4/3 Shore's WrestleMania 27 results and review: The Rock hosts, The Miz vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, Triple H vs. Undertaker and Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Hvt. Championship

Apr 3, 2011 - 06:00 PM

By Chris Shore

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WrestleMania 27
Aired live on pay-per-view
Atlanta, Ga. at the Georgia Dome

Shore's Slant: Well Fox and Hound in Winston-Salem is packed. There are no chairs and it looks like I will be standing for four hours. Awesome. Probably 60 people between the two rooms. Should be a great show.

Keri Hilson opened with a very nice rendition of America the Beautiful…The Rock's music hit and he made his ring entrance to a great pop. The audio in this room is terrible! He did his "Finally" line for both Atlanta and WrestleMania. He promised this would be the most electrifying Mania ever. He said they were making history and they were going to have some fun. He had them say "Mania" to his "Wrestle" three times.

He made a crack about one WWE Superstars who was trying to figure out what Fruity Pebble shirt he was going to wear and the bar erupted with the crowd. He had the crowd say "Dabba" to his "Yabba" and then did his "millions" line. He said the Rock was bringing it all over Atlanta. He started to say, "If you smell," but stopped. He said that line was for the people. He had everyone say the line with him, and even the bar did it. AND I GOT A CHAIR!...

Shore's Slant: Great open to get the people hot, not that they needed it. This is going to be a fun night. My only complaint, I wish he would have addressed that he would leave Cena alone during his match. But there's still time.

A video hyped the history and grandeur of WrestleMania and hyped most of the matches on the card…The official open with the pyro occurred and Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed us to WrestleMania. Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced and he introduced Alberto Del Rio. Brodus Clay was waiting for him at the ring. Christian's music hit and he came halfway down the ramp and waited for Edge who came out to a giant pop…

1. Edge (w/Christian) defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/Brodus Clay) to retain the world Heavyweight Championship at 11:09. Edge's arm is wrapped. They traded slaps and Edge hit a backdrop. Del Rio kicked the arm and whipped Edge. Edge grabbed the rope and tossed a charging Del Rio over the rope. Edge slid to the floor and Del Rio moved before slamming him into the wall and then the arm on the stairs.

Del Rio rolled him back in the ring and worked the arm with strikes and on the ropes. Edge rolled to the floor and Brodus walked over but did nothing. Del Rio slammed the arm on the announce table and rolled Edge back in the ring. He went for a dropkick, but Edge moved and Del Rio slammed to the floor. Edge hit a great drop kick through the ropes but Del Rio snatched him off the top turnbuckle and went back to the arm.

Del Rio went for the cross arm breaker, but Edge reversed into his reverse DDT. Edge tried for a roll up, but Del Rio rolled through and hooked the arm breaker. Edge made the ropes. Brodus and Christian battled on the outside and Edge hit the Edgecution and setup for the spear. Del Rio ducked the spear and Brodus grabbed Edge and slammed him into the post. Del Rio locked in the arm breaker but Edge rolled up for a pin attempt. Del Rio kicked out and Edge slapped on his modified Sharpshooter. Del Rio flipped out as Christian hit a tornado DDT on Brodus to neutralize him. Edge popped up and hit the spear for the pinfall victory.

Post-match, Edge destroyed Del Rio's car. Christian came out of nowhere with two tire irons and stood guard as Edge really destroyed the car. He closed by standing on the hood with the title belt while Del Rio kneeled on the ramp looking dejected. Del Rio went over and hugged his car after the babyfaces left…

Shore's Slant: Terrible idea to have Edge go over, but a good match. Not great, but they didn't get a whole lot of time. I can't believe this was the opener. Oh, and a bar update. I now have marks sitting next to me. It's going to be a long night!

