4/7 Shore's WWE WrestleMania 29 results and review: The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred match with Hunter's career on the line, Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk

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4/7 Shore's WWE WrestleMania 29 results and review: The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred match with Hunter's career on the line, Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk
Apr 7, 2013 - 05:00 PM

By Chris Shore

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WWE WrestleMania 29
Aired live on pay-per-view
East Rutherford, New Jersey at MetLife Stadium

WrestleMania 29 Free Preview

The pre-show opened with a replay of Vince McMahon's reveal of the set from Friday. Josh Matthews and Matt Striker checked in as they cut to live footage of the stadium. They hyped the Intercontinental title match and all the different ways you can watch the show. They tossed up to a press box where Scott Stamford was on headsets with JR, Dusty Rhodes, and Kofi Kingston.

Shore's Slant: Well, at least Kofi is on the show I guess.

JR talked how excited he was when he started 20 years ago. Kofi put over New York, and Dusty…well, Dusty was Dusty. They setup a video that hyped the World Heavyweight Championship feud. Stamford asked JR about Swagger, but my audio cut out. When I got it back, Dusty was talking about Del Rio achieving the American dream. He said Del Rio should grab hold of the American Dream.

Shore's Slant: Is Dusty trying to send a message to Del Rio?

A video set to "Coming Home" showed various people holding up signs showing how many miles they travelled to get there…Matthews and Striker hyped a text entry to win tickets to next year's WrestleMania and then setup a video to hype Lesnar vs. Triple H. Stamford and company gave their thoughts on Lesnar vs. Triple H and then tossed it outside to Tony Dawson who was outside with a bunch of fans, including one guy who had like 276 replica belts…

Backstage, Miz called Snooki a MILF, but said the F was for "friend." Snooki said she thought it was the other. I lost all audio after that…

Shore's Slant: How do you keep video but not audio. The Internet where I am is whack apparently.

Striker and Matthews begged people to Tout and tweet about their favorite Mania moment. They narrated the video of Henry choking Ryder with the bench bar on Smackdown and then showed Ryback beating up Henry with Santino. Backstage, the new girl asked Henry if he was concerned that Ryback could match his strength and power. Henry said last time Ryback tried he was gasping for air. And then no audio. Sigh. They went back to Stamford and crew and they hyped Henry vs. Ryback and made their predictions…

A video recapped Thursday's press conference… The hype video for Punk vs. Undertaker played. JR picked Taker to win and Stamford stopped everyone else from talking…Outside, Dawson setup a video of fans talking about what they were looking forward to during the show…

Several Tout videos aired, followed by Striker and Matthews doing more shilling…The video hyping the Shield vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show aired. The WWE Today crew gave their thoughts on the six man match and, finally, it was time for the Intercontinental title match…

1. The Miz vs. Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. The match settled into a five minute match pace with both guys hitting big moves quickly. Barrett hit his sideslam for two and setup for the elbow. Miz hit a drop toe hold instead and hooked in the figure four. Barrett made the rope to break and almost immediately hit Wasteland for two. Barrett went to grab Miz and Miz pulled Barrett adown and hooked on the figure four again and Barrett tapped out…

Miz won the Intercontinental Championship at 4:09.

Shore's Slant: I didn't expect a long match, but four minutes? Wow. You could see this coming from the way Barrett was hitting big spots, but it really doesn't matter. Miz means less than Barrett and now he's the title holder of a title no one cares about. Whoopie.

The WWE Today crew hyped John Cena vs. The Rock. Ross vocally wondered how Cena would react to the crowd. The Cena vs. Rock video aired, and the pre-show went off the air a little over four minutes before the top of the hour…

Shore's Slant: Overall I got the pre-show I expected, but the panel with Stamford and company made it feel like a bigger deal. Nice move by WWE. Still, this was about selling PPVs, not being all that entertaining. Did they do enough to break a record? We'll know if a few months. It's WrestleMania time folks. Let's have some fun.

