5/1 Shore's WWE Extreme Rules PPV results and review: Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian in a World Hvt. Title ladder match, The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison in a WWE Championship cage match, and Layla vs. Michelle McCool

May 1, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

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WWE Extreme Rules
Aired live on pay-per-view
Tampa, Fla. at St. Pete Times Forum

A video put over WrestleMania 27 as having a lot of grandeur, but tonight would be extreme. The pyro popped and Josh Matthews, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Booker T all checked in on commentary…

1. Randy Orton defeated C.M. Punk in a last man standing match at 20:18. As Punk made his entrance, the GM's bell rang. Matthews read the email which said the Nexus was banned from ringside. Punk took a turnbuckle pad off one corner and the match finally got underway.

They went right at each other and Orton hit a clothesline. Punk rolled to the floor and Orton followed. He worked Punk on the floor and rolled him in the ring. Punk kicked Orton and tried to drive him into the exposed buckle. Orton stopped him and tried to reverse the move, but Punk fought back and hit a knee drop.

Orton came back with his own knee drop and Punk rolled to the floor. This time when Orton followed, Punk pulled a kendo stick out and hit Orton with it several times. Orton took the stick away, but Punk hit a back kick to keep Orton from hitting him. He took the stick and hit Orton again.

Punk dropped the stick and went to the apron. As Orton stood, Punk jumped off the top, but Orton knocked him out of the air with the stick to take control. Orton setup for the rope DDT, but Punk slid out and hit a slingshot move that slammed Orton's head into the exposed buckle.

Orton answered the count at seven and Punk set a chair in the ropes in the corner. Punk hit the high knee in the corner, but the bulldog attempt turned into a ton of reversals until Orton slammed Punk into the chair and to floor. Orton followed and slammed Punk around, but Punk made his feet at eight.

At 8:47, Orton cleared the announce table. Punk hit a roundhouse kick and waited for Orton to stand. Orton hit a back suplex across the railing with Orton breaking the count and sliding Punk in the ring. Orton setup for the RKO. Punk hit a leg sweep, and followed with a GTS, but Orton made his feet at eight and fell down again.

Punk hit a side-Russian leg sweep on a chair, but Orton again made his feet. Punk opened the chair up and went for another Russian leg sweep. Orton reversed into a great RKO. Punk made his feet at nine and immediately went to the floor. Orton clotheslined him over the top of the railing into the time keeper's area.

Orton setup for his rope DDT except on the railing. Punk pushed off and drove Orton into the post. Orton made his feet as Punk yelled, "Stay down." Punk took a chair and put Orton's head in it. He slammed him into the post in a cool spot that looked great but didn't hurt much if at all.

Orton made his feet again and Punk took him over to the table. He lifted Orton for a GTS on the table, but Orton reversed into a RKO on the table. Punk made his feet and fell to the floor again. Orton charged for the punt kick, but Punk lifted him up and dropped him on the stairs, face first.

Orton barely made his feet in time and Punk rolled him into the ring. Punk took a second kendo stick and struggled to climb the ropes. Orton grabbed the stick in the ring and hit Punk about 15 times, catching him on the top rope. He climbed up and hit a RKO from the second rope and Punk could not make the count…

Shore's Slant: That match was better than I thought it would be. Not surprised that Orton won, but I wish it had gone the other way. It will be interesting to see where each man goes from here.

A video hyped Rock's birthday on Raw…A Paper Jamz commercial featuring The Miz aired…The announce team ran down the top four drafts picks for each brand…

Sheamus was backstage with Teddy Long. Teddy informed him he had to put his title on the line against Kofi Kingston. Sheamus said he didn't think Kofi was born in the U.S. and asked to see his birth certificate. Funny…

2. Kofi Kingston defeated Sheamus in a tables match for the US Championship at 9:14. The match went to the floor almost immediately. Kofi setup the first table and laid Sheamus on it. He got on the apron, but Sheamus rolled away to escape. Sheamus setup a table on the other side of the ring and tied for a power bomb, but Kofi slid out and escaped.

