WWE PPV Flashback – 2009 WWE No Way Out: Edge competes in both Elimination Chamber matches, Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels vs. JBL, and Jack Swagger vs. Finlay for the ECW Title

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WWE PPV Flashback – 2009 WWE No Way Out: Edge competes in both Elimination Chamber matches, Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels vs. JBL, and Jack Swagger vs. Finlay for the ECW Title
Feb 19, 2012 - 03:15 PM

The following is Jason Powell's review of the February 15, 2009 WWE No Way Out pay-per-view, which was the show that included the elimination chamber matches. Check back tonight for Jason Powell and Chris Shore's live coverage reviews of 2012 WWE Elimination Chamber. Dot Net Members can look forward to the exclusive audio review after the show. Join us on the ad-free version of the website by signing up now via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

Aired live on pay-per-view
Seattle, Wash. at Key Arena

The show opened with a video package that recapped the various pay-per-view storylines and previewed the Elimination Chamber matches... Fireworks exploded on the stage to open the show. Jim Ross welcomed viewers to the show. The chamber was already around the ring and Undertaker's music played...

Powell's POV: How weird is it to hear Taker's music for the opening match on pay-per-view?

1. Triple H defeated Edge and Undertaker and Jeff Hardy and Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov in an Elimination Chamber to win the WWE Title in 36:00. Hunter had the fourth entrance. He walked over to Show's pod and spat water at him. Edge and Hardy started the match while the others were enclosed in the pods. The match finally started after 15 minutes of videos and entrances.

At 2:30, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate, but missed the Swanton attempt on Edge. Edge ran toward Hardy looking for a spear, but Jeff rolled him up and scored the pin to eliminate Edge. The announcers noted that there will be a new WWE Champion now that Edge is gone.

After Edge left the ring, Vladimir Kozlov's pod opened and he attacked Hardy. Kozlov spent the next few minutes on offense and then locked in the least painful looking bear hug in history while both men were on the mat. Hardy made his comeback shortly thereafter.

With Kozlov and Hardy both lying on the mat, Big Show entered the match. Kozlov and Show took turns beating up Hardy for the next few minutes. Jim Ross said they should be trying to pin him, but it looked like they were too busy trying to one up the other. Finally, Kozlov used his head as a battering ram to knock Show over. Show got back up and they traded punches.

Triple H entered the match at 14:45 and went after the two heels. Hunter went for a Pedigree Kozlov on the steel outside the ring, but Show cut him off and delivered a big slap to the chest. The heels roughed up the two babyfaces while Taker paced inside his pod. At 19:30, Show stacked up the two heels against the chains around the ring. He bounced off the ropes and went for a splash, but they moved and he hit the fence.

Taker finally entered the match at 20:00. Actually, he wanted to enter the match, but his pod door didn't cooperate for a few seconds.

Powell's POV: Spinal Tap moment!

Taker went after everyone. He even set up Hunter and Hardy for a double chokeslam, but Big Show broke it up. He went Old School on Hunter, but jumped off the ropes and onto Big Show outside the ring (on the steel grating). At 23:00, Taker hit the Last Ride on Kozlov and pinned him to eliminate him from the match.

At 25:00, Hardy went to the top of a pod to escape Show, who responded by pulling one of Hardy's legs through the fencing in a nasty crotch spot. Ouch! The other babyfaces worked over Show. Hardy recovered and hit the Swanton Bomb off the top of pod onto Show. Hunter draped his arm over Show and pinned him at 26:20 to eliminate him from the match.

The match came down to the three babyfaces - Taker, Hunter, and Hardy. Hardy used the fallen Taker as a springboard and dove onto Hunter, who was outside the ropes. Taker recovered, grabbed Jeff from behind, and pulled him backside the ring in Tombstone position. Taker hit the Tombstone on Hardy and pinned him to eliminate him from the match at 28:35.

Taker and Hunter squared off as the two finalists in the match. Taker chokeslammed Hunter at 31:20 for a good near fall. "I would have bet my black hat the Undertaker had a three after the chokeslam," Ross said. Taker hit Snake Eyes on Hunter and then ran the ropes, only to run right into a spinebuster for a Hunter near fall. Hunter went for the Pedigree on the grating, but Taker fought him off and catapulted him into the steel.

Taker put Hunter in Tombstone position, but they tumbled back inside the ring with Hunter holding Taker in the Tombstone position, and they rotated one more time before Taker hit the Tombstone. Taker went for the cover, but Hunter barely got his foot on the rope to break up the three count.

Hunter came back with a Pedigree He went for the cover was greeted with a number of boos from the live crowd, but Taker kicked out at the last moment. Moments later, Taker went for the Last Ride, but Hunter slipped out. Hunter kicked Taker in the gut, hit the Pedigree, and scored the clean pin.

After the match, Hunter celebrated with the belt. Taker recovered and looked back. They traded a look before Taker left the ring. Hunter continued to watch Taker, who eventually looked back and traded another look with him...

Powell's POV: Mixed reaction when Hunter scored the pin. No lingering effect, though, as the live crowd cheered for him after the match. WWE Title vs. Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania? Either way, this was a really good match, particularly when it came down to the three babyfaces.

