10/25 WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review: Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, The Shield, Triple H, and AJ Lee appear on the go home show for WWE Hell in a Cell

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Oct 25, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review
Taped October 22nd, 2013 in Birmingham, AL.

[Q1] A video package that recapped the the Big Show/HBK/McMahon Family/WWE Championship feud aired. It was still an overbooked mess, even cut down for this package. The Yes chant that closed the show looked cool, though.

JBL welcomed us to the show, and said Randy Orton and The Shield would take on Daniel Bryan, The Rhodes Brothers, and The Miz in an eight man tag. Michael Cole was mid ring, and he introduced Triple H for an in ring interview. Triple H welcomed the crowd to Smackdown, and both men sat in chairs. Cole recapped the video package we just saw, and asked Triple H to react to what he saw. Triple H said he hoped Big Show was happy, because he got six production people fired. He said Big Show did what all heroes do when their backs are against the wall, and he filed a lawsuit. Triple said he has been advised by his lawyers to not comment further, and then continued to call Big Show irrelevant.

Triple H then said he was focused on Hell in a Cell. Cole then asked what Triple H thought of the possibility of Big Show ruining the show on Sunday. Triple said he wouldn't comment further, and advised Cole against trying to be Barbara Walters. Cole then asked if he was at liberty to comment about the World Heavyweight Championship between Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. Triple H said yes, and that he was very excited to see John Cena return from injury. He said he knows what he's going through, and he's looking forward to see Alberto Del Rio defend his title against John Cena.

Cole switched gears to the WWE Championship, and asked Triple H about the guarantee of a new WWE Champion. Triple H said he was happy about the guarantee, and was excited to start a new chapter for the WWE Championship. He was also excited the fans chose the right man to be the referee in Shawn Michaels. Cole then said he and Michaels both agreed there would be a new Champion, but there were other things they didn't agree on, like him training Daniel Bryan. Triple H said he and Shawn Michaels have been best friends for years, and while they sometimes disagreed about what was best for business, he was confident that Shawn would do the right thing on Sunday.

Cole asked what the right thing was, but Daniel Bryan interrupted and made his way to the ring. Triple H wouldn't even look at him. Cole left the ring, and Bryan grabbed his microphone. The crowd began a yes chant. Bryan said “the right thing” quizzically. He then said the ring thing is to let he and Randy Orton finish it once and for all. Bryan then said that there would be no interferences from The Big Show, The Shield, Triple H's gardener or his housekeeper; there would be a winner.

Bryan said while Michaels' is Triple H's best friend, he is his own man, and he would do the ring thing for the fans on Sunday. Bryan then said he would prove Triple H wrong, and he would become the WWE Champion, an the new face of the WWE. Yes chant, rinse and repeat. As Triple got up to leave, Bryan stopped his music and did his yes chants directly into Triple H's face. Hunter then walked up the ramp looking a bit constipated.

My Take: An ok opening segment, but nothing earth shattering. They really haven't given Bryan enough to sink his teeth into in regards to a personal conflict, so I'm not sure what I expected, but I was hoping to see more passion and less smiling and Yes Chants. I guess in this era I should get used to not seeing people fired up and cursing.

[Q2] The Miz joined on commentary and The Uso's made their ring entrance. The Wyatt's followed for the first match of the night. Miz rambled incoherently about Charles Manson and Jimmy Buffett.

1. The Uso's vs. The Wyatt Family: Rowan started the match with Jimmy Uso. Rowan started a beat down in the corner and tagged in Harper. Harper hit a Michinoku Driver, but Jay broke up the ping. He then tagged in and hit a superkick and a Rikishi Splash in the corner. He then covered, but Rowan broke it up. The Wyatt's retreated to the outside, and Jimmy jumped and hit a splash on Rowan. Jay tried to follow, but Harper caught him with a forearm.

Miz ran around the ring and kicked Bray Wyatt, and Rowan gave chase, abandoning Harper. This allowed the Uso's to hit a double super kick on Harper for the win.

The Uso's defeated The Wyatt's at 2:24.

Backstage, AJ Lee walked toward the ring with Tamina...[c]

My Take: Eh, it was ok, but nothing to go out of your way to see. The Miz is just the shits right now.

[Q3] Nikki Bella was in the ring posing to show off her fake boobs, when AJ Lee made her entrance.

2. Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee: Nikki hit a drop toe hold, followed by a Thesz Press. AJ rolled to the outside, and Tamina prevented Nikki from following. AJ hit a hangman and covered Nikki for a two count. AJ hit a neckbreaker and covered for a two count. Nikki recovered and hit a couple of clotheslines, and then a brutal looking dropkick. She then missed a dropkick in the corner. On the outside, Tamina threw Brie into the barricade. AJ then applied the black widow in the ring for the submission win.

