6/19 Powell's WWE Capitol Punishment PPV results and review: John Cena vs. R-Truth for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World Hvt. Championship, Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

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6/19 Powell's WWE Capitol Punishment PPV results and review: John Cena vs. R-Truth for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World Hvt. Championship, Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio
Jun 19, 2011 - 10:00 PM

By Jason Powell

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WWE Capitol Punishment
Aired live on pay-per-view
Washington, D.C. at Verizon Center

The show opened with a video... Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T checked in on commentary... The ring ropes are red, white, and blue to fit with the theme. At ringside, Lawler acknowledged that it was Father's Day as the announcers discussed the pay-per-view following Kofi Kingston's ring introduction. The Spanish broadcasting team is also at ringside...

1. Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) beat Kofi Kingston to win the United States Championship in 11:20. Booker said he's happy that Dolph got rid of his "mullet." Meanwhile, there was good action in the ring with both men trading offense during the first five minutes.

Kofi hit the SOS at 7:15 for a good near fall. "What the hell?" Booker yelled while selling the kickout. About a minute later and after a series of good counters, Kofi went for a dropkick on the seated Zigler, but he jumped too high and got too close and it didn't look good. Kofi also hit a great high cross body block off the top for another good near fall.

At 10:00, Kofi was setting up for another move, but Dolph countered it into a sleeper. Kofi ended up running Dolph into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Dolph applied the sleeper again after Vickie raked Kofi's eyes. Dolph pushed off the ropes to prevent Kofi from getting there. However, the referee ask him to break the hold. The bell rang and after some confusion the referee gave the belt to Ziggler...

Powelll's POV: A strong opening match. The confusion of the finish was odd. It looked like they were just trying to give Kofi an out for losing the match. You didn't really think this never ending feud was over, did you?

A limo arrived backstage. R-Truth emerged from the limo with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. Eve told Truth that she doesn't know who he is anymore. Truth, who had been friendly, got serious and said she's right...

Backstage, The Miz compared Alex Riley to a rescue dog while being interviewed by Todd Grisham. He said there's a fine line between luck and awesome and he's going to show the world what that is...

At ringside, Cole said everyone has been talking about Miz vs. Riley for weeks, and he hopes Riley gets what he deserves. Lawler defended Riley... A video set up the Miz vs. Riley match...

2. Alex Riley beat The Miz in 10:10. The Miz brought the briefcase with him to ringside. The wrestlers jawed at one another to start the match. Riley kicked Miz, but Miz ended up having the first round of sustained offense, which included a running boot to Riley's face on the floor.

Miz controlled the offense until ran from one corner and tried to slide kick Riley, who was in the Tree of Woe in the other. Riley up and Miz missed the kick. Riley went on the offensive and got his first near fall. He played to the crowd with a yell that was greeted with zero response. Ouch! The fans were counting along with his near falls, though.

Riley and Miz took the fight to ringside. Cole started yelling at Riley from behind the announcers' desk. Cole questioned how Riley could do this to The Miz. Riley pulled Cole over the table and onto the floor. Miz capitalized on the distraction and regained control.

The Miz grabbed the briefcase and tried to hit Riley with it while both men were back inside the ring. However, the referee stopped Miz from using the briefcase. Riley ended up hitting Miz with a double-armed, jumping DDT for the clean pin...

Powell's POV: Riley didn't get a great reaction from the live crowd. They were happy to see him win and all, but it seemed like it was more a case of wanting to see The Miz lose than the fans being into Riley. It's still early in his push, though. WWE may want to consider making Riley some new trunks, as he was wearing the old Varsity Villain trunks he wore in the past.

Backstage, Sgt. Slaughter spoke with a President Obama impersonator, who was flanked by fake Secret Service members. Vickie Guerrero came up and sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to the fake Obama. The servicemen dragged her away...

Powell's POV: You can take Jillian Hall out of WWE, but you can't take the Jillian Hall out of WWE? Or something like that. Bad skit. Here's hoping they're few and far between.

