12/18 Shore's WWE TLC PPV Results and Review: C.M. Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz in a TLC match for the WWE Championship, Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a chairs match for the World Hvywt Championship, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Zack Ryder compete

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12/18 Shore's WWE TLC PPV Results and Review: C.M. Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz in a TLC match for the WWE Championship, Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a chairs match for the World Hvywt Championship, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Zack Ryder compete
Dec 18, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

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Aired live on pay-per-view
Baltimore, Md. at 1st Mariner Arena

A video showed images of previous TLC nights and had a voice over doing a riff on Twas the Night Before Christmas...The pyro popped and Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed us to TLC...A screeching "Merry Christmas" rang out and Vickie Guerrero introduced Dolph Ziggler. Ryder was out next...

1. Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler (W/Vickie Guerrero) for the United States Championship at 10:21. Both guys drew great heat early. Ryder clotheslined Ziggler to the floor and then hit a front flip dice on the floor to get the crowd into it. He tried to roll Ziggler in the ring, but Ziggler fought him on the apron and hit a DDT to take control.

Ziggler hit a dozen elbow drops in a row before stopping and playing to the crowd. He slammed Ryder to the mat and hooked his feet under Ryder to do situps. Awesome. Ziggler sat Ryder on the top and slapped him. Ryder slapped him back and hit a missile dropkick to take control. Ryder ran his offense and hit the Broski Boot. He covered, but Vickie put Ziggler's leg on the rope. The ref ejected Vickie to a great crowd response.

Ziggler hit a hangman on the ropes and followed with his Fameassor for two. Ziggler went for the sleeper. Ryder shrugged him off, but took a great dropkick for a near fall. Ziggler went to the top, but Ryder caught him and hit a hurricanranna for two. He went for the Rough Ryder, but Ziggler tossed him over and onto the turnbuckle for a roll up two. Ziggler whipped Ryder tot he corner and charged. Ziggler got his knees up and popped out with a Rough Ryder for the win. Post-match, Ryder celebrated with his dad and the Big O from his online show as the crowd popped big.

Shore's Slant: Great opening match that showed off both guys well, and the right guy won. Ziggler made him look like a million bucks, and now he can go into the main event and continue his drive towards the championship. It'll be a year or two, but he's going to make it. And it can not be said enough, Zack Ryder literally got himself over. Congratulations kid. Amazing job.

Backstage, Booker T was talking to Alicia Fox. Alicia was acting like a bimbo for some reason. Cody Rhodes ran in and attacked Booker until some refs chased him off. Booker sold the attack, but not enough to where the match won't happen...

2. Air Boom defeated Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendez) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships at 7:31. Bourne and Epico started. Kofi and Primo got a turn each and then the heels took control on Bourne by catching his crodd body attempt and tossing him to the floor. Kofi got the hot tag and took out both cousins. He hit the Boom Drop on Primo and setup for Trouble in Paradise. Primo bailed to the corner. Kofi hit a crossbody instead, but Epico broke the count. Bourne took him out with a diving tackle from the top rope and Kofi hit TiP on Primo for the win...

Shore's Slant: Air Boom has new music so I guess they are staying with them for the long run. Decent match but I have no fire for the tag division in WWE.

Backstage, Josh Matthews stood outside the trainers room and said he presumed the match with Booker and Cody was off, but that wasn't official...Teddy Long was in a Santa costume. Hornswoggle walked up in an elf outfit and they played around for a while. Teddy gave Horny a Rosetta Stone Ebonics gift. Horny stomped on his foot and ran out...

3. Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett in a tables match at 10:13. Orton went to the floor early and picked up a table, but Barrett kicked the table into his head. Barrett tried to slide a table in the ring, but Orton popped it up into his head. They battled up the ramp where a number of tables were setup. Barrett lifted for a pump handle slam, but Orton rolled through and beat Barrett all the way back to the ring.

Orton tried for a suplex from the stairs onto a table, but Barrett escaped and slammed Orton into the post and then the stairs. Barrett slid one table in the ring and then setup one on the floor. The ended up back in the ring and Barrett worked Orton on the ropes. Barrett tried to kick Orton onto the table on the floor, but Orton grabbed the rope and crashed to the apron in a nice spot.

Barrett setup a table in the corner in the ring and lifted Orton for a power slam. Orton slid out and hit a clothesline. He hit his scoop slam and went for the rope DDT. Barrett flipped Orton over the top and tried for Wasteland on the table. Orton slid out and hit the rope DDT. He went for an RKO, but Barrett almost pushed him on the corner table and followed with a sidewalk slam. He sat the table up and put Orton on it. He jumped off the second rope and Orton popped up and hit the RKO through the table for the win.

Shore's Slant: One of the better tables matches I have seen in a while. I don't begrudge Orton winning. He's done plenty of business recently, but Barrett needed a win. He has been booked to always lose the big one, and this is another example. So I don't hate Orton winning, but I despise Barrett losing.