The announce team bickered about Cole vs. Lawler for later…Cody Rhodes made his new entrance which you really should find the video for. It was full of newspaper headlines about being ugly and disfigured. He wore a hood that kept his face covered. Rey Mysterio made his entrance and is wearing a Captain America type outfit. Jason Powell called it…

2. Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio at 11:59. Rey attacked at the bell before Cody could take his jacket off. Cody fought back by head-butting with the facemask and tried to take the knee brace off. Rey fought back and Cody whipped him to the corner. He hit the face mask again and then Beautiful Disaster for two. He locked on a camel clutch, but Rey escaped. He went for a flying head scissor, but Cody caught him and hit an Alabama Slam for two. He went for the knee brace again, but again Rey stopped him.

Rey went to the top, but Cody climbed up and hit the face mask again. Cody hit a stall superplex for about 10 seconds, which I think is the first time I have ever seen that. He lifted for a powerbomb and Rey slid out and hit an arm drag that spilled Cody to the floor. Cody ducked a baseball slide, but Mysterio hit a head scissor into the apron. He rolled Cody in the ring and hit a seated senton.

Cody fought back and hit a release German suplex type move. He dove at Rey who moved and setup 619. Cody caught Rey's legs and hit a slingshot under the second rope. Cody took the knee brace off and Rey fought back. He hit a moonsault for two and snatched Cody's mask off. Rey put the mask on and hit several head-butts on Cody. Rey did the diving head-butt with the mask. Cody kicked out and slid to the floor. The ref took the mask away from Rey and Cody hit him with the knee brace. He followed with CorssRhodes for the win…

Shore's Slant: Solid match. It wasn't quite the classic I thought we might get, but still very good. Too much emphasis on the face mask and knee brace, but very good.

Backstage, Teddy Long and Snoop Dog talked about finding him somebody to rap with. William Regal, Great Khali, Beth Phoenix, Zack Ryder (who was knocked out by Roddy Piper), Yoshi Tatsu and Chris Masters all tried out. Snoop liked Hornswoggle, but found out he couldn't talk. He and Teddy left and Hornswoggle actually rapped while the Bellas danced. A girl slapped her boyfriend for gawking at the twins which was the only thing that saved this segment for me.

3. Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston defeated The Corre at 1:32. Slater and Santino started. Santino did his split duck and arm drag and tagged in Show. Show destroyed Slater. Zeke ran in and took out Show. Kane took out Zeke and Gabriel. Barrett took out Kane. Kofi took out Barrett. Santino hit the Cobra on Slater, followed by Show hitting the knockout punch on Slater for the pinfall victory…

Shore's Slant: What a piece of shit match for WrestleMania. I have nothing else to say.

Backstage, Rock was talking to Eve. He said he makes electrifying moments no matter who he is with. He said he will make an electrifying moment with the next person to walk around the corner. He turned around and there was Mae Young. Rock made old jokes and Mae Young said she wanted his jock. He had Eve escort her to her seat, but not before she pinched his ass. Rock said it could have been anybody else and turned around to see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin there. They spoke for just a moment and then shook hands and walked away…

Shore's Slant: AWESOME moment from Austin and Rock. Just great. The bar even went nuts! This show needed it after that 90 second turd they just laid.

The CM Punk vs. Randy Orton video aired…

4. Randy Orton defeated CM Punk at 14:47. Orton has the legged taped and Punk went right at it. Orton punched him and went to work. He clotheslined Punk over the top and followed. He tried to whip Punk into the stairs, but Punk jumped over and kicked the stairs into Orton's leg. Orton rolled in the ring and worked the leg with stomps. Orton fought back and hit his backbreaker but sold the knee.

Orton tried for a kick, but Punk hit a knee breaker type move. Punk worked the knee in the corner and then hit his high knee. He tied Orton to the Tree of Woe and then stomped on the knee from the top rope. He called for GTS and lifted Orton. He showed off and Orton elbowed out. He reached for the RKO, but Punk hit a roundhouse kick for a great near fall.

Punk went to the top, but Orton swept the legs for a nut shot on the top. Orton climbed up and hit a top rope superplex for two. Punk rolled to the floor and grabbed Orton's leg when he came over. He slammed the leg into the post twice and then locked in a figure four around the post. Punk moved him to the center of the ring and hooked a modified figure four. Orton hit head-butts to escape and worked his comeback.

