11/20 Shore's WWE Survivor Series PPV results and review: The Rock and John Cena vs. Awesome Truth, Alberto Del Rio vs. C.M. Punk for the WWE Championship, Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the World Hvt. Championship

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11/20 Shore's WWE Survivor Series PPV results and review: The Rock and John Cena vs. Awesome Truth, Alberto Del Rio vs. C.M. Punk for the WWE Championship, Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the World Hvt. Championship
Nov 20, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

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WWE Survivor Series
Aired live on pay-per-view
New York, N.Y. at Madison Square Garden

A video hyped the "Never Before, Never Again" main event…The big pyro popped and Michael Cole, Booker T, and Jerry "The King" Lawler checked in on commentary…John Laurinaitis came out and said not only was it the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, it was also his tenth…

1. Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated John Morrison to retain the United States Championship at 10:45. The crowd went straight to "We want Ryder" at the beginning of the match. Still surprised this isn't the triple threat. Morrison got some boos for not being Zack Ryder. That's tough.

Ziggler flipped through a head scissor into a sleeper. Morrison slipped under and hooked his own sleeper. He turned it into a slam and covered. Vickie put Ziggler's foot on the ropes and the ref saw her do it. He banished her from ringside. One minute later, Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Ziggler got the knees up and followed with the Zig Zag for the win.

Post-match, Vickie did her bit and turned the mic over to Ziggler. Ziggler said you wouldn't want to follow that. The crowd chanted for Ryder again. Ziggler said Ryder isn't here. He said he was that damn good, or something. It was clumsy. Ryder ran out and slid in the ring to a huge pop. Ziggler attacked first, but Ryder hit the Rough Ryder leg lariat. Ziggler rolled to the floor, and Ryder celebrated with the crowd…

Shore's Slant: That was exactly the match you thought it would be. This crowd is SUPER hot. Gonna be a fun night if they stay that way. Ryder got to have a good moment in his home. Good for him. Most people don't.

The lumberjills all came out to Kelly Kelly's music…

2. Beth Phoenix defeated Eve in a Lumberjill match for the WWE Divas' Championship at 4:33. Eve slammed Beth early and went for her booty shake moonsault, but Beth rolled to the floor. The lumberjills rolled her back in. Later, Eve oversold a big kick out like she was Batista getting shoved. They fought on the top rope, and Beth hit a Glam Slam from the second rope for the win…

Shore's Slant: Terrible, clunky match. Really nice finish though. A great bump from Eve, and the crowd bought into it big time. No idea where they go from here. I guess to Alicia.

CM Punk was backstage and David Otunga walked up. After exchanging pleasantries, Otunga said Johnny Ace wanted Punk to apologize before his match tonight. Punk said he would think about it, after he beat Alberto Del Rio…

A close up camera shot showed Rock's chest tattoo. It zoomed out and Rock was there with a mic. He cut a lengthy promo about all the things that happened to him at Survivor Series and in his career. He said it was real simple tonight, "boots to asses." He gave all his lines and catch phrases before switching to Cena. He made another mangina joke and then sang, "New York" with the crowd before closing with his "smell" line…

Shore's Slant: I'm sure that was over the top cool if you are from NY or especially hot for that live crowd. They ate it up. For me it was pandering at its worst, but I freely admit I have the bar set too high in wanting to see something more than that from a feature act like Rock.

3. Team Barrett defeated Team Orton, with Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes surviving, in a traditional Survivor Series match at 22:08. Ziggler and Kofi started. Kofi tagged Orton who hit an RKO and Ziggler was gone. Dolph Ziggler was eliminated at 1:31. Team Orton leads 5-4. Team Barrett went to the floor to regroup and Team Orton attacked. In the melee, Sin Cara tried to hit a dive over the top rope, but he screwed it up somehow, and they just announced he was eliminated. Sin Car was eliminated at 3:40. The side are even at four.

Shore's Slant: The injury seems legit. Sin Cara hit the top rope trying to go over, but I don't think that's what did it, nor was it the awkward landing. They were checking the ankle, so he might have rolled it on the low end, snapped the Achilles's heel on the high.

After discussing it with the ref for some time, Kofi and Hunico started again. Kofi tagged in Ryan who tossed Hunico around. Cody got the blind tag and hit the Beautiful Disaster kick and Cross Rhodes to eliminate Ryan. Mason Ryan was eliminated at 8:50. Team Barrett leads 4-3. Sheamus stepped in and destroyed Cody. Cody tried to duck and toss Sheamus over the top, but Sheamus landed on the apron. Barrett tried to interfere and Cody kicked Sheamus to the floor.

Kofi and Barrett got hot tags and Kofi was a house of fire on the entire heel team. He hit a pendulum kick on Swagger on the apron which allowed Barrett to hit a big boot and Wasteland for the elimination. Kofi Kingston was eliminated at 14:04. Team Barrett leads Orton attacked immediately, but Barrett tossed him over the top and tagged Hunico, who hit a dive on Orton. Hunico rolled Orton back in and the heels worked in and out on Orton.

