11/24 Powell's WWE Survivor Series results and review: Randy Orton vs. Big Show for the WWE Championship, John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Hvt. Championship, C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

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11/24 Powell's WWE Survivor Series results and review: Randy Orton vs. Big Show for the WWE Championship, John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Hvt. Championship, C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
Nov 24, 2013 - 10:00 PM

By Jason Powell

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WWE Survivor Series
Aired live on pay-per-view
Boston, Massachusetts at T.D. Garden

Pre Show

Josh Mathews introduced the show and noted that Survivor Series has had the second longest run of all WWE pay-per-view events. He introduce the Hall of Fame panel of Bret Hart, Mick Foley, and Booker T. Mathews stated that Hart was on the first Survivor Series card and was also involved in the most infamous version of the show. Hart said he's most looking forward to the WWE Championship match.

The other panelists took turns plugging the other top pay-per-view matches, then discussed the Kickoff match... Renee Young checked in from the social media den... Highlights aired from Raw of John Cena brawling with Alberto Del Rio... The panel discussed the World Heavyweight Championship and whether Cena is vulnerable...

Backstage, Rey Mysterio, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, and The Uso Brothers bonded heading into their Survivor Series elimination match...

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan. Bryan said Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are ruthless, but he and Punk can be as well. He said he and Punk like challenges and they've been overcoming them all along, and Survivor Series will be no different.

Punk said they're not afraid of people who wear masks or afraid of the dark. Punk said The Wyatt Family have bitten off more than they can chew. Punk labeled their team "GOAT" (Greatest Of All Teams)...

The panel spoke about the Punk and Bryan vs. Harper and Rowan tag match. Foley joked that Bryan normally has a facial hair advantage, but that won't be the case in this match. Booker said said the Wyatts are bad dudes...

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler checked in on commentary and spoke briefly about the Punk and Bryan vs. Wyatts match....

1. Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz. Good action early with both men trading two counts. Miz went for a Figure Four, but Kingston avoided it, then Miz dodged Trouble in Paradise. Kingston sent Miz to ringside, then hit him with what was inevitably the first of 200 suicide dives that will occur during Survivor Series. [C]

Powell's POV: This is the part where every month I mock the silliness of WWE airing two pay-per-view commercials in the middle of a pay-per-view preview.

Miz caught Kingston with a kick to the head that drew gasps from the live crowd. Miz dragged Kingston to the middle of the ring and covered him for a two count. Kingston came back and hit the Boom Drop. He set up in the corner for his finisher, but Miz ducked it. Miz went for a clothesline, but Kingston ducked and rolled him up for two.

Miz went for his finisher, but Kofi avoided it and came back with SOS for a good two count. Miz caught Kingston in the corner and dropped him on the top rope. Kingston came back with a small package for a two count. Kofi caught Miz with another kick in the corner, then performed the high cross body block for another good two count.

Kingston caught Miz with two kicks and then missed the third. Miz grabbed him and went for his finisher, but Kingston rolled him up, only to have Miz roll through and get the win. Afterward, Miz offered Kingston his hand, but Kingston responded with a slap to the face. Cole said you can't blame him for that based on the way Miz left him hanging on Monday. Miz acted shocked...

The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston in 8:40.

Powell's POV: A highly entertaining opening match. I expected a solid match from these two and this exceeded my expectations. It didn't feel all that heated considering that Miz bailed on Kingston on Monday, nor did Miz do anything particularly heelish. This has the potential to be a pretty good mid-card feud if they get some storyline support.

Renee Young read through fan tweets... The panel spoke about the WWE Championship. Hart said Orton truly believes he is the face of the company and that he can do it on his own. Foley said it's time for Orton to step up and start acting like a champion...

WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per-View

Raw, er, Survivor Series opened with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walking onto the stage. Steph welcomed the fans to the 27th annual Survivor Series. Hunter said there won't just be no physical interference in the WWE Championship match, there won't be any physical interference in any match on the show. The fans actually booed. "Boston, are you ready?" Hunter asked... A video played...

Powell's POV: Did I miss the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon babyface turn? It's worth noting that Hunter used the words "no physical interference." Did he clear that with Bray Wyatt? How can he guarantee that? Anyway, they really should have played that up on television or even on the free preview rather than at the beginning of the pay-per-view.

