5/22 Shore's WWE Over The Limit PPV results and review: Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World Hvt. Championship, John Cena vs. The Miz in an "I Quit" match for the WWE Championship, R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio

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May 22, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

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WWE Over The Limit
Aired live on pay-per-view
Seattle, Washington at Key Arena

Before anything else, the show opened with an "In Memory of Macho Man Randy Savage" graphic with a pic of Savage in his prime…

Shore's Slant: That was perfectly acceptable for the PPV, but I do think they need to do more on Raw.

A video put over the two top title matches and made this PPV seem much more impressive than it actually is…The opening video played and the pyro popped. A simple, "And that's the truth!" played and Truth came out to no music as Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Josh Matthews and Booker T checked in on commentary.

Truth cut a promo and said he wasn't allowed to park in the back, he had to park with the crowd. He shit on Seattle and said it was a conspiracy, just like he said. He said the fans were trying to make him crazy but he doesn't play their game anymore. He said games were for kids.

Truth said Rey liked to play games and ran around with a toy mask. He said Rey wanted to try and take his spot but that wasn't happening. He said he was taking Rey's, or anybody's spot. He did his truth line and Rey Mysterio made his ring entrance…

1. R-Truth defeated Rey Mysterio at 8:07. Truth took control and stomped Rey in the corner. He went to the floor and pulled Rey's stomach across the post. He set Rey on top and climbed up, but Rey battled and hit a bulldog from the second rope for a two count.

Rey worked his offense, but Truth reversed a jump into his finisher setup. Rey reversed that into a 619 setup, but Truth rolled to the floor. Rey went to the apron, but Truth pulled him down onto the cloth apron…which hurt for some reason. He hit a clothesline, rolled Rey in the ring, and hit a champagne toast type move for the win. Post-match Truth knocked Rey out with a plastic water bottle…

Shore's Slant: I have no idea why the nut shot on the apron, or the water bottle shot hurt, but Rey sold them anyway. The match was a paint by numbers match. There was no emotion, nothing moving at all. They just wrestled. Sure, they had a story. But it did not come across here.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed the Miz. He asked the Miz about the way he was going to beat Cena. Miz said it was something people had overlooked, just like he had been overlooked his entire career. He ran down all the things said about him and said he proved them all wrong.

He said he would do the same tonight, and when he did, he would say, "I'm the Miz, and I'm aw…" Alex Reilly clapped him on the shoulder to stop him and finished, "The new WWE Champion." Miz smirked and they walked off…A video recapped Corre's recent history…

2. Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett by disqualification in an Intercontinental Championship match at 7:29. Barrett hit a knee lift to take control, but that lasted a nanosecond. Zeke went on the attack and just tossed Barrett to ringside. He followed Barrett to the floor and chased him back into the ring. Barrett tried a kick, but Zeke caught it. He tossed Barrett in the corner and mauled him.

Barrett faked a neck injury and then attacked. He slammed Zeke's shoulder into the post and worked the shoulder. He lifted Zeke for Wasteland, but Zeke powered out. Barrett managed to hit a pump handle slam for two in the next exchange.

Zeke came powering back and hit about 30 body slams on Barrett. I'm surprised Booker didn't have a flashback to Tough Enough. Zeke lifted Barrett in the torture rack, but Justin Gabriel ran out and caused the DQ. Zeke managed to fight off Gabriel and Heath Slater for a moment, but the Corre finally beat him down…

Shore's Slant: Pretty good match from these two. Zeke is not the greatest guy in the ring, but he can sell better than most. And Barrett's size really helps. He is deceptively big. I like how they made the body slam a big deal. It covers Zeke's lack of moves and still gets him over. Well done.

Backstage, Mason Ryan and CM Punk found Mike McGillicutty and David Otunga laid out. They asked what happen and the men replied, "Kane and Big Show." Ryan started to go ape shit, but Punk calmed him down and said the best thing they could do was take the titles. Ryan agreed and walked off. Punk told the other two to "walk it off…"

Shore's Slant: Walk it off? My first baseball coach just jazzed in his pants.

3. Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero. Chavo seized quick control, but Sin Cara pushed up into a head scissor that spilled Chavo to the apron. Sin Cara hit a handspring kick that knocked Chavo to the floor, and Sin Cara hit a corkscrew plancha. He did a handstand on the apron and slid down into a head scissor that tossed Chavo around.

Sin Cara hit a standing moonsault from the top for two, but Chavo ducked the next corner splash and went to work on Sin Cara. Sin Cara had several moments of hope, including botching a springboard into a headlock take over move. He recovered well on that move and tossed Chavo over the top. He hit the big cross body from the top to the floor, but the camera angle didn't work well. Sin Cara won after his handspring back elbow and a hurricanrana type move that was very ugly…

Shore's Slant: This match was just like the first. Technically it was good. There were a couple of moments that had issues, but a passable PPV match. But nobody cared. The live crowd liked the big spots, but there was no emotional investment at all. What a lost opportunity.