Kofi climbed in the ring and Sheamus shoved a table through the ropes to hit him. He set the table in the corner and slammed Kofi into it. He picked him up for a big slam into it, but Kofi slid out and jumped onto his chest. He set Sheamus up on the table and went for the stinger splash. Sheamus moved and Kofi landed on the ropes.

Sheamus tried to hit the Celtic Cross, but Kofi escaped to the apron. Sheamus hit a brough kick, but Kofi cleared the table. Sheamus rolled Kofi back in the ring and tried to hit a suplex on a table. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise and Sheamus fell to the floor. Sheamus stood using the table and Kofi hit a crossbody that drove Sheamus through the table for the win…

Shore's Slant: Weak match. There were some cool spots, but they went for the tables so fast and most of the tables spots felt contrived. Kofi doesn't need that belt, but they do need to get it onto Raw. But he'll be stuck with that belt for too long again.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed R-Truth. Truth cut a promo that was half heel, half comedy. He said he smelled a conspiracy. He started to spell conspiracy and quit after the "N." He said Morrison was thief, and he hated thieves…

Michael Cole and Jack Swagger made their entrance, and Cole is wrapped in bubble wrap. Cole cut a promo and said people had been asking him if he was scared of the match. He said he was a war correspondent and wasn't afraid of anything. He said when he was done with them, JR and King would stay in Florida because they were old, useless retirees…

3. Michael Cole and Jack Swagger defeated Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler in a country whipping match at 7:02. Everybody had their own leather strap and Swagger and King started. They squared off and Swagger got to close to the corner and JR whacked him. Swagger turned to look at him and King hit him too.

Swagger tagged out and Cole came in with his bubble wrap. King hit him several times, but Cole just laughed at him. King punched him and ripped the bubble wrap off. He got in two shots, but Swagger tagged in and went to work on King. King hit a DDT and made the hot tag to JR at 4:47.

JR whipped Swagger a little and then slapped on an ankle lock. I shit you not. Swagger made the hot tag and Cole tried to not come in. JR attacked him and dragged him in the ring. JR beat the hell out of Cole and locked on the ankle lock. Swagger grabbed JR to break the hold. JR hit him in the huts and whipped him. Cole hooked a schoolboy from behind for the win…

Shore's Slant: That wasn't so bad, really. JR was a little over the top in the last series, but it was mostly entertaining. I just want this feud to end though.

Grisham interviewed John Cena who said he would win the title tonight. Standard promo from Cena…A video recapped the Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio feud…Cody made his ring entrance with two guys with the paper bag masks. They passed them out and Cody said for everyone to put them on because they were extremely ugly. Rey was out next…

4. Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes in a falls count anywhere match at 11:43. Cody went right at Rey, but Rey hit head scissors that spilled Cody to the floor. Cody hit a dropkick on the floor and covered there for two. They battled up the ramp, and Rey slammed Cody into the rigging. Cody rolled off the stage and Rey hit a West Coast pop from the stage.

They battled through the floor crowd and up the stairs. Cody hooked a Boston Crab through a railing in a cool spot. They brawled out onto the concourse and took out some trash cans. Rey hit Cody with a rubber trashcan lid and covered for a near fall.

Rey tried to slam Cody into a mirror, which was a nice touch. Cody fought back and hit the Beautiful Disaster off a ledge in a sweet spot that the group in the concourse popped big for. Cody tried to toss Mysterio into a concession stand. Rey landed on the ledge and hit a crossbody for two.

They battled back down to the ring and Cody clothesline Rey back over the railing. He hit a wheelbarrow slam onto the stairs for a good near fall. He tossed Rey back in the ring and Mysterio went on the attack. He setup for 619 and exposed his knee brace. Cody escaped and hit an Alabama Slam for two.