Ricardo Rordriguez is on the Spanish broadcast team, which is apparently the surprise he alluded to on his Twitter page earlier today...

1. Rey Mysterio, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, The Uso Brothers vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jack Swagger, and Antonio Cesaro (w/Zeb Colter) in a Survivor Series elimination match. Zeb cut a promo about twerking. Cody interrupted him and told him to shut up, then did a strange twerk of his own. Ambrose ended up arguing with the referee early on and was rolled by Cody. Ambrose was eliminated by Rhodes in 2:15.

There was a cool spot at 7:00 when Goldust performed a sunset flip into a powerbomb on Cesaro. Goldust made a hot tag to Mysterio, who got a nice reaction for his signature spots. Mysterio tagged one one of the Uso's into the match, and he performed a top rope splash on Swagger and pinned him. Swagger was eliminated by Jey Uso in 8:15.

Cesaro performed the Cesaro Swing on Jey Uso for a big pop. It sounded like the adult males in attendance were counting along with each revolution. Jimmy Uso checked in and ended up taking the Cesaro Swing as well. Cody was tagged in, and he rolled up Cesaro and pinned him. Cesaro was eliminated by Rhodes in 10:10.

The babyface team had a 5-2 advantage. Rollins and Reigns worked over Jey Uso in their corner. Jimmy tagged in and hit a nice Samoan Drop on Reigns. Jimmy went to the top rope and Reigns met him there and went for a superplex, but Jimmy fought him off. Jimmy went for a top rope splash, but Reigns put his knees up. Reigns speared and pinned Uso. Jimmy Uso was eliminated by Reigns in 14:20.

Cody checked in and was setting up for his finisher on Rollins when he made a blind tag. Reigns checked in and speared Rhodes and pinned him. Cody Rhodes was eliminated by Reigns in 16:00. The babyfaces held a 3-2 advantage, but it didn't last long, as Rollins performed a curb stomp on Uso and pinned him. Jey Uso was eliminated by Rollins in 16:45.

Mysterio and Rollins fought briefly, then Reigns tagged in and threw Mysterio under the bottom rope and down to the ringside area. A cool spot that drew gasps from the crowd. Mysterio struggled to get to his feet and just beat the referee's count. Reigns went for the spear, but Mysterio moved and Reigns crashed shoulder first into the ring post. Reigns tagged in Rollins, who performed a wild dropkick on Goldust and nearly landed on his head. Mysterio came back with a rollup and a pin. Rollins was eliminated by Mysterio in 19:50.

Rollins put the boots to Mysterio before leaving Reigns to face Mysterio and Goldust. Reigns taunted Mysterio by saying, "You came all the way back for this, to get jobbed out?" Um, okay. Mysterio made a hot tag to Goldust, who did ten punches in the corner, and a nice powerslam for a two count.

Goldust showed frustration over not being able to put Reigns away and called for the crowd to fire up, which they did. Moments later, Reigns speared and pinned Goldust. Goldust was eliminated by Reigns in 23:00. The match came down to Mysteiro and Reigns. Mysterio went for the 619, but Reigns caught him with a spear instead and pinned him...

Roman Reigns was the soul survivor in 23:25.

Powell's POV: They went with the big Reigns showcase after all. It was a good Survivor Series match and they can put together an impressive video package of Reigns hitting all of those spears. I'm surprised they didn't take it one step further by having Reigns get all of the eliminations. It's worth noting that Reigns let out a primal scream at ringside after the match and there were plenty of cheers in response.

Backstage, Randy Orton interrupted a conversation that Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kane were having. Hunter stressed that Orton is the Viper, the WWE Champion, and the face of WWE. "No go prove it," Stephanie told him...

2. Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship. Late in the match, Langston avoided a neckbreaker, then Langston picked him up and performed The Big Ending for the clean win. After the match, Renee Young interviewed Langston in the ring. Langston noted that they were in Boston and said he didn't want to pander to the fans in Boston, but winning his match was kind of like when the Red Sox won the World Series...

Big E Langston beat Curtis Axel in 6:00 to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Powell's POV: There was a brief "You Can't Wrestle" chant that seemed to be directed at Axel because he was on the offensive, which is completely ridiculous. He may not be the most charismatic guy, but he's good in the ring. The outcome was expected. The post match interview was worthless, though the pandering did get more of a reaction than anything in in the match did.

