch phrease, which brought Kofi out from the back. Kofi asked how many times he has to kick Miz in the head before he knocks some sense into him. He rattled off his last few victories against the Miz, and said Survivor Series would be no different. Miz then said he would do the same thing he did at Survivor Series that he did at WrestleMania, which was lead his team to victory. He then started his catchphrase again, but Show interrupted.

Big Show said he agrees with Kofi that something is wrong with The Miz, and wondered why he was interviewing Sheamus instead of the New World Heavyweight Champion. Miz said he was right and asked him what it was like to knockout Sheamus. Show started an answer, but Sheamus interrupted and told Show to come down to the ring and get hit with another White Noise. Big Show said he had nothing to prove, and that Sheamus would get more of him than he could handle at Survivor Series. Show said no, and walked to the back.

Miz tried to attack Kofi from behind, but got dumped to the floor. The announce crew put over Barrett vs. Orton for later in the show, and then Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara were shown as they walked toward the ring...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Show was pretty good there. He's not half bad as a confident heel champion. This new demeanor suits him much better. Sheamus still seems less humble than he should for a guy that got knocked out. The Miz and Kofi were ok in their roles, but there feud has been too one sided thus far to really be compelling.

[Q2] Backstage, Booker congratulated Big Show on his title victory, and told him that he and Sheamus had a great match. Booker then made a tag team main event between Sheamus and Kofi vs Miz and Big Show.

Sin Cara then made his ring entrance, followed by Darren Young.

1. Sin Cara vs Darren Young: Sin Cara and Young traded some strikes early, with Sin Cara hitting a hurricanrana and an arm drag. Young took control with a clothesline and a chin lock. Sin Cara fought to his feet. Young went for a vertical suplex, but Sin Cara rolled him up for two. Young followed up with some kicks and then a snap mare. He then put Sin Cara back in a chin lock. Sin Cara fought to his feet and hit a drop kick from the second rope. He then hit a back elbow off the spring board.

Sin Cara reversed a suplex attempt into a rollup for a two count. A moment later, Young reversed a head scissors attempt into his finisher for the clean victory. Titus grabbed a mic after the match and said this was a case of a little dog stepping into the ring with a big dog. He then said he was going to give another little dog an opportunity, and challenged Rey Mysterio to a match. Rey got in the ring...[c]

Darren Young defeated Sin Cara at 4:02.

Barnett's Brief: Nothing special in that match. Sin Cara and Young work well together, but they didn't do much storytelling in the ring in that match.

2. Rey Mysterio vs. Titus O'Neil: Rey hit a low dropkick early, but Titus caught him as he came off the ropes with a huge clothesline. Titus stomped away at him and then distracted the ref so Young could take a few shots. Titus then hit a body slam center ring for a two count. He tried for another slam, but Rey slipped out. Titus took back control with a shoulder block. Titus charged Rey, but he ducked and hit a low kick and a drop kick to the back to set up for 619.

[Q3] Sin Cara knocked Young down on the outside, which allowed Rey to go for 619. Titus caught him and charged him into the corner. Titus backed up and went for a charge, for Rey rolled him up for the win.

Rey Mysterio defeated Titus at 2:37.

Barnett's Brief: This match had much better timing than the first, thanks to Rey doing a majority of the bumping around. Still not much to get excited about. It's a 2 minute match.

The announce team plugged a recap of Ryback and Punk from Raw for after the break...[c]

A video recap showed once again the screwjob from Hell in a Cell, and then Mathews updated us that Brad Maddox was suspended indefinitely at WWE Main Event, but would be on Raw to give his side of the story. Another video then aired of the formation of Team Foley and Team Punk from Monday.

Backstage, Teddy Long said that Raw would have a full blown mutiny in the locker room if Vickie can't keep control. Natalya then walked up and said since Eve is on the European Tour, she wanted to take over as Booker's assistant. Otunga then interrupted and said he wanted the job, but Booker asked him to be in a match later with a returning superstar. He asked who it was, and Booker said Great Khali, which made him do a spit take all over Natalya's shirt. He said it was an improvement, and took another sip, at which point Natalya slapped him and the coffee got on Teddy's jacket...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Eh? I could not care less about any of that.

[Q4] Alberto Del Rio made his way to the announce table with Ricardo. Wade Barrett then made his ring entrance. A video clip was shown and Mathews explained the last two Orton vs. Barrett matches. Orton them made his ring entrance. Del Rio interfered before the match started and Orton got sent into the ring post on the outside twice, plus a few kicks to the chest. Del Rio left and Orton recovered...[c]

3. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett: The match was joined in progress. Orton clotheslined Barrett to the outside, and then followed. Orton back suplexed Barrett onto the ring barricade in a neat looking spot. Orton tossed Barrett into the ring and jumped in after him, but Barrett recovered quickly and hit a big boot. Barrett then dropped a knee on Orton and covered for a near fall. Barrett then choked Orton on the ropes, and then hit a knee to the gut. He followed up with mor knees and a big boot that sent Orton onto the apron and then the floor.

Barrett and Orton traded attempts to toss each other into the steps, with Barrett finally winning. He then tossed Orton into the ring and made a cover for a two count. Barrett locked in a sleeper, but Orton got to his fate and suplexed his way out of it. Orton missed a clothesline, and Barrett hit a kick to his stomach. Barrett then followed up with punches to the ribs, and then a clothesline for another two count.