Cody set Rey on the top and climbed up. They battled and Cody fell off. He ran back, but Rey spit green mist and Cody fell back. Rey hit the 619, followed by the springboard splash for the win…

Shore's Slant: Green mist? Really? Deus ex machina to say the least. An OK match. It had a some neat spots, but some of it was just too much to accept within the realm of reality. The rubber trash can lid of death to lead that list. But any good was killed with the green mist. It would be different if he had done it before. And if he has, I sure don't remember it.

Backstage, a bunch of Divas stood around talking. Layla walked up and said she knew they didn't like her, but this could be her last night and she wanted to apologize for anything she had done to them. Beth said she was right about them not liking her, but Kelly added the liked McCool less…

5. Layla defeated Michelle McCool in a no countout, no disqualification match where the loser leaves WWE at 5:23. McCool attacked Layla as she did her pose on the rope. They went back and forth all over the ring and to the floor. McCool begged off at one point, but Layla attacked instead.

McCool worked Layla in the corner and talked smack. Layla hit a frontflip chin buster for two. McCool hit a superkick, but Layla kicked out and hit a surprise Layout for a near fall. McCool fought back and hit the Faithbreaker out of nowhere. She sold being exhausted for about five seconds and covered. Layla kicked out into a crucifix pinfall for the win.

Post-match, Layla started to celebrate and then cried. She left the ring and McCool flipped out in the ring as the crowd sang goodbye to Michelle. Kharma's music hit and she came to the ring looking crazy like only she can.

McCool was on her knees in the middle of the ring and begged for Kharma to leave her alone. Kharma got in the ring and Michelle tried to escaped. Kharma grabbed her and hit the Implant Buster. The Divas from before were shown backstage watching on a monitor…

Shore's Slant: MARK MARK MARK MARK MARK MARK MARK MARK MARK ! OK, not really that bad, but that was the best angle we've seen out of the women in a long time. A decent match from Layla and McCool as well. McCool's probably more "taking a break" than "done." Nice of her to take that bump on the way out. I can't wait to see what's next!

Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez practiced proclaiming Alberto Del Rio the new champion while Del Rio critiqued him…A video recapped the World Heavyweight Championship situation…

6. Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship at 21:02. Christian went for the first ladder and set it near the ring. Del Rio slid out and attacked. He tossed Christian under the ring and got the bog ladder. Christian came out the other side and hit a drop kick through the ropes onto the ladder.

Christian set the big ladder in the ring and climbed up. Del Rio knocked him off and climbed himself. Christian pushed the ladder over. Del Rio landed on his feet and hit the enziguri. Christian came back and tossed Del Rio to the floor, but Del Rio grabbed his feet and dragged him out.

Del Rio set a ladder ran from the apron to the announce table that was not used. Christian hit a crossbody from the first ladder he setup. They went back to the ring and Christian slammed Del Rio into a ladder and then knocked him to the floor with another ladder.

Christian started to climb the ladder, but Del Rio slid in the ring and tossed a step ladder at Christian. He set it beside the big ladder and went to the top and hit an arm breaker from off the ladders in a cool looking spot.

Del Rio locked in an arm bar and pulled on Christian's mouth. He set Christian against a ladder and grabbed the step ladder again. He went to slam it on Christian, but Christian hit a drop toe hold that slammed Del Rio into the ladder.

Christian set the ladder up again and Del Rio stopped him. He tried to suplex Christian over the top onto the bridge ladder, but Christian hit a back drop onto a ladder instead. Christian climbed to the top rope with the ladder. Del Rio hit the enziguri again, and Christian fell on the ladder.

Ric Rod gave Del Rio a chair and he tried to do his ring post spot, but Christian shoved him into the post instead. They climbed in the ring and Christian setup for, and hit, a spear, much to the crowd's delight. Del Rio fought back and draped Christian on the bridge ladder. He went to the top for an elbow, but Christian moved and Del Rio took a sick bump.