Backstage, A.J. Lee got bossy with the Divas on her team while Tamina stood by her side. Kaitlyn asked why any of them would trust her and noted that she's made enemies with everyone else on the team. Lee said Total Divas didn't want any of them because "they think you don't deserve to be." She encouraged them to prove them wrong...

3. Natalya, The Bella Twins, Cameron, Naomi, Eva Marie, JoJo vs. A.J. Lee, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, Aksana, and Alicia Fox in a Survivor Series elimination match. Summer wore Denver Broncos colors for the match, which is a good cheap heat move considering who the Pats are playing tonight. Cole noted that there were 16,127 fans in attendance at the sold out show.

Naomi performed a split legged moonsault on Alicia Fox and pinned her. Rosa Mendes eliminated Cameron at 2:30. Nikki Bella performed a facebuster to eliminate Rosa at 2:45. JBL said Summer Rae was wearing Florida Gator colors. Whatever. After some dancing from both women, Nikki eliminated Summer at 3:30. Kaitlyn pinned Eva Marie in 4:05. Kaitlyn performed an impressive gutbuster drop onto her knee and pinned Naomi in 4:45.

Brie checked into the match and performed a missile dropkick on Kaitlyn to eliminate her from the match in 5:15. A.J. took a cheap shot at Brie from the ring apron, then Aksana eliminated Brie in 5:45. Nikki checked in and performed a backbreaker on Aksana to eliminate her from the match in 6:05.

JoJo checked in and rolled up Tamina for a two count. Tamina came right back with the Samoan Drop. A.J. checked into the match and skipped around to cheers before pinning JoJo at 9:30. Nikki Bella apparently disappeared because Cole said the match was down to Natalya vs. Lee and Tamina. Natalya dodged a top rope splash, then applied the Sharpshooter on Tamina for the elimination by submission.

Nikki returned to the apron and dropkicked Tamina, while Natalya got the better of A.J. Lee in the ring. Natalya eliminated A.J. via the Sharpshooter...

Natalya and Nikki Bella were the survivors in 11:45.

Powell's POV: Well, that set the business back about 40 years. There were not as many blown spots as one might have expected there to be, but the rapid fire eliminations were mind numbing. The biggest heel reaction occurred when Eva Marie tagged in. The fans did respond to the Sharpshooter.

Backstage, Randy Orton sucked up to referee Charles Robinson, who told Orton that he is going to do what The Authority told him to do... The announcers hyped the TLC pay-per-view for Houston on December 15... Josh Mathews introduced the panel at their perch and all three men received strong reactions.

Ryback's entrance music interrupted the panel discussion before it could get started. Ryback said the old guys were looking at him like they were going to do something, but they would not because they are cowards like the fans in the building. He said he can intimidate anyone in WWE. "That does not make me a bully," Ryback said. "I am not a bully." Ryback issued an open challenge...

4. Mark Henry vs. Ryback. Cole noted that Henry was returning from a torn hamstring. Henry shoved Ryback down early. Ryback smiled in response, then was knocked down with a shoulder block. Ryback clipped Henry's knee to go on the offensive momentarily. Ryback performed a suplex as the crowd chanted Goldberg.

Ryback missed a spear and tumbled to ringside. Henry performed a Junkyard Dog headbutt. Henry performed a powerslam for a two count at 3:50. He followed up with a World's Strongest Slam attempt, but Ryback fought out of it and performed a spinebuster. Ryback went for the Meathook clothesline, but Henry caught him with a rough cross body block. Henry followed up with the World's Strongest Slam and scored the pin...

Mark Henry defeated Ryback in 4:45.

Powell's POV: Their WrestleMania 29 match was better than this effort. The live crowd was happy to see Henry, but they faded after a couple of minutes and didn't fire up again.

A WWE/Kmart commercial aired... The panel spoke from their perch about Mark Henry's return and then discussed the World Heavyweight Championship match. Foley spoke for the second time about Cena not having the support of his hometown fans... A video set up the World Hvt. Championship match...

5. John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. Lilian Garcia handled the in-ring introductions for the championship match. There were dueling chants for the two wrestlers at probably 60-40 pro-Cena. A fan held up a "LatiiNO Heat" sign for Del Rio. Funny.