Backstage, the Bellas bickered in Santa's lap about who was naughty or nice. Teddy said he had a present for them and gave them his private number. They slapped him and walked off. Jack Swagger walked in and ran down Teddy and Santa and GM. He asked what Teddy was going to do about Henry hitting him with a chair. Teddy said nothing but asked Swagger to sit on his lap so they could work it out.

Sheamus walked up and put Teddy over as Santa. He wished Swagger Merry Christmas and started to talk to Teddy. Swagger called Sheamus a goof and Sheamus told another story and said he would put Swagger's head in his own ass if he talked to him like that again. Teddy booked them in a match for later...

Beth Phoenix made her ring entrance while a video recapped her incident with Kelly Kelly at the Slammys. Kelly was out next...

4. Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly to retain the WWE Divas Championship at 5:16. Beth dared Kelly to slap her again, so she did. Kelly drove Beth to the floor and hit a bulldog from the apron. Kelly hit her spinning head scissors in the ring, but Beth gorilla pressed her onto the top rope to take control. Beth hooked on a camel clutch and you could hear them calling the match. Kelly reversed a Glam Slam into a roll up attempt, but Beth held on a hurricanranna attempt and flipped Kelly over in a reverse electric chair for the win...

Shore's Slant: Snooze fest. No hype for this match. It was pretty good for a Divas match, but no drama behind it.

Backstage, Del Rio ran down Ric Rod for not having his car ready. He sent Ricardo off for food and turned to face the Miz. They bickered for a while about not being friends and Ricardo returned with the food. Miz slammed it into Ricardo's face and stormed off. Del Rio knocked Ricardo to the ground and stormed off too...

A view of Baltimore was shown and Cole informed us that the final troops left Iraq this week. They played a video of the Baltimore National Guard sending greetings home...

Booker T started to make his entrance and Cody attacked him halfway down the aisle. Cody slammed him into the barricades. Officials ran out and chased Cody off. They helped Booker to his feet and the trainer said he had to come to the back to be checked out...A video recapped the Kevin Nash vs. Triple H feud...

5. Triple H defeated Kevin Nash in a sledgehammer ladder match at 18:13. The bell rang and the brawl started. It spilled tot he floor where Nash hit Hunter with a ladder and Hunter hit a shoulder tackle with off the announce table. Hunter knocked Nash into the crowd. He regrouped for a moment and then went back for Nash, but Nash dropped him in on the rail. He tried to whip Hunter to the post, but Hunter reversed and sent Nash into the post.

They tossed a couple of ladders in the ring and rolled in. Hunter attacked Nash's leg with the ladder and did several ladder gimmick spots on the leg, including a figure four through the ladder. Hunter tried to whip Nash into a ladder in the corner, but Nash reversed and Hunter bumped all the way to the floor. He hit Hunter in the face with a ladder and then slid him in the ring for a side slam on the ladder.

Nash put a ladder across the bottom rope, and then hit a sling shot on Hunter on the ladder. Nash pushed Hunter to the floor and cleared the announce table. He was going for the jackknife on the table, but Hunter tossed Nash over the table. Hunter went for the sledgehammer, but Nash caught him and hit a chokeslam.

Nash got a table and set it up in the ring. Hunter attacked and knocked Nash to the floor. Hunter set up the ladder and climbed it. Nash climbed the other side and they fought at the top. Hunter hit Nash with the still attached sledgehammer and Nash took the table bum from the ladder. Hunter took the sledgehammer and wore Nash out. He hit a Pedigree (after a slip), but the crowd chanted for another. Nash sat up on his knees and gave the Wolfpac sign. Hunter gave the crotch chop and hit Nash with the sledgehammer for the win. Post-match, Nash did the stretcher job with paramedics that should be fired immediately...

Shore's Slant: They ended up doing OK with that match. It dragged at the start, but they ended up with some nice spots. The figure four through the ladder was a nice looking spot, and the table bump worked well. Nash did better than I thought. I didn't love it, but it was OK.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed CM Punk. He ran a video that recapped the attack on Punk from Raw. He ran down both heels and Johnny Ace and then Laurinaitis walked up. He and Punk jawed back and forth and then he wished Punk luck in his match. Punk said luck was for losers and left so Ace could text...

6. Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger at 5:55. Sheamus dominated for the first five minutes. Swagger ducked a Brogue Kick and hit a tackle to the leg. He did a Swagger bomb into an elbow on the leg and slapped on the ankle lock. Sheamus kicked away and hit the Brogue kick for the win...

Shore's Slant: Wow, a TV enhancement match on a PPV. What a crock.

Backstage, Big Show cut a promo on beating Mark Henry and said he would end his nine year drought as world champion...

