10/26 Shore's WWE Smackdown live coverage: Final hype for Hell in a Cell, new match announced for PPV, Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan, and Cody Rhodes vs. Kane

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Oct 26, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Smackdown on SyFy
Taped on 10/23 in Providence, R.I.

[Q1] The show opened cold with Randy Orton's music as Josh Matthews and JBL checked in on commentary. Orton made his ring entrance while a video showed Alberto Del Rio's attack on Orton last month. Orton said most people thought he hated Del Rio because he attacked him, but it's actually why he attacked him. Orton said Del Rio did it to hide the fact that he has been a failure. He said Del Rio picked the wrong guy to make an example out of. Orton said he was going to give Del Rio the beating of his life at Hell in a Cell.

Orton started to say more, but Del Rio's music cut him off. Del Rio said Orton called him not honest, but Orton is not very smart. He said Orton wasn't a viper, he was a garden snake and he could crush his head with his boot. He said he was the new apex predator in WWE.

Orton said Del Rio talked big when there was space between them. He said Del Rio had no cajones. Del Rio acted like he was going to fight Orton right then, but he stopped and said he would see Orton on Sunday. Del Rio left, and Wade Barrett knocked Orton down from behind. Barrett split and smiled while backing up the ramp, leaving Orton looking pissed…The announce team hyped Sheamus and Big Show face to face, and the tag team singles matches…[C]

Shore's Slant: If Orton goes over clean, this will be a bust, but if Del Rio can beat him clean it will do a lot of good in making Del Rio seem credible again. But who does he work with after? The roster could not be any thinner.

Backstage, Teddy Long walked up on Del Rio and asked him what he was trying to do. Del Rio played innocent, but Barrett walked up and asked Del Rio if that was what he wanted. Teddy said you can't play a player and booked Barrett vs. Orton for later. Barrett looked pleased…

Cody Rhodes made his ring entrance as Damien Sandow and Daniel Bryan joined the announce team. Kane was out next…

[Q2] 1. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane. Kane went right at Cody Rhodes while Sandow and Bryan bickered back and forth. Cody came back and tried to hit his brother's drop down punch, but Kane grabbed his throat and chokeslammed Cody for the win…

Kane defeated Cody Rhodes at 3:16.

A video recapped Big Show's attack on Sheamus at the end of last week's Smackdown. Backstage, Booker T walked up to Show and started to talk to him about tonight. Show said he proved all he needed to on Raw. He said Booker wouldn't get any problems from him, nor would he get any from Sheamus because Sheamus was scared. He said Sunday he would be the new champion and walked off…Miz made his ring entrance…[C]

Shore's Slant: Very good promo from Show. I like his serious character so much. He's really turned the negative that he's been portrayed as a big goof into a positive.

The announce team hard sold WWE '13…

2. Miz vs. Yoshi Tatsu. Tatsu didn't even get an entrance. Miz beat down Yoshi and no one seemed to care, though the crowd did pop for any bumps. Yoshi got in a couple of kicks, but Miz hit a DDDT and the skull crushing finale for the win…

Miz defeated Yoshi Tatsu at 3:59.

[Q3]The announce team hyped a bunch of Raw recaps…[C]

Shore's Slant: Too little, too late for Miz. Any heat he had for facing Kofi got extinguished by feeding him to Ryback on Monday.

A video recapped Ryback's attack on CM Punk on Raw, and then comments from Paul Heyman from Main Event. The announce team hyped the Hell in a Cell main event…

Backstage, Booker T had four Divas cackling around him. Aksana admitted she got the email from Eve. Teddy walked in and said she was busted. Eve said she left her iPad around and anybody could have sent the email. She looked at Teddy and they started cackling again.

[Q4] Booker decided he had enough and booked Eve vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn at Hel in a Cell for the Divas title, and then Eve and Aksana vs. Layla and Kaitlyn for later tonight. He threw all of the women out…[C]

Shore's Slant: You tell 'em Book! Shut up you bunch of cackling hens! Why is Aksana in this? They couldn't find a less relevant Diva?

3. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. Barrett got in a few shots, but Orton took quick control. He went for his rope DDT, but Barrett tossed him over the top rope instead. He went to the floor and shoved Orton into the announce table…[C]

[Q5] Back from commercial, Barrett hit a big boot on Orton for two. Barrett continued to work the body, but Orton powered back and hit a superplex for two. Orton ran at Barrett and Barrett hit his old side slam finisher. He went for the souvenir elbow, but Orton ducked and hit his back breaker. Orton hit the rope DDT and setup for the RKO.

Del Rio and Ricardo walked down the ramp, and Orton stared at them. Barrett tried to attack, but Orton dropped him. Del Rio jumped on the apron, and Barrett used the distraction to hit the souvenir elbow for the win...

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton at 14:14.

