WWE SummerSlam 2010 Flashback: The Nexus vs. Team WWE in a seven-on-seven elimination match, Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, Kane vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Hvt. Championship

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WWE SummerSlam 2010 Flashback: The Nexus vs. Team WWE in a seven-on-seven elimination match, Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, Kane vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Hvt. Championship
Aug 18, 2013 - 12:36 PM

The following is Jason Powell's review of the August 15, 2010 WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. Check back tonight for Jason Powell and Chris Shore's live coverage reviews of the 2013 WWE SummerSlam beginning with the free preview show at 6:00 p.m. CT. Dot Net Members can look forward to an exclusive audio review from Jason and Chris later tonight. Join them on the ad-free version of the website by signing up now via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

Aired live on pay-per-view
Los Angeles, Calif. at Staples Center

The show opened with a video that focussed on Nexus vs. Team WWE... Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker introduced the 23rd annual edition of the show and noted that 17,453 fans were inside the sold out building.

1. Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) fought Kofi Kingston to an apparent no-contest in an Intercontinental Title match when Nexus interfered in 7:05. Vickie delivered the "excuse me" line a few times, but Kofi's entrance them interrupted before she could deliver a promo. Kofi missed an early suicide attempt and crashed hard at ringside, which set up Ziggler going on the offensive for the next few minutes.

Kofi made a comeback and hit a cross body off the second rope, but Dolph rolled through for a nice near fall. Dolph came back with the Fameasser. Kofi was setting up for his finisher at 6:50, but Dolph avoided it and applied the sleeper. Suddenly, Nexus ran through the crowd and hit the ring.

Nexus clotheslined Ziggler over the top rope and then surrounded the fallen Kingston. When Kofi stood up, he fought Nexus, but they quickly beat him down. Wade Barrett hit his finisher on Kingston.

Barrett took the mic and said that's just a taste of what's to come. He said Team WWE is still searching for their seventh man. He said Team WWE isn't on the same page, whereas Nexus is the most destructive force in WWE. He said they are united behind a common purpose. "We just want to let WWE and the world know that you're either Nexus or you're against us."

Powell's POV: A disappointing finish to those of us who were hoping to see a complete IC Title match, but they did a good job of reestablishing Nexus for the fans to start the show. Good promo by Barrett. The match was fun while it lasted, but I would have enjoyed another five minutes.

Backstage, The Miz was sitting in a locker room with the Money in the Bank briefcase on his lap. Chris Jericho was trying to get him fired up about being part of Team WWE. Edge was in the room eating a Slim Jim. Miz said he's not sure whether he wants to get involved because he has bigger fish to fry (MITB contract), but he said he would let them know...

2. Melina defeated Alicia Fox to win the WWE Divas Championship in 5:25. Melina had a wild headdress and all sorts of feathers on her ring gear while apparently going for an Aztec look. Striker actually delivered a Bull Nakano reference, which the other announcers had fun with. Melina got the win with a variation of the Skull Crushing Finale.

Melina was crying as she held up the title belt in front of her hometown fans. Josh Matthews entered the ring and tried to interview her, which never ends well. LayCool interrupted and annoyed everyone with their usual wannabe Beautiful People mic work. LayCool took jabs at Melina and then acted like they wanted to take photos with her.

Melina got the better of them briefly when things got physical, but she was eventually outnumbered and roughed up by LayCool. Alicia kicked Melina, only to be shoved aside by Michelle McCool, who also delivered a big knee to Melina's head at ringside and left her lying. Layla teased taking the Divas Championship, but threw it back in the ring as if it as a piece of trash...

Powell's POV: I'm surprised they gave Melina two wins in a row over Fox (one on Monday's Raw). I guess Alicia's push is over. LayCool is supposed to be annoying, but not to the point that they make you want to turn the channel during a freaking pay-per-view. Are they going to unify the WWE Women's Championship and the Divas Championship at Night of Champions? Honestly, I don't care.

An ad aired for Night of Champions... Some guy named Trace Adkins was at ringside. Marlon Wayans and his 25 kids were also shown in the crowd. The announcers said Michael Clarke Duncan was also in attendance...

Powell's POV: Damn, WWE has nothing on UFC when it comes to relevant celebrities attending their events. I'm beginning to think they'd show the guy who played Dudley on Different Strokes if he was in the crowd. Then again, I would like to know how Dudley is doing after all these years of therapy after he was molested by the guy who played Mr. Carlson on WKRP in a very special episode of Different Strokes.