A video recapped the Alberto Del Rio and Big Show feud...

3. Alberto Del Rio beat Big Show in 4:55. Del Rio did the sports car entrance minus the injured Ricardo Rodriguez. Once Del Rio got to the ramp, Big Show ran out and attacked him from behind. Show rolled Del Rio inside the ring. However, before Show could get inside the ring, Mark Henry showed up and attacked Show from behind.

Henry performed the World's Strongest Slam on Big Show through the Spanish Broadcast Team's table. Wow! Henry went after Show's bad knee. Show sold it on the floor while Del Rio bickered with the referee. The referee eventually started to count out Show. Cole said Show would lose via forfeit. However, Show rolled inside the ring and the ref called for the bell to start the match.

Show limped while roughing up Del Rio. He grabbed him for the chokeslam, but Del Rio kicked at his bad knee. Del Rio worked over the knee and caught Show with several kicks to the head. Del Rio went for the cover, but Show kicked out powerfully. Later, Del Rio applied the cross leg breaker (usual finisher, only on the leg), but Show eventually reached the ropes to break the hold.

The ref checked with Show, who said he was good to go. Show used the ropes to pull himself up, but he fell right back down. Rinse and repeat, only this time Show fell into the middle of the ring and the referee called for the bell. Cole said Del Rio won the match via submission while Show was being helped backstage. Am I watching the same show as Cole?...

Powell's POV: It could have been much worse for Del Rio . I was worried we were going to see a short squash match like they had at the live events over the weekend. Once the match started, I was worried they were going to have Show beat Del Rio on one leg. Show gets the out, and Del Rio gets the win. Show did a damn good job of selling consistently throughout the match and worked up one hell of a sweat in the process. I didn't care for the finish, though, as there's no reason Show couldn't have tapped to the cross leg breaker. Why not establish that hold and give Del Rio more credibility in the process by having even a wounded Show tap out?

Backstage, R-Truth told a photographer that he wanted his picture taken with the WWE Championship belt before he gets sweaty. The photographer said the nameplate says John Cena. Truth grabbed him by the face and scolded him only to release the man before storming off...

Matt Striker tried to interview Wade Barrett, but Barrett took the mic from him and cut a promo while walking to the ring. Barrett mocked the Washington fans and said Americans will all be speaking Chinese soon. Once in the ring, he turned his promo attention to Ezekiel Jackson...

Powell's POV: Jon Lopuch pointed out that Barrett cutting a promo on his way to the ring may have been WWE's way of getting around his lack of entrance music now that he's not with The Corre.

4. Ezekiel Jackson beat Wade Barrett to win the Intercontinental Title in 6:40. A "We Want Ryder" chant broke out early in the match. Barrett ended up hitting the Wasteland finisher, but Zeke kicked out. A "USA" chant broke out, presumably for the South American Jackson. Barrett hit a few bodyslams and followed up with Torture Rack for the submission win.

After the match, Jerry Lawler entered the ring and asked Zeke how it felt to be the new Intercontinental Champion. Zeke said it was awesome and he feels great. He said he got his independence in the nation's capital. He said the most important thing in his life is "liberty and the personification of domination"...

Powell's POV: That went about six minutes longer than I expected, but the end result was the same. I was hoping Zeke would break out the Pearl River Plunge.

A "Be A Star" commercial aired...

Backstage, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and Santino Marella introduced themselves to the Obama impersonator. Santino tried to show him how to do The Cobra, but the secret service mauled him and ran the fake Obama out of the area...

In another part of the backstage area, Josh Mathews interviewed C.M. Punk, who said Washington, D.C. was the birthplace of the Straight Edge movement. He also ripped politicians and took offense at Mathews referring to him as a politician. Punk said he tells people he's using them, whereas everyone else puts on a facade. Punk said that he's going to do the most honest thing the WWE Universe has ever seen when he beats Mysterio...

