10/11 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage Review: The Rhodes Brothers, Alberto Del Rio, Los Matadores, The Wyatt Family and more on this episode of Smackdown

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Oct 11, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage
Taped on 10/8 in Columbus, Ohio.

[Q1] A video aired that recapped Big Show's Battleground interference, the subsequent firing on Monday, and his KO of Triple H to close Raw. After the video, Lilian introduced Vickie Guerrero in the arena, who came out wearing something extremely unflattering. Video aired from Monday of Del Rio hitting on her and the match she made between him and John Cena afterwards. Vickie opened and said that last Monday on Raw, we all witnessed the most heinous atrocity in the history of the WWE. The COO of the WWE was knocked out by the Big Show. Big Show attempted to compromise the main event of BattleGround. He is a deviant, and he should have been fired a long time ago.

Vickie then said while everyone thought it was hilarious, Big Show had a for sale sign in front of his house 12 hours after he was fired. She said she stands fast in believing that Big Show got what he deserves. Just then Alberto Del Rio interrupted and headed to the ring. Del Rio said Vickie needs to reconsider the match against John Cena. Vickie said the match with John Cena is what's best for business, because the name of the PPV is Hell in a Cell. Del Rio claimed it wasn't fair, and asked if there is anything he can do to change her mind.

Vickie batted her eyes and asked him if it was true what he said on Monday about her being sexy. Del Rio said of course, and that he meant every word. He then said a few things in Spanish that I didn't understand. Vickie asked him to prove it by kissing her, and he gave her a peck on the cheek. Vickie then insisted he give her a kiss on the lips, and he did so meekly after a briefly questioning himself. She then said he shouldn't do it like the gringos, he should do it like the Mexicans, while gyrating awkwardly. He then dipped her and gave her a kiss.

She then asked for a french kiss, but then laughed and asked if he could kiss her some other place, and pointed to her ass. She switched gears and got angry and said he got her point, and that she wasn't going to reconsider. At that point, Damien Sandow interrupted them. Sandow said he was out there with a breaking news update. He said the update is that Del Rio is a phony. He is treating her like a sex object he thinks he can manipulate. Sandow then said he likes Vickie for her superior intellect and Machiavellian tendencies.

Sandow then said he is avoiding John Cena because he know's he'll lose. Just like he'd avoid him if he was going to cash in his briefcase. Vickie then said she's all about opportunity, and made a match between Del Rio and Sandow for later in the show. After Vickie left, Del Rio sucker punched Sandow, but then he recovered and sent Del Rio packing up the ramp. They stared each other down, and then the show faded to backstage where Curtis Axel was heading toward the ring...[c[

My Take: An ok opening segment, which is clearly testing the waters for a Sandow babyface turn. I could easily see the match at Hell in a Cell ending with Del Rio cheating, and Cena making him pay for it, leading to a Sandow cash in. I can't imagine WWE would want Cena holding that title, as I think he could be much more versatile at this point not holding a Championship heading towards WrestleMania season. That, and he really doesn't need one.

[Q2] Lilian Garcia introduced the next match as an Intercontinental Title match. R-Truth then made his ring entrance, and JBL sang along in the way that made you want to strangle him. Curtis Axel then made his ring entrance, and footage aired from Monday of Truth pinning Curtis Axel in a tag match.

1. Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth for the Intercontinental Championship: Both men circled each other and traded chops in the corner. Truth hit a hip toss and covered for a one count. Axel rolled outside to recoup with Heyman. Truth followed and threw Axel into the apron and then back into the ring. Axel begged of and Truth continued the assault. He hit a back elbow and covered again for a two count. Axel recovered and dumped truth to the outside...[c]

Axel hit a clothesline to the back of the head and then followed up with some elbows. He covered several times in a row and got two counts. Axel the applied a chin lock. Truth recovered and got in a few strikes, but Axel cut him off in the corner quickly. Truth dropped Axel with a right hand and then hit a clothesline off of an irish whip. Truth then hit a drop kick and covered for a near fall. Axel attempted a standing dropkick and missed. Truth then picked up Axel in a lucha like wheelbarrow position and slammed him face first into the mat. Truth covered, but Axel used his hand to grab the bottom rope.

Axel recovered and hung Truth on the top rope. He then hit his unnamed finisher for the win.

Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth at 9:48.

After the match, Cole and JBL plugged the main event, and Los Matadores for next...[c]

My Take: Not a terrible match from a technical standpoint, but very few people in the crowd were reacting to the offense from either man. Truth need a new gimmick ASAP and unfortunately Axel needs a personality transplant.

[Q4] The Bella's and the Funkadactyls were shown in the ring. Nattie's music hit and she entered with Eva Marie, JoJo and Kaitlyn. Jojo won't be wrestling.

3. The Funkadactyl's and Brie Bella vs. Kaitlyn, Nattie, and Eva Marie: Brie and Nattie shook hands to start, and then Nattie took Brie down and applied a grapevine. Brie took about 30 seconds to roll up Nattie into a half crab, and she quickly escaped. Nattie attempted a sharpshooter, but Brie quickly rolled away. Eva Marie then tagged in for a moment and applied an arm twist. She then tagged in Kaitlyn.

Brie tagged in Cameron, who quickly got slammed by Kaitlyn for a two count. Cameron then hit an up kick and rolled up Kaitlyn for a two count. Naomi tagged in and got speared by Kaitlyn. The match broke down with all the women hitting their signature offense. Naomi and Kaitlyn remained as the legal women. Naomi hit the rear view and rolled up Kaitlyn for the win.

Brie Bella and the Funkadactlys defeated Kaitlyn, Nattie and Eva Marie at 3:07.

