7/18 Powell's WWE Money in the Bank PPV results and review: Sheamus vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger for the World Hvt. Championship, two MITB matches

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7/18 Powell's WWE Money in the Bank PPV results and review: Sheamus vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger for the World Hvt. Championship, two MITB matches
Jul 18, 2010 - 10:00 PM

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By Jason Powell

Aired live on pay-per-view
Kansas City, Mo. at Sprint Center

The show opened with a brief video... The show is presented by Criss Angel's television show... Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker introduced the show from ringside. They hyped that the Smackdown version of MITB would open the show. They also turned things over to the Spanish broadcast team briefly...

1. Kane defeated Kofi Kingston, Christian, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Big Show, and Cody Rhodes in a MITB ladder match in 26:15. Ring announcer Tony Chimel noted that the winner can cash in the briefcase anytime and any place for one year. Big Show and Kane threw the other wrestlers out of the ring like they were Kevin Nash facing X Division wrestlers who dared to win a match.

Show got the better of Kane and tried to climb the ladder, but a rung broke. Hardy and McIntyre had a moment in the ring. Hardy made the first real play for the title, but Christian entered the ring and pulled him down. Christian went for the briefcase, but Hardy pulled him down.

Powell's POV: What happened to his super deluxe ladder from Smackdown? Here's hoping that was their way of establishing that Show could have won the match so that we can move on and have a quality MITB match. By the way, the dark match result of MITB is available on the main page.

At 5:25, Hardy and Christian teamed to perform a double DDT on Kane. They picked up ladders and rammed them into Kane, but then went back to brawling. Meanwhile, all the other wrestlers were selling at ringside. Christian got the better of the exchange and climbed the ladder, but Cody pushed the ladder over and Christian fell onto Show at ringside.

Cole continued to tell the story that six wrestlers were focussing heavily on taking out Kane and Show. Cody and Hardy were fighting at the top of the ladder when McIntyre pushed them over. He aggressively cleared the ring and set up the ladder at 8:00. However, Ziggler ran in and cut him off.

Kane flipped at ringside and cleared off the Spanish announce table. He wanted to chokeslam Drew, but it didn't happen. Boo! Kofi hit a great kick on McIntyre on the table and then eyed up the ladder. The crowd picked up on it and cheered. A small "Kofi" chant broke out briefly.

At 10:30, Kofi leapt off the ladder and did the Boom Drop on McIntyre, causing both wrestlers to crash through the Spanish announce table. Yes! Screw you, Spanish announce table! Later, Big Show pulled out his super deluxe ladder and actually struggled to get it inside the ring.

Show was standing in the ring and trying to pull it over the top rope. He looked to the crowd and said something that got a laugh out of people. He finally pulled it through the ropes. Cody cut off Show with a small ladder shot and then climbed the deluxe ladder, but Ziggler stopped him at 15:40.

Ziggler climbed the ladder, but Show stopped him. Show sold an ankle injury. He pulled Kofi off the ladder, but Kofi DDT'd him. Kofi slowly climbed the ladder, only to take a missile dropkick from Cody, who is showing a high flying side we rarely see out of him due to his heel status. Cody followed up with CrossRhodes on Kofi.

At 19:00, Cody climbed the ladder. Dolph ran in and swung at him and missed. He followed up with a punch and then pulled him down. Show recovered and started headbutting heels. Show, who was sporting a knee brace, hobbled to sell the ankle injury.

Show climbed a couple rungs of the ladder, but Kane pushed it over and Show fell to ringside. Christian and Hardy piled ladders onto Show on the floor, and Kane also threw one on top of Show. The seven wrestlers all made a play for the briefcase. Kane threw them down one-by-one.

Cody was the last wrestler to pull down. It was supposed to conclude with Kane's big uppercut punch, but the timing was really bad. Kane climbed the ladder. Dolph entered the ring and applied his sleeper on Kane, who rammed Dolph's head into the ladder to knock him off.

