11/16 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on Syfy Live Review: World Heavyweight Chamption and US Champion in action, plus Team Foley and Team Ziggler get ready for Survivor Series, and MizTV!

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Nov 16, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on Syfy Live Review
Taped 11/13 in Cleveland, Ohio

[Q1] [Q1] The WWE narrator put over the major happenings from Raw, which included the hype for the Triple Threat Main Event and The Miz being added to Team Foley for the PPV. It also plugged the World Heavyweight Championship match between Big Show and Sheamus, and showed the last few weeks of tension between them as well.

Backstage, Sheamus was shown as he paced in the parking garage of the arena. In the ring, Tony Chimel introduced the home town boy The Miz for MizTV. Mathews and JBL put over the Survivor Series PPV as The Miz made his way to the ring. “Miz is Awesome” chants started before Miz could speak, and then he said it was good to be home. He welcome the crowd to MizTV, and called it the most must see talk show in WWE history. He said in two days Survivor Series would take place, and he was excited to be Team Foley. He put over how special Survivor Series was and his accomplishment in previous years. He then said he doesn’t do well with Team Captains, whether it be Dolph Ziggler, or Mick Foley, who he welcomed as a guest.

Mick said he was initially hesitant to put The Miz on the ballot for his team, but he knows what kind of man MIz was, and that’s why he wrote a book with him. He then plugged his book and got a few cheap pops by mentioning Cleveland. He said his book could have been called “The tale of two Miz’s”, because that’s what The Miz is to him. He asked whether the former World Heavyweight Champion, WrestleMania headlining, Cena beating Miz would show up, or the bad beard growing, make-up wearing, vacation taking MIz would. Miz did his “really” bit, and then said Mick needed to worry about the mother members of his team, and ran them all down.

Foley then said he was glad Miz brought it up, and said they were going to have a team meeting. Kofi, Team Hell No, and Randy Orton then made their way to the ring. Foley said he wanted to open up the lines of communication, and said whoever felt the need could begin talking. Bryan and Kane bickered and Kane thanked Miz for being a great partner on Monday. He then said it was nice on his back not to have to carry someone. They then argued about who the tag team champions were. Kofi then argued with the Miz, who said he took a cheap shot at him last week. Foley separated him, and said that Orton would have to be the voice of reason. Orton recalled all of the violent things they’ve done to each other in the past, and said that he still likes him more than anyone in the ring.

[Q2] Ziggler entered and said while Team Foley was full of dysfunction, Team Ziggler was a team united behind a charismatic leader. Del Rio kept talking to Ricardo, and eventually Del Rio told Ziggler he didn’t think he was qualified to be a leader. Foley interrupted and said he used to make pretty good matches, and made a suggestion for a few matches, with ZIggler’s blessing. Ziggler said Ok, and made a match between Ziggler and Del Rio vs. Miz and Orton. Ziggler ran his mouth about Barrett being a better man than Miz anyway. Foley then asked Barrett if he was willing to prove it against Kane, and he said yes. Bryan screamed “NO!”, and then Sandow ran him down, and ran down Kofi as well. Kofi responded and challenged him to a match, which was accepted. Foley said it would start next….[c]

Barnett’s Brief: Holy crap that was a busy segment. I like the team tension on both sides, rather than having one team seam unified that eventually loses anyway. A lot of fun matches could come out of this, so I like the outcome, but the segment was a bit convoluted and carried on a bit too long.

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow: Both men traded offense to start, with Kofi eventually hitting a kick, and Sandow slipped out of the ring to recover. Kofi took control with some ground holds, and then hit a monkey flip, and Sandow bailed out of the ring again. Kofi hit a nice drop kick, and followed up with some kicks to the legs and chest. Kofi reversed an irish whip and send Sandow to the outside again, and then hit a suicide dive…[c]

[Q3] Sandow and Kofi traded blows until Sandow hit a rolling neck breaker to take control. He then hit a Russian Leg Sweep and an elbow for a two count. Kofi hit a flurry of offense and the Boom Drop. He went to follow up with the Trouble in Paradise kick, but Sandow moved. Kofi hit a flying cross body for a near fall. They traded blows until Sandow rolled up Kofi with the tights for the win.

Damien Sandow defeated Kofi Kingston at 9:38.

Barnett’s Brief: Mediocre match that never really felt like it got off the ground. They picked it up at the end and had the crowd into it, but it didn’t really hold my interest like I hoped it would.