Post-match, Del Rio attacked Orton and tried to lock on the arm breaker. Orton slipped out and tried to hit the RKO. Del Rio slipped out and fled the ring…[C]

Shore's Slant: Fair match from Orton and Barrett. It was rather uninspiring, but nothing really to complain about. I am glad Barrett got the win. Orton will be fine with the loss, and Barrett still needs to be built up.

Layla and Kaitlyn were already in the ring. Eve and Aksana made their ring entrance…

4. Layla and Kaitlyn vs. Eve and Aksana. Aksana and Layla started, and Aksana showed why we don't see much of her in the ring. Kaitlyn tagged in and hit backbreaker on Aksana and attacked Eve. Aksana used the distraction to attack Kaitlyn from behind and tagged Eve. Kaitlyn powered back and attacked both opponents.

[Q6] Layla ran in and the match broke down. Kaitlyn held Eve for Layla, but Eve ducked and Layla kicked Kaitlyn. Eve shoved Layla to the floor and pinned Kaitlyn…

Eve and Aksana defeated Layla and Kaitlyn at 3:34.

Shore's Slant: Quick and mostly painless. This Smackdown is a big miss right now. There's nothing bad so far, but it is the least exciting show this week.

The Raw Rebound video recapped the AJ saga. The announce team hyped Vickie Guerrero presenting evidence on Raw and John Cena's Q&A on the Hell in a Cell pre-show…

Backstage, Booker walked up on Sheamus and said he needed Sheamus to promise he will keep a cool head. Booker said Show promised to be cool. Sheamus said that lie was bigger than Show is. Sheamus said he respected Booker, but he couldn't promise him anything. Booker walked off and Sheamus continued to look concerned…

Elsewhere backstage, Kane walked up to Daniel Bryan and said he won his match. He said if Bryan lost, it would prove who the tag team champions is. My Word grammar check is having a fit with that sentence. Bryan's music hit and Kane said, "That's your cue." Bryan turned to walk through the curtain, and Kane slapped his butt. Bryan told him "No!" and then made his ring entrance…

Shore's Slant: I don't know what it is. WWE is doing all the rigt things on this show, but I'm having a hard time staying interested. It could be the week of covering the site, but the show just hasn't been very interesting.

[Q7][C] Cody Rhodes and Kane had joined commentary during the break. Damien Sandow made his ring entrance and cut a promo running down the crowd for using the word "yes." Sandow used a number of multisyllabic words to say he was better looking, had a better beard, and they would win the titles at Hell in a Cell…

5. Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow. Bryan hit a drop toe hold in the corner and the show went to commercial…[C] Back from commercial, Sandown worked over Bryan. He hit his elbow of disdain for two. Bryan came storming back and hit his dropkick in the corner. Sandow rolled to the floor and Bryan dove on him.

Bryan shoved Cody. Sandow attacked Bryan. Kane stalked Sandow and Sandow backed away. Cody attacked Bryan from behind and slammed him on the ring post and rolled him in the ring. Sandow slid in and hit his neckbreaker for the win…

Damien Sandow defeated Daniel Bryan at 8:13.

Shore's Slant: Good match. That was a lot of fun. I expected another four minute garbage match, so this was a nice surprise. The match at the PPV ought to be very good.

[Q8][C] Josh Matthews stood in the ring with a ton of security. He introduced Sheamus and Big Show. Show took a mic first as security moved to form a line between the two men. Show said the KO Punch was more powerful than the Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Stunner, AA, and other finishers. He said they had scientific proof that it was stronger than the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus said for the KO Punch tow work, Show actually had to hit someone with it. He started to say something and Show said Sheamus was going to fail like he did last time. He had them play the video that showed Sheamus failing to hit the Brogue Kick on Show. Show said if Sheamus thought he could kick his head off at Hell in a Cell he was either stupid or delusional.

Sheamus said he has always enjoyed two things, a cold pint on a hot day, and a good fight. Sheamus said he was excited to face Show because he had beaten everybody else, but Show was a mountain. He said he would conquer Show. Show said he was delusional. Sheamus said if he had to chop him down and hit ten brogue kicks, then that was what he would do. Show said he was scared. Sheamus said he's never been more excited.

Sheamus started saying over and over, "The time for fighting is now." Show said Sheamus didn’t want any and Sheamus attacked. Security tried to pull them apart, but they both attacked security and cleared the ring. Sheamus went for a Brogue kick on Show, but Show ducked and rolled to the floor. He said he would see Sheamus on Sunday. Sheamus hit a Brogue kick on another security guy for good measure…

Shore's Slant: That was a good attempt to sell the match, but I'm not buying it. I think they have done all they can do with this buildup. What happens after this match is over is infinitely more exciting than the match itself, what with Ziggler waiting in the wings. Overall a poor go home show. They hit all the right spots, but it felt like they were going through the motions more than putting their best sale on. I'll have more tomorrow on the Hitlist and All Access Audio Review. Thanks for watching along tonight.

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