Kane threw Ziggler over the top rope toward Show, but Ziggler's knee got hooked. Kane freed him up and threw him onto the ladders that were on top of Show. Kane went to ringside and slammed Kofi onto the stack of ladders with Show underneath. Cody tried to run away and Kane went after him for lord knows what reason. Kane slammed Cody's head into the armored vans that make up the ring set.

Kane headed back to the ring and went for the briefcase, but Hardy and Christian teamed up to throw him off. At 24:20, Hardy and Christian met at the top of the Show-sized ladder and traded punches. They eventually shoved each other off simultaneously. Christian took a bump on the ropes and came up bleeding.

Drew McIntyre recovered at ringside and made a bid for the briefcase. Kane recovered and chokeslammed McIntyre off the ladder and grabbed the briefcase to win the match. The announcers hyped that Kane now has a title shot whenever he wants...

Powell's POV: There were some sloppy moments, but it was a fun match with the obligatory big bumps. They didn't do so much that the Raw version of the match won't have a chance to top it later in the show. The finish was booked wisely in that the did a nice job of teasing that the unpopular McIntyre was going to sneak in and win while everyone was down, so the crowd popped when Kane recovered and stopped him before grabbing the case.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Sheamus, who said he is a prideful man and believed he was untouchable until he stared into the eyes of The Nexus. He said they look "totally soulless." He said Nexus are a threat to everyone, including him, and thus he had to choose a side.

Sheamus complained about not getting the credit he deserved for beating John Cena twice to win the WWE Championship. He said he hates Cena, and called the fans worthless. He took offense to Cena's jokes about his skin color and questioned how many jokes he'll make when he slams his head into the cage. Sheamus said Cena will learn that Nexus is a threat, but he's a bigger one...

2. Alicia Fox defeated Eve to retain the WWE Divas Championship in 5:55. At 5:00, Eve hit a standing moonsault that deserved a better reaction than the scattered cheers from the crowd. She followed up with a summersault off the second rope, but Alicia got the knees up and hit her finisher to get the pin...

Powell's POV: The fans didn't care. It was a tough spot for the women to be in since they had a really tough act to follow, but it's not like the reaction was a whole lot worse than usual. Good effort from both women, but the vast majority of the fans just don't care.

The announcers narrated a video recap of Kane beating up Jack Swagger's father (a/k/a Jimmy "Bunkhouse Buck" Golden) on Friday's Smackdown...

Backstage, Swagger was on the telephone with his mother. He told her to stop being so hysterical. "Mom, shut up," Swagger said. He said his father lives vicariously through him. He said his dad acted like he won all the championships. "As far as I'm concerned, Dad got what he deserved," Swagger said. "He was trying to steal my spotlight."

Swagger said he felt bad and wanted to help his father, but he couldn't risk having Kane attack him so that he couldn't compete. Swagger said his father would have done the same thing if he were in his shoes. Swagger told his mom that he was going to snap Rey Mysterio's ankle and bring home the gold...

Powell's POV: Swagger telling his mother to shut up was hilarious, but the live crowd didn't seem to get as much of a kick out of it as I did. Funny stuff.

3. The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya) defeated The Uso Brothers (w/Tamina) to retain the Unified Tag Titles in 5:55. Striker noted that the Samoans have their thumbs taped. Kidd caught one of his opponents with his feet under the arms and into a pinning situation, but the Usos made a nice blind tag.

The Uso Brothers came back by throwing Kidd into the air and hitting a great Samoan Drop for a near fall. Tamina got involved, so Natalya came over and attacked her. Meanwhile, Kidd dove onto one of his opponents, while David Hart Smith locked in the Sharpshooter for the submission win...

Powell's POV: The crowd started really flat, but the wrestlers got them into it by the end. I was hoping for a couple more minutes, but the last couple of minutes were strong.

A commercial for Criss Angel's television show aired... Cole hyped the album of the artist that recorded the MITB theme song... A video recapped Jack Swagger winning the World Hvt. Championship at the Fatal Four Way, and Swagger invoking his rematch clause...

