WWE sued by Indianapolis family after mother dies at WWE event from asthma attack

Posted in: WWE News
Jul 10, 2013 - 10:10 AM

The family of Susan Prim has filed a lawsuit against WWE and a myriad of other companies seeking damages after Prim died of an asthma attack following SummerSlam 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The suit claims the pyrotechnics that fired at the end of the show created a thick fog that led to Prim's deadly asthma attack. You can read more at

Shore's Slant: I cannot begin to understand the loss this family suffered when their wife and mother died, but this doesn't set right with me at first blush. The family is suing everyone even remotely involved with the incident, and my guess is that they will have a hard time making their case, even with video of the event. I'm not a lawyer or respiratory doctor so there's a high probability I'm wrong, but it seems like a big hill to climb for them.

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