10/3 Twilling's WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Live Coverage: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the WWE Championship, Kane vs. Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

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Oct 3, 2010 - 10:00 PM

By Rich Twilling

Aired live on pay-per-view
Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Arena

An ominous voice narrated over Kane vs. Undertaker, and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus footage. The Hell in a Cell structure was referred to as the devil's playground...

The opening video aired and fireworks lit up the stage. One large screen was surrounded by other screens in a circular motion and scaffolding came to a point in front of the screens. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker welcomed us to the show...

Miz made his entrance after his two opponents. He said he was the mentor of both Morrison and Bryan. He said he would have a big star without either of them and has 'it.' ...

1. Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz and John Morrison in a Submissions Count Anywhere match to retain the United States Championship in 13:32. Bryan worked on Morrison on the floor. Morrison and Miz paired off in the ring and Morrison locked in the Tarantula. Bryan then locked in Cattle Mutilation on Morrison.

Miz and Bryan finally paired off for the first time. With the two of them locked at the legs, Morrison hit Starship Pain on both of them. All three men fought into the crowd. Miz worked on the arm and wrist of Morrison. They fought up the steps in the crowd.

Miz locked Morrison in a dragon sleeper in between a railing but Bryan broke it up. The three fought near the stage while locking in and countering various submission holds. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale onto Morrison on the floor.

Morrison climbed one of the screens and hit a high cross body from the scaffolding onto both men. Morrison locked in a Texas Cloverleaf on Miz but Alex Riley broke the hold. Bryan threw Riley off the stage. He then applied the LeBell Lock on Miz and Miz tapped out on the stage...

Twill's Two Cents: Very physical and entertaining opener with impressive usages of submission holds by all three guys. Very surprised though that Miz tapped out, as I thought the inclusion of Morrison was to keep Miz from taking the loss, and allowing Miz to move on while Morrison challenges Bryan. I'm guessing we get more Bryan vs. Miz. Or, Miz cashes in tonight on a prone champion.

Cole called the Cell "perverted, repulsive, and dangerous."

2. Randy Orton defeated Sheamus in a Hell in a Cell match to retain the WWE Championship in 22:51. Championship introductions followed by the opening bell. Sheamus hit the steel first after being closelined to the floor by Orton. Sheamus whipped Orton into the Cell.

Twill's Two Cents: The Cell is still a solid visual and I notice there are holes for climbing in various spots of the fencing.

Sheamus tried to utilize the ring steps, but Orton ended up with them and nailed Sheamus in the head. He scored a nearfall, but Sheamus hit a shoulder block on Orton, knocking him from the apron and into the Cell. He scored a two count as a result.

On the floor, Sheamus front suplexed Orton onto the steps, collapsing his ribs. Back in the ring, Sheamus grounded Orton and impressively worked on his rib section. Orton fought back and hit a back suplex. Both men struggled to their feet and traded punches.

The steel steps were set up in the ring and Orton hit a snap powerslam onto Sheamus on the steps for a very long two count. Orton wanted to DDT Sheamus onto the steps, but Sheamus countered. Orton instead pulled Sheamus under the bottom rope and DDTed him to the floor.

Sheamus turned the tides after countering a RKO by pushing Orton shoulder first into the ring post. Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker and followed with the Brogue kick for only a two count.

Sheamus grabbed a chair and hit a prone Orton several times on the back, but again only scored a two count. He missed another chair shot and Orton hit the RKO, but Sheamus rolled to the floor. Orton tried and missed the punt kick. Sheamus followed with another Brogue kick.

He picked up Orton's dead weight and rolled him into the ring, but Orton kicked out once again. Sheamus tried to hit the High Cross from the steps, but Orton pulled Sheamus's feet from underneath him, causing him to fall hard onto the steps.

Orton, out of nowhere, hit the RKO on the steel steps. He did not try for a cover at first, but he quickly shook loose the cobwebs and covered Sheamus for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Physicality is the theme of the night thus far as both men are going to be sore tomorrow. Since I never suspected Orton would lose the belt, I figured I would just sit back and enjoy the match, which I did. Very good match in which both guys worked their asses off.

Orton climbed the Cell and celebrated with his belt from the top. The wide camera shot was a very cool one...