Powell's POV: They're going with Swagger vs. Mysterio now, so my guess is the Raw MITB match follows, then the Divas buffer, and the WWE Championship in the main event slot.

4. Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to retain the World Hvt. Championship in 10:45. Mysterio limped when he walked onto the stage, and Striker explained that he has ligament damage. Lawler said it's not looking good for Mysterio because he can barely walk. Cole hyped Summer Slam "in the home of Summer Slam" for Staples Center in L.A.

Tony Chimel handled the in-ring introductions and said the match was for the World Championship (no heavyweight mention). Nice reaction for Mysterio. Rey hit a big senton dive onto Swagger at ringside and came up holding his knee. He's supposed to be holding his ankle, but it's no secret the knee is legit injured.

Later, Swagger ran to the corner and jumped onto the ropes in Kurt Angle style before throwing Mysterio down. Swagger caught Mysterio in a knee-bar, but Rey kicked him with the other foot. At 4:50, Swagger threw Mysterio into the air and went for the Samoan Drop, but they fell down awkwardly. Lack of communication between the agents given that the Uso Brothers performed something similar in the last match?

At 6:00, Mysterio hit a split-legged moonsault for a near fall. Striker said Mysterio is pulling out a lot of moves because he's injured and wants to finish the match. At 7:15, Swagger had Mysterio pinned following a powerbomb, but Mysterio got his foot over the bottom rope. Striker noted that Swagger would be World Champ had he hooked the other leg.

At 8:40, Swagger had Mysterio on the second rope and was going for a move when Mysterio countered into a DDT for a good near fall and a great response from the crowd. Mysterio hit the 619 and followed up with a West Coast Pop attempted, but Swagger caught him and turned it into an ankle lock, but Mysterio reached the ropes.

Swagger followed up with a pair of Vader Bombs. Swagger was bleeding inside his mouth, but not severely. Mysterio loosened his boot. Swagger grabbed that leg and applied the ankle lock. Mysterio pushed him off and Swagger and the boot went into the ropes. Rey rolled him up and got the 1-2-3.

After the match, Swagger attacked Mysterio. Kane ran out and went after Swagger. Kane chased Swagger to the back while Mysterio celebrated with the World Hvt. Championship in hand. Kane's pyro went off and he headed back to the ring with the MITB briefcase in hand to cash in.

Powell's POV: A couple sloppy spots, but a strong title match that really got the live crowd into the action. The fans really got behind Mysterio and the injury storyline, which set up the Kane match well.

5. Kane pinned Rey Mysterio to win the World Hvt. Championship in 0:55. Kane got a big pop from the live crowd when he came out. He chokeslammed Mysterio and followed up with the Tombstone for the pin...

Powell's POV: Nice booking. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy about seeing Kane win the World Hvt. Championship, but they set that up nicely with Mysterio's injury. Looks like heel Kane as World Champion facing Undertaker in the near future once it's revealed that Kane is the mystery attacker.

Backstage, Edge was shown watching Kane win the championship on a backstage monitor. Chris Jericho showed up and they bickered over who was going to win the WWE Championship. Jericho said he created the match. Edge pointed out that Jericho has never won a MITB match. Jericho told Edge that the worst is yet to come...

Powell's POV: Good verbal exchange. I wonder if it's a swerve and they'll work together. Long shot, but all this attention they're giving those two makes me wonder what's up. Maybe Jericho is turning babyface. By the way, so much for my buffer match theory, as the Divas are up next.

6. Layla (w/Michelle McCool) defeated Kelly Kelly (w/Tiffany) to retain the WWE Women's Championship. What the hell has Tiffany done to her hair? The leopard print shirt makes her look like a pro (and I don't mean wrestler). Layla spent the entire match screaming, which was louder than the entire crowd combined.

Kelly had a pin at one point. McCool reached in and tried to put her partner's leg on the ropes, but Kelly hooked that leg. She then hooked the other leg and had to basically move it onto the ropes. Ouch. In the end, Layla got the clean pin to end the misery. Wait, its not over yet. Striker handed them the title belts and called them pumpkin...