Backstage, Edge complained to Vickie Guerrero in her office. She told him it was his fault because he lost. Then she felt bad and said she didn't mean it like that. They both sat down on a couch. Edge stared ahead in frustration and disbelief...

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler checked in for the first time and said the Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon match was coming up next... A video hyped the match...

After the video aired, Randy Orton was shown backstage staring into the camera. "Hey, Shane, how is your father?" Orton asked. Randy said he's probably at home recovering. He said this is the first time Vince McMahon has been completely helpless. He said Vince would have to watch as he took Shane apart. "I will not stop until I have destroyed the entire the entire McMahon family," he said. "I will make my legacy at the expense of yours. And after it's all over, Shane, you and your father can watch as I take my rightful place in the main event of WrestleMania"...

2. Randy Orton defeated Shane McMahon in a No Holds Barred match in 18:15. Shane's entrance graphic listed him as an executive vice president of the company. A shot aired of Stephanie McMahon watching the match on a backstage monitor. Shane continued his tradition of wearing a shirt that had the name and date of the pay-per-view he wrestled on.

They traded punches to open the match. Shane avoided Orton's punches and got the better of the exchange. Orton came back and punched Shane repeatedly. Shane came back and set up a trash can in the corner and pulled a chair out from underneath the ring. They fought at ringside. Orton slammed Shane's back into the ring apron a couple times and slid him back inside the ring.

Shane pulled out a kendo stick and struck Orton with it repeatedly. He cleared the Smackdown announcers' desk and then used a monitor as a weapon. Orton came up bleeding hard way from the forehead. Shane went up top for a move, but Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes hit the ring. DiBiase held Shane while Cody tried to use a chair. Of course, Super Shane spun DiBiase around.

Shane actually beat up Cody and DiBiase on his own. He hit the Van Terminator (yes, I know he calls it something else) on Rhodes. Meanwhile, Orton was a bloody mess while lying on top of the announcers' table. Shane went up top as Cole pleaded with him not to on commentary. Shane went for an elbow off the top rope, but Orton avoided the move and Shane crashed through the desk.

Orton climbed back inside the ring and instructed DiBiase to take Rhodes to the back. Orton turned his focus back to Shane, who struggled to get back inside the ring. Orton DDT'd Shane and went for the pin, but Shane kicked out. He went for the cover again, but Shane kicked out. Third time? Same thing. Orton looked to the table that Shane left at ringside earlier and dragged it inside the ring.

Orton set up the table in the ring slowly and then superplexed Shane through it. Orton writhed on the mat in pain afterward and slowly made his way over to Shane for a cover, but Super Shane kicked out again. Good f'n lord. "How is he doing it?" Lawler asked.

Randy set up for the big punt kick. He ran at Shane, who miraculously recovered and speared Orton. "Shane McMahon will not quit," Cole said. Shane, while still on his knees, picked up a chair and slammed it over Orton's back. Shane slammed the chair over Orton's ankle three times. "No, no, no," Orton said. Shane hesitated and then slammed the chair over Orton's head.

Super Shane could have went for the cover, but instead he motioned for Orton to get up. Lawler said Shane wouldn't be content with just a three count. Shane went for the punt kick, but Orton popped up and hit the RKO for the pin. Orton left the ring and glared back at the fallen Shane, who reached out with his hand as if he wanted to get his hands on Orton still...

Powell's POV: A McMahon masturbation moment if there's ever been one. Shane fought three men singlehandedly and this time they even fought back. Shane had Orton down, but he didn't go for the cover, which implied he could have won but was more concerned with taking out Orton. Why didn't Randy kick Shane afterward?

A WrestleMania Moments video aired...

3. Jack Swagger defeated Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) to retain the ECW Title in 8:00. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker checked in on commentary. The live crowd was bored by the match. They didn't even pop when Finlay had Swagger in position for the Celtic Cross. Swagger fought out of it and shoved Finlay into Hornswoggle, who was standing on the ring apron. Moments later, Swagger hit his finisher and scored the pin. After the match, Horny held his ankle on the floor...

Powell's POV: The announcers set up the finish by talking about how Hornswoggle distracted Finlay at times. Dead crowd. Dot Net correspondent George Nowik checked in to say there were loud "Christian" and "boring" chants in the building.

The announcers said Shane has been taken to the hospital because he had been going in and out of consciousness...

A shot aired of Shane Michaels praying backstage. He put his hat on and started walking... A video recapped the HBK vs. JBL feud...

4. Shawn Michaels defeated JBL in an All or Nothing match in 13:30. A shot aired of Rebecca Michaels sitting in the front row. Shawn walked toward her before the match. She forced a smile. After he left, the camera showed that she was crying. Shawn looked to her again as the bell rang. JBL backed Shawn into the corner and said, "One mistake, that's all I need." Lawler said people could relate to being brow beat by their bosses.

Powell's POV: No word on whether Vince McMahon was brow beating Cole at that exact moment. By the way, Rebecca did a great job of setting the tone by welling up at ringside.