Orton hit an Angle slam for two. Orton took a moment to give his leg a rest and Punk hit several kicks, including one to the back of the leg. Punk floated over and locked on the Anaconda Vice in the center of the ring. Orton fought and finally made the rope. Punk stood on the apron and stood Orton on the inside. Orton drove him into the post and hit his DDT off the ropes. Orton did his bit for the RKO and then stopped. He backed up for the punt kick, but the leg gave out again.

Punk stalked Orton and walked over. Orton popped up and tried for an RKO, but Punk escaped and slid to the apron. He waited for Orton to stand and then jumped off in a springboard move. Orton hit an RKO out of the air for the pinfall victory. The bar went nuts. This is so much fun…

Shore's Slant: Good match with a great finish. I've still not been blown away by anything on the show yet, but most of the matches have been solid. My picks are way off though. I am 1-3 so far.

Backstage, The Rock spoke with Mean Gene Oakerland. He said he heard that Cena's number one fan was coming and he wanted to meet him. Oakerland said he was already here and pointed. It was Pee Wee Herman. Herman did the "You Can't See Me" stuff. Rock said he saw potential in Herman and could join Team Bring It. He had Gene put on Cena gear and Pee Wee said he looked like a tool. Gene said, "I know you are but what am I?" Herman did the "If you smell" line all silly and Rock welcomed him to Team Bring it…

The Hall of Fame inductees were all introduced. Shawn Michaels was last and came out to a great pop, even in the bar…The WrestleMania Recall video was the King and Cole's altercation this past Monday. Booker T and JR were introduced to call the action with Josh Matthews. Before JR could complete his entrance, Cole came out in an orange hoodie and headgear with a mic.

He said that Lawler and JR had a lot in common. He said they were overweight, overrated and over-the-hill. Cole said that Lawler was in his first WrestleMania match, as was he. He said once this match was over, JR was going to go back to making really bad BBQ sauce. He said Lawler would go back to being a disappointment. He said Austin would raise his hand and everyone would proclaim him the next Mr. WrestleMania.

Jack Swagger's music hit and he made his entrance. When he dropped for the pushups, the glass broke and OH MY GOD this place is full of Austin marks. Austin drove out in a four wheeler and chased Swagger off the ramp. Cole hid in the Cole Mine as Austin did his thing and Lawler made his entrance…

5. Michael Cole (w/Jack Swagger) defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as special referee by reversed decision disqualification at 13:40. Cole wouldn't get in the ring so Austin called for the bell. Swagger tried to attack, but King drove him into the post and then the railing. Cole asked Lawler for forgiveness and stuck his hand through one of the holes in the Cole Mine.

Lawler took his hand and shook it and then slammed Cole's face into the glass several times. Cole sold it great…and we lost the feed in the bar. When I got the feed back, Cole was trying to hit Swagger's corner splash. He did it from the bottom rope and dragged King to the middle of the ring. He locked in the ankle lock, but Jerry kicked him off into the corner.

King stomped a mudhole in him until the four count and Swagger threw in the towel and called for the bell. Austin wiped his face with it and Swagger got in the ring. He argued with Austin and Austin hit the stunner on Swagger. Cole tried to argue with Austin and Austin shoved him back into King. King hit several punches and then the punch from the second rope.

He covered, but picked up Cole on two. He slapped on the ankle lock and Cole tapped immediately, but Austin just asked him for a moment before finally calling for the bell. Cole rolled to the floor and Swagger carried him to the back while King and Lawler celebrated in the ring. Booker T climbed in the ring and did a spin-a-rooni. Austin gave him a bear and then stunned him much to the delight of the crowd.

The GM's bell sounded and Josh Matthews read the email. He said the referee had blatantly interfered and therefore Lawler was disqualified and Michael Cole was the winner. Swagger and Cole celebrated on the ramp as King rolled Matthews in the ring. Austin hit the stunner on Matthews, took two beers, and drove off…

Shore's Slant: Any doubt that Cole is the GM? I didn't see much of this match, but what I saw was better than I expected. I hate that Matthews got stunned in all that, but hey, it is what it is.