WrestleMania 29

A video put over how bad Sandy ravaged the area and how the area has come back from it. It was voiced over by NJ governor Chris Christie. The inside of the stadium was shown and the NJ National Guard was on the stage waving American flags. Michael Cole opened WrestleMania 29 and the opening video aired. Sheamus's music hit and we get no national anthem. Fail. He waited on the stage for his partners to come out and all three went to the ring with Big Show's music playing. Jerry "The King" Lawler and JBL joined Cole on commentary and they introduced the Spanish announce team. The Shield still made their entrance through the crowd…

1. Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show vs. The Shield. Reigns and Sheamus started. Sheamus powered Reigns around early with strikes and clotheslines. Orton tagged in with the Garvin stomp, but Reigns got some separation to tag in Rollins. Orton hit an immediate drop kick, followed by a slingshot suplex, and tagged Sheamus back in. Rollins hit a drop kick to the knee that drop Sheamus in the Shield's corner. He tagged in Rollins and they stomped on Sheamus, but Sheamus essentially no sold it and tagged in Big Show.

Show ripped Ambrose's vest open and chopped him in the corner. Ambrose chopped him back and Show pummeled him with more chops. Ambrose hit a low drop kick and tagged Rollins in. Rollins tried for a quick pin and Show popped him up on the kick out. Reigns tagged in and The Shield settled in working over Big Show.

Show got the hot tag to Sheamus after Rollins knocked Orton to the floor. Sheamus dragged Rollins to the ropes and pulled his shirt up to hit his forearms on Rollins. Ambrose tagged Rollins, so Sheamus pushed Rollins down and hit the forearms on Ambrose. Sheamus hit a Samoan drops on both men and went to the top. Reigns pulled him to the floor and attacked. Orton ran over to help and Rollins dove and him and nearly knocked himself out.

Shield rolled Sheamus back in the ring and lifted Sheamus for the triple powerbomb. Big Show hit a spear to break it up. He went back to the corner and reached out for Sheamus to make the tag. Orton reached in and tagged himself him, which irritated Show. Orton hit the rope DDT on Ambrose and setup for the RKO. Rollins jumped off the top and Orton hit the RKO out of the air. Reigns hit a spear on Orton and Ambrose covered for the win while Big Show merely watched…

The Shield defeated Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show at 10:35.

Post-match, Orton and Show argued. Show knocked out Sheamus and then Orton for good measure…

Shore's Slant: A decent opener. It wasn't the frenetic match I thought we would get, or hope for, but it wasn't bad. You could see the finish coming when Orton tagged himself in. I'm not sure where they go with these three from here, but my best guess is a triple threat at Extreme Rules. And don't rule out another Shield appearance before the end of the show. Just a hunch.

The Rock vs. Cena hype video aired…Snooki was shown ringside…Mark Henry made his ring entrance as a video recapped his attack on Ryback during the weightlifting gimmick. Ryback was out next…

2. Mark Henry vs. Ryback. Ryback and Henry stood face to face and mouthed off to each other. I wonder if Henry asked Ryback if he was sure he could get his ass up in the air. They backed up and slammed into each other like Sumo wrestlers twice. They switched to punches, and Henry scored the first take down with a clothesline/tackle. Ryback hit a punch and tried for a suplex, but Henry reversed and dropped him over the ropes. He clotheslined Ryback to the floor and waited for the count.

Ryback made it back in at eight and Henry worked a bearhug. Ryback got turned around and made the ropes. Henry broke the hold and clotheslined Ryback over the top again. Ryback dove back in the ring at nine, and Henry went back to the bearhug. Ryback fought out with strikes and hit the meathook clothesline. Ryback succeeded in lifting Henry, but Henry grabbed the rope and Ryback collapsed. Henry covered for the win…

Mark Henry defeated Ryback at 8:03.

Post-match, the ref called for the trainers. They checked on Ryback, but Henry chased them away. Ryback popped up and hit a spinebuster. He followed with shell shocked…

Shore's Slant: Was that the most anti-climactic finish in WrestleMania history? It might be. The match itself was OK. It was a big man match so you shouldn't have expected a five star classic, but the finish left a lot to be desired. And then Ryback immediately gets retribution. Way to wipe out what little the win meant for Henry, WWE.

