WWE star The Rock says he may not be able to appear in The Fast and The Furious 7

Posted in: WWE News
Apr 17, 2013 - 10:12 AM

WWE star The Rock told Collider that he may not appear in The Fast and The Furious 7 if the July 2014 release date is accurate. "“It’s not possible for me because I’m shooting Hercules this summer starting in six weeks in Budapest, so, possible for them I’m not too sure," Johnson said. "I haven’t heard anything about that and I’m pretty sure I would have gotten a phone call pretty early in the morning if that was the real plan. Not quite too sure though." Read more at

Powell's POV: The story also states that Universal is developing a spinoff movie for the Hobbs character that Rock plays, meaning it's unlikely that he would not appear in the seventh installment of Fast and Furious, though it remains to be seen whether they will work around his schedule. Thanks to Dot Net reader Brian Borland.

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