AJ defeated Nikki Bella at 2:36.

The announce team plugged the main event, and a John Cena retrospective as next...[c]

My Take: Well, that happened. Not much to say about it. It was typical divas fare. My Wife would like you all to know that Brie Bella's outfit was hideous.

Cole and JBL showed John Cena defeating Del Rio in WWE 2K14, then a John Cena video package. It was the same video package from Monday. After the video, Bray Wyatt was shown backstage. He pulled the camera back to an unconscious Miz, who had Liar painted on his chest, and wore a Lamb mask. They took the mask off to reveal his face, and then walked away...[c]

My Take: The Wyatt Stuff was cool, but the Cena video package was a repeat. It was well done, as they all are, but I'm not sure he needed such a comprehensive reintroduction after being gone just a few months.

[Q3] Another 2K14 plug. What's up with the hair in those games? It looks like Lego hair. 3MB was in the ring, and Los Matadores made their entrance for match 201 in this best of 500 series. Footage aired of El Torito causing The Real Americans a match last week. The Real Americans then made their entrance and stood on the ramp.

3. 3MB vs. Los Matadores: The match started with Diego and Slater, but McIntyre quickly tagged in after some double team offense. McIntyre missed a knee and Fernando tagged in. He hitting a couple of running forearms and a springboard splash out of the corner. Fernando knocked Slater off the apron, and Los Matadores hit a double team facebuster type move to pick up the win.

Los Matadores defeated 3MB at 2:12.

After the match, El Torito gored Mahal and hit a springboard splash on the outside onto him. Colter grabbed a microphone and said he didn't lay in a puddle in Cambodia to be attacked by a man in the rear. He asked what kind of men trap another man and put him in a Bull's outfit. He claimed that they partake in deviant behavior. We the people. Ryback was shown talking to Heyman backstage...[c]

My Take: How many times are we going to see that match on TV? Colter may have been walking too fine a line with the deviant behavior remark. We shall see.

[Q5] Ryback made his entrance for a handicap match, and footage was shown of Monday of the tag match between Punk/Langston and Ryback/Axel. Heyman grabbed a microphone and said this would be a demonstration of their teamwork in preparation for the first ever two on one handicap match inside Hell in a Cell. He then introduced their opponent, CM Skunk. It was a Punk imposter with Skunked hair.

CM Skunk vs. Ryback and Heyman: Ryback tossed Skunk around and hit a double powerbomb. Heyman grabbed a Kendo Stick from ringside after a tag and beat the guy senseless with it. Heyman told Ryback to finish him off, and he hit shellshocked. Heyman tagged in a stood on his chest for the win.

Ryback and Heyman defeated CM Skunk at 2:35.

Heyman went totally unhinged after the match, and said they would do the same to CM Punk. He called himself the best in the world, and they left. Backstage, Vickie laughed at the monitor about CM Skunk when Big E Langston walked up. Langston said he's young and hungry, and said he wanted in the main event because Miz was out. Vickie said she would have to run it by Triple. Langston asked if she was the General Manager of Smackdown, or if he walked into Brad Maddox's office. Vickie said she would let him in the main event, but he should never mention Brad Maddox again...[c]

My Take: I don't know if it's just me, but I couldn't care less about Heyman and Ryback. That segment did nothing for me, even if the CM Skunk thing was marginally clever.

Alberto Del Rio said he would prove on Sunday that John Cena is fooling himself. Cena was no ready to face the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. He known John Cena thinks he's Superman, but he's crazy, because Del Rio is a real life Mexican superhero. He stands for the Mexican Way, and right now in Mexico they are building monuments and having parades in his honor. They are even naming their children after him.

[Q6] Del Rio said he doesn't speak for all Mexicans, only those who share his class and sophistication. That is why he doesn't speak for any of the people in the crowd. They already have a hero in John Cena. He is the perfect representation of a Gringo, with his blue eyes and pale skin. At Hell in a Cell, he will put him in the cross armbreaker, and never let go. The crowd in the arena and the peasants in Mexico have one thing in common, they can kiss...his....(slaps arm).

R-Truth was shown backstage shilling merch again, when Santino walked up and asked for the opportunity to be the best salesman in the WWE. He then did his own ridiculous merch sales pitch, while R-Truth danced behind him like a lunatic. Fandango and Summer Rae were shown walking towards the ring...[c]

My Take: Del Rio's promo was solid, althought the inability for him to say ass made him look like a buffoon at the end of it. I don't even know where to begin with that merch segment. It was awful.