A video announced WWE teaming with the Special Olympics, and then Stephanie McMahon, Chris Christie, several Special Olympics board members, and two Special Olympics athletes where recognized on the stage…

Dolph Ziggler and company made their entrance while a video showed Langston beating up both members of Hell No on Raw. The champs were out next…

3. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (w/AJ) vs. Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Dolph called for AJ to give him a kiss. She did, and Bryan kicked him in the head. He only scored a two count, and Ziggler rolled to the floor. Bryan hit a dive and rolled him back in the ring. Ziggler dove and tagged Langston. Bryan walked over and tagged Kane.

Langston immediately powered Kane around, hitting three backbreakers without dropping Kane. Ziggler tagged in and botched the Fameassor, but Kane sold it anyway. Bryan broke up the count, but Ziggler dropkicked Bryan to the floor. Ziggler jumped off the top rope into a punch and Kane covered. Langston hit a splash to break the count. He lifted Kane for his finisher, but Kane slid out and tossed Langston to the floor.

Bryan hit his running knee on Langston and Ziggler hit Zig Zag for a great nearfall. He called for briefcase from Aj and took a swing at Kane, but Kane ducked and hit the chokeslam. He tagged Bryan, took out Langston, and Bryan hit the diving head-butt for the win…

Team Hell No retained the WWE Tag Team Championships at 6:18.

Shore's Slant: Damn. I had high hopes for this match too, but it was a TV match. The one near fall from the Zig Zag was cool, but the rest was just ho hum. The opening hour hasn't been bad, but it hasn't exactly set the world on fire either.

Ten women danced on the stage as Fandango's music hit. Finally Fandango and his normal escort came out and made their ring entrance. A video recapped some of Jericho's mocking of Fandango's name. Jericho was out next with the red, white, and blue jacket and fireworks…

4. Fandango vs. Chris Jericho. Fandango danced around to start and Jericho attacked. Jericho pounded on him and then dropped him over the top rope. He hit a quick Code Breaker and Fandango fell to the floor. Jericho followed with a dive off the top and got the crowd hot. Jericho had a slight trickle of blood from the middle of his forehead but I didn't see where it came from. Jericho went for his springboard dropkick, but Fandango hit am enziguri type kick to knock Jericho down.

Fandango hit strikes on Jericho and then posed like a dancer over him. Jericho came storming right back and hit a kick to the back of the head for two. He hit a high crossbody for two. Fandango came back with a kick and drove Jericho's shoulder into the post. He hit a mic check type move, followed by the top rope leg drop for a nearfall. Fandango sold the move as well for a moment.

Fandango went for a dropkick, but Jericho swatted him away and went for the Walls. Fandango escaped and hit a clothesline. He went back to the top rope, but Jericho knocked him down. He set Fandango on top and went for a superplex. Fandango fought out and went for the leg drop again. Jericho moved and went for the Lionsault. Fandango got the knees up, but Jericho overshot. He recovered and went for the Walls again, but Fandango hooked an inside cradle for the win…

Fandango defeated Chris Jericho at 9:11.

Shore's Slant: A good match, but I thought we would get more from them. It was a little sloppy, but they worked a very high energy pace, so it's forgivable. What isn't forgivable was JBL saying, "He's selling it," during the replay as they tried to give Jericho an out for the loss. Gotta watch those JBL.

A video put over the Rock and had a number of fans saying they were one of "the millions" and many of the Rock's phrases…A video package played in the arena that showed a number of WrestleMania memorable moments that transitioned into Diddy rising through the stage and then his performance…

A video setup the world title match. When the video ended, Swagger and Colter were already in the ring and Colter's ATV was sitting ringside. Colter cut the same ole promo about NY being full of illegals and criminals. Swagger did his line and then Ricardo got a bigger pop for his ring introduction than Del Rio did when he came out…

5. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez). Swagger went right at Del Rio at the bell and they brawled over the ring and to the floor. Back in the ring, Del Rio went to the second rope and Colter distracted him. Swagger grabbed the leg to pull him off, but Del Rio hit the top turnbuckle and then crashed face first into the mat. The ref immediately checked on him but all seemed good.

Swagger hit a Swagger bomb in the corner for two. He went to the floor and grabbed the legs, but Del Rio pulled him back into the post. Del Rio started a comeback and hit a tilt-a-whirls backbreaker. He stomped on Colter's hand for the best reaction from the crowd in the match. Del Rio went for the cross armbreaker, but Swagger escaped and hit a belly to belly takedown for two.