3. Big Show defeated C.M. Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury (w/Serena) in a handicap match in 6:50. Punk is letting his hair grow out. He wore a shirt that read, "I broke Big Show's hand." Striker said he was paying homage to Greg Valentine's t-shirt that boasted about him breaking Wahoo McDaniel's leg.

Big Show had the referee remove the tape from his hand. The SES wasn't as confident after seeing that. Mercury and Gallows got roughed up early while Punk stood in the corner. The announcers said the usual tag rules were in play, but the referee didn't seem to care that all three SES members were in the ring.

Punk got involved at 1:40, and Show worked him over and drove him to ringside. Show shushed the crowd and set up to slap Punk's chest, but Punk moved and Show slammed his bad hand onto the ring steps. The SES roughed up Show at ringside as the fans chanted "Big Show."

Back inside the ring, they targeted Show's injured hand. Punk and Matthews performed a double bulldog-like move off the ropes on Show. Cole called it a DDT. I don't know if bulldog is the best description, but it sure as hell wasn't a DDT. In the end, Punk headed to the stage with Serena while Show chokeslammed Mercury onto Gallows and pinned them both. Show glared at Punk afterward...

Powell's POV: I'm not enjoying the Big Show vs. SES feud, but I like the finish because it saves Show vs. Punk for a future match.

Backstage, Kane was staring at a casket when Sheamus showed up. Sheamus said the casket was perfect size for Randy Orton. He wanted to use it because he planned to drive Orton out of WWE. Kane said no. Sheamus said it's too bad because they could dominate WWE together.

Sheamus said he's taking his nickname because people are calling him the real Big Red Monster. Sheamus told Kane to stay out of his way. Kane told Sheamus his guts will be spilling on the floor if he ever interrupts him again...

Powell's POV: That was really odd. Are they going with a champion vs. champion theme at Night of Champions? If not, I don't see what purpose that served. Maybe it will make sense later.

The announcers said the Sheamus vs. Orton match was coming up next. Already? They were interrupted by The Miz's entrance music. He came to the ring and asked the fans whether he should join WWE. "Well, it's a good thing that I couldn't care less what you people think," Miz said.

Miz said John Cena approached him when he arrived at the building. He said Cena got down on his knees and begged him to be part of Team WWE. "John Cena literally said I'm the only superstar that can see him," Miz said. Hilarious. He claimed Bret Hart dubbed him the real excellence of execution.

Miz said Chris Jericho gave him a Fozzy CD. "I graciously accepted it, but then I threw it in the trash," Miz said. He claimed John Morrison admitted that he was the Marty Jannetty of their team. Miz said R-Truth even wrote him a crappy rap song. He said everyone realizes he's the only hope for Team WWE except for the fans.

"I am the future," Miz said. "Look at me, people. I am the future." He said it was time to get to the big decision. "This decision is bigger than the Pepsi Challenge" or LeBron James's spectacle on ESPN. Miz said that will ultimately lead to the Lakers losing the NBA Championship.

"Am I going to join Team WWE?" Miz asked. "The answer is..." Miz left the crowd hanging for a bit and then said, "Yes." He said he will join Team WWE and lead them to victory. He said people won't be talking about Nexus or John Cena. He said the fans will be admitting that he's The Miz and he's awesome. Scratch that. He said the fans have to raise their hands and ask his permission to speak. He delivered his catchphrase...

Powell's POV: Great mic work. Cole played it up big because he's been cast as the resident Miz fanboy. He was over the top giddy about Miz being on the team while talking with the announcers at ringside. Funny stuff. It had to be tough for Miz to say LeBron will lead the Heat to the NBA Championship given that he's a Cleveland guy.

A video package set up the Sheamus vs. Randy Orton match...

4. Randy Orton defeated Sheamus by DQ in a WWE Championship match in 18:55. Justin Roberts handled the in-ring introductions. Cole said the match is for the most important championship. Um, so why is this match on before the World Hvt. Championship match?

They fought to ringside early with Orton dominating. The ref nearly counted them out, but they got back inside the ring before the 10-count. They continued to do a lot of fighting at ringside. Sheamus came back and worked over Orton's right arm. Striker questioned how an injured arm could affect Orton's RKO.

Sheamus was in control for several minutes. Orton made his comeback and hit some of his signature spots including the backbreaker to a big pop at 13:50. Orton followed up moments later with a superplex. Sheamus came back with his version of a backbreaker for a near fall that silenced the crowd.