[Q5] Orton fought back with some punches, but couldn't maintain it as Barrett hit another clothesline. He then hit an elbow from the second rope for a near fall. Barrett went up to the second rope again, but Orton caught him and hit a superplex, followed by clotheslines and a power slam. Orton then hit a hanging DDT. Del Rio appeared on the top of the ramp, and then Ricardo on the apron. Orton charged Ricardo, which let Barrett roll up Orton for the win.

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton at 8:42.

Barnett's Brief: Good match with a boring finish. I guess they didn't want Orton to lose clean, and they gave him a myriad of excuses. I like Barrett's trajectory, as he's great in the ring, but they need to give him more character to work with other than he used to be a bare knuckle brawler.

A Komen Breast Cancer awareness ad was shown. Backstage, Del Rio told Matt Striker that he was the Apex Predator in WWE, meanwhile Orton was rapidly approaching from behind him. They brawled in catering, where Del Rio burned himself with Coffee, and then Orton dumped the decanter on Ricardo. Orton then threw Del Rio down, and then dumped a pot of chili on Ricardo.

[Q6] He and Orton brawled some more, and almost ended up landing in some cakes before Del Rio escaped. Striker tried to get a comment from Orton afterward, and he tossed Striker into the cake head first.

Barnett's Brief: A decent brawl that was hilarious due to Ricardo's screaming. I like the attention being these non-title feuds. It will make the Survivor Series matches a lot more interesting.

The Great Khali made his ring entrance, followed by David Otunga.

4: David Otunga vs. The Great Khali: Khali flexed and posed for a bit to start. He then hit a low dropkick on Khali, and posed some more. Otunga got chopped out of his shoes as he ran at Khali. Great Khali then hit some elbows and chops in the corner. Otunga got out of the way of a big boot, and kicked Khali's legs a few times. Khali recovered and hit a diving double axe handle for the win a moment later.

The Great Khali defeated David Otunga at 1:30.

A WWE 13' ad aired. Mathews plugged another Raw Rebound next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: If you thought that match was going to be a waste of time, and I think you did, you were right.

Backstage, Natalya told Khali how impressed she was with him for beating Otunga. She then said he had big hands...

[Q7] 5. Justin Gabriel vs. R-Truth: They traded offense to start, with Truth taking control with a flying forearm. Truth missed a dive off the top rope, and Gabriel hit him with a drop kick. He then went for an abdominal stretch, which he turned into a roll up for two. He then hit another kick, and scored another two count. Gabriel then worked a chin lock, and hit truth with a kick after he fought to his feet. He caught Truth with another heel kick for a two count.

Gabriel went for a springboard kick, but Truth avoided and hit his finisher for the win.

R-Truth defeated Justin Gabriel at 4:04.

Barnett's Brief: That was an enjoyable match. It was random and disconnected from story lines, but it was fun.

A Raw Rebound aired that discussed the AJ and John Cena “affair” story line. After the video, Show and Miz spoke backstage. Miz mentioned their old tag team ShowMiz, and Miz told show to follow his lead and everything will go fine. Show said this time around he is Miz's superior, not his partner, so he better just do his job. The announce team plugged the main event for later in the show...[c]

A recap was shown of the conclusion of Barrett vs. Orton from earlier, as well as the catering brawl and Striker getting cake faced. Next week on the live Tuesday Smackdown, it was announced that Orton and Del Rio will fight in a falls count anywhere match.

[Q8] Sheamus made his ring entrance, followed by Kofi, Miz and Big Show.

7. Sheamus and Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz and The Big Show: All four partners avoided each other and climbed in and out of the ring, until Miz and Sheamus started the match. Sheamus punched away on Miz, and then reversed a Miz hip toss into a big clothesline. Kofi tagged in and hit a double axehandle onto the Miz from the top. Kofi avoided a charging Miz and clotheslined him out of the ring. Miz and Big Show consulted on the outside, but Kofi broke it up and hit a suicide dive onto Miz. Show went after Kofi, but Sheamus intercepted and Big Show backed up before doing any damage...[c]

Big Show hit a body slam on Kofi, and jawed with Sheamus. He then hit a big chop to the chest of Kofi, and then hit some amateur wrestling moves like the gator roll to toy with Sheamus. Show then hit a side suplex while grinning in the Sheamus' direction. Miz then tagged back in and hit a running knee to get a near fall. He then worked a chin lock, followed by a neckbreaker. Kofi fought out of a leg lock to finally reach his corner and make a hot tag to Sheamus.

Sheamus hit multiple axe handles, followed by some clubs to the chest of Miz. He then hit a rolling senton, and tagged Kofi. Kofi hit a cross body, but Show broke up the pin. Sheamus knocked Big Show to the outside, and the ref tried to get Sheamus out of the ring. Kofi jumped on Miz in the corner, but Big Show jumped on the apron and knocked him out. Sheamus was powerless to stop the pinfall at that point, and Miz got the 3 count. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Miz to end the show.

Big Show and The Miz defeated Sheamus and Kofi Kingston.

Barnett's Brief: A decent main event that did more to explore the frustrations of Sheamus and the new found confidence of Big Show. I like the direction they are moving with that feud, much more so than when it started. Kofi and Miz both looked good at times, but they were definitely not the focus of this match.

Overall and pretty fast moving show that had a few interesting moments and a few ridiculous ones, but for the most part stories were moving. Characters all over the show seem to lack depth and originality. I hope it gets better soon, as I think it leads to much of these episodes lacking energy.

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