A "Don't Try This At Home" video aired... A shot aired of a group of Army members sitting behind the announcers... Lawler pimped the Summer Slam slurpee cups and didn't even make a Divas joke... The announcers ran through highlights of the MITB match and Kane cashing in successfully...

Powell's POV: Kane became the fasted man in history win cash in MITB. Let's see if he can top his one-day World Title reign.

7. The Miz defeated Randy Orton, John Morrison, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, Chris Jericho, and Edge to win the Raw Money in the Bank match in 20:15. Maryse sat down next to the announcers. There was a bunch of punching at the start and everyone was thrown outside the ring to sell for no reason so that only a couple guys would be in the ring to start. Edge made the first play for the belt, but Orton cut him off.

At 4:10, Evan climbed the ladder. Edge grabbed him by the foot, so Bourne performed a nice huracanrana off the ladder. Orton came in and roughed up Bourne. Loving the dynamic between those two. Morrison got a couple of moves in and went for the briefcase.

The announcers pointed out that Morrison misplaced the ladder to the side, but it was so Jericho could set up a ladder next to it. Jericho and Orton fought on one ladder while Morrison and Edge fought on the other. Mark Herny played King Kong and pushed them both over. Funny and it got a nice reaction.

Maryse checked on DiBiase at ringside. She took her shoes off and climbed inside the ring. She set up a ladder and made play for the title. My buddy Dave called for an RKO, but John Morrison entered the ring and gingerly pulled her down. Weak. DiBiase recovered and went after Morrison.

Later, Edge made a play for the belt. Morrison was on one of the turnbuckles and used a ladder to teeter his way onto Edge's ladder to stop him. Cool spot. Edge pulled Morrison through the ladder where he and Miz roughed up Morrison. Edge took a cheap shot at Miz by jabbing the ladder into his face. Funny. Edge pushed the ladder over with Morrison in between the rungs.

Henry got his moment to shine at 13:30 when he roughed up three heels. He picked up Miz and threw him onto Jericho, who had a ladder over him. Henry climbed the ladder. Bourne climbed onto him and passed him. Another small but fun Bourne spot. Edge and Orton worked together and threw Bourne over the top rope. Henry caught Bourne and powerslammed him.

On the floor, Henry took the Chuck Kick, a Codebreaker, and a spear from the users of each move. Orton, Jericho, Edge, Morrison, and Miz all climbed onto one ladder to make a play for the briefcase. DiBiase put a ladder over the rope and between the main ladder to get involved.

At 16:45, Jericho and Morrison were the last two men standing on the ladder. Morrison got the better of the exchange, but Orton grabbed him and hit the RKO. Bourne followed up with a Shooting Star Press on Randy. Again, such a fun dynamic between those two wrestlers.

Bourne made a play for the briefcase and had it in hand. He had to wait for Jericho to unhook his foot from one of the rungs to break it up, but it didn't look bad. Jericho knocked Bourne off the ladder and then sold it as if he was exhausted. Cole noted that the briefcase was swinging. Edge went to the top of the ladder and fought Jericho.

Edge got the better of the exchange with Jericho (so much for my dumbass theory about them working together). Orton hit the RKO on Jericho, and then pushed Edge onto another ladder. Orton climbed the ladder and the place went nuts, but Miz knocked it over. Miz climbed the ladder and unhooked the briefcase for the shocking win.

Afterward, Miz took the mic and said, "You are all living in my moment." He said his win means "I made it." He said he made believers out of all the cynics, skeptics, pretenders, and critics. "Get a good, hard look at the man with the briefcase," Miz said. "I am Mr. Money in the Bank. I am a future WWE Champion. Me! Me! Because I'm The Miz, and I'm awesome."