5. C.M. Punk beat Rey Mysterio in 15:00. Punk was in control early on. At one point, he wished Mysterio a Happy Father's Day while headbutting him in the gut. Funny. Mysterio made his comeback and hit some of his signature offense. Punk caught Mysterio going to the top rope and side suplexed him from the top.

At 13:00, Mysterio went for a top rope splash, but Punk lifted his knees and got a good near fall. Punk signaled for the GTS. He kicked Mysterio in the gut a few times and went for the move, but Rey countered for a near fall, only to have Punk nail him with a kick to the head and then score a great near fall of his own.

Punk went for the GTS again, but Mysterio flipped him into the ropes. Mysterio went for the 619, but Punk ducked out of the way and caught Mysterio on his shoulders. Punk stood up and hit the GTS and pinned Mysterio clean. Punk limped to the back while Cole questioned what Punk was referring to before the match when he said he'd do the most honest thing ever. Cole said Punk will tell us in due time...

Powell's POV: Best match of the night thus far. These two work so well together. It feels like they've had a million matches, yet they keep coming up with fresh material to keep their matches interesting. No, I don't think this means Punk has signed a new deal. Of course, it could be a sign, but WWE might be keeping him strong so that it means something if someone beats him and sends him out of the company. Plus, there's no point in burying the guy if they think he's going to return eventually.

A Christian and Randy Orton video was shown... Ring entrances for the World Hvt. Championship match took place. Orton came out first. Cole said Orton has been medically cleared from the concussion he suffered last week...

Powell's POV: With only the two matches remaining, I have a bad feeling that we're going to suffer through a long Obama impersonator skit as the buffer between the two World Title matches.

6. Randy Orton beat Christian to retain the World Hvt. Championship in 14:05. Tony Chimel handled the in-ring introductions for the World Title match. The announcers spoke repeatedly about Orton's concussion. At 9:45, Orton superplexed Christian and came up holding his head. They traded punches and Orton staggered while selling one punch.

Orton went for the RKO, but Christian countered into an attempt of his own finisher, but Orton avoided that. Orton got Christian up in the inverted body vice position (Jesse Ventura's finisher way back when) and dropped down for a neck/back breaker. Cool move.

Orton shook his head as if he was clearing the cobwebs. He struck the Viper's Pose and pounded the mat. When he went for the RKO, Christian countered with the Killswitch for a really good near fall. Christian went to the corner and set up for the spear, but Orton leapfrogged him. Orton went for the RKO, but Christian pushed him off and speared him for another fantastic near fall at 13:00.

Christian broke out the fulcrum kick in the corner at 13:45. Moments later, though, Orton hit the RKO on Christian and got the 1-2-3. Christian's leg was under the bottom rope throughout the count, but the referee didn't catch it. Orton sold the head injury afterward.

Christian threw a fit to the referee about his foot being under the rope. A doubting Lawler said it looked like Christian was trying to convince the ref that his foot was under the ropes. Booker said Christian was out cold and wondered how he could know where his foot was. Orton struck Christian with the title belt and then went back to the ropes to play to the crowd...

Powell's POV: Perhaps a better question is how the announcers missed that Christian's foot was under the ropes. Apparently, that's how Vince McMahon wanted the match called, as they eventually acknowledged that the foot was under the ropes. Well, Cole did. Booker said it was a judgement call even though it was obvious. Good lord, the heel announcer is the voice of reason. Anyway, awesome near falls down the stretch. Orton and Christian continue to work well together, and it's good to see they protected Christian to leave the door open for another match.

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view commercial featured Big Show reading a fairy tale book about the show to Hornswoggle...

The Bella Twins escorted Keith Stone of the Keystone Beer commercials to the ring. He wore what appeared to be a "Ravishing" Rick Rude shirt to the ring. If it's not a Rude shirt, his estate should sue...

Powell's POV: Credit to Pooch for knowing who Keith Stone is. I didn't have a clue. Stone's appearance was quick and harmless.

An R-Truth and John Cena video aired... Justin Roberts introduced the next match as a "special bonus attraction," which beats the shit out of a fake Obama skit...