The announcers played up the fact that Cena did not wear a brace on his elbow. The crowd heat died down when Del Rio went on the offensive. Del Rio's lengthy run of offense ended when he leapt off the ropes and into a dropkick from Cena. The crowd came to life with conflicting cheers when Cena went on the offensive. It came to an end when Del Rio DDT'd him and got a two count.

Del Rio missed a move on the ropes and fell to the floor. He beat the referee's count. Cena got the better of Del Rio, who came back with a nice suplex into a bridge. Cena responded a short time later with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Del Rio caught Cena with a kick in the corner for a two count. There were half-assed "Let's Go Cena" and "Cena Sucks" chants that eventually grew into strong chants from both sides of the equation.

Del Rio tied up Cena in the tree of woe. He charged at Cena, who sat up, causing Del Rio to go through the ropes and crash into the post. Cena performed a top rope leg drop onto the back of Del Rio's head for a two count. Del Rio went for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Cena countered into the STF. Del Rio reached the rope with his middle finger to break the hold.

Cena performed a neckbreaker for a two count. Del Rio applied the Cross Arm Breaker. Cena sold it, then powered Del Rio up (way too soon) and slammed him to the mat. Del Rio went for the move again, but Cena dodged it and hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win. After the match, Cena celebrated with his father and other family members at ringside...

John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio in 18:50 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Powell's POV: A well worked match by both men, but the live crowd didn't buy into any of Del Rio's near falls. For that matter, the fans didn't really buy into Cena's near falls unless they were his signature moves. I once again question the decision to put the title on Cena last month rather than holding off until this show, as I think the atmosphere for this match would have been so much better if they had. Good effort from both men, but Cena has been positioned so strongly that people simply don't view most of his opponents a real threats to beat him. WWE is always in such a rush to show everyone that Cena is back and stronger than ever that they always leave money on the table in situations like this one.

An ad aired for Michael Strahan serving as the guest host for Monday's WWE Raw television show... Backstage, R-Truth and Santino Marella played with the Money in the Bank play set. Los Matadores and El Torito showed up, then Fandango entered the picture, causing the live crowd to sing along to his music briefly. John Laurinaitis showed up and said "People Power"...

Powell's POV: You know a segment sucks ass when the highlight is John Laurinaitis making a cameo.

Cole pointed out that Nikki Bella was a survivor along with Natalya in the Divas match. Yes, it took them this long to sort that out. And it's a good thing they did because, well, oh who gives a shit?... A video set up the Punk and Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family match...

6. C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt). Wyatt was shown cutting a backstage promo prior to their entrance. He said they are the reaper and there's nowhere left for Punk and Bryan to run. Wyatt took his familiar chair at ringside. Punk and Bryan targeted the legs of Rowan early on.

Meanwhile, JBL amused himself by mocking Cole for comparing Rowan's look to that of Michael Myers, and told a lame joke about politicians. Lawler seemed to be hypnotized by Wyatt, as he sat silently for a good portion of the match. Cole shifted the talk to Florida Georgia Line's performance on Raw. Dear lord.

The Wyatts had their first prolonged stretch of offense. They teamed up for a Hart Attack Clothesline on Punk, who returned fire with a tornado DDT and then made the tag to Bryan. Harper sold for Bryan's signature offense, including the suicide dive. Bryan went up top and performed a missile dropkick. The announcers played up Harper suffering a leg injury and a clip aired of him holding his leg at ringside after the suicide dive.

Bryan went for a huracanrana off the top rope, but Harper caught him and powerbombed and covered him until Punk ran in to break up the pin. Rowan quickly cleared Punk from the ring. The crowd chanted "this is awesome" even though "this is pretty good" would have been more appropriate at this point in the match.

Harper caught Bryan with a great suplex, but walked right into a big kick from Punk in the corner. The crowd chanted "Yes" as Bryan made it to his corner for the hot tag to Punk, who performed some of his signature spots. Punk went up top, then turned and dove onto Rowan and Wyatt on the floor. Punk performed a neckbreaker and followed up with a top rope elbow drop on Harper back inside the ring at 16:00.

A "Randy Savage" chant started. Rowan ran in and tried to clothesline Punk, who ducked him. Bryan was there to blast Rowan with the running knee. Punk hit the GTS on Harper and pinned him to win the match for his team. Afterward, Wyatt took his shirt off and teased entering the ring, but he backed away and headed to the back with his team...

C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in 16:50.

