10/17 Shore's WWE Main Event live coverage: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

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Oct 17, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Main Event on ION
Taped on 10/16 in Memphis, Tennessee.

[Q1] The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Michael Cole and JBL opened the show in the ring. They setup a video that recapped the build for the title match, then the Kofi Kingston hype video. Kofi was interviewed by Josh Matthews, who asked him about the kick from Monday night. Kofi called it the Kick Heard Round the World. Kofi said every time Miz looked in the mirror he would see the lump and remember the name Kofi Kingston. He promised to win the title tonight.

In the ring, JBL and Cole started to transition, but Miz's music hit and he came to the ring. It sounded like they piped in boos during the entrance. Miz had a cut over his left eye. I couldn't tell if he had stitches, but it's possible. Miz said the Intercontinental Championship meant something because he held it. He setup his own hype video. When it was over, Miz said, "Kofi Kingston, you want my title? Come get it." Kofi made his entrance…[C]

Shore's Slant: Best setup I have ever seen for a WWE TV match. The video packages made both guys feel like big stars. Miz's line threw the gauntlet down. That was really good television.

[Q2] Lilian Garcia gave old-school ring introductions before the match…

2. Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. The announce team gave backstory on both men during the opening sequences. Kofi clotheslined Miz over the top and then hit a big flipping dive onto him. Miz came right back and hit a snug looking elbow. They traded roll up attempts and Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise just like Monday night, but Miz slid to the floor to avoid it…[C]

Back from commercial, Miz hit a clothesline to take control. Miz hooked a chin lock and a cut in video showed Miz getting plowed in the face by Kofi's kick on Monday. Kofi escaped from the hold and both men hit cross bodies on each other. Kofi recovered first and jumped on the top rope, but Miz popped up and shoved Kofi to the floor…

[Q3][C] Back from commercial, Miz continued to work on Kofi with stomps. He went for his clothesline in the corner, but Kofi slid out of the way. Miz charged at Kofi and Kofi dumped him to the floor. Kofi went after him, but Miz grabbed him and tossed him at the stairs. Kofi somersaulted over the stairs and then hit a Superman punch from the stairs.

Back in the ring, Kofi hit his pendulum kick and followed with the high cross body for two. Kofi hit the Boom Drop and setup for the Trouble in Paradise. Miz ducked and hooked a roll up for two. Kofi hit the SOS, but Miz got his foot on the ropes. Miz rolled to the floor and grabbed his title. He started to leave, so Kofi dove on him. They rolled back in the ring and Miz hit a DDT for a good near fall.

Miz dropped Kofi in the corner and rolled him up with his feet on the ropes for leverage. The ref saw it and stopped the count. Miz argued with him, which allowed Kofi to recover and hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win…

Kofi Kingston won the Intercontinental Championship at 22:02.

In the ring, Matt Striker asked Kofi about the win. Kofi said he knew it was time to let the beast out. He put Miz over and then put the title over. Kofi got the crowd to do the Boom chant with him and celebrated. The announce team hyped an interview with Miz for next and then Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder for later…

Shore's Slant: What a great TV match. They told a logical story and used every minute they had. WWE cut in things during the slow moments to keep the momentum up. That was quality television. I'm a little stunned at how good this was. The mid-card hasn't had this amount of love in months.

[Q4] A video recapped how Miz lost the title. Backstage, Josh Matthews asked Miz about it. Miz said he wasn't beaten, he said it was stolen from him. He seemed disgusted that Kofi was an Intercontinental Champion. He said he wanted his rematch and he would get his title back…Vickie Guerrero introduced Dolph Ziggler…[C]

Zack Ryder made his entrance and the bell rang with six minutes left in the show Oh boy…

2. Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Zack Ryder. Ryder sold for 90 second and then hit a stiff looking Broski Boot. Ziggler ducked the leg lariat and hit the Zig Zag for the win…

Dolph Ziggler defeated Zack Ryder at 2:50.

Vickie cut a short promo after the match and said Ziggler could "quite possibly" cash in his briefcase at Money in the Bank. Ziggler said he deserved better than the "Long Island Loudmouth." Ziggler challenged the locker room to the main event next week. Nobody answered and Ziggler started to leave. Suddenly Ryback's music hit and he came to the ramp. Ziggler looked upset to end the show…

Shore's Slant: NOOOOOOOO!!! Oddly enough it is the format of this show that makes me not want to see this match. If they repeat this week, they will make a big deal of this match. That's great until Ziggler looks like a punk because they want to make Ryback look unstoppable going into the PPV. I hope I'm wrong. This was a good episode of WWE TV, and I'm hoping they continue the good work. I'm also praying it starts leaking over to the other shows. Thanks for watching along with me tonight

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