Sheamus was shown backstage waiting for the Big Show in the parking garage…[c]

A video package was shown about the AJ voice mails from Monday. 6 women were already in the ring for a tag match.

2. Kaitlyn, Layla, and Natalya vs. Aksana, Eve, and Alicia Fox: Natalya and Aksana started, and Natalya made a quick tag to Layla, and immediately hit a drop kick. Aksana made a blind tag to Alicia Fox, who took control with a kick and a bridging suplex for a two count. She then hit a body slam and tagged in Eve. Eve went for a cover and got a two count. Eve was in control and hit a snap mare and a headlock, and then tagged in Alicia Fox.

Fox hit a kick, but Layla recovered and hit fought Alicia off long enough to make a tag to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn hit a suplex of her own and covered, but Aksana broke it up. Kaitlyn sent Alicia Fox into Eve with a dropkick and then hit her finisher for the win.

Kaitlyn, Layla and Natalya defeated Aksana, Eve, and Alicia Fox.

Barnett’s Brief: Another filler divas match. There was some good psychology developing between Eve and Kaitlyn, but they didn’t get enough time to do anything with it.

[Q4] The announce team plugged the Survivor Series pre-show match on youtube between Kidd and Gabriel and 3MB. Sheamus was shown backstage when Booker walked up. Booker said he knew he was upset, but Sheamus was putting him in an awkward position. Sheamus said he understood, and told Booker that if he saw Big Show, to tell him that if he had any guts at all, he would see him in the ring later. Booker said he had to keep his cool, as he had 48 hours until Survivor Series. Booker asked if he “felt him” about a concussion tonight ending his match at the PPV, and Sheamus said he did.

Miz and Orton made their ring entrances, followed by Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

3. Miz and Orton vs. Del Rio and Ziggler: Ziggler and Miz started and traded waist lock reversals. Miz hit a pancake and hooked the outside leg for a two count. Miz charged Ziggler, but got sent over the top rope. Del Rio then knocked Orton onto the barricade next to where Miz landed…[c]

[Q5] Ziggler locked on a head lock on Orton, and then they traded blows. Del Rio tagged in and he and Orton did some punch and kick. Del Rio hit an arm breaker and tagged Ziggler back in. Orton took control quickly and sent Ziggler into the corner. He then gave a hot tag to Miz, who hit a corner clothesline and got pumped up. Ziggler threw Miz into the corner, but ate a boot charging in. Miz sat on the top rope, but Del Rio sent him spilling out to the floor.

Del Rio tagged in and continued his offense on Miz. Ziggler snuck a kick in from the apron, and Del Rio hit an enziguri for a two count. Del Rio then locked in an arm bar. Miz got some desperation offense in and then hit a back body drop over the corner turnbuckle that send Del Rio to the floor. Miz made a tag to Orton, who cleared ZIggler from the apron and hit a power slam on Del Rio. Ziggler then charged into the ring, and Orton hit a power slam on him as well. Orton set up for the RKO, but Miz snuck in and hit the skull crushing finale on Del Rio for the win. Orton showed some frustration, and hit the RKO on Miz post match and celebrated.

Miz and Orton defeated Ziggler and Del Rio at 10:35.

Barnett’s Brief: A good TV main event quality tag match. I liked the finish and the tension built between Miz and Orton, that also allowed The Miz to pick up a rare home town win in WWE.

Video was shown of Big Show as he assaulted William Regal on Monday, as well as Sheamus’ promo. Sheamus then made his way to the ring. Sheamus told Big Show he crossed the line. He then said he was happy with their match at Hell in a Cell, but he just showed himself to be a bully when he took out William Regal. He said he is committed to taking down the Big Show on Sunday, and that the time for talking is over, and it’s time to fight. Big Show entered and talked from the ramp. Show told Sheamus he doesn’t get it. He asked Sheamus what’s going to happen by all this talking? He said every time Sheamus called him out, William Regal got knocked out. He told Sheamus he wasn’t afraid of what Sheamus could to to him, but what he’d do to Sheamus.

Sheamus said he would take care of him right now, and headed up the ramp. Booker interrupted him and told him to keep his cool and not turn this into another Monday Night where things got out of control. Sheamus kept pushing to head after Big Show, and Show eventually just walked backstage. Sheamus refused to let up until Booker told him he was ejected from the building. Sheamus eventually walked off to the side of the ramp, and made like he was going to leave.

Barnett’s Brief: Good intensity from Sheamus, who is turning a corner and getting away from the lame lucky charms salesman he was just a month ago. Show continues to be great as the confident giant, and I like this role for him. He has successfully gotten under the skin of the fans and Sheamus, and it’s working.