At 3:00, Shawn locked in the figure four, but JBL reached the ropes. The ref counted to four and Michaels broke. Cole reminded viewers that Shawn could lose the match and everything that went along with it if he was disqualified. JBL's offense was boring and then he locked in the ultra boring bear hug at 7:15.

HBK broke free moments later and they ended up fighting on the ropes. JBL went for a superplex, but Shawn fought free. "Can the man who's always in the eye of the storm become the storm?" Cole asked. Um, okay. Shawn knocked JBL off the ropes and then missed a top rope elbow splash. JBL hit a couple of Clotheslines from Hell and knocked Shawn out of the ring with the second one.

Both men ended up near Rebecca at ringside. She reached out and punched JBL. Shawn fired up and went off on JBl. Back inside the ring, Shawn hit Sweet Chin Music and scored the clean pin while Rebecca smiled and cheered at ringside. After the match, Shawn headed to ringside and kissed his wife. He pulled her over the guardrail, kissed her again, and then they headed backstage together...

Powell's POV: Slow match early, but the live crowd woke up along with Shawn after the Rebecca punched JBL.

A WrestleMania video aired as AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" aired...

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Chris Jericho, who said he's going to walk out of the Elimination Chamber as the World Champion. Jericho said he would then invite Ric Flair to come out of retirement to face him for a chance to become the World Champion for the 17th time. Jericho stopped and said he wasn't going to do that. He cut a heel promo on Flair and the fans...

Cole and Lawler spoke at ringside about the Elimination Chamber. They noted that with Hunter's victory earlier, the title has now changed 67 percent of the time in Elimination Chamber matches. Cole continued to babble as the Elimination Chamber was lowered around the ring for the main event.

5. Edge defeated John Cena Chris Jericho and Kane and Mike Knox and Rey Mysterio in an Elimination Chamber match to win the World Hvt. Championship at 29:50. Cena came out first. Cole noted that Cena would not start the match because he was introduced first.

Kofi Kingston was the fourth man introduced. Just as he made it to ringside, Edge attacked him and rammed him headfirst into the steps. Edge slammed a chair on the back of Kofi's head as he was lying on the ring steps. Edge ran inside the ring and locked himself in one of the pods. Rey Mysterio came out and tried to get at Edge. Chris Jericho came out last.

The referees basically threw their hands up at ringside and let Edge be in the match. "Is this legal?" Lawler asked. Jericho and Rey started the match.

Powell's POV: Edge is from Smackdown, so that's all the justification we should need to have Ross and Tazz bump Cole and Lawler from the call, but no such luck.

Early in the match, Rey charged toward Jericho in the corner. Jericho moved and Rey crashed through the ropes and crashed into Kane's pod. Cole said the glass is bulletproof as the crowd oohed. Kane raised one eyebrow and made a classic facial expression. Cool spot.

Later, Mysterio climbed the steel and hung from it before hitting a cool hurracanrana. Kane checked into the match at the 5:25 mark. At 9:00, Mysterio hit the 619 on Kane. Jericho followed up with a Codebreaker on Kane. Rey climbed up to the top of a pod, hit the West Coast Pop on Kane, and pinned him at 9:45.

Moments later, "The Monstrous Mike Knox" checked into the match. Knox dominated the action and primarily roughed up Mysterio. Knox was setting Mysterio up for his finisher when Jericho caught Knox with the Codebreaker out of nowhere and pinned him at 15:45.

Edge's pod opened next. Rey immediately attacked him. However, Jericho attacked Rey from behind. Edge and Jericho fought. Jericho got the better of the exchange and went for the Lionsault, but Mysterio raised his knees. Edge hit Jericho with the Edgecution for a good near fall at 17:45. There were some good three-way spots from Edge, Jericho, and Mysterio while Cena waited in his pod.

Cena finally checked in at 20:55. He glared at Edge and went right after him. Jericho entered the mix, but Cena dominated both of them. There were more boos than usual for Cena, who hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Edge. He went for the the Attitude Adjuster, but Jericho broke it up with the Codebreaker. Moments later, Edge speared Cena and pinned him at 22:25.

Mysterio fought both heels as the announcers stressed that one of the three remaining men would be the new World Champion. Later, Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but Rey cradled him and scored the pin at 24:00.

Edge set up for the spear on the unsuspecting Rey, who moved at the last second. Rey rolled up Edge for a great near fall. Everyone in the building seemed to think Rey had the match at that point. Rey had a few more great near falls that really popped the live crowd. The announces expressed their disbelief that they were calling a match between Rey and Edge.

Rey was in control of the match, but Edge caught him with a kick to the chops that slowed him down at 27:40. Edge went for a powerbomb on the steel grating, but Rey avoided it. Rey hit the 619 that knocked Edge onto the steel grating. When Edge stood up, Rey charged at him, but Edge ducked down and then hoisted Mysterio over his head and through the "bulletproof glass." Back inside the ring, Edge speared Mysterio and pinned him.

After the match, the announcers wondered what it meant for a Smackdown wrestler to win the World Hvt. Championship. Edge celebrated with the title to conclude the show...

Powell's POV: I don't think anyone saw this coming. It was an unpredictable show, but what does it do for WrestleMania 25?




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