Christian climbed the ladder and Brodus Clay ran out for the save. He pulled Christian onto his shoulders, but Christian escaped and knocked Brodus out with a ladder. Del Rio ran in and hit a drop kick. He locked on the arm breaker through the ladder and held it for a moment before tossing Christian to the floor.

Del Rio climbed the ladder and was almost to the top when a horn sounded. A jeep had driven into the arena by…Edge! Del Rio stopped and pointed at him. Christian ran in and did the big ladder spill with Del Rio taking out Brodus and Ric Rod. Edge ran down to the ring and Christian climbed the ladder to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Post-match, Edge and Christian celebrated in the ring as Michael Cole said hell had frozen over…

Shore's Slant: That match should have gone on last, period. It was hard not to get caught up in the moment for Christian with Edge there. A very good ladder match that had plenty of hot spots and yet didn't feel any more dangerous than other ladder matches. I was very impressed with both men, and honestly stunned at Christian's win.

7. Big Show and Kane defeated Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson in a lumberjack match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships at 4:17. Barrett tossed Kane to the floor and the lumberjacks attacked. Show jumped down and he and Kane took out several lumberjacks. Zeke tagged in and destroyed Kane. At the end, Zeke body slammed Show and Barrett tagged himself in. He ate a Big Show chokeslam for the win. Post-match the lumberjacks fought and the other Corre members tried to run in. They both got chokeslammed.

Shore's Slant: Yawn. Who cares about the Corre or the tag titles anymore? Glad everybody got to be on the show I guess.

The Rock birthday party video played again…The cage was lowered and locked in place as the rules were explained…

8. John Cena defeated John Morrison and The Miz in a cage match to win the WWE Championship at 20:01. The match started hot with everybody laid out at 3:00. Miz rolled to the side and Cena hit all his moves on Morrison. Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale from behind and Morrison ran up the cage. Miz ran up and stopped him and they battled on the top of the cage.

Cena ran up and the and Morrison did a double superplex from the top rop and Miz landed very high on his shoulders/neck. He didn't seem to answer the ref for some time, but everything seemed OK. Morrison tried to escape again, and Cena stopped him. Morrison shoved Cena down. Cena ducked and Morrison hit a chuck kick from the top rope on Miz.

The match went really rapid fire. Miz hit a bucklebomb on Morrison into the cage. Cena and Morrison battled on top of the cage in the corner as Miz tried to leave through the door. Morrison kicked the door into Miz's face, but then got his nuts racked on the door. Miz dragged him in the ring, and Cena hit a monkey flip on Morrison for two.

Cena and Miz battled and Miz smushed Cena's face in the cage. Morrison climbed the far side of the cage and both Miz and Cena tried to stop them. He knocked them both down and hit starship pain from the top of the cage and crawled to the door.

Morrison made it, but R-Truth ran out and slammed Morrison's head into the stairs. He shoved Morrison back in the ring and beat the shit out of him and Cena before climbing the cage and leaving.

All three men were laid out and Miz made his feet first. He climbed over the top of the cage, but Cena grabbed him. They battled on the top of the cage, trading punches, and Cena got the "Boo" while Miz got the "Yea." Interesting. They finally both climbed down to the top rope. Miz tried for a Skull Crushing Finale from the top rope, but Cena reversed and hit an AA from the top rope for the pinfall victory. Cena celebrated on the top of the cage to end the show…

Shore's Slant: You know what? That was a pretty good ladder match. Right up until R-Truth came out. Then it was all downhill. I cannot believe we have gotten so far away from our roots that we don't realize a cage match is to KEEP EVERYONE ELSE OUT! They ruined a very good cage match with that. The ruined the whole night by putting the belt back on Cena. He went a whole ten months without it. I'm not impressed.

Overall I thought it was an enjoyable and certainly newsworthy show. Three title changes and a "retirement." That's pretty active. Jason and I will have more to say in our exclusive Dot Net Members audio later tonight. Thanks for reading along with me.

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