7. Big Show vs. Mark Henry in a chairs match to become the World Heavyweight Championship 5:29. The bell rang and Show went to the floor and tossed several chairs in the ring. When Show finally got in the ring, Henry went to the floor. He hit Show's right hand on the floor and rolled him back in the ring. Henry way going to do something with the chair, but Big Show hit the WMD for the win.

Show celebrated with the belt and Henry attacked from behind. He hit a DDT on Show on the chairs and left the ring. Suddenly, Daniel Bryan's music hit and he ran out with the briefcase and a ref...

8. Daniel Bryan defeated Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship at 0:07. Daniel Bryan covered immediately but it took the ref a moment to count. Bryan celebrated with the fans and talked junk to Cole while Show looked on. Show finally left the ring as Bryan continued to celebrate...

Shore's Slant: Some people are pointing out that Henry might be legit hurt. If so, then I understand the panic move here. If he isn't, this might be the worst booking decision of the year. I have to wait and see which.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Booker. Booker said he was going on and Matthews asked him. Matthews said we all knew what kind of man Booker was, and Booker stormed off for the ring...

9. Cody Rhodes defeated Booker T to reatin the Intercontinental Championship at 7:15. Booker started out quick and tossed Cody to the floor. Cody attacked when he returned to the ring and worked his offense. Booker came back with a clubbing blow and hit a side slam for two. Booker hit a spine buster type move and called for the spinarooni. Booker did the move, but sold being dizzy. The two men traded kick attempts, and then Cody hit the Beautiful Disaster kick for two. Cody hit another kick and that was enough for the pin.

Shore's Slant: Good short match. I was distracted during it, but what I saw was good. I don't like the head injury angle, but I never do. It's like using kids in angles. There's just too much that's happened in the real world around that topic to make it acceptable in a work.

10. CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio and The Miz in a TLC match for the WWE Championship at 18:24. Punk attacked both heels to start, and the heels attacked back. They beat Punk down and went to the floor watching each other. Ric Rod distracted Miz and Del Rio hit him with a chair. Del Rio picked up a ladder and Punk dove on him and the ladder from the ring.

Punk rolled Miz in the ring and got a chair, but Miz took it away and hit him with it. Miz setup the chair in the ring and used it to kick poff for a clothesline in the corner. Punk ducked and hit the high knee and setup for the bulldog on the chair. Miz stopped him and hit a slam on the chair.

Miz went to the floor and grabbed a ladder. Del Rio attacked and backdropped Miz on the ladder. Del Rio grabbed another ladder and Punk kicked him through the ladder. Punk took a chair and beat Miz to death before hitting the high knee on the floor that drove Miz into the first row.

Punk took the big ladder and set it up in the middle of the ring. He climbed up and Ric Rod ran in to stop him. Punk grabbed at Ricardo, but Ricardo spilled to the floor and Punk was handcuffed to the support arm of the ladder. Del Rio ran in and assaulted Punk, but Punk fought back and broke the ladder to free himself and knock Del Rio to the floor.

Miz dragged a ladder in and attacked Punk with it. Miz climbed for the belt, but Punk stopped him and they fought in the corner. Punk went to suplex Miz onto a table on the floor, but Del Rio ran in and hit his step up enziguri on Punk that looked stiff as hell. Punk took the table bump on the floor, and Del Rio locked the arm breaker through the ladder on Miz

Del Rio took two chairs and attacked Punk. He locked the armbreaker on Punk through the chair, and then setup the ladder in the ring, but in the wrong spot. He started to climb, but Punk and Miz turned the ladder over and Del Rio took the nut shot on the top rope. Punk and Miz clotheslined each other and Ric Rod tried to climb the ladder. Miz and Punk recovered and spilled him backwards to take a table bump on the floor from the ladder.

Miz and Punk fought in the corner and Miz handcuffed Punk to the second turnbuckle. Punk swiped at Miz and Miz just stared arrogantly. Punk hit a roundhouse kick and took the ring apart to set himself free. Miz and Del Rio were both climbing the ladder in the ring when Punk climbed up. They all fought on the top. Miz fell, and then Del Rio was kicked off by Punk. Miz dragged Punk off, but Punk hit GTS and climbed the ladder for the win. He celebrated on top of the ladder to end the show...

Shore's Slant: A good match, but the ending seemed flat for some reason. Punk is the right call here, so it's not that. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the ending just didn't seem to fit the match. I do know this, Ricardo Rodriguez better get paid like a wrestler, cause that was a wrestler bump. Wow.

Overall the show produced the matches I expected. There were some good work rate matches, but I think overall the PPV is a miss when taken in context of the past few weeks. Yes, Zack Ryder and champ is a good thing, but I don't think Daniel Bryan is at this point. This almost guarantees he won't be in the title match at Wrestlemania. What a shame. I'll have more in the member's exclusive audio report. Thanks for watching along with me tonight.

Questions? Comments? Anyone, anyone? Let me hear from you. Email me at css3238@gmail.com or tweet me @TheShoreSlant with whatever is on your mind.

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