My Take: Not a bad match really, but it did nothing for any of the women. Eva Marie might be the most wooden diva in terms of emoting with her facial expressions. She looks like a fembot from Austin Powers out there.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Cody Rhodes and Goldust. She said they have their jobs back, but tonight they find themselves in another Tag Team match. Cody said they did what needed to be done to beat The Shield and beat the odds on Sunday. Goldust said it was one of the most emotional nights that they have experienced, and thanks to their Dad for putting themselves in harms way. Cody thanked everyone in the WWE Universe for being a Rhodes that night. Cody said it was their toughness and determination that let them to victory. Cody said they were going from the frying pan into the fire in a match with the Wyatt's. Sandow vs. Del Rio was advertised as next...[c]

My Take: I liked the promo. Both guys came off confident and smooth. I was surprised by the lack of storyline development here, though, as I was hoping they'd start a story for them this week at some point for Hell in a Cell. Maybe it starts with the Wyatt's later.

A video package aired that covered the entire Big Show storyline. After the vdeo, Cole mentioned that Triple H had a concussion and was resting at home. Cole had asked for an interview, but it was declined. He then mentioned that he had done some digging, and Big Show could be charged with trespassing and assault with a deadly weapon. Cole then said a warrant is out for Show's arrest and that he would have more on the story on Monday. They then aired John Cena's appeareance on GMA where he plugged the Susan G. Komen merch.

The Prime Time Players made their entrance with The Great Khali. 3MB was already in the ring...[c]

[Q7] The Prime Time Players and Great Khali vs. 3MB: Slater and Khali started, and he tossed slater back towards his corner. Jinder tagged in, and he slapped Khali. Khali hit some MMA elbows in the corner, followed by a big slap of his own. He then did another in the opposite corner. Darren Young tagged in and hit a corner clothesline, followed by a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. McIntyre tagged in and hit some strikes, and Young recovered to hit an atomic drop.

McIntyre took control with a kick to the ribs. He and Slater hit a double team vertical suplex. Slater got into the match and hit a neck breaker. Mahal then tagged in and hit clothesline, and then McIntyre did the same. He stepped on Darren's fingers to prevent him from reaching his corner. Young hit an enziguri and finally hit a hot tag to Titus. He hit his power offense on Mahal, and covered for a near fall after hitting a fall away slam. McIntyre broke up the pin and ate a shoulder block from Darren Young at the outside.

Slater tagged in and hit Titus with a wheel kick. He tried to trash talk Khali, which let Titus hit a back body drop. Khali tagged in and hit the big chop for the win.

The Prime Time Players and Great Khali defeated 3MB at 5:39.

After the match, Cole put over The Rhodes Family vs. The Wyatt's as next...[c]

My Take: A mediocre six man match, and you don't have any reason to care about it. Fast Forward is your friend.

Goldust made his ring entrance, followed by Cody Rhodes. The picture of Goldust in the on screen image is from about 30 pounds ago. Cody's entrance followed...[c]

Bray Wyatt was shown on the monitor with his torch. He said people claim that he doesn't belong there. That his intentions are cruel and unjust. They claim he dines with sinners and run with thieves, but the water is just fine. Come on in. We're here...followed by their ring entrance.

[Q8] 6. Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Wyatt Family: Harper and Goldust started. Harper ate a clothesline and quickly tagged in Rowan. Rowan tried to psych out Goldust with his mask. Goldust replied by feeling himself up and slapping Rowan in the face. Cody tagged in started out on fire, but quickly got cut off and sent to the floor...[c]

Cody hit drop toe hold on Harper into the bottom buckle and tagged in Goldust. He knocked Rowan off the apron followed with an inverted atomic drop and ten punches on Harper. Goldust got caught with a clothesline from harper, who quickly switched the momentum with a tag. Rowan applied a chin lock and then hit a back elbow off an irish whip. He picked Goldust up and draped him across the hostile corner. Harper tagged back in and dropped some elbows. He then covered for a near fall.

Goldust held the ropes and Harper missed a drop kick. Goldust hit a DDT and tried to make his corner to tag, but Harper recovered and pulled him away. Rowan tagged in and worked power with a slam. He then hit a knee lift and tossed Goldust hard off the turnbuckle. Bray was shown laughing at ringside. Rowan then applied a bearhug and rag dolled Goldust around.

Goldust hit a springboard back elbow out of the corner to surprise Rowan. I'm not kidding. Rowan forced him into the corner, however, and beat him down. Rowan then applied The Claw in the corner, and then tossed him out of the corner with it. Looked impressive anyways. Goldust avoided a clothesline and hit a bulldog. Both men made tags and the place lit up. Cody hit a springboard drop kick and then a high knee. Cody hit a disaster kick and covered, but Rowan broke it up.

Cody dumped Rowan to the outside, and Harper missed a big boot and he flew over the top too. Cody then climbed the ropes and splashed Rowan on the outside. Harper recovered and hit a Big Boot that looked nasty. He then rolled Cody in the ring. Cody tried to step in, but he got crushed by a discus clothesline from Harper. Cody avoided a charging Harper and did a sunset flip out of the corner to get the surprise win.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated The Wyatt Family at 14:33.

My Take: A very good tag match with a finish that really pleased the live crowd. I liked the way Goldust really holds the crowd in the match during his long selling periods. Cody gets great reactions for his hot tags, and the one in this match was no exceptions. Overall this show was above average in terms of ring work, but still mediocre in terms of storytelling. They still haven't given us a reason why John Cena is returning with a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity, and we saw neither Randy Orton or Daniel Bryan on this show. They simply need to give both of those men more time to establish their feud and the reasons they don't like one another.

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