A Bragging Rights ad played, with John Cena representing Raw, Big Show representing Smackdown, and Wade Barrett representing The Nexus. So, it looks like a three team match at that show...

The NXT season three rookies were asked a question by Josh Mathews. Thanks for coming ladies. The Nexus interrupted the interview. Wade Barrett said there was something in the air. He said he would win tonight and tomorrow, they would have an armband for him...

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio, who drove out in a Rolls Royce. "Can I please press one for English?" asked King. Nice. He said it was his WWE pay-per-view debut. They showed a still shot of Rey Mysterio the Chihuahua.

He said he had more money than Mark Cuban, was better than Nolan Ryan (way to use a current reference), and he was better looking than Tony Romo (who isn't?). Del Rio said he was better than anyone and was going to make a challenge.

Edge interrupted. Good thing. That blew. Edge said he was continuing his fight on stupidity. I am with him in that fight. He said Alberto's scarf was stupid. Alberto asked what Edge was trying to say. Well, it seemed pretty damn clear to me.

Edge called Del Rio stupid, sort of. Alberto said he was the man that would hurt Edge. Edge ripped the sleeve off of Rodriguez. Jack Swagger came out and said it was stupid that a Mexican and Canadian were arguing while the All American American was not wrestling.

Swagger said his personal mascot was not a real eagle. Twilling Note: Shit, I thought it was a real eagle. Swagger demanded Edge pay his medical bills. Edge said he would pay those, Swagger's, and Alberto's. Edge was beaten down from a shot from Alberto, who then walked away.

The Raw GM chimed in and said Edge would apologize to him tomorrow night, and face Jack Swagger right now...

Twill's Two Cents: I know everyone loves Del Rio, but let's hold off before we say his bandwagon is booked solid. That segment did not become good until Edge appeared. Also, this is a pay-per-view and instead, we just got a typical Raw segment.

3. Edge defeated Jack Swagger in 11:27. Swagger took advantage of what Del Rio gave him. Edge fought back and scored a nearfall, but Swagger locked in the ankle lock. Edge got to the ropes. He then backdropped Swagger to the floor.

Edge his a missile dropkick and scored a two count. Edge went to the top again, but Swagger Angled the ropes and overhead belly to belly suplexed Edge to the mat. Edge came back and tried a spear, but Swagger hit the gutwrench powerbomb. He scored only a two count.

Edge hurt his leg and knee. Swagger slowly locked in the ankle lock but Edge broke the hold and hit the spear for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: They mentioned the Raw vs. Smackdown aspect of this match, so it was a preview of Bragging Rights and a time filler. By the way, how can the Raw GM book a Smackdown guy in a match? Slow paced match that the crowd, who has been quiet all night, never got into.

The Nexus, minus Barrett, questioned a David Otunga idea, one in which he did not run by Barrett first. He said it would work and they would not be disqualified...

Twill's Two Cents: I liked this. It created a little more intrigue for the match.

4. Wade Barrett defeated John Cena, forcing Cena to join The Nexus, in 17:48. Very slow pacing early on and we know what that means. The Nexus came out and watched the match from the bottom of the ramp as Barrett scored nearfall after nearfall.

Barrett hit an elbow drop from the second rope. He continued to dominate. The adults chanted, "Let's go Barrett." The kiddos chanted, "Let's go Cena." Then they fell asleep. Not really. Cena fought back. The Nexus surrounded the ring.

Raw and Smackdown wrestlers came down and beat the absolute crap out of The Nexus...

Twill's Two Cents: Hmmm, couldn't they have just done that the first night Nexus pulled all of their crap?

Barrett countered out of a STF attempt and hit a pump handle slam. A pump handle slam? Road Dogg is crying move infringement. Cena hit a turning gutwrench suplex but Barrett countered the Attitude Adjustment.

Cena rolled out of the way of a Barrett second rope elbow attempt. They fought to the top again and Cena hit the top rope leg drop the back of Barrett's neck for a two count. Barrett countered the AA again and hit Wasteland, but Cena kicked out at two.

He tried to hit it again, but Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment, but Barrett kicked out. Surprisingly good match thus far. Cena locked in the STF. A "random fan" tried to get into the ring. The referee stopped him. What looked like Husky Harris ran by and nailed Cena with something, allowing Barrett to pin Cena...