Swagger swept the leg and hooked the Patriot Lock for a moment, but Del Rio escaped. The had a sloppy sequence in the corner and Del Rio hit a German suplex. Swagger hit one of his own and locked in the Patriot lock. He dropped down to cinch it in and Del Rio reversed into a cross armbreaker. Swagger reversed back into the Patriot lock and Del Rio made the ropes.

Del Rio flipped out of a gut wrench lift and hit a roundhouse kick. He hit an enziguri and covered near the ropes. Colter put Swagger's foot on the ropes and called the ref. Ricardo ran over and Colter kicked the bad leg. Del Rio came to his aid and Swagger attacked Del Rio from behind. He rolled Del Rio in the ring, but when he climbed in, Del Rio hooked on the cross arm breaker for the win…

Alberto Del Rio retained the World Heavyweight Championship in 11:00.

Shore's Slant: That's it? No Dolph? They can still do it tomorrow night and it be impactful, but I'm stunned they didn't pull the trigger there. The match itself was OK. The crowd didn't seem all that impressed, but I'm not sure I'm hearing the crowd well. Jericho got a good pop, but it wasn't what I expected so it could be my audio setup. So far, WrestleMania sure hasn't felt like WrestleMania.

A video recapped Punk vs. Undertaker. Living Color played Punk into the arena live. Undertaker made his looooooong ass entrance and Heyman and Punk played with the urn before the bell…

6. CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Undertaker. Both men went at each other at the bell and the fight spilled to the floor. Heyman kept distracting the ref to break the count as Taker beat Punk all over the ringside area. He took one of the monitors out of the Spanish announce table, but they went back to the ring and Taker hit the leg drop on the apron. Taker worked over the arm and went for Old School, but Punk pulled him off and went on the attack.

Punk worked over the arm and then hit Old School and the crowd popped huge for it. Taker had a small cut on the left side of his head as Punk continued to work the arm. Taker fought back with right hands, but Punk hit a neckbreaker for two. Heyman encouraged Punk from the floor and said he was getting closer each time. That's why he's the best in the business folks.

Punk went for Old School again, but Taker crotched him on the ropes. Punk fell to the floor and Undertaker ran for the dive. Heyman hit the apron and Taker grabbed his throat. Before he could do more, Punk hit a diving clothesline from the top rope for two. Punk slammed Taker and hit for the top rope elbow for two.

Punk called for GTS, but Taker slipped out and hit a chokeslam for two. Punk may have hurt himself for real there because him grimaced and barely kicked out. Of course he could also be that good. Taker hit Snake Eyes, but Punk hit a heel kick on the subsequent rope spot for two.

Punk clothesline Taker over the top rope and followed to the floor. He finished clearing the Spanish announce table, but Taker grabbed him and went for Last Ride. Punk slipped out and hit a roundhouse kick and Taker fell onto the table. Punk went to the top rope and jumped off for the elbow. He hit it, but the table didn't break and Punk nursed his right leg. Ouch.

Taker beat the count at the last possible second and both men sold in the ring. Punk crawled over and Taker grabbed him for Hell's Gate. Punk botched flipping over, but finally did it enough to cause a near fall. Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice and pushed Taker back for a pinfall attempt. Taker sat up in the hold and they stood. Taker went for a chokeslam. Punk slipped out and hit GTS. Taker fell back into the ropes and grabbed Punk and hit the Tombstone for a great nearfall!

Both men made their feet trading blows. Taker grabbed the throat and Punk hit the ref while flailing. Heyman distracted Taker and Punk drove him into the corner. He went for the high knee, but Taker grabbed him for Last Ride. Heyman tossed the urn to Punk, and Punk hit Taker with it. He covered with the Undertaker's tongue pin, but Taker kicked out. Punk did the throat cut and lifted Taker for GTS. They traded reversals and then Taker hit the Tombstone for the victory…

Undertaker defeated CM Punk to go 21-0 at WrestleMania at 22:07.