Powell's POV: A good match that the live crowd got up for. The signature spots of Punk and Bryan are definitely over and they spread those out nicely and kept the crowd engaged. I am not a fan of the finish because they've done some damage to Harper and Rowan by showing them lose singles matches leading into the show, and then losing clean here. That said, it's not the type of thing they can't overcome.

An ad aired for Christmas Bounty starring The Miz, which airs Tuesday night on ABC Family...

Backstage, a trainer held ice on John Cena's elbow and answered questions from Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kane. The trainer said Cena will be good to go on Raw. Randy Orton entered the room. Cena said it looked like they had stuff to talk about and left the room. Orton asked The Authority what Cena was doing there and then stormed away... A video set up the main event...

Powell's POV: This should fire up the speculation that we're going to see unification match at some point. The Authority may tell Orton that in order to be the face of WWE, he has to beat the existing face of the company. I'm not a fan of unifying the titles and I don't think there's any money in doing so, but Vince McMahon may feel differently.

7. Randy Orton vs. Big Show for the WWE Championship. Justin Roberts handled the in-ring introductions for the championship match. The bell rang and Orton immediately went to ringside to stall. Cole said it was a wise move because Show would be so emotional after everything he's been through. Orton got back in the ring and accidentally got caught in the bottom rope as he tried to roll back out. Show went after him, got him back inside the ring, and fired shots at Orton.

There were small chants for Daniel Bryan at different points early on. Orton applied his Chinlock of Doom. Cole acted like Show could be put to sleep from an f'n chinlock. A loud "boring" chant broke out. Cole stood up and fell backwards to break the hold. Show went to the ropes for lord knows what reason and Orton caught him with a kick, then set up for the hanging DDT. Show's legs fell off and Orton gave him a regular DDT, which the crowd greeted with boos. Orton responded by flexing his bicep.

At 7:10, Show caught Orton with a chokeslam. Cole started yelling "new champion" repeatedly, so naturally Orton kicked out. Show teased the WMD, so Orton fled to ringside. Show went after Orton and threw him into the ropes, which somehow bumped the referee. Orton then ran Show into the ring post.

Orton pulled a chair out from underneath the ring, but Show knocked it away and tossed Orton over the barricade and into an aisle. Show chased after Orton and slammed his hand down on Orton's chest. Show tossed Orton back over the barricade, but Orton recovered and clotheslined Show on the barricade. Show tagged Orton with a knockout punch.

Show looked to the crowd for approval and then climbed over the barricade and slid Orton back inside the ring, where referee Charles Robinson woke up. Triple H's music played. Being a dope, Show stood and watched as Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kane walked onto the stage. Show turned around and Orton caught him with an RKO. There were scattered boos and another small Daniel Bryan chant. Orton caught Show with the punt kick, covered him, and pinned him.

Randy Orton beat Big Show to retain the WWE Championship in 11:10.

After the match, Hunter, Steph, and Kane clapped as they headed to the ring. Cole said something wasn't right about this. JBL reminded him that there was no physical interference.

John Cena's music played and he walked onto the stage and raised his title belt in the air at the same time that Orton was raising his up in the ring. Cena walked to ringside and stood between Hunter and Steph and raised his title belt again while staring at Orton. Cena entered the ring and held up his title again while Orton seethed. Orton held up his title and Cena held up his. Cena smiled at Orton as the show closed...

Powell's POV: There was the distraction many of us expected when Hunter stressed no "physical interference." Weak. The main event was as forgettable as most people expected it to be when it was announced. All signs point to the unification match occurring soon, perhaps even at the TLC pay-per-view next month. As much as I don't believe it's a big money match, I must admit that it's more marketable than rematches of tonight's title matches. That said, I really question whether it's the right move for business long term. They better start heating up the secondary titles in a hurry if they actually go with a unified champion.

Overall, this show played out in a most predictable manner in terms of match results and quality. My expectations were for the show were low and WWE basically met them without exceeding them. The only real newsworthy aspect is the likely unification match they are setting up. There were some good in-ring performances, but this has to be one of the most forgettable Big Four pay-per-views in recent years. I will have more to say about Survivor Series in tonight's Dot Net Member exclusive audio review along with Chris Shore and Zack Zimmerman, who was in the building tonight, as well as in Monday's WWE Survivor Series Hit List. Thanks for watching along with us tonight.




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