11/14 Shore's WWE Main Event live coverage: Rhodes Scholars vs. Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championships

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Nov 14, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Main Event on ION
Taped on 11/13 in Cleveland, Ohio.

[Q1] Michael Cole and The Miz opened the show at the announce desk. A video recapped Miz teaming with Kane on Raw. The sent it backstage to Josh Matthews who asked Hell No about their cohesion in their match. They bickered about who was the most important part of the team and Kane stormed off, calling Bryan hopeless. Rhodes Scholars attacked Daniel Bryan and beat him down. They ran off as Kane ran back into the picture. Matthews said he would try and get an update on Bryan soon.

The Hell No hype video aired., which included how Rhodes Scholars ended up in the feud. Rhodes Scholars made their ring entrance while checking behind them to make sure they didn't get attacked…[C]

Shore's Slant: Wild opening. I hate we didn't get to see a longer video about Rhodes Scholars, but this match should be fun.

Back from commercial, Cole said Bryan had been medically cleared to compete. Kane made his ring entrance, followed by Bryan. They charged the ring and clotheslined both of their opponents over the top rope. Rhodes Scholars recovered and climbed back into the ring to start the match…

1. Rhodes Scholars vs. Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Rhodes and Kane started. Rhodes bumped around for Kane, and then took a beating from Bryan in the corner from Bryan's kicks. Kane tagged back in, but Rhodes ducked and Kane punched Bryan by accident.

[Q2] Kane tried to help Bryan up, but Rhodes knocked Kane to the floor. The ref fought to get Bryan out of the ring, allowing Sandow to hit a cheap shot on Kane on the floor…[C]

Back from commercial, Kane continued to sell for the heels. A cut in video recapped the attack on Bryan from earlier. Rhodes charged at Kane, and Kane hit a back drop that looked to knock Rhodes loopy. Cody took a clothesline from Bryan and sold it well. Bryan missed a head-butt off the top rope and Rhodes staggered to the corner and tagged Sandow. Sandow tossed Bryan to the floor and a video replayed Cody's crash. It looked like he didn't get his body all the way over and landed on his shoulder/neck.

Trainers checked on Cody momentarily and then left him alone. Bryan crawled back in the ring and Sandow continued his attack while Cody fought to get back on the apron. He stood there, obviously out of it on some level, while Sandow worked a body scissor on Bryan…[C]

Shore's Slant: Rhodes was legit injured on that spot and I can see why. That was a sick landing. Cody was trying to clear the cobwebs as the show cut to break. Tough break.

Back from commercial, Sandow continued to beat on Bryan as a video once again showed how Cody got hurt. Sandow put Bryan on the top rope and hooked for a superplex. Bryan shoved him down and hit a missile drop kick.

[Q3] Both men sold for a moment, and then Bryan made the tag. I wonder if this was supposed to be a double tag. Kane hit the side slam on Sandow and punched Cody to send him to the floor. Kane hit the top rope clothesline, followed by the chokeslam. He tagged in Bryan, and Bryan hit the top rope head-butt for the win. A video again recapped the attack on Bryan, Cody's accident, and the finishing sequence…

Hell No retained the WWE Tag Team Championships at 18:05.

Post-match, Matt Striker asked Daniel Bryan at ringside if he and Miz could bury the hatchet before Sunday. Bryan started to answer, but Kane grabbed the mic and said the answer is, "Yes, yes, yes!" Bryan didn't seem happy about it. Miz walked around the table and stuck his hand out for Bryan to shake. Bryan wouldn't do it, so Kane whispered in his ear. Bryan shouted "No" several times, but finally settled down and threw his arms open for a hug. He called for Miz to hug it out, but Miz walked away and sat down at the announce table again. Hell No left as Miz said he wasn't going to hug a guy who tried to cheap shot him…[C]

Shore's Slant: I'm glad WWE didn't take any chances with Cody's health there. You could look in his face and see he was knocked loopy. There have been rumors that WWE was considering splitting Sandow off because Vince likes him a lot. If Cody is hurt and can't compete Sunday, that will almost guarantee it happens. I hope not as I really dig their team and would like to see them feud with other tag teams in the division. I guess we will know Sunday.

A video recapped the how we got to the triple threat main event at Survivor Series…

[Q4] Michael Cole interviewed Dolph Ziggler while Cole stood ringside and Ziggler was backstage. Cole asked Ziggler what his team's chances were. Ziggler said their chances were "Awesome." Ziggler said everybody on Team Foley hated each other. Ziggler said Miz should look at the washed up has been Foley because that was who Miz would be one day.

Miz said Foley had been a WWE Champion and headlined WrestleMania like he did. He asked Ziggler when the last time was he even headlined a PPV. Ziggler said Miz was sitting ringside, Monday morning quarterbacking with Cole, and all Miz did was talk and that was all he would ever do. Miz challenged Ziggler to a match next week on Main Event.

Ziggler blew him off and took a shot at the Cleveland Browns. Miz said Ziggler's team would lose at the PPV, and Ziggler knows he would lose to Miz. Miz started to say his phrase, but Ziggler cut him off and accepted the challenge for next week…Santino Marella made his ring entrance…[C]

Shore's Slant: Wow, that might be the best mic work I've heard from Ziggler. It wasn't breathtaking or anything like that, but it was solid. He held his own against Miz, who is a very good talker. I'm excited for this match next week as I expect a good match, and hopefully we will get a better video for Ziggler than we got last time he was on Main Event.

2. Santino Marella vs. David Otunga. The match was joined in progress. Santino took a whip and power walked off the ropes and hit a hip toss. Otunga fought back and clumsily slammed Santino around with several arrogant covers for near falls. Otunga missed a spear in the corner, and Santino followed with the Cobra for the win…

Santino Marella defeated David Otunga at 3:23 of televised time.

Shore's Slant: Normally I would shrug about this and walk away, but Otunga was especially bad here. Wow. I can't believe this guy is on the roster and others aren't. Once again another good Wednesday show from WWE, Main Event is consistently the best show on television each week for them, and I wish they would incorporate some of the things they do here on the marathon Raw shows that are dragging more and more each week. Next week's show looks to be a good one, so join me then. Thanks for following along tonight.

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