Post-match, Heyman left the urn on the steps for Taker to reclaim. Taker set it in the middle of the ring and did his pose for the fireworks and 21-0 graphic…

Shore's Slant: Finally, a WrestleMania worthy match! CM Punk said this wouldn't be a work rate match, and it wasn't. But these guys proved you don't have to have the flippiest flips and the flashiest moves to get the job done. Superb storytelling in the ring, and the crowd ate it up. I don't know how many more Taker has in him, but that was fantastic.

A video setup the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match. Shawn Michaels came out first. I didn't see a towel, but I was also in the bathroom! Lesnar and Heyman were out next. Triple H was out last…

7. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Triple H in a no holds barred match. If Triple H loses, he must retire. The match spilled to the floor almost immediately. Brock clothesline Hunter over the railing and then grabbed a chair. He climbed over the railing and Hunter clotheslined him back over. We're just over a minute into the match and Brock has a welt on his back and his right eye is starting to swell.

Hunter slammed Brock's head on the stairs and Lesnar opened a small cut above his left eye. Lesnar hit a belly to belly suplex, and then a regular suplex on the Spansih announce table, and this time it broke. Lesnar hit another belly to belly onto the table carnage and then screamed out. HBK tried to check on Hunter, but Brock chased him off.

Brock rolled him back in the ring and Heyman screamed at Hunter to stay down. Hunter had a couple of short hope spots, but Lesnar hit another belly to belly throw and German suplex. Hunter sold the arm even though there hadn't been a direct attack on it yet and the announce team sold it as being from the throws. Brock short arm whipped Hunter to the corner to spill him to the floor again.

Brock followed, but he stalked HBK instead. Hunter took the opportunity to recover and clotheslined Brock into the timekeeper's area. He grabbed a chair and hit Brock to absolutely no crowd reaction. They rolled back in the ring and Brock hit a German with a bridge for two. Heyman climbed on the apron, so HBK did too. Brock hit Michaels in the mouth with an elbow and knocked him to the floor.

Hunter hit a spinebuster and hooked for the Pedigree. Lesnar escaped and lifted for the F5. Hunter grabbed the ropes and HBK ran in for Sweet Chin Music. Lesnar dropped Triple H and caught the foot. He hit the F5 on Shawn, but Hunter hit the Pedigree on Lesnar. The nearfall got nearly no response. Lesnar came right back with an F5 on Triple H for another nearfall that got no response.

Lesnar dumped Triple H to the floor and then hit him with the top part of the stairs. He put the bottom part in the ring and rolled Hunter in. He hit him with the bottom part for two. Triple H got to his knees and slapped Brock. Hunter went for the Pedigree again and Brock hooked in the kumara lock. Hunter drove him back into the corner to break it and Lesnar rehooked it three times. On the fourth, Bock set on the top rope, so Hunter powered him off and slammed him down to break it.

Both men made their feet and Brock charged. Triple H moved and Brock hit the ring post. Hunter kicked him in the balls and then worked the arm on the ring post. He grabbed a chair and hit the arm as it lay against the ring post. Lesnar crawled over to the stairs and Hunter hit the arm with the chair again. Hunter hooked a kumara of his own and Brock sold forever. Heyman jumped in the ring and grabbed the chair, but a bloody nosed Shawn Michaels recovered and hit Sweet Chin Music to stop him.

Lesnar teased tapping and then stood up with Hunter. He slammed Hunter onto the stairs to break the hold, but Hunter hooked it again. They repeated three times, but on the third, Hunter broke the hold and held Lesnar's head to make it a DDT. Except it wasn't clear so the announce team had to tell us. Hunter grabbed the sledgehammer and hit Brock with it. He hulked up and hit the Pedigree on the stairs for the win…

Triple H defeated Brock Lesnar at 23:56.

Shore's Slant: The crowd absolutely died for this match, and I can't say I blame them. First, it had to follow a great match. That's never easy. Second, the match never really had any drama. It seemed just like their SummerSlam match, just with different spots. The finish was never in doubt because I just couldn't see Triple H taking two losses in a row. Ah well, hard to overcome all that.

A video recapped the Hall of Fame ceremony and then Howard Finkle introduced the Hall of Fame inductees. Donald Trump was booed mightily…Justin Roberts announced a record attendance of 80,676.