[Q6] Big Show talked with Booker about how happy he was with how Booker handled that. He tried to talk jive with him, but Booker told him to cut the act. Booker then made a match and put Show in the Main Event with a mystery opponent. He reiterate that “no one is bigger than the Show”, which was a dead giveaway. Kane then made his ring entrance, followed by Wade Barrett.

4. Wade Barrett vs. Kane: Barrett hit an impressive looking sidewalk slam, but Kane fired back with a big boot that send Barrett to the outside. Kane then hit a top rope clothesline, which brought out Team Ziggler for the DQ. They all beat down Kane for a good 20 seconds before Daniel Bryan showed up, and another 20 before Kofi showed up. Eventually Orton showed up and evened the odds. The heels eventually got cleared from the ring, with Orton hitting RKOs on Ziggler and Sandow. Miz eventually walked to the top of the ramp, and stared down Orton and the rest of Team Foley from there.

Kane wins via DQ at 1:06.

Barnett’s Brief: Formulaic brawl that ended exactly how you’d expect. Team Foley looks strong going into Sunday, but the feuds these characters have been having seem to get lost when the teams get together. It’s too bad Rhodes got hurt the way he did, as I think he would have benefitted from being involved in this.

[Q7] A video package was shown of the Brad Maddox storyline from Hell in a Cell to this past Monday. The announce team then plugged the WWE Title match on Sunday. R-Truth then made his way to the ring to sit on commentary. Antonio Cesaro then made his ring entrance…[c]

Sin Cara made his ring entrance after the break. JBL bickered with Mathews that he called Sin Cara a loser last week. They then plugged the Youtube Survivor Series Pre-show again.

5. Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro: Sin Cara hit a spring board hurricanrana that looked great, but Cesaro recovered quickly and hit a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Cesaro then hit a gut wrench suplex, followed by a European uppercut. Sin Cara countered a hiptoss with an arm drag, and then followed up with a very acrobatic head scissors. It didn’t last long as Cesaro stopped his offense with a kick, and then hit a vaulted European Uppercut and the Neutralizer for the win.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Sin Cara at 4:02.

After the match, R-Truth started a USA chant, and said he was channeling Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He climbed on the apron and into the ring and repeated the chant, and Cesaro left ringside.

Barnett’s Brief: Truth was lost on commentary, and you can tell he wasn’t given a whole lot of material to work with. The “foreigner” holding the US Title storyline is beyond played out, and I hope they find something more interesting for Cesaro’s next opponent.

[Q8} The announce crew put over Big Show vs. his Mystery Opponent as next…[c]

They recapped what happened between Sheamus and Big Show earlier, where Sheamus got ejected. Big Show then made his ring entrance, followed by his “bigger” opponent The Great Khali. Show did his best to look threatened, but we all know better.

6. The Big Show vs. The Great Khali: Show stalled for a few seconds, and then tied up with Khali, who shoved him away. Show kicked Khali in the gut, and then hit some punches in the corner. Khali reversed, and hit a big slap to Show’s chest. He then hit a second slap, which show reeled from. Khali stomped on Big Show in the opposite corner, and Show dropped to a knee briefly. Khali hit a few clubbing blows to the back, which sent Show to his back. JBL had the line of the night by saying that this is like something that Steven Spielberg would produce, which had me rolling laughing. Show hit a spear to take control, but only got a two count on a cover.

We’re three minutes in, and I feel like I just watched Gone with the Wind. Show went for a chokeslam, but Khali reversed and hit a big chop for a near fall. Khali fired up for the Punjabi Plunge, but show hit some body blows and a KO punch for the win.

Big Show defeated The Great Khali at 3:29.

Barnett’s Brief: That was slow and awkward, as you would expect.

Sheamus’s music hit after the match, and he never came. Show looked around for him in the crowd, but then exited up the ramp when his music played again. Backstage, Show sent Matt Stryker running away in fear and tried to enter his bus, which Sheamus ran out of and attacked him. Sheamus sent show into a car, but Show then threw him onto a windshield, which partially broke. Show tried to get away, but Sheamus recovered and sent Sow into a windshield, and then beat down Big Show on the ground. Refs and trainers eventually separated them, but Show was left laid out.

Barnett’s Brief: A decent brawl, but it didn’t really get me fired up for Sunday. Sheamus getting ejected was actually a better segment than this, and I don’t think this did much for Show, who didn’t need a beat down heading into his first title defense.

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