Khali was in the ring with Natalya and Hornswoggle. Fandango made his entrance with Summer Rae.

Great Khali vs. Fandango: Khali hit a few slaps, and Fandango caught him with a kick from the apron that sent him down. Summer Rae distracted Khali, and Natalya pulled her off the apron. Natalya chased her around the ring and then back into the ring to pounce on her. The ref called for a DQ. After the DQ, Khali chopped Fandango and I wondered why I watch this crap.

Fandango defeated The Great Khali at 1:33.

After the match the announce team plugged the main event...[c]

Barnett's Brief: WHY? Just give another match that time. This was utterly useless.

[Q7] Daniel Bryan made his ring entrance, followed by Big E Langston and the Rhodes Brothers. A video package aired of the melee that caused the triple threat tag team match to be booked for Sunday. The Shield made their ring entrance next, followed by Randy Orton.

Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, and The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield and Randy Orton: Ambrose and Cody Rhodes started. It started out with some strikes and a back body drop from Cody, and a tag to Goldust. He hit a knee drop and covered for a two count. He followed up with a clothesline and a tag back Cody. Cody hit a clothesline to sent Ambrose over the top rope...[c]

Langston hit a belly to belly on Rollins. Cody ragged back in and hit a kick to the gut. Cody hit a sunset flip out of the corner for a two count. Rollins hit a move on Cody that sent him into the second rope. This allowed Roman Reings to tag in. Cody recovered and made a tag to Daniel Bryan. Bryan set up like he was going for a surfboard, but just stomped on Reings' knees.

[Q8] Langston tagged back in and hit a spear in the corner on Reigns. Goldust made a quick tag for a cover and a two count. He went up top and hit a cross body for a two count, and then tagged Cody back in. Reigns recovered and hit a clothesline on Cody, and dragged Cody to his corner to tag Ambrose. Ambrose hit a few strikes and tagged in Orton. Orton and Cody traded strikes for a moment until Cody caught him with a knee lift. He then hit a vertical suplex into a facebuster.

Goldust tagged in and took some shots at Orton. He covered, but Orton kicked out a one. Cody tagged back in and Orton hung him over the top rope. He then hit a forearm strike that sent Cody to the floor. Ambrose hit a side russian leg sweep that sent Cody into the barricade, and rolled him back in the ring. He then stomped on Cody and covered for a two count. Orton tagged back in, but Cody got out of the way of a knee drop. Cody mounted Orton in the corner and hit some punches, but Orton slipped out and hit an inverted backbreaker off the second rope...[c]

Cody hit a facebuster on Rollins, but was prevented from making a tag. Ambrose tagged in and continued to beat up Cody. Reigns tagged in and Cody hit him with a drop kick. Rollins tagged in and went to the top rope, but Cody caught him on the way down and tagged in Goldust. He hit some strikes and a back body drop, but Reigns had hit a blind tag. Reings surprised Goldust with a clothesline and covered for a two count. Ambrose tagged in and hit shoulder blocks in the corner. They continued the quick tags until Orton was in and stomped on Goldust in the corner.

Reigns and Rollins set up a double team, but Goldust hit a double back elbow and made a tag to Bryan. Bryan fired up and put a beating on Ambrose, and sent the other members to the floor from the apron with a dropkick. Bryan vaulted over Ambrose and hit a suicide dive to Orton on the outside, and then threw Ambrose into the announce table. He hit a top rope drop kick and kipped up. He hit kicks to the chest and head of Ambrose, and applied the Yes Lock. Things broke down and everybody hit signature offense. Cody hit a splash inside to outside took out Rollins and Reigns.

Orton tagged in after Bryan missed a dropkick on Ambrose. Orton hit a hanging DDT on Bryan, and set up for the RKO. Langston approached Orton from behind, and pushed him into a Busaiku Knee Kick from Bryan for the clean pin.

Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, and The Rhodes Brothers defeated The Shield and Randy Orton at 22:13.

My Take: A show closing moment that pleased the crowd, but felt like Deja Vu. Make no mistake about it, this show was mediocre at best. I liked the main event, as it was a good long quality tag team match, and it has a satisfying finish, but the rest of the show bored me to tears. Even the stuff with Heyman and Ryback, which I've liked to some degree in the past, feels stale and overwrought. I keep waiting for a spark to come along that will get WWE creative in gear, and I was hoping that having a new top babyface would do it, but it just hasn't happened thus far. I hope they have some really interesting stuff planned once they finish up with this abeyance storyline.

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