A video highlighted WrestleMania Axxess…The Triple H vs. Undertaker hype video aired. Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" played and a phalanx ran out with shields. They opened up to reveal what look like the love child of Skelator and Conan. The lights went off and Motorhead hit revealing Triple H in his normal garb. Undertaker did his normal entrance, just on steroids…

6. Undertaker defeated Triple H in a no holds barred match at 29:29. They went right at each other and Hunter got the early advantage with strikes. Taker grabbed him and threw him over the top rope and went to the floor. He threw Hunter into the stairs and cleared the Spanish announce table. Hunter ran up and drove him into the Cole Mine, destroying it. Hunter got back in the ring as Taker sat up. Hunter motioned for him to bring it.

Taker got in the ring and got the best of Hunter. He went for old school, but Hunter pulled him off. He clotheslined Taker to the floor and followed. He whipped Taker very hard into the rail and cleared the other announce table. He slammed Taker on the table and climbed up. He tried for the Pedigree, but Taker slipped out and grabbed the throat. Hunter kicked him and went for the Pedigree again, but Taker back dropped him off the table to the floor.

Taker climbed in the ring, and as soon as Hunter stood, Taker did the suicide dive over the top. Unreal. Taker stood first and charged at Hunter. He kicked off the stairs and Hunter hit a spinebuster on the Spanish announce table. Hunter rolled Taker back in the ring and followed. Out of nowhere, Taker hit the chokeslam for our first near fall.

Hunter drove Taker back into the corner and climbed up for punches. He hit a few and Taker lifted him out for Last Ride. Hunter slid off and went for a Pedigree. Taker escaped and lifted Hunter. He hit Snake Eyes and then ran the ropes, but Hunter hit a spinebuster for two, He went to the floor and got a chair, but Taker hit a big boot and took the chair. He hit two shots, but on the third Hunter knocked the chair away and hit the Pedigree for two.

They went back to the corner and Taker hit the last ride this time. Hunter kicked out and Taker showed frustration. He did the throat slash and hit the tombstone. He did his victory pin and Hunter kicked out at two. The bar is about to riot. They are not going to make it. Taker set the chair in the center of the ring and lifted for another tombstone. Hunter escaped and hit a DDT on the chair and both men were laid out.

At 19:00, both men made their feet and Hunter hit a pedigree for another near fall and both men were still down. Hunter made his feet first and hit the third pedigree and Taker kicked out again. Hunter grabbed the chair and hit Taker across the back twice, yelled "Stay down," and then hit him around ten times. Hunter waited for Taker to make his feet, and then hit him with a head shot (though it did appear that Taker got a hand up).

Hunter walked over to Taker and yelled, "Stay down! What's wrong with you?" Taker grabbed him by the throat. Hunter pushed him away and Taker staggered to his feet. Hunter made the throat slash and ducked a clothesline. He lifted Taker and hit the Tombstone. He did the Taker pin, but Taker kicked out at two.

Hunter went to the floor and got the sledgehammer. He climbed back in the ring and dragged Taker to the center of the ring. Taker grabbed him and locked in Hell's Gate. He held it for close to two minutes while Hunter teased several comebacks. Hunter grabbed the sledgehammer, but it fell from his hand. Hunter held on for a moment more, and then weakly tapped out.

Post-match, both men struggled to get out of the ring. Hunter made it out, but Taker collapsed when his feet hit the floor. A cart came out and officials put him on it and drove him out of the arena…

Shore's Slant: Color me surprised. I didn't think they had that in them. Just a fantastic match with fantastic storytelling. It wasn't the technical classic Taker had with Shawn, but it was still every bit as good. I hated the post-match stuff though. If you're going to do an "Undertaker is dead" angle at least have the druids come get him.

Vickie Guerrero walked to the ramp and did her "Excuse me" bit. She introduced Dolph Ziggler and they came to the ring. LayCool was right behind them, and Michelle is out of the boot. John Morrison was out next, followed by Trish and then Snooki. LayCool attacked the face women and had to be separated. Snooki slapped Ziggler and we finally got started…

7. John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki defeated Dolph Ziggler and LayCool at 3:17. Trish and Michelle started after Michelle shoved Layla away. Trish hit chops and then licked her hand and let Snooki like her hand for another chop. McCool came back and tried for a Styles Cla…Faithbreaker and Trish sat up in a powerbomb setup. She punched out and hit a face breaker.