Sheamus went for the big boot, but Orton dodged it. Sheamus fell to ringside. When he climbed back onto the apron, Orton hit the DDT off the second rope for a huge pop. Orton flipped and pounded the mat before going for the RKO. Sheamus pushed Orton away, but that was news to Cole, who thought he hit the move. The other announcers corrected him.

Sheamus went for the High Cross, which Cole called the Irish Curse. He didn't hit the kick, but he came right back with the big boot to the face for a good near fall. The crowd popped big again when Orton kicked out. Sheamus showed frustration over not being able to put Orton away.

With Orton lying in the ring, Sheamus headed to ringside and grabbed a chair. He brought the chair inside the ring. The referee tried to wrestle it away from him. Sheamus pulled it away and the ref went flying to ringside where he called for the DQ. Weak. Sheamus turned his attention to Orton, who avoided the chair and low-blowed Sheamus.

Orton picked up the chair and started making his evil face. Orton dropped the chair and threw Sheamus to ringside. Orton cleared off the announcers' table. Cole said Orton has clearly lost it. Orton threw Sheamus on the announcers table and then hit him with the RKO on top of the table...

Powell's POV: Damn, I didn't think they'd give us such a lousy finish. They teased us with those stipulations and then delivered a worthless DQ finish. It keeps the feud alive, which goes against the spirt of the stipulation that Orton would go to the back of the line. That said, it was the best match of the night so far and I have no problem with seeing additional matches between them. I just didn't care for the DQ finish at SummerSlam, especially when we already had a lousy finish in the opener.

Justin Roberts announced that Sheamus is still the WWE Champion. The camera showed him lying in a heap on the floor. A small "We Want Miz" chant broke out in the crowd. Sheamus stood up and tried to walk, but he fell down...

A preview for "Legendary" was shown... Devon Graye of "Legendary" was shown in the crowd. He might be the biggest star they've shown so far and I've never heard of him...

Powell's POV: No Miz tease? I know we got plenty of Miz earlier, but I thought we might get something with Sheamus laid out like he was.

A video set up the Kane vs. Rey Mysterio match...

5. Kane pinned Rey Mysterio to retain the World Hvt. Championship in 13:25. Kane brought a red casket to ringside when he made his entrance. He set it next to the ring and opened it (to show Taker isn't inside so that it will be a surprise when/if he is inside later). A big spot early saw Kane whip Mysterio under the ropes and onto the floor at ringside.

Kane dominated with slow-paced action. The crowd was deader than Kane and Taker's mother and father for several minutes until Mysterio showed some signs of life. Mysterio went to the top rope and jumped toward Kane, who caught him with an uppercut. Kane went for a cover, but Mysterio kicked out.

Kane walked over to the casket and opened it at 11:45. The crowd got excited for a second, but the casket was still empty. Mysterio came back with a 619 attempt, but Kane caught him. Mysterio ended up inside the casket briefly. He shut the casket and leapt off it and hit a springboard missile dropkick. Kane fought back at 13:00 and chokeslammed Mysterio to score the clean pin.

Afterward, Kane stood over Mysterio and cut a promo about how Rey will be consumed by darkness forever more. Kane walked over to the casket and opened it, but nothing was inside. It was quickly closed again Mysterio fought back, but Kane chokeslammed him a couple times and then followed up with a rare Tombstone piledriver.

Kane dragged Mysterio toward the casket. When he opened it this time, Undertaker was lying inside of it wearing his ring gear. The crowd popped big. Taker slowly rose to his feet. Kane backed away with a shocked look on his face.

Taker knelt down in front of Rey, who was seated in the corner. Taker asked Rey if he's ever heard of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. "Why?" Taker asked. "Why did you do it, Rey." It was hard to hear Mysterio, but he basically implied it was Kane. "I believe you," Taker said before grabbing Mysterio by the neck.

Taker made the throat slashing gesture and then turned his attention to Kane for a huge pop. He pointed at Kane and the crowd gave a big "You." Taker grabbed Kane by the throat. Kane returned the favor for a double choking. Kane pulled Taker's hand off his neck and then Tombstoned him. Kane did his pyro bit and then left the ring. Kane was all smiles as he headed to the back, while Taker was struggling to get to the ropes...

An ad aired for Smackdown's move to Syfy... A video recapped WWE's weekend in Los Angeles... Another video set up the main event...

6. Team WWE (John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, and Daniel Bryan) defeated The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, David Otunga, Darren Young, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Michael Tarver) in a seven-on-seven elimination match in 35:20. Cena came out wearing a purple and gold shirt. No, he's not a Vikings fan. They're in Los Angeles, so I'm assuming it's a Lakers thing.

