10/9 Shore's WWE Main Event live coverage: Big Show vs. Randy Orton

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Oct 10, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Main Event on ION
Taped on 10/9 in San Jose, California.

[Q1] The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Michael Cole and The Miz welcomed us from the ring. They hyped Big Show vs. Randy Orton and set up a very cool Big Show video. Backstage, Josh Matthews asked Big Show what his mindset was to face Orton. Show said he already beat Orton once, and now he has to beat him again to prove he is the most destructive force in WWE. Show made a fist and held Matthews head near his hand and talked about all the bad things that would happen if you were hit by that fist. He promised to hit Orton with it tonight.

Back in the ring, Cole and Miz set up the Randy Orton hype video. Backstage, Matt Striker asked Orton about what we can expect now that Orton isn't suffering from an attack from Alberto Del Rio like he was the last time he faced Big Show. Orton said he would deal with Del Rio later. He said he didn't believe lightening could strike twice for Big Show. He walked off, leaving Striker with his dopey look, and made his ring entrance…[C]

Shore's Slant: I cannot express how much I like this format where they build to the match from the start of the show. It makes these matches seem like big deals. The Big Show video was well done, but it did get a little over the top at the end. Should be a good match.

[Q2] Big Show made his ring entrance…

1. Randy Orton vs. Big Show. Orton went right at Show at the bell. Show punched Orton in the body and Orton sold the ribs. Orton rolled to the floor and Show followed. He chopped Orton over the railing and picked him up. Show charged at the post, but Orton slipped out, driving Show into the post. Orton rolled in the ring while Show recovered…[C]

Back from commercial, Show continued to work the body. He locked in a bear hug that Orton head-butted out of. Show charged, and Orton tossed him over the top rope…[C]

Orton gave Show the Garvin stomp that chopped him down to the mat. Orton hit a big knee drop and covered. Show tossed him in the air on the kick out and followed with more body blows. Show worked a nerve pinch on Orton's kidney. Orton escaped but took a side slam for a near fall. Show went back to the kidney claw.

[Q3] Orton escaped and hit a drop kick for another strong kick out. Orton rolled to the floor and Show followed. Orton drove Show into the stairs and rolled him onto the ring apron. Orton climbed in the ring and hit the rope DDT on Show, but from the top rope. Great spot! Orton hit the RKO, but Show rolled to the floor. Orton followed and tried for another RKO on the floor, but Show shoved him into the ring apron.

Show rolled Orton back in the ring and hit an elbow on the back. He locked on his Colossal Clutch, and Orton appeared to pass out. Show hit three more elbows and Show wench back to the hold. Orton somehow woke up. Show rolled Orton over and stood him up for a chokselam and pinfall victory…

Big Show defeated Randy Orton in 21:58.

After the match, Striker started to interview Big Show, but the crowd booed him and Show snatched the mic away. He said in two weeks he would knock Sheamus out and become the World's Largest Champion. He shoved the mic back in Striker's chest and stormed off. Orton received attention in the ring. And a Sheamus promo was hyped for next…[C]

Shore's Slant: Pretty good match. Too much Big Show offense and the finish was a bit of a mess, but not bad by any means. I like that they are following storylines across the show, but I wonder if they will have anything left for Smackdown to feel special.

[Q4] Matthews asked Sheamus about what Big Show said. Sheamus said when Show caught his Brogue kick it stopped him in his tracks. He said he came here to fight and there is no bigger fight than Big Show. He said a win against that big of a challenge we be so much sweeter…Kofi Kingston made his entrance as Miz sold irritation…[C]

Shore's Slant: The perfect promo from Sheamus. The only problem is it rings hollow because he's been guy smiley for so long. You can't go from Lucky Charms to tough guy overnight. Hopefully this is step one in fixing his character.

2. Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGilicutty. The match was joined in progress. Kofi was on attack, but McGilicutty came back with a Saito suplex. A cut in showed what happened between Larry King and Miz from Raw. Miz and Cole bickered, and Kofi hit the SOS for the win…

Kofi Kingston defeated Mike McGilicutty in 2:25 of TV time.

Miz climbed in the ring and handed Kofi a mic. Kofi said this was fun and Miz crapped all over him for devaluing what they do and his Intercontinental Championship. Miz called him a drum line reject. Miz said Kofi would never be at Miz's level. Kofi asked if Miz really thought Kofi was a non-threat. He said maybe that's what he wanted Miz to think. He said Miz would never know until he faced Kofi in the ring.

Miz told him to name the time and place. Kofi said next week on Main Event, and Miz agreed. Kofi said he wanted the title on the line. Miz didn't respond and Kofi told him he didn't have to put the title on the line, but it just proved Miz was afraid Kofi was better. Miz told Kofi he was on. Kofi said, "Sounds. Like. Fun." Miz tried to cheap shot him, and Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise. He held up the belt to close the show..

Shore's Slant: Holy crap! They used actual logic about a title! Hide your kids, hide your wives! Erm, sorry. Kofi's match was what it was, but he got a little mic time here and did well. And I loved how they pointed out that non-title matches are stupid when you challenge someone. Another good show that would be even better if there wasn't so much WWE programming each week. Even with big names the show doesn't seem special.

On a side note, a very happy anniversary to my beautiful wife of 14 years. Thanks for not screaming too loud while I drive, baby.

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