WWE DVD recap: Viva La Raza - The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero (Disc Two)

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By By Jason Powell
Nov 13, 2008 - 12:11 PM

-Chris Jericho recalled Eddie Guerrero hooking up with Chyna on the air and said that was when his personality came shining through. He also told a story about traveling with Eddie and said they bickered so much that they were better off not traveling together. This led to Jericho vs. Guerrero from the Apr. 3 2000 edition of WWE Raw. This was the match that featured Chyna attacking Jericho and leaving the arena with Eddie.

Powell's POV: I'm disappointed they didn't bother to address Eddie's departure from WCW. For that matter, they also glossed over his pre-ECW years on the first disc. I forgot how funny Jerry Lawler was when he used to say Latino Heat.

-Matt Hardy talked about how cool Guerrero was in and out of the ring. "Eddie definitely worked on the fly," Hardy said. "He worked off the crowd. If the crowd was red hot, he would give them what they wanted... If the crowd was dead and it was slow, he would take his time and build into what they need to get that crowd into a frenzy. And Eddie was a master at understanding that. He was a master of psychology from a standpoint of you listen to what the crowd does and you gauge from the crowd." Hardy's comments led to a June 8, 2000 Smackdown match between Eddie and Matt.

Powell's POV: Really good comments from Hardy. These comments say a lot about Eddie and Hardy, as it's obvious that he's a true student of the game.

-Lawler said Eddie was a mirror image of his uncle Hector Guerrero. He said Eddie was a great showman. "I think Eddie Guerrero made a mark," Lawler said. "He made a lasting impression." Lawler said there are times when the winner and loser of a match doesn't matter as much as the match itself. He used these words to describe the match between Eddie and Rob Van Dam from Backlash 2002.

-Jeff Hardy said he was star struck the first time he met with Eddie "and later on working with him was amazing." Jeff said Eddie was a good man and he learned a lot from him. He said Eddie went out there and gave his all every night and he tries to emulate that in his own career. Jeff added that Eddie knew every hold, move, and submission. "He had everything," Jeff said. "He had every quality that creates a perfect wrestler and that's what Eddie Guerrero was." Jeff's comments led to his Judgment Day 2002 match with Eddie.

-Edge recalled there being high expectations for his feud with Eddie. He said they had a few matches that were good, but they didn't quite live up to their expectations. He said it really clicked when he faced Eddie on Smackdown in a No DQ match. "It was so gratifying," Edge recalled. "We were both perfectionists. And that's just the way Eddie was wired, and I loved that about him and I appreciated that about him. He was a pro and he wanted the best."

Edge recalled taking the same flight home the next day and they were both physical wrecks. He said he asked Eddie what did they do to each other. He added with a smile that it was worth it. Edge recalled the standing ovation that Eddie received even though he was working as the "protagonist." Edge said Eddie looked defeated, but he was still getting up and the fans respected that. Of course, this led to their match on the Apr. 29, 2002 Smackdown.

-Chavo Guerrero told a story about actor/director Rob Reiner coming backstage after a show and telling him and Eddie how much fun he had watching their match. He said it looked like they were having fun and that made him have fun. He said Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) was tough because they were All-American wrestlers who were really pumped up. He recalled winning the tag titles at Madison Square Garden. "You can't top that," Chavo said. "That's storybook right there." This led to a match between Los Guerrero and Team Angle from Backlash 2002.

Powell's POV: Props from Martin "Meathead" DiBergi? Very cool.

-John Cena made his first appearance. He said some of the promos he cut on them were vicious and he didn't think you could get away with it on TV. He said Eddie and Chavo both let him know when he overstepped his boundaries. Cena recalled the first lowrider Eddie used in WWE. He said it was a green 1963 Chevy Impala convertible. Cena said he bought the car two years later and now Chavo has the car. Cena previewed his parking lot brawl match with Cena from the Sept. 11, 2003 Smackdown.

Powell's POV: Hilarious rap from Cena before the match. He was embellishing when he said you couldn't get away with saying some of the things he said back then on television today unless he was referring to WWE in the PG era, but he really did push the envelope.

-Chavo Guerrero Sr. recalled Eddie's younger years. He said he really didn't have anyone to train him like the others did. Chavo Sr. said Eddie earned it. He said they were always competitive with each other because that's what their father taught them. He got teary eyed as he said Eddie became a master in the ring. He started crying as he stated that he missed him. Chavo Classic's comments led to Eddie vs. Chavo Jr. from the Royal Rumble 2004.

-After the last match, they cut to the end of Eddie pinning Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Title. Vickie said she wishes she could have been there. She said he was on Cloud "29" and was living a dream. There were shots of Eddie hugging Vince McMahon backstage and of his name plate being attached to the title belt. This led to the actual match with Eddie facing Lesnar at No Way Out 2004.

Special Features

-All six Los Guerrero vignettes are featured, including the outtakes.

Powell's POV: I despised these vignettes when they originally aired because they were so stereotypical and corny. I wanted them to take a more serious approach with Eddie's character, but instead we got them lying, cheating, and stealing. The outtakes are typical stuff with Eddie and Chavo cracking up whenever they flubbed lines. Overall, a solid disc with some great comments from the WWE personnel. It still bothers me that they didn't dedicate time to his departure from WWE with The Radicalz. Check back later today for a recap of the third disc.

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