The Miz made his entrance to be the seventh man, but Cena took the mic and said he was too late. He said he and the other members of Team WWE couldn't wait until SummerSlam to find out Miz's answer, so they went out and found someone who hates Nexus just as much as they do.

Daniel Bryan was introduced to a strong crowd reaction. Cole started bitching on commentary, which was hilarious. Team WWE hit the ring and fought with Nexus, who eventually headed to ringside to regroup. Striker referred to Bryan as American Dragon. "This is a huge mistake," Cole said. "It's a huge mistake to replace The Miz with this guy."

Bryan started the match against Young. Bryan forced Young to tap out in 0:45 to give Raw a 7-6 lead. Team WWE continued to get the better of Nexus early. John Morrison eliminated Michael Tarver with Starship Pain at 3:45 to give Team WWE a 7-6 lead. Nexus headed to ringside to regroup.

Powell's POV: The live crowd is loving this. They were really hot for the short brawl before the match and there are a lot of people standing opposite the hard camera. By the way, Hart is wrestling in a t-shirt and jean shorts. Believe it or not, WWE gave away their own surprise. Dot Net's Chris Shore emailed to say they had a story up on Bryan returning on the WWE website before he actually appeared. I'm happy I missed that one. Joey Styles and his crew will have some explaining to do.

Sheffield checked in and eventually got the better of Morrison. Sheffield pinned Morrison at 7:35 to cut into Team WWE's now 6-5 lead. It didn't take Sheffield long to even things up. Sheffield pinned R-Truth in 8:00 following a clothesline to make it 5-5. The crowd quieted down.

The announcers started talking about how much was at stake. "Our livelihoods, our friends," Striker said. What? Bret Hart checked into the match and hit Heath Slater with punches and elbows. Hart body slammed Slater at one point. Hart went for the Sharpshooter and the crowd popped.

However, Slater tagged Sheffield. Someone slid a chair inside the ring. Hart picked it up and jabbed Sheffield with it. Bret Hart was disqualified for using a chair at 12:35 to make it Nexus 5, Team WWE 4. Edge entered the match and dominated Sheffield. Edge speared and pinned Sheffield at 13:15 to make it 4-4.

After some back and forth action between the teams, Chris Jericho hit a Lionsault on David Otunga. It wasn't pretty because Otunga appeared to be out of position. Jericho took out Otunga with the Walls of Jericho in 19:40 to make it 4-3 Raw. Slater checked into the match.

Jericho ended up running into Cena. Slater hit a move on Jericho and pinned him around 20:00 to make it 3-3. Edge and Cena started arguing. Cena backed down and started to leave the ring. Slater rolled up Edge and pinned him around 21:00 to make it 3-2 Nexus.

Edge speared Cena, who was standing on the ring apron, before making his exit. Barrett worked over Cena while Bryan waited for the hot tag in the corner. Nexus took turns working over Cena while Bryan played to the crowd and got them to clap along at 26:30.

Powell's POV: My guess is that Bryan turns on Cena when he goes for the hot tag and then rejoins Nexus. Then again, I think most people are waiting for that to play out.

Bryan tagged in at 27:30 and did not turn. He clotheslined Slater and then went to the corner and took shots at Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett. Bryan eliminated Slater with a crossface at 29:00. Miz ran out and struck Bryan with the MITB briefcase behind the ref's back. Wade Barrett pinned Daniel Bryan at 29:30 to make it Nexus 2, Raw 1.

The match came down to Barrett and Gabriel vs. Cena. A small, but vocal "Daniel Bryan" chant broke out. Cena had Gabriel hoisted up for the Attitude Adjustment, Gabriel tagged Barrett unbeknownst to Cena. Barrett broke it up and went to work on Cena.

The two heels made fast tags and took turns working over Cena while the crowd booed. Barrett DDT'd Cena on the floor and then rolled him back inside the ring. Gabriel went up top to finish off Cena with the 450 splash. However, Cena moved. John Cena pinned Justin Gabriel in 34:50 to make it Raw 1, Nexus 1.

The match was down to Barrett and Cena. Barrett went after Cena, who tripped him and applied the STF. John Cena forced Wade Barrett to tap in roughly 35:20. The announcers put over Cena in a big way and celebrated at ringside...

Powell's POV: Stomach turning moment for fans who are burned out on Cena. I'm sure there will be an angle to give Nexus their heat back, but I don't understand why WWE would risk damaging Nexus when there were a million ways for Cena to lose in an honorable way and then come back and avenge it somewhere down the road. The live crowd was pleased, but now what?



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