What happened after WWE Raw went off the air? John Cena returns and says his father told him Randy Orton hits like a girl, Cena introduces New England Patriots players

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Jan 14, 2014 - 11:50 AM

Dot Net staffer Zack Zimmerman attended Monday's WWE Raw event in Providence, Rhode Island and sent the following report.

Randy Orton came out for the dark main event and was supposed to defend his title vs. John Cena, but he said Cena wasn't there after what happened to his father.

Orton was declared the winner by forfeit, but then Cena walked out. Cena said that his father said Orton hits like a girl. Orton ducked out of the ring, told the fans to f--- off, and walked out of the arena.

Cena said Orton knows nothing about being New England tough. He said he'd beat Orton at the PPV. He introduced the Patriots players and said they have a big day next Sunday. There was a "Let's go Pats chant." Cena said he remembers watching them get killed every week as a kid, but now they're on their way to another Super Bowl. Cena thanked the fans and everyone left happy.

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