Orton fought back and Swagger and Sheamus got the hot tag. Sheamus killed Swagger and knocked out the rest of the team. He kneed Swagger in the corner until the ref disqualified him. He hit the Brogue kick on Swagger before he left. Sheamus was eliminated at 18:12. Team Barrett leads 4-1. Orton climbed in the ring and covered Swagger. Jack Swagger was eliminated at 19:31. Team Barrett leads 3-1

The heels stalked Orton in the ring, and Rhodes ended up the legal man. Cody mocked Orton with his pose. Orton stormed back and killed Cody. He knocked Barrett to the floor, but Hunico got a blind tag. Hunico jumped off the top rope, and Orton hit an RKO. Hunico was eliminated at 21:36. Team Barrett leads 2-1. Orton hit another RKO on Rhodes, but he turned into a lift and Wasteland for a Team Barrett victory. Post-match it was revealed Sin Cara suffered a ruptured patella tendon…

Shore's Slant: Very good match with a tough break for Sin Cara and fantastic surprise for the finish. Loved it. Nice to see young guys go over big.

Backstage, the Bella whores flirted with Del Rio. Johnny Ace walked up and the segment became 94 percent less sexy. Ace said he felt Del Rio wasn't taking the title match serious. Del Rio said he would leave champ…The ring crew was out to "reinforce the ring" for the next match. Nice touch. It's the little things. The announce team setup a video that recapped the world title feud…

4. Big Show defeated Mark Henry by disqualification in a World Heavyweight Championship match at 13:00. Big Show started by wrestling, literally wrestling. He hooked a waist lock and an arm drag and Henry rolled to the floor, frustrated. Show hit punches when Henry came back, but Henry kicked the leg and worked it for some time. The crowd chanted boring for some reason, and then broke into a "Daniel Bryan" chant as Big Show hulked up.

Show went for the chokeslam, but Henry kicked the leg and hit the World's Strongest Slam for two. Henry hit a splash and scored another nearfall. The crowd chanted for Undertaker. New York is high tonight. They spilled to the floor and Henry drove Show through the barricade. Show barely made the count, and Henry tried to do the superplex again. Show battled back and hit a superkick on Henry. He went to the top rope--that is not a mistype--Show went to the top, and after taking forever to get his footing, hit an elbow drop from the top for a great nearfall. Show went for the knockout punch, but Henry kicked him in the nuts to cause the DQ.

Post-match, Henry got a chair and set Show up for another broken leg. Show moved his leg at the last second, kicked the chair off, and hit the WMD. Show took the chair as the fans chanted for Bryan, and set Henry's leg in the chair. He hit a leg drop on it and Henry sold it like his foot had been cut off. Show left the ring. Medical staff tended to Henry who said his leg was broke…

Shore's Slant: I am still looking for words to describe the Big Show elbow drop. Good match that the live crowd hated for some reason. The finish was interesting. I hate cheap finishes, but this one was blatant after Show hit an unbelievable move so it made good sense. I'm not sure what they do from here, but bet on this being your chairs match at TLC. Now doubt about it now.

Backstage, Matt striker started to interview Wade Barrett, but Awesome Truth walked up. They asked if tonight was about the Barrett Barrage, and Barrett said yes before walking off. Miz complained about the focus not being on them. Truth cut a hilarious promo about talking to pigeons--not Velvet Sky's--and they said Cena and Rock were a pile of crap…

A video package setup the WWE title match. Ricardo Rodriguez did his introduction for Del Rio. Justin Roberts announced that CM Punk also had his own ring announcer, Howard Finkle! Fink let them chant his name and then seemed unsure if he should start. The announce team shit all over him and finally Fink introduced Punk…

5. CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) for the WWE Championship at 17:15. Punk got quick control and Del Rio rolled to the floor. Punk hit a suicide dive and rolled Del Rio back in the ring. He hit a cross body from the top for two. Del Rio knocked him down near the apron, and Ric Rod took a cheap shot. Punk got pissed and chased Ric Rod. Del Rio hit a drop kick through the ropes as Punk ran by. Del Rio legit landed awkward; it could not have felt good.

Del Rio hit a double axe handle from the top, and then hit the exact same move a minute later. Odd. Del Rio went for a drop kick, but Punk moved and Del Rio crashed to the floor. Ric Rod checked on Del Rio, and Del Rio hit a hangman on Punk, only to have Punk come back with a big boot. Punk went for GTS, but Del Rio slipped out and hit a back cracker for two. Del Rio followed with an arm breaker for two at 12:48.

Del Rio set Punk on the top and they battled. Punk hit a head-butt to knock Del Rio to the floor. The fans got super-hot for the elbow. Punk stood and raised his arms, but Del Rio swept the legs and had Punk tied in a reverse tree of woe. Del Rio kicked the arm and went for a spear, but Punk moved and Del Rio hit the post. Punk recovered to hit the elbow drop for a nearfall.