John Cena and The Rock made their entrances with no special fanfare. Justin Roberts had old school ring introductions for the main event. I guess no mixed tag match tonight…

8. John Cena vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship. Cena hit a hip toss first, and then Rock hit a shoulder tackle. They ran the ropes, slowly, and Rock hit a hip toss and Cena went to the floor to regroup. We he climbed back in the ring, Cena looked like the boos were getting to him. He went right in with a knee lift and a punch, followed by a strong whip to the corner.

Rock powered back with a clothesline and strong whipped Cena to the corner and went on the attack, but Cena came right back with a clothesline of his own for a one count. So the early story is parity. Cena hooked in a rest hold and the announce team laid the groundwork for Cena being stigmatized as unable to win the big one if he lost here.

Cena missed an elbow and Rock hit a Samoan drop. Both men sold as the crowd just sat there. Cena started the Five Moves of Doom, but Rock ducked the second shoulder tackle and hit his spit in the hand slap. Cena came right back with the sequence, but Rock blocked the slam and hooked a Sharpshooter. Cena powered out and hit the move. The crowd finally woke up and booed as Cena did "You can't see me."

Rock moved on the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit a DDT. Rock setup for Rock Bottom, but Cena reversed into a crossface. Rock reversed for a rollup nearfall. Cena broke the hold to kick out and hit the slam again, followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena lufted for the AA, but Rock slipped out and hit the spinebuster. He setup for the elbow, but Cena grabbed the leg and hooked on the STF.

Rock powered his way out of the STF and hit the Rock Bottom for a nearfall. Cena came right back with an AA for a nearfall. Cena went to the top rope for the leg drop, but Rock moved, hit the spinebuster again, and finally hit the People's Elbow for two. Cena rolled to the floor after the kickout at 16:20.

Rock rolled Cena into the ring and the two men traded blows in the center of the ring. Rock ran the ropes and went for a crossbody, but Cena caught him and muscled him up on his shoulders. Rock slipped out and hit the Rock Bottom for another Rock Bottom for two. Rock gave Cena the "You can't see me" treatment and hit the ropes. Cena popped up for the AA as a callback to last year and the place went nuts when Rock kicked out.

Cena hit a Rock Bottom on Rock for two. He teased "You can't see me" again and then mocked the People's Elbow. He grabbed the ropes when the Rock popped up to keep from getting caught and gave Rock the hand signal. Rock shot in and Cena lifted for the AA. He smiled at the camera, and Rock slid out to hit another Rock Bottom for a great nearfall.

Both men reversed each other's finishers several times and Rock hit a DDT. Rock waited for Cena to stand and went for another Rock Bottom. Cena hit an elbow and then finally hit the AA again for the pinfall victory…

John Cena defeated the Rock to win the WWE Championship at 23:59.

Post-match, Cena and Rock spoke to each other and then shook hands and hugged. Cena left and gave Rock the ring as Rock's music played. Rock saluted the fans and then hugged his family at ringside. Cena waited for him at the top of the ramp and saluted the Rock when he got there. Rock saluted back, and then Cena held up the belt and Rock's arm as Rock pointed to Cena. Rock walked off and Cena yelled, "The champ is here" to close the show at about 10 minutes before the top of the hour…

Shore's Slant: Well, they told a good story in the ring. The multiple finishers got a little old, but it wasn't a killer. But they gave us the worst possible ending. I fully expected Cena to win clean, but seeing it still took all the air out of the balloon. Especially with the Rock putting him over after the match like he did. So tomorrow there is more business to do. Who do you put Cena against? There are no matchups left. Literally, there is no one I want to see work babyface John Cena.

For what should have been a monster WrestleMania I was thoroughly disappointed. Only Punk and Undertaker felt special. There were no big moments. The main event ended on a whimper, and there's absolutely zero reason to watch Raw tomorrow night. I'm genuinely stunned. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the show more than I did. I need to process this. I'll have more later tonight when former WWE creative member Seth Mates joins Jason Powell and I for our audio review, and some sort of blog tomorrow. Thanks for watching along tonight.

Questions? Comments? Anyone, anyone? Let me hear from you. Email me at css3238@gmail.com or tweet me @TheShoreSlant with whatever is on your mind.

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