Backstage, Grisham interviewed Christian and Randy Orton at the same time. Grisham asked Christian if he really wasn't mad at Orton. Christian said he would say it again, he's not mad at Orton or anybody. He said Orton didn't do anything he wouldn't have done himself. He said he would be freaking out more if he didn't know he was going to win tonight.

Orton said Christian had a feel good story, but if he lost again…Christian cut him off and said he was going to win tonight and deep down, Orton knew it. Orton said he hoped so because when he fights, there are no happy endings…

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio who came to the ring for a promo. He said if he was in the WWE title match, both Miz and Cena would be yelling, "No mas, Alberto!" He said it didn't matter who won tonight, it was his destiny to be…

Big Show and Kane's music hit and they cut him off. Del Rio waited for them in the ring for some reason. Kane took the mic and said he was already angry since the rapture didn't come yesterday. He said if Del Rio didn't get out of the ring, he would end up like Nexus. Big Show said that was a punch to the face. Del Rio quickly left the ring and the ringside area…

4. Kane and The Big Show defeated CM Punk and Mason Ryan to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships at 9:04. Ryan and Kane started. Ryan powered Kane around and tagged in Punk. Kane promptly punched Punk in the face and tagged in Show. Show slapped Punk around, but Punk made the corner and tagged in Ryan. Ryan tagged in Punk, and Punk quickly lost control to Show. See the pattern?

Ryan managed to beat up Kane enough that Punk could do some work. Punk hit the knee in the corner, but Kane shoved away on the bulldog. Punk dropkicked the leg and tagged Ryan. Ryan slammed Kane around, but Kane powered back. Punk tagged in and stopped the tag to Show. He slammed Kane and setup for a Randy Savage elbow drop from the top. Kane moved and both men made hot tags.

Show ran in and destroyed Ryan. Punk tried to help and Show hit a shoulder tackle on them both. Kane clotheslined Punk over the top and then they double chokeslammed Ryan for the win. Post-match, Punk cried from ringside…

Shore's Slant: This is the most flat PPV in a long time. Well, that and I just don't care about Show and Kane. No reason to believe they were moving the titles so it was a predictable match.

A Capitol Punishment ad took clips of President Obama answering questions and cut in different questions. So lame…

5. Brie Bella (w/Nikki) defeated Kelly Kelly to retain the Diva's Championship at 4:02. Nikki distracted Brie immediately, allowing Brie to take control Kelly came fighting back, but Brie knocked her to the floor. Nikki got in a cheap shot and Brie her back in the ring. Brie worked the armbar from hell for a solid minute before Kelly fought back.

Kelly's offense consisted of slamming Brie's head and face into the mat. She choked Brie on the ropes and the ref caused the break. That gave us the Twin Magic moment and Nikki hit the face buster for the win. No, there was no Kharma…

Shore's Slant: That shit was terrible!. How did Kharma not come out? Why was that on PPV? Unbelievable.

Michael Cole left the announce table to prepare for his match. He mocked Lawler and said he would be kissing his foot later…A video recapped the Orton vs. Christian feud…

6. Randy Orton defeated Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at 16:52. Christian went right for a roll up and got a two count. The crowd woke up big time and got into the match. Orton did a leap frog like he did at the end of Smackdown this week with the split jump. Christian hit a back elbow and started in control.

Christian put Orton on the top and climbed up. They battled, and Orton hit a superplex for two. Orton started to run his offense, but Christian came back with a sine buster type move for two. They traded blows and Christian got the better. He hit his reverse DDT for two and climbed the turnbuckle. He tried for a missile dropkick, but Orton reversed into a jack knife roll up, and Christian reversed into a sunset flip, all for two counts.

Orton hit his backbreaker out of nowhere. He locked Christian into a Billy Goat's Curse typed setup but didn't sit down. Christian almost tapped but made the ropes for the break. Orton whipped him to the corner and Christian jumped to the second rope. He feinted the Sunset flip and Orton feinted the RKO. Christian kicked him and hit the sunset flip for a great near fall.

Orton again whipped Christian to the corner and charged. Christian tried for the pendulum kick, but Orton grabbed the legs and spun Christian around for the rope DDT. He setup for the RKP, but Christian shoved him off and setup for the spear. He charged and Orton reversed into his scoop slam for two.

Orton stalked Christian for the punt, but he seemed hesitant. He finally charged and Christian hit a spear for a great near fall. Christian hooked for the Kill Switch. They reversed finisher setups twice and then Orton tried for a back suplex. Christian flipped backwards, but Orton hit the RKO immediately for the win. Post-match, Orton helped Christian to his feet, but Christian shoved him away and left the ring…

Shore's Slant: I said when Orton won the title I thought it was my favorite Orton match ever. I now know beyond a doubt that this was my favorite Orton match. That was great. If you didn't see the PPV, go out of your way to see this match if you can.

A video recapped the Cole vs. Lawler feud. Lawler made his ring entrance. Cole came out in street clothes and then suddenly started limping. Cole got in the ring and took a mic. He pulled a paper from his jacket and read a statement that said he was medically prohibited from competing tonight.

