WrestleMania 29 onsite report: Snooki, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter's ride, Diddy rehearsals prior to the show, another first-timer's WrestleMania perspective

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Apr 8, 2013 - 06:32 PM

Dot Net reader Jonathan Crowe attended WrestleMania 29 and sent the following report.

This was my first WrestleMania and televised event and it was worth all the money and the 3 hour wait outside! 

-During the pre-show, Snooki actually got booed loudly, so when the Miz came out, people booed him even more. After his win though, he got a massive pop.

-During the six-man tag, my brother and I were waiting anxiously for Randy Orton to turn, which never happened. The Shield actually got a good amount of cheers.

-Ryback vs. Mark Henry was a real letdown with a shitty finish. Ryback got a good pop after he hit Shellshock. 

-I was expecting Hell No vs. Ziggler and Big E. to go longer. I thought it was a good match and a massive and loud "YES!" chant. The crowd might have been hard to hear on TV but live they were very vocal.

-It was obvious when Fandango was coming out because all the dancers came out on stage they had a big light up statue thing of Fandango. My section cheered mostly for Fandango but massive "Y2J" chants were heard throughout the stadium and I feel the right guy won.

-I wasn't very into the Diddy performance especially because he was rehearsing it three times while I waited for the gates to open and he was doing the same things you saw on TV, so it wasn't special to me. Skylar Grey got a good pop when she came out. 

-During the video promo for Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger, Swagger came out on a camo golf cart and played to the crowd and got booed massively. The crowd loved Ricardo and Del Rio. There were massive "We Want Ziggler" chants throughout the match and when it didn't happen, the whole stadium booed until CM Punk vs. Undertaker.

-Undertaker vs. CM Punk: Match of the Year! The crowd loved it! The Undertaker's entrance was amazing live. We saw them setting up for it and didn't expect that kind of entrance. The crowd chanted "Undertaker" "CM Punk" early on and "This is awesome" was chanted after all of the many near falls. We popped loud when the Undertaker went 21-0. Amazing to see live!

-I don't really want to talk about Lesnar vs. Triple H. There was nothing really special about it. Many "boring" chants went throughout the stadium. My section thought it was worse than their Summer Slam match especially with the stipulation "No Holds Barred," they should have went outside of the ring more than they did.

-It was awesome seeing the Hall of Famers live. Everyone got a huge pop besides Donald Trump, but who cares about him anyway?

-The Rock vs. John Cena was the second best match of the night. Nothing could have followed Punk vs. Undertaker. It was better than last year's match. The Rock was actually booed while Cena got a mixed reaction. The crowd booed the hug and handshake at the end. It was very cool to see Rock live.

Overall, I enjoyed WrestleMania. It did start raining early on but it made it better. I thought it was better than last year's WrestleMania. For being my first televised event, I would be happy to go back any day.

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