Punk stomped like he was tuning up the band. He called for GTS and lifted Del Rio. Del Rio slipped out and they ducked several moves until Del Rio hooked in the cross-arm breaker. Punk made the rope and Del Rio broke the hold. Del Rio charged Punk and knocked him into Ric Rod on the apron. Del Rio exposed Punk's ass pulling the tights so hard on a roll-up, but Punk kicked out. He hit a roundhouse kick for two and trapped the arm in the anaconda vice on the kick out. Del Rio fought and then tapped out…

Shore's Slant: I'm sure this leads to the Laurinaitis-Punk feud, but I hate the move. Del Rio is meaningless right now. He was the hottest thing just before Mania, and now this. What a waste of a talent.

A commercial for the new Steve Austin DVD aired…A video hyped the main event and covered all kinds of events and even managed to mention Awesome Truth. The heels did their idiot re-mix rap, and then Cena came out to a ton of boos, but he played to it. Rock was out to a big pop. You're shocked. It's OK, so was I…

6. John Cena and The Rock defeated Awesome Truth at 21:28. Before the match, Rock essentially ignored Cena. Cena went to the apron and let Rock start with Miz. Rock hooked a headlock and Miz whipped him off. It turned into several arm drags on both heels. Rock tossed Truth to the floor and then Miz rolled to the floor to join him. Truth said he wanted the Rock so Rock gave him the "Bring it" hand gesture and Truth tagged in.

Truth took a beating from the Rock like Miz. Rock attacked Miz too, and Miz tried to come in. Cena ran over and attacked him. The ref forced him out as Rock hit a bridging fisherman's suplex on Truth that got no count because of Cena. Rock mouthed off to Cena and then Miz demanded to be tagged in. He did, and demanded Cena tag in. Cena stuck his hand out and Rock slapped it away as a tag.

The crowd attacked Cena with "You can't wrestle" chants. He hit a big move and the crowd chanted, "You still suck." Truth tagged in and Cena hit the start of the Five Moves of Doom. He stopped before doing "You can't see me," and then turned and did it to Rock. Rock stepped in the ring and stared Cena down. Cena turned around and Truth clotheslined him. Rock did not help.

The heels worked in and out on Cena, and you could hear Cena giving directions in the ring. The crowd went silent until Cena took a high cross body and rolled through into an AA lift. Then they booed. The crowd is bad for this match right now. More on that later. Truth slid out and hit a kick for a near fall. Miz tagged in and played to the Rock for a moment, allowing Cena to lock in the STF. Truth made the save and tagged in, but he took an AA to no response from the live crowd.

Miz made the save and distracted the ref to allow Truth to drop Rock on the apron. Rock tried to run in, but the ref stopped him. Truth tried for a silly, dancing leg drop, but Cena moved. Cena and Miz got hot tags. Rock took out both men with a Rock Bottom on Truth, followed by a dragon leg screw on Miz. Rock locked in the Sharpshooter, and Miz almost tapped, but Truth hit Pay Dirt on Rock.

Cena ran in and speared Truth. He hugged him and they rolled to the floor. Miz worked over Rock with kicks and then said he was the one everyone should be watching. Miz hit the ropes, and Rock popped up for a spinebuster. The crowd went completely nuts, and Rock hit the People's Elbow for the pinfall victory.

Post-match, John Cena clapped for the Rock and headed towards the back. Rock waved his music down and motioned for Cena to come back to the ring. Cena did, and played to the crowd on a turnbuckle as Rock gestured for him to do. The crowd booed. Rock told Cena to listen and played to a corner to a huge cheer. Cena tried again, and Rock told him to listen one more time and then, "Get the f--- out." None of this was with microphones, just to be clear. He played to the last corner to another great pop.

Rock's music played for a moment, and then he and Cena got face to face. Cena turned to walk away, but Rock grabbed him and hit a Rock Bottom. Cena rolled to the floor and struggled up the walk way, but managed to make a knee and give Rock a look. He went to the back, and Rock bowed and thanked the crowd to close the show…

Shore's Slant: Can we go back to the start of the match? I was really into this then. They managed to get me into the match…and then the ending was terrible. It really was. This was a much better PPV than I thought we were going to get, and I can even forgive the WWE title change if this just ends better. The live crowd didn't really react to the Rock Bottom on my TV. That doesn't seem right, so I am willing to think it was my stereo. If it wasn't, that's telling.

This started with some very good storytelling in the ring. I hate that it ended this way. I'm more bored by the developments than upset, but I can't be the only one unhappy with that ending. I go back to what I said months ago when we found out Rock was coming to Survivor Series, this could hurt WrestleMania buys. They need another moment together because Rock did what I never would have thought was possible, he took the heat off of Cena. Not much, but enough to be seriously damaging. I'll have more to say on the member's only audio and perhaps a new blog tomorrow. Thanks for reading along tonight.

Questions? Comments? Anyone, anyone? Let me hear from you. Email me at css3238@gmail.com or tweet me @TheShoreSlant with whatever is on your mind.

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