He said he wanted nothing more than to stick his foot down Lawler's throat. He said his athlete's foot had become infected and Lawler could catch hoof and mouth disease if he stuck his foot down Lawler's throat. He gave the ref his doctor's note. The ref tore it up and called for the bell…

7. Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Michael Cole in a "Kiss My Foot" match at 3:01. Lawler attacked immediately and ripped, literally, Cole's pants off. Cole rolled to the floor and Lawler followed. Cole hit Lawler's head on the steps and then took his shoe off. The foot looked the worst it had ever seen.

He stuck his foot in Lawler's face and Lawler punched him. He tossed Cole into the Cole Mine, destroying it. He rolled Cole back in the ring and hit the punch from the second rope for the pinfall victory.

Post-match, Lawler waved to the back and Eve came out. She hit her moonsault and Lawler took his shoe, but not sock off. He waved to the back again and JR came out. JR took a bottle of his BBQ sauce and poured it on Cole's face. Lawler took his sock off then, but Cole fled the ring.

He walked up the ramp and found a mic. He said it might look like he lost tonight, but he was no loser. He said Lawler and JR and the whole crowd were losers. He said no matter what happened on that ring, he never did and never will kiss Lawler's foot.

Bret Hart's music hit and he walked out. He walked Cole back to the ring and then rolled him in it. He grabbed Cole's legs and slapped the Sharpshooter on him. While he was in it, King stuck his foot in Cole's mouth and I threw up…

Shore's Slant: It was nice to see Hart again…All I can really add is thank god it is over.

JR joined the announce team and a commercial for "That's What I Am" aired…A video package recapped the Cena vs. Miz feud…

8. John Cena defeated The Miz to retain the WWE Championship in an I Quit match at 24:46. As soon as the bell rang, Miz took a mic and cut a promo. He said there were no rules and ran down a list of things he could do. Miz said if he could do those things that meant Reilly could too. Reilly took off his shirt and climbed in the ring. He told Cena to save himself the embarrassment and just quit now.

Cena said, "Hell no" and attacked. He beat up both men and hooked the STF on Miz. Reilly broke it immediately, but Cena stayed on offense. He took out Reilly and then hit the five moves of doom on Miz, including the AA. Reilly ran in with the briefcase and beat the hell out of Cena for the heels to take control.

Reilly and Miz beat Cena's ass all over the floor. They hit him in the head with the monitors, and he only sold it for 15 seconds before fighting back. Miz rammed him into the stairs and then hit a DDT on the bottom piece of stairs.

Reilly lifted the stairs and Miz took the mic. Miz told Cena Reilly was going to drop the stairs on his ribs and he should quit. Cena said no. Reilly stood in the ring and held Cena by the arms off the apron. Miz pulled out a kendo stock and told Cena to quit. Cena said Miz hit like a girl.

Miz hit Cena three times and asked him again. Cena said no so Miz beat the shit out of him. Reilly let go and the camera zoomed in on Cena and he had whelps on his chest. Miz and Reilly beat Cena all the way up the ramp. Miz hit a suplex on the ramp and then kicked Cena to the floor. Cena acted loopy and still said no.

Miz draped Cena over the boom mic and took a guy's belt. He told Cena he had a leather strap and to quit. Cena said he had a strap but no nuts. Miz whipped his back a few times and asked him again. Cena said no, so Miz beat the shit out of him. Still no.

Reilly went to the ring and Miz brought Cena. Just as they got close, Cena powered out and beat up both guys. He slammed Reilly into the post and went back to Miz. Reilly ran in and Cena tossed him into the ref. Miz hit Cena with the chair. Why do we need a ref bump in an I quit match?

Miz set the chair on the ropes and hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Cena. Cena still wouldn't quit. Miz asked a kid to tell Cena to quit, but the kid wouldn't. Miz stuffed Cena in a piece of the retaining rail with the pads removed. He said he was going to hit Cena with the chair and told him to quit. Cena said the kids were smarter than Miz and Miz hit him with the chair. Well, the rail took the brunt of the force.

Reilly asked Cena and Cena said "I QUIT!" The newly revived ref called for the bell. Miz was announced as champ and the ref got the belt. He saw something lying on the ground and picked it up. He put it up to his ear and listened. He put the belt back and got the mic. He held the device next to the mic and Cena "said" he quit again. The ref restarted the match.

Cena AAed Reilly through the announce table, whipped Miz with his belt all the way up the ramp, and then slapped on the STF. Miz quit instantly…

Shore's Slant: A Dusty finish on an I quit match? Are you kidding me? The fact that Reilly was in the match from the start was bad, but that was the best part of the match. Cena was beat to death and was still cracking jokes. And then the taped I quit with the swerve that the ref saw it? We speculated a couple of weeks ago if Vince Russo had been fired from TNA. If he did, it's nice to know he landed softly.

This was a below average PPV by far. Matches either suffered from a lack of build/interest or were just bad. No Kharma. Alberto Del Rio cut off by Big Show and Kane. And John Cena is literally invincible. I have no words. I will do my best and try to find some for the member's exclusive audio coming up shortly. Thanks for watching along with me tonight.

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