Trish went for her hurricanranna spot in the corner, but Michelle held on. Trish sat up again and they fought until the spilled to the floor. Everybody got taken out and Morrison hit starship pain to the floor on Ziggler. In the ring, Trish tagged in Snooki who did a flipping corner splash on Michelle. She set her in the middle of the ring and did a handspring splash for the pinfall victory…

Shore's Slant: Well, I said in audio that the two tag matches were what sucked about this card. They have a total of just under five minutes. I can’t believe Sheamus vs. Bryan was bumped for these matches. Ugh.

A video package showed Miz in silhouette watching old videos of greats and him. He made his entrance with a big inflatable "AWESOME" on the stage. A gospel choir in red and white were on the stage. A video showed shots of Cena while a preacher gave an emotional speech. The choir sang a little and then Cena's music hit and he came to the ring in a new red shirt to serious boos…

8. The Miz (w/Alex Riley) defeated John Cena to retain the WWE Championship at 15:08. Cena hit an arm drag quickly and the crowd booed him mercilessly. Miz came back and hit a strong whip to the corner and followed with his clothesline in the corner for two. Cena hit a tilit-a-whirl slam for two.

The action went back and forth with several near falls but nobody really established control. Cena suddenly hit his shoulder tackles and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He lifted for the AA, but Miz escaped and hit a DDT for two. Cena came back and tried for the STF, but Miz hit a slam for two.

Miz took the turnbuckle cover off, but the ref stopped him. While the ref put it back on, Cena hooked an inside cradle, but Miz was able to kick out after the delay at two. Cena finally hooked the STF, but Miz made the ropes. Cena broke and Alex Riley got Cena's attention. He drove him into the exposed buckle and Miz followed with the Skull Crushing Finale, but Cena kicked out.

The ref got bumped and Cena hit the AA, but no count happened. Riley got in the ring and hit Cena with the briefcase and the ref woke up. Cena kicked out at two and Riley climbed up on the apron. Miz grabbed the briefcase and charged at Cena. Cena ducked and Miz hit Riley.

Miz turned around and Cena hit the AA, but Miz kicked out at two. He rolled to the floor and Cena followed. Cena clotheslined him over the railing, and then hit a spear that drove them both into the crowd. The ref was already at four when they hit and he counted to ten for a double count out. Miz was announced as still the champion.

The Rock's music hit and he came to the ring. Before he could say anything, the GM bell sounded. Jerry Lawler got up, but Rock told him to sit down. Rock went to the podium and did Cole's whole gimmick. He started to read the email and it said, "I think..." He stopped and did his "It doesn’t matter what you think," line and dumped the laptop. He grabbed a mic and said this match could not end this way and had to restart with no disqualifications or countouts.

Miz was already at ringside and Cena ran over. He rolled Miz in the ring and the bell rang. He lifted Miz for an AA, but Miz grabbed the ropes. He let Miz fall on the apron and turned around into a Rock Bottom. Miz crawled over and made the pin to retain. Post-match, Rock started to walk out and stopped. He stared at Miz and then ran in the ring. He did a number of his moves and then hit the People's Elbow on Miz and climbed the turnbuckle to close the show…

Shore's Slant: Hot ending to a decent match that seemed a lot worse because the crowd just didn't care. They spent the whole match watching for the Rock which I knew would happen. This match suffered for a lot of stupid reasons that could have been avoided.

Overall, I wasn't impressed with WrestleMania 27. There were some great moments, but not enough. I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there. We will find out shortly when Dot Net contributors Will Pruett and Jake Barnett join me for members exclusive audio. And Jason Powell will be joined by former WWE creative team member Seth Mates for another audio review. I'll also be along tomorrow with a blog with more thoughts on WrestleMania 27. Thank you so much for watching along with me tonight and I will see you then.

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