Afterward, The Nexus celebrated. They showed a replay, and Husky was not mentioned by name, but he hit Cena with Scott Steiner's lead pipe...

Twill's Two Cents: Like I just said, a surprisingly good match. The two of them worked well together and the nearfalls were really well done. I could have done without the shots of kids looking like Hulkamania was just pronounced dead. Nice to see Husky with The Nexus, as he belongs on the main roster. Cole and Striker look dumb for not recognizing him or noticing it was him.

Cena was shown contemplating life in the ring. He slowly headed to the back. Pippy Longstocking was shown in the crowd. Cena hugged some kids. He then announced he was running for Senate. No, that is not true. He did act like his puppy just died...

Josh Mathews was walking around a night club backstage. Actually, it was just a purple lit hallway. He interviewed Paul Bearer. Bearer said he has had a master plan over the last six years and Kane will never be the father of destruction...

A Make-A-Wish Foundation commercial aired. Great stuff. LayCool came out next. Insert your own joke here...

5. Natalya defeated Michelle McCool (with Layla) by disqualification, but Michelle retained the Divas Championship, in 4:53. Natalya wrestled and Michelle kept up. Layla helped Michelle gain the advantage. The idiot referee kept dealing with Layla on the apron instead of watching the match.

Michelle scored a two count with a belly to belly suplex. Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter, Michelle countered it with a heel hook, and Natalya applied it again. Layla threw a shoe at Natalya. She won by disqualification. Striker made a bunch of horrible shoe jokes...

Twill's Two Cents: If they actually let the two of them wrestle and have an actual feud, it could be plenty entertaining. Instead, we got this crap.

The Kane and Undertaker video package aired. With ring entrances, this one should get underway in about fifteen minutes...

Kane came out first, of course. Paul Bearer led Taker to the ring.

6. Kane defeated The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) in a Hell in a Cell match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in 21:39. Kane attacked Taker and they fought before the match officially started. Taker scored the first nearfall. Kane used a chair to regain the offensive advantage.

Taker and Kane abused each other on the floor. Back and forth, very physical brawling, with both men utilizing the sides of the Cell structure. Back in the ring, Kane worked on the leg of Taker. He grounded Taker as Paul Bearer looked on from outside of the Cell.

Taker fought through the leg pain and tried Old School, but Kane crotched him across the top turnbuckle. Kane bled from the top of the head. Kane hit a superplex and followed with the top rope closeline. Well, sort of. He went for the cover, but Taker locked in Hell's Gate.

Kane got to the floor and broke the hold. The pace picked up a bit with Taker scoring a couple of nearfalls with high impact moves. Taker scored a nearfall after hitting the Last Ride powerbomb, countering Kane punching him in the head in the corner.

Taker picked up Kane for the Tombstone, but Kane countered and hit it himself. He only scored a two count though. Kane punched the referee in the face. The outside referee called for more referees. Yes, let's all run down there and get punched by Kane.

The referee switch allowed Bearer to enter the Cell. Kane stalked Bearer. He forced Paul into the ring and forced him into the corner. Taker sat up. He hit Kane with a chokeslam. Taker's in match pyro and light show was displayed.

Twill's Two Cents: Yes, he had pyro during the match.

He picked up Kane for the Tombstone, but Bearer blinded Taker with a light from the urn. He then handed Kane the urn. Kane hit Taker with it. He followed with a chokeslam for the win. Cole asked, "Why?"

Twill's Two Cents: Well Michael, Taker buried Bearer in cement. That's the kind of thing that is hard to forgive.

Kane, Bearer, and the magical light of the urn headed to the back. The final shot of the show was Kane's eyeball...

Twill's Two Cents: The match itself wasn't all that great, similar to their last one, but at least the finish was not a Taker victory. Sure, we've seen the turn a lot, but not in a very long time and damn, it makes sense. He was buried alive by Taker. Taker was standing face to face with Kane though, so they pretty much just told us that all of his strength comes from an urn with a cool light in it? It's 2010. I do hope this leads all the way to WrestleMania and whomever Taker faces at that show, there will be some built in doubt as to whether or not he can continue the undefeated streak.

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