7. Evan Bourne beat Jack Swagger in 7:20. Swagger took control of the match and mocked Bourne by asking if he thought he could beat him. Bourne came back with a run of offense, but Swagger regained control with a big boot to the face. Later, Bourne leapt off the top rope and caught Swagger with a great DDT on the way down.

Bourne missed his finisher, but landed on his feet. He avoided Swagger going for a suplex, and then avoided the ankle lock, which he countered with a roll up into a pin for the win...

Powell's POV: Good effort by both men and the usual flashy offense from Bourne, but the live crowd just didn't care. There were some cheers for the finish, but that was about it. I actually feel bad for Swagger and especially Bourne, whose offense is usually crowd pleasing regardless of whether he's getting television time.

A video previewed the Power to the People edition of Raw...

Justin Roberts introduced Barack Obama. The impersonator walked onto the stage, where a presidential podium had been set up. There were boos and taunts from the live crowd, but members of the military were shown saluting. The "What" chants started as the impersonator said he watches Raw every Monday night.

The Obama impersonator said he is not the anonymous general manager. "If I was we'd be seeing a lot less Michael Cole and a lot more Jim Ross," the impersonator said. "God, I love that fat bastard." The impersonator wished John Cena luck, which drew more boos than cheers, and then did the same to R-Truth.

After a couple of bad jokes, the impersonator was about to leave when Booker T stopped him by calling him "homey." Booker invited the impersonator to join him in the ring. Booker shook his hand and said it was a pleasure to meet him. Booker coaxed the impersonator into doing the Spinaroonie...

Powell's POV: Who in the hell do they think this shit appeals to? Remember this the next time we bitch about suffering through a crappy Divas match.

A National Guard spot aired... A video set up the John Cena vs. R-Truth match... Justin Roberts handled the in-ring introductions for the main event took place. Cole hyped that there will be two Money in the Bank pay-per-view matches at the MITB pay-per-view next month...

8. John Cena beat R-Truth to retain the WWE Championship in 14:40. Truth had a boring stretch of offensive control that the crowd didn't respond to because Cena never appeared to be in true danger and there were some dull holds worked in. The announcers filled time by questioning whether Cena took Truth seriously enough going into the match.

At 10:35, Truth stood up and looked to the crowd and they greeted him with the enthusiasm of a heel Diva working the popcorn match. Cena started to make his comeback and got a mix of soft boos and cheers. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Truth avoided it and hit a jaw jacker.

Cena came back with the STF, but Truth reached the ropes to break the hold. Truth hit the scissors kick. Booker T, who previously claimed he invented Truth's spinning elbow, said he's seen that move before. Truth got a decent near fall that the fans didn't buy into. Cena rolled out of the ring. Truth followed, but got distracted by a fan wearing a Cena hat.

Truth took the hat and put it on backwards. He took the kids drink and took a sip before handing it back to him. The kid threw the drink in Truth's face. Cena threw Truth back inside the ring and hit him with the Attitude Adjustment and got the 1-2-3.

After the match, Cena headed to ringside and grabbed the young boy who threw the drink at Truth. Cena put the hat back on the kid's head and raised his hand. The kid went back to ringside. Booker wished fans a Happy Father's Day while Cole said this is the problem with America. Cena posed in front of the military members to close the show...

Powell's POV: The finish plays into Truth throwing soda and all, but it did nothing to protect him or to set up the need for a rematch. The show died when the bonus match started, as the fans didn't get into that match, and the Obama crap certainly didn't wake them up again. I'm sure WWE will chalk up the lack of response to Truth in the main event as a sign that he's not over, but the people who laid out the show also deserve the blame for killing the crowd after the World Hvt. Championship match.

The undercard of the show was solid and it was on its way to being a good, wrestling heavy, no nonsense show, but that all changed in the last hour. I'll have a lot more to say about this show tonight in Dot Net Members' audio, and on Monday in the WWE Raw Hitlist. Thanks for watching along with me, and stop back again on Monday night for my coverage of the three-hour Raw.




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