Powell's POV: The Raw crew gets my vote for the better of the two MITB matches. Miz winning was a surprise, as he wasn't showcased during the match, so it wasn't foreshadowed in any way. Everyone in the building thought Randy was going to win when he climbed the ladder, and Miz's win really came out of nowhere. Great post-match promo as well. I love it. Here's hoping they don't make Miz the first guy to cash in unsuccessfully.

Another Criss Angel commercial aired...

A Summer Slam video was shown. They aired the usual wrestlers and The Nexus, and also featured The Undertaker. Triple H was not included, which may tell us a lot about his status for the show following his recent surgery...

A video recapped the Fatal Four Way, and the recent Sheamus, John Cena, and Nexus saga...

Powell's POV: The Nexus haven't been shown tonight, but they teased on Raw that they would be at the pay-per-view, so I guess we can expect them to do something in the main event. My guess is that they're under the ring and will pop up during the match, but that's purely speculation.

8. Sheamus defeated John Cena in a cage match to retain the WWE Championship in 23:15. Justin Roberts introduced both wrestlers once they were inside the ring. Cena has a scar near his eye, presumably from when he accidentally hit himself with the chair on Monday's Raw. It will be interesting to see if they actually stop the match and unlock the cage to clean him up if he starts bleeding.

The crowd was hot early on and there were some Cena haters in the bunch, but they settled in quickly because the action was very slow compared to the MITB match. At 6:50, Cena hit a superplex for a near fall. By the way, the announcers did note earlier that it's pinfall, submission, or escape.

At 14:30, both wrestlers were standing on the top rope in a corner. Cena slammed Sheamus into the cage and then did the "You Can't See Me." Cena leapt off the rope for a flying right fist drop, but Sheamus missed. Cena came up shaking his left hand in pain. Not sure if he was injured or just sold the wrong hand.

Sheamus took advantage of the situation and wrapped up Cena in the ropes and beat on him. Cena came back with another move off the top rope for a near fall. Sheamus came back with a big boot to the head for a near fall. Sheamus picked up Cena for the Razor's Edge, but Cena countered with an Attitude Adjustment for a near fall.

At 20:30, The Nexus (Darren Young is back) headed to the ring. Michael Tarver was carrying a bolt cutter. A referee grabbed the bolt cutter and ran backstage. "Are you crazy?" Tarver asked. They approached the other referee who had the key, but the referee threw the key into the crowd.

At 21:30, Cena accidentally shoved Sheamus into the in-ring referee Charles Robinson. Cena put Sheamus in the STF. Sheamus tapped, but the ref was out. Cena tried to climb the cage, but Justin Gabriel met him at the top. Cena got the better of the exchange and flung him inside the ring.

Cena tried to climb down, but two more Nexus members cut him off. Meanwhile, Sheamus started to leave the cage on the other side. Heath Slater climbed up to stop him, but Sheamus punched him and escaped the cage while Cena was still trying to get around the other Nexus members.

Sheamus grabbed his belt and ran out through the crowd. Most of the Nexus crew must have followed because Gabriel was still in the ring, while Young and Tarver were left at ringside. Cena beat up the two Nexus members at ringside and yelled, "I told you I'd tak you all out." He took Tarver's armband and headed backstage. The finals shots of the show focussed on the three fallen members of Nexus...

Powell's POV: A good main event once they kicked it into gear down the stretch. The opening minutes were pretty slow, especially compared to the wild MITB match, but it turned out to be a quality pay-per-view main event. However, I suspected Nexus was going to show up, so I didn't take many near falls seriously until they did.

Overall, I think the MITB pay-per-view concept is here to stay. The fan in me wanted it to be a WrestleMania exclusive match, but I sense that the interest level in this pay-per-view was high and thus the company will probably do a better than average buy rate. This was an entertaining show thanks in large part to the MITB matches, and the World Hvt. Championship situation on the Smackdown side.

I'll have much more to say about this show in Dot Net Member Exclusive Audio later tonight, and in the WWE MITB Hitlist on Monday. Thanks for watching along with me. Don't forget that you can sign up for membership for as little as $5.50 